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StyleWe Review

Women’s fashion gets more expensive every year. To combat the rising price tide, StyleWe began with a mission of offering personal fashion at an affordable rate

Offering both women’s clothing and accessories, StyleWe clothing delivers a variety of designs that can be shipped straight to your home. 

The recent launch of the StyleWe app offers easy access to products and purchases everywhere you go. No need to wait until you’re home to shop around!

With over 19k followers on Instagram and many buyers posting their own StyleWe reviews online, the popularity of this brand seems to be growing day by day. But how much do we know about it?

This article will go beyond a simple StyleWe review and dive deep into the brand, products, prices, and FAQs to help you determine whether or not the discounts are too good to be true.

Overview of StyleWe

StyleWe Review

Launched from China in 2014, StyleWe clothes take a twist on women’s fashion in the industry by making it their mission to sell the work of independent designers on an international platform. 

StyleWe claims that “rather than just an online shopping store, [they] would like to create a community which will be shared by both designers and customers.” 

They aim to connect designer and consumer rather than letting fashion be determined by brand name. Quality fashion can and should be affordable for everyone.

Before getting into the details, let’s take a closer look into StyleWe with a quick overview of their pros and cons:


  • Offers constant deals, going up to 80% off retail price on their items
  • StyleWe plus size dresses are available in a number of designs letting you customize your style no matter your size
  • StyleWe supports independent designers and gives them an international platform for their product
  • Financing options available through Klarna


  • Potential shipping delays
StyleWe Review

StyleWe offers a long list of products for consumers including a variety of dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories for women of all sizes. Sections for sales, new items, and bestsellers are also outlined on the website to help you find exactly what you need with ease. 

Who wants a simple StyleWe review when we can give you so much more?  Listed below are three of our favorite garments in the dresses, tops, and skirts categories.

StyleWe Dresses Review

The StyleWe dresses reviewed below offer some of the brand’s featured bestsellers. Who’s ready for some glamorous fun in the sun? 

StyleWe 3/4 Sleeve V Neck Holiday Summer Boho Dress Review 

We’re starting off strong with the ¾ Sleeve V Neck Holiday Summer Boho Dress. Available for $43, this lightweight polyester dress comes in eight sizes and six colors. 

From the more neutral white and khaki options to the bold rose red, yellow, blue, and purple designs, there’s something available for everyone’s summer fashion! Plus who doesn’t want an affordable StyleWe red dress to add to their collection?

The slimming V neck is quite detailed alongside the subtle floral designs on the sleeves and dress hemline. To maintain the great colors on this boho beachwear, handwashing is recommended for best results. It’s a bit more effort, but worth it for that lightweight look!

StyleWe Work Crew Neck Daily Midi Dress Review 

Currently on sale for 50%, the Work Crew Neck Daily Midi Dress offers sweet summer elegance to your personal style! Available for $38, this simple yet classic design comes in gray, blue, and yellow options and sizes S to XXL.

These StyleWe midi dresses combine a slimming sleeveless top with a pleated skirt for casual or office styles on hot summer days. 

Professional and chic have officially had a baby, and its name is the Work Crew Neck Daily Midi Dress.

StyleWe Casual Solid V Neck Dress Review 

To finish off our StyleWe dresses review, we’re ending with cool and casual. The StyleWe Casual Solid V Neck Dress comes in sizes from S all the way to 5XL, making the look available to anyone who’s ready to rock this summer style.

Available in four colors, all eyes will be on you whether you strut your stuff in the StyleWe white dresses or you go for a more dramatic gray, black or red.

Made from a lightweight cotton blend, this long sleeve hit will keep you looking vacation-ready at all times. Whether your holiday is a distant beach or lounging in your backyard, this $30 dress has got you covered.

StyleWe Tops Review

Looking to add a bit of elegance to your personal style? StyleWe tops provide just the class you need to up your own design. 

StyleWe blouses display simple luxury to enhance an everyday or business look to the next level. Let’s check out some stunners below.

StyleWe Elegant Stand Collar 3/4 Sleeve Blouse Review 

Looking for a simple blouse to elevate your style? The StyleWe Elegant Stand Collar ¾ Sleeve Blouse does the job and does it well for only $27! The dramatic dark design comes in blue, navy blue, black, and red, all eye-catching options in our humble opinion. 

Available in S to XXL, this three-button blouse plays with an organic feel to an otherwise straight-laced design.

The asymmetrical button directions pop against the straight cut of the shirt and collar. On top of that, the flowing sleeves make this polyester daily look into a formal dream fit for any business meeting.

StyleWe 3/4 Sleeve Cotton V Neck Stripes Elegant Blouse Review 

Class and luxury appear in spades when it comes to the StyleWe ¾ Sleeve Cotton V Neck Stripes Elegant Blouse. Designed entirely with vertical black and white stripes, this cotton blend shirt is a great option for work or casual wear. 

At $22, this loose-fitting blouse comes with a stunning matching belt around the abdomen to tighten for a better fit.

Spring, summer, or fall – this top handles it all with its soft cotton blend.

StyleWe Shirt Collar Long Sleeve Vintage Shift Blouse Review 

Nothing says style quite as much as vintage looks. StyleWe introduces their own twist on the classics with their Shirt Collar Long Sleeve Vintage Shift Blouse for only $22. 

Available in black, white, or pink, this classic button-down brings flair to the traditional. Three-button cuffs match the stunning silver buttons lining the center of this blouse.

The polyester material lightens the feel making this look perfect for spring or fall. Worried you’ll be a bit chilly in colder temperatures? Try pairing it with one of the StyleWe coats available and make it a wintery, runway-worthy ensemble.

StyleWe Skirts Review

Similar to the StyleWe review category, our top choices for skirts come from some tried-and-true customer favorites! The best part about these designs? They definitely add some pop when it comes to pattern and color. 

StyleWe A-Line Polyester Fibre Midi Skirt Review 

Mix up your style with a bit of funk. StyleWe brings out the beauty of geometric designs with their A-Line Polyester Fibre Midi Skirt. Currently down from $46, this stunning piece is available in five sizes for only $28.

Made of polyester fibers, this elegant design pieces together blue, red, white, and black in a statement skirt that will work in any season. The vintage vibes of this skirt are eye-catching, to say the least.

StyleWe ​​Floral A-Line Elegant Work Midi Skirt Review 

Another incredible item currently on sale and down from $55 to $29, StyleWe brings forth an astounding summer design that’s ready for an elegant holiday. The Floral A-Line Elegant Work Midi Skirt is ready for anywhere with its flowing black, white, and pink design. 

Who wouldn’t want to float by in your favorite floral design? A pop of color without dominating the ensemble makes this skirt a perfect addition to any closet.

 StyleWe Cocktail A-Line Yellow Polyester Maxi Skirt Review 

What says elegance better than gold? The StyleWe Cocktail A-Line Yellow Polyester Maxi Skirt shimmers in the light to elevate its yellow coloring to one of royalty, promising to steal the show every time. 

Currently on sale from $45 down to $27, this long skirt is a cocktail classic that’s ready to conquer any formal event!

Made in six sizes from a polyester material, this skirt is perfect for a fancy date night at a gala with a certain tall, dark, and handsome, perhaps? That part is up to you, but you’ll be dressed to impress with this maxi skirt either way.

Who Is StyleWe For? 

StyleWe Review

StyleWe clothing benefits those looking to affordably personalize their style. The wide range of products and designs offer variety to cover professional office styles to casual everyday looks. 

StyleWe clothes compete against women’s fashion brands such as Anthropologie, LuLu’s, and Free People to provide adult women amazing options at better prices. 

Anyone looking to expand their style at a decent price will find something amongst the stacks of options found on the StyleWe website or app.

Comparison: StyleWe vs. SHEIN 

StyleWe Review

StyleWe’s top competitor for affordable online women’s wear is SHEIN, a company founded in 2008 that wants “everyone [to] enjoy the beauty of fashion.” While both companies offer similar designs and prices, what are the major differences?

Let’s first look into SHEIN:

  1. When it comes to payment types, SHEIN advertises financing through gift cards and PayPal services while StyleWe offers only credit and debit options for purchase. 
  2. Despite originating with women’s wear, SHEIN expanded inventory to now include sections for men and children as well as women’s fashion and accessories.
  3. SHEIN advertises cruelty-free, vegan apparel.


  1. StyleWe offers more in terms of discounts, deals, and sales items going as far as to list some items up to 80% off. If you’re buying on a budget, StyleWe is the one to turn to.
  2. StyleWe offers inclusivity in website design as XXL is offered on all items with many items going up to 5XL. No need for a curvy or plus section when all items offer some element of it.

It’s looking pretty good on both ends if we’re being honest. At the end of the day, it’s up to personal preference when it comes to choosing between these two brands.

If you want to learn more then check out our full Shein Clothing Review.

StyleWe Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

StyleWe Review

We’ve looked at the clothing, but how does it hold up in the real world? Since no StyleWe review would be complete without hearing from customers, we took to the internet to see what everyone had to say about the brand.

Below, we’ll take a look at ratings from the brand’s site and then move over to external review sites, namely SiteJabber, Influenster, and TrustPilot, to suss out all the nitty-gritty details when it comes to StyleWe.

Starting off on, it was hard to find a large number of ratings per product since the brand offers a staggering amount of clothing to choose from. What a conundrum. With that in mind, here are some ratings for a couple of bestsellers:

  • Batwing Solid Asymmetrical Casual Top: 4.5/5 stars out of 4 ratings
  • Shift Short Sleeve Color-Block Formal Dress: 4.6/5 stars out of 5 ratings
  • Shirt Collar Long Sleeve Vintage Shift Blouse: 5/5 stars out of 4 ratings
  • Paneled Shirt Collar Long Sleeve Top: 4.7/5 stars out of 15 ratings
  • Long Sleeve Cotton-Blend Sheath Casual Blouse: 5/5 stars out of 8 ratings
  • Plain Cotton-Blend Cold Shoulder Cold Shoulder Blouse: 4.8/5 stars out of 10 ratings

Customers are quick to note the great materials, the designs, and the fits of their StyleWe purchases. They’re especially happy with all the compliments they get. 

Of the Plain Cotton-Blend Cold Shoulder Cold Shoulder Blouse, one customer couldn’t sing its praises enough: “This blouse is just like the photo. It’s a thicker material than I imagined, but that makes it even better. It lays beautifully on the body.”

How do things shake out on other corners of the Internet? Quite well, as it turns out. 

SiteJabber holds the opinions of 3,348 customers and an overall score of 4.3/5 stars. Fashion enthusiasts enjoyed the brand’s customer service, the quality of the clothing, and the overall shopping experience:

“This website is easy to use, they have a wide variety of clothing and many accessories to choose from. All the items I have purchased here have been good, with no damage or quality issues… I get everything I like to wear. Its price is also cheaper than most online stores.”

Moving on to Influenster, Style’s score is a little lower at 3.7/5 stars, but this is taken from only 141 users. 

One 5-star Influenster review wrote: “Quality items for affordable price range, I have always loved it here. I got my recent purchases already. Thank you so much, they are exactly what I was looking forward to.” We love to see it.

Lastly, StyleWe’s score on TrustPilot comes in at a respectable 4.2/5 stars based on 1,679 ratings. Over 43% of these ratings are 5/5 stars. Not bad at all!

Is StyleWe Worth It?

StyleWe Review

StyleWe offers discounted clothes from a range of designers. With that in mind, it’s hard to know for sure what you’ll get with a business based on affordable products. Many StyleWe reviews claim to have found success in their purchases and have been quite content with the purchase for the discounted price. 

Though they may not last as long as designer wear, if you want a cheap item for summer wear, holiday, or you simply want to try a new style for a lower cost, then StyleWe is a solid option.

StyleWe Promotions & Discounts 

StyleWe Review

StyleWe lists numerous sales to get the best of your money! Here are some of the top sales and promotions offered:

  • Up to 80% off on select retail items
  • Buy 3 items and get the 4th 50% off
  • Buy 5 items and get the 6th free
  • Free shipping on purchases over $119
  • Get up to 50% off when you sign up for their mailing list
  • 10% off the first order

Where to Buy StyleWe

StyleWe Review

Has this StyleWe review perhaps tempted you into buying? You can check out the brand’s full selection of clothing on and on the StyleWe app for easy ordering.


StyleWe Review

What country is StyleWe in? 

StyleWe’s distribution center is located in China. Their Head office is currently in Hong Kong.

Where is StyleWe made? 

StyleWe’s main distribution center is located in China, but not all designers will ship from there. Designers located in North America and Europe may choose to ship directly from warehouses located in their own country.

Does StyleWe fit true to size?

StyleWe clothes fit true to size. Sizing charts are available for all clothing items alongside a graphic on how to measure yourself for the best fit. Sizing is available in inches and centimeters.

What is StyleWe’s Shipping Policy?

This StyleWe review is happy to report that the brand offers international shipping on all of their products with two shipping speed options: 

  1. Standard Shipping (10-11 business days): $10
  2. Express Shipping (5-10 business days): $18

There are no international duties or importing costs from StyleWe, but some countries such as Germany, Italy, UK, and Canada may require VAT due to the countries’ levying rules.

Order tracking is available online after purchase. If your item gets delayed, contact customer service for more information.

What is StyleWe’s Return Policy?

Need to return your StyleWe skirts? Not a problem. StyleWe offers returns on most of their items (swimwear and sales items are non-refundable!) within 30 days of the delivery date. 

All you need to do is submit a return request online! One thing to note is buyers are responsible for paying shipping fees for returns.

In order to return an item, buyers are required to send an email separate from the return request containing a photo of the item and its problem. Once a photo has been sent, a refund should come within a week.

Currently, no exchanges are offered by StyleWe.

How to Contact StyleWe

StyleWe Review

If you have any questions after reading our StyleWe review, the brand is available for contact via a contact form directly on their website. This service breaks down categories for contact to better help the brand quickly understand just what it is you need.

Does your message not fit the form? No worries! You can email them directly at: [email protected].

Still not what you’re looking for? Write to them directly at:

ChicV International Holding Limited Corporate ID 2231479

Unit 507, 5/F, New East Ocean Centre, No.9 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, HK

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