Bloomscape Plants Review

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About Bloomscape  

Bloomscape Plants Review

Bloomscape is an online plant company that ships plants right to your door. They believe that life should be more green, and are on a mission to help people build a better relationship with plants.

Bloomscape has been featured in Refinery 29, The Manual, TechCrunch, and Dwell, among many other media outlets. They also have a lush and growing following of 143K on Instagram. 

This Bloomscape plants review will take an in-depth look at the brand, their best selling plants, how their services work, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they are worth the buy. 

Overview of Bloomscape

Bloomscape Plants Review

The Bloomscape family has come from five generations of growers so you can trust the brand knows a thing or two about plant care. They believe that “plants make life better” and with their expert knowledge they “make plants easy” to care for.

Bloomscape founder, Justin Mast grew up in his parent’s greenhouse where he learned the ins and outs of plant life and the right way to ship them. On average, a plant spends four weeks on a truck before it makes it to a store where it isn’t getting what it needs to survive. 

Whereas Bloomscape ships plants from their greenhouse directly within 2 to 6 days after purchase. The brand’s team of plant experts includes Bloomscape Plant Mom, Joyce Mast who offers guidance and answers any questions customers may have about their plants.  

This Bloomscape plants review will now head to the pros and cons of the brand. 

Bloomscape Plants Review


  • Variety of affordable plant types, tools, and accessories to choose from
  • Five generations of expert growers
  • Plant Mom on-site to answer questions about your plants when needed
  • Pots are 80% recycled plastic
  • Plants are mature and healthy when sent to you
  • Plants are packaged thoroughly and plastic-free to minimize damage
  • Customers say their order arrived in perfect condition
  • Many reviewers chose Bloomscape over many other online delivery services
  • Shipping costs are lower than other online delivery services
  • Range of prices from $35-$195
  • Installment payment offered with Klarna
  • Ships directly to the customer in 2 to 6 days
  • Free shipping over $75
  • 30-Day Guarantee that your plant will arrive in, and stay in great condition 


  • Some customer say their orders arrived damaged
  • No international shipping 

Bloomscape delivers mature, pre-potted, healthy plants to your door with instructions on how to care for them and advice for possible mishaps. This Bloomscape plants review will feature their best-selling plants that have loads of personality, from bold and brazen to shy and romantic.

An Eco Pot made from 80% recycled plastic comes with each plant with a choice of Stone, Clay, Charcoal, Slate, or Indigo color options. Keep in mind that Bloomscape’s plants are also available for purchase with interest-free payments with Klarna

Bloomscape Philodendron Heartleaf Review

Philodendron Heartleaf likes to sneak its way down, up, or across surfaces. It has tiny grips to attach itself to its surroundings and can take up space if you let it. Long and romantic, the Philodendron Heartleaf is a great bookshelf plant.

If you’d like something a bit brighter, try the Bloomscape Philodendron Lemon Lime. Which is also is low maintenance and can handle all kinds of abuse. Enjoy this lighthearted and fast-growing Philodendron Heartleaf for $35.

Bloomscape Fiddle Leaf Fig Review

Tall and quirky, the Fiddle Leaf Fig brings personality to any room. But, this Bloomscape plants review should note that this plant requires moderate maintenance and it is not pet-friendly. Its large, distinct leaves grow upright and can take up quite a bit of space.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in warmer temperatures and works wonders as an air cleanser. If you’re confident in caring for larger plants, pair with the Bloomscape Dracaena. The impressive and large Fiddle Leaf Fig retails for $195. 

Bloomscape Monstera Plant Review 

Monstera has a devious (but sometimes welcomed) side. As it grows, Monstera will vine out and climb your wall if near one. Note that this plant loves natural or fluorescent light, is fast-growing, and is not pet friendly.  

As this plant grows, the leaves will have distinct holes and ribbons making the plant gorgeous while also handling missed watering well. Be advised, this plant gets to 26-32″ tall. If your looking for another Monstera plant check out the Monstera Adansonii and Adansonii Trellis. You can get this fascinating plant for $150.

Bloomscape Peperomia Ginny Review 

Delicate and almost floral looking, Peperomia Ginny features light green leaves with yellow and pink edges. A pretty addition to any windowsill, this plant likes low light, cleanses the air, and is 100% pet friendly.  

The Peperomia Ginny is low maintenance and grows contentedly in most spaces around the house. For a full, lively windowsill, add the Bloomscape Silver Pothos or Calathea. Spark up your imagination with Peperomia Ginny for just $35. 

Bloomscape Sansevieria Review

Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant, brings the drama with its sharp-looking upright leaves that grow to 30-36″. Low maintenance and air-cleansing, this plant loves low light and doesn’t require frequent watering.

Be warned, this plant is as fierce as it looks when it comes to pets and can cause irritation and digestive problems. If you’d like something equally unique and pet-friendly, try the Bloomscape Calathea Medallion. The Sansevieria plant comes at a price of $150. 

Bloomscape ZZ Plant Review 

The ZZ Plant is a recluse and doesn’t like a lot of attention. In fact, it is a tough plant and can survive for months if left unwatered. Growing to 24-33″, this plant loves low light and is not pet friendly so it really loves being left alone altogether.

Fresh, oval-shaped leaves give of a unique and mystical appearance to any office or bedroom space. The mysterious and alluring ZZ Plant is $150

Bloomscape Ponytail Palm Review 

The Ponytail Palm features a whimsical nature with long stringy palm leaves so it is not a true palm but a member of the Agave family, which means it’s great at storing water and cleansing the air. If you prefer a real palm, try the Bloomscape Bamboo Palm. 

The Ponytail Palm does not need a lot of water, is low maintenance, and is entirely pet-friendly. Requiring very little care, all you need to do is water it weekly and leave it alone to soak up the sunlight. This hearty and playful Ponytail Palm is $65. 

Bloomscape Bromeliad Pineapple Plant Review

Fun and exotic looking, the Bromeliad Pineapple is a unique showstopper with a small pineapple on top. This plant loves medium light, is low maintenance, completely pet-friendly, and a great air-cleanser.

The bonus of this plant is that you can eat the pineapple when it is ripe. Your Bloomscape pineapple plant will only produce one fruit but after you pick it, the plant creates offshoots which start the process all over again. The tropical, attention-grabbing Bromeliad Pineapple is $65.

Bloomscape Bird of Paradise Plant Review 

The Bird of Paradise plant is a simple, low maintenance plant for those that prefer a tropical feel to their home. With banana leaves that bend with light, this plant requires consistent water and humidity as it loves tropical conditions. However, you should keep in mind that the Bird of Paradise is not pet-friendly.

This plant is partial to bright light, cleanses the air, and grows quite large at 34-42″ tall. The Bird of Paradise can be purchased for the price of $150.

Bloomscape Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bloomscape Plants Review

There are no customer review sites that have a proper sample size of ratings for Bloomscape. So this Bloomscape plants review looked at plant delivery service comparisons on Business Insider and The Seattle Times that mentioned the brand and some Reddit reviews. 

Reddit users had mixed feedback about the brand, but many happy customers reported good experiences and quality. One user who spoke well of Bloomscape’s Norfolk Pine said, “I got a tabletop norfolk pine from there and it was nothing but stellar.

Business Insider reviewed Leon & George, The Sill, and Bloomscape. But Bloomscape was rated as the #1 plant delivery service for their unique products, affordable prices, and 30-day guarantee:

We like Bloomscape the most because the site is user-friendly and offers a large variety of plants… It has unique accessories, plus you’ll feel supported…The reasonable prices, 30-day guarantee, and good shipping policies don’t hurt, either.

In the Seattle Times article, the author ordered from Amazon, The Sill, and Bloomscape to compare the three services. Bloomscape won over reviewers once again with their helpful advice and the accessories provided:

The site, helpful tips pamphlet that came with the plant, recycled pot and beautiful plant, which is about 15 inches tall, made for a winning combination.”

But, there are negative reviews out there for Bloomscape about the quality of the plants and some plants arriving damaged.

One negative review about the Philodendron on Reddit read, “The philodendron is just pitiful, the hoya was clearly not potted with much care as multiple leaves were broken off the plant or still attached and just broken in half.”

Is Bloomscape Worth It?

Bloomscape Plants Review

This Bloomscape review thinks that the brand is worth the buy. The articles found online that compare online plant delivery brands always choose Bloomscape with reviewers loving the quality of the plants and fast shipping.

What’s more, the brand is affordable, packaged well, and provides helpful plant care tips and they even go one step further in plant care with the ‘Plant Mom’ who can be contacted in case your plants begin to die. 

Finally, they have free shipping on orders over $75 which, if you’re a plant person, isn’t that hard to rack up.

Based on some reviews, there is a chance that your plants arrive damaged or in poor quality. In this case, Bloomscape has a 30-day guarantee and will replace it for free. For all of these amazing benefits, Bloomscape is a great resource for your next plant upgrade.

Bloomscape Promotions & Discounts 

Bloomscape Plants Review

Sign up for the Bloomscape newsletter to receive $10 off your first purchase and refer a friend to give them 20% off their first order over $100.

When they use this Bloomscape coupon code, you’ll get $15 off your next order. This Bloomscape plants review suggests putting it towards a money plant. After all, they are good luck.

Where to Buy Bloomscape

Bloomscape Plants Review

Since the company is an e-commerce brand, the only place to purchase Bloomscape plants is directly from Whether you are looking for a Money Tree or Prayer Plant, they’ve got you covered.


Bloomscape Plants Review

Where does Bloomscape ship from?

This Bloomscape plants review has found that the brand’s plants ship from their greenhouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Bloomscape headquarters is located in Detroit. 

How long does Bloomscape take to ship?

Bloomscape offers to ship only to the 48 contiguous states. Orders $75 and over ship free. Orders under that amount have a flat shipping rate of $7.

Although shipping times normally take 2 to 6 days, due to weather and COVID-19 related shipping delays, your order may take an additional 3 to 5 business days to arrive. 

Currently, Bloomscape’s processing time is between 2 to 6 business days after you place your order. This Bloomscape plants review notes that these are live plants and can be quite delicate, especially the Bloomscape Spider Plant, so if the weather is bad or if temperatures fall below 20 degrees, they will delay shipping.

However, if this is the case for more than 7 business days, Bloomscape will ship your order by 2-day airmail instead at their own expense. To find out where your order is, you can track it via 

What is Bloomscape’s Return Policy?

Bloomscape live plant delivery does not offer returns on their plants. This Bloomscape plants review notes that they do, however, have a 30-day guarantee that your plant will arrive and stay in great condition.

Note that if you report your plant during that time, the guarantee is voided. 

For plant care products, you can return within 30 days of purchase. You’ll be charged a $7 return and restocking fee and the item must be unused, unopened, and not damaged to qualify for a return. All of their apparel is final sale

How to Contact Bloomscape Customer Service

For any other information that this Bloomscape plants review did not include, you can contact customer service via the following methods:

  1. Contact Form
  2. Email [email protected] 
  3. Bloomscape contact number: (313) 744-4208

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The prices are way to high bought a lot of plants locally in my town .I’ll pass but the plants look beautiful, and you never get what you pay for show a pic and send something smaller and half dead. But do have a Blessed day and continued success.

Answered by Donna (7 months ago) Reply

Hi, Carla: I am glad you have found good plants in your town! However, I have to set the record straight on my experience with Bloomscape. My Bloomscape plants are true to the photos and sizes and are far healthier than the ones I have purchased locally. I was truly amazed when I saw them. The prices include sturdy, attractive pots with saucers and detailed growing instructions. I have priced plants of the same size with pots/saucers and have found them to be similar but of far lower quality and health. I have definitely received what I paid for and expected with the 5 plants I have purchased so far in all size ranges.

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Does Bloomscape carry Peace Lily plants, would like to purchase.

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