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UniMeal Review

Why is losing weight so difficult? Unimeal proves that it doesn’t have to be.

If that sounds too good to be true, hear me out. Instead of creating a restrictive mindset and telling you what you have to eat and when to eat it, Unimeal’s custom meal plans work with your lifestyle and preferences to fit in with your life.

Working to help you develop a healthy relationship with food, there’s a reason why Unimeal has generated 11.6 million meal plans to date. The service has been featured in noteworthy pubs like iTech Post and The Good Men Project too.

Sound like something you want to try? Check out the rest of this Unimeal review to get the full scoop.

I’ll walk you through the app and what to expect while using it, stop to check out customer reviews, and at the end, finish up with answers to FAQ. To give you a feel for the folks behind the brand, I’ll start with the basics.

Overview of Unimeal

UniMeal Review

Despite its name, Unimeal gets that we all come from different places. Some of us want to lose 50 lbs, while others may want to build muscle and become leaner.

With a diverse team that knows the woes of the diet merry-go-round all too well, each brings something unique to the table to help bring you the dynamic and thoughtful weight loss app that is Unimeal. They’re a team of dieticians, health coaches, and fitness experts who joined their talents to create something special.

What’s my favorite part? The focus is on balance.

There’s a ton to unpack in this Unimeal review, and in the next section, I’ll take a close look at the app itself. Before we get there, check out the service’s highlights to get a feel for what it’s all about.


  • Personalized meal and fitness plans
  • Created by dieticians and fitness coaches
  • Thoughtful extras and daily motivation
  • 60% off your first month
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Available around the world

When you first land on Unimeal’s site, you’ll be prompted to take a quiz. After agreeing to some terms and conditions, you’ll input your current weight, height, and age, along with your goal weight, body type, and you’ll mention what you do on an average day.

The remaining questions in the quiz are about identifying your eating habits and then hashing out your meal prep and cooking style so they can create a custom plan that’s going to actually work.

So what’s the actual app like? I’ll tell you all about it just ahead in this Unimeal review.

Unimeal App Review

UniMeal Review

Open up your Unimeal App and get started with your new wellness plan. Aside from recipes tailored to your needs, the app also provides a range of extras to assist you in your weight loss journey.

Enjoy streamlined grocery shopping with its customized shopping lists and daily reminders to stick to your goals like when it’s time to drink water.

There’s also a section for at-home workouts great for those who want to avoid costly gym memberships or feel more comfortable workout out at home. Made by professional coaches, these workouts are specifically created to help boost your metabolism.

Track your water, learn the science behind weight loss, and get snippets of motivation to keep you on track. An all-in-one hub for health, Unimeal is so much more than the boring food trackers we’ve all become so used to.

How Does Unimeal Work?

UniMeal Review

By creating balance in your diet and providing satisfying meals. Unimeal isn’t like restrictive diets. It’s about balanced eating, and by identifying your eating habits, lifestyle, and preferred meal times, you’ll follow a plan that meets you where you are.

With Unimeal all meals clock in at about 1,500 calories. That’s pretty standard for any diet, but your plan may vary based on your BMI.

After you sign up and download the app, you’ll head to your dashboard and view your meals for each day as well as exercises. Follow along with these to see results and reach out to Unimeal if you ever need help.

Unimeal: Variation of Meal Plans

UniMeal Review

Variation is one of the best parts about Unimeal and what sets it apart from other meal planners out there. When taking the quiz, you’ll let them know your preferred foods and they’ll create a plan that fits.

Unimeal delivers custom menus that follow a Mediterranean-inspired diet. You’ll have options to eat within these types of meal plans:

  • Omnivore (all meats included)
  • Pescatarian
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

Want a peek at a sample meal plan? You’ll find one for pescatarians below:

  • Breakfast: Omelet & Cheese Sandwich
  • Lunch: Creamy Noodles with Fish “Pesto”
  • Dinner: Shrimp & Grapefruit Salad

With filling and tasty recipes within the plans like the Quinoa Morning Bowl and Thai White Curry, you may find that you feel more satiated and less likely to eat junk.

Who Is Unimeal For?

UniMeal Review

Unimeal makes dieting and fitness personal. Creating plans just for you, it’s a great option for anyone that wants the planning part of losing weight done for them.

It offers meal plans for all kinds of lifestyles, and you can pick your preferred protein and foods and have them worked into your menu.

Unimeal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

UniMeal Review

It takes time to find out if a diet and fitness plan is working, so thankfully, I was able to hear from those with experience using my featured service.

In this part of my Unimeal review, you’ll read through comments and ratings from around the web that shed light on what using the app is really like.

Unimeal has a 4.4/5-star score from 3,012 users on the App Store. Those that left comments said that it was “well organized and [has] nice recipes for easy cooking.” Another said that it’s great for beginners.

Helping me to see that Unimeal is easy to follow, I’ve learned that the service pretty much does it all for you. All you need to do is stick to its recommendations and it should be smooth sailing.

Is this type of feedback common? I headed over to the Google Play Store to check.

There, the service has a 5/5 star score from 7,786 users. One Unimeal review read, “Helpful app. Easy to navigate. I like the easy recipes. I like that it sends reminders to drink water or it’s time to eat. I had a problem with my subscription, but after I contacted the support team it was resolved.

The reviews at the Google Play Store were all similar. People seem to be pleased with what they get from this service and love the notifications it sends throughout the day.

Strengthening my belief that this app is awesome for beginners, many of the people who use it report how easy it is to use.

My last Unimeal review comes from Just Use App. About the variety of recipes, it reads, “I am vegetarian and the recipes look delicious! I just made my first breakfast and I loved it and I feel satisfied- energized and complete but not stuffed.

The same user continued to write about interactions with customer service and canceling their plan.

The review went on, “I reached out to customer service via email telling them I only wanted the plan for one month and I need to cancel after and within 10 minutes they got back to me and already canceled for next month.

Throughout my research for this Unimeal review, I found that the service’s customer reps are really attentive. They reply to all comments, get back to customers quickly, and handle inquiries professionally.

Helping to make the user experience better, great customer service, along with its thorough, convenient approach are all why so many love this app.

Is Unimeal Legit?

UniMeal Review

There’s one thing I’ve learned from reading Unimeal reviews, and it’s that people don’t read the terms and conditions. That’s why I’m glad you’re reading this Unimeal review because I have them all laid out simply.

It turns out that the majority of people who have had issues with this company speak out against the recurring subscription. There have been other complaints made against the brand but they appear to be matters of personal preference.

Not every app will be right for everyone, and that’s why Unimeal offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

In any case, Unimeal has responded to every single complaint which shows us that they do care about their users and try to make it right. Overall, the number of success stories and positive reviews far outweigh the negatives.

Is Unimeal Worth It?

UniMeal Review

One thing I really like about Unimeal is how upfront it is. Transparency goes a long way in the world of dieting where photoshop and foggy figures are thick.

Telling users its plans aren’t magic tricks that result in quick and immediate weight loss, Unimeal says that results will always vary from person to person.

The same goes for those who are less or more serious about sticking to their plan. I love Unimeal’s approach because not only is it customized, but it’s also real. Catering to a range of preferences, carnivores, pescatarians, and vegans can all see success.

Unimeal Promotions & Discounts

UniMeal Review

I’m big on deals, and since this Unimeal review just wouldn’t be the same without them, I searched high and low on the brand’s webpage to find out what it has to offer.

Offering a killer deal of 60% off your first month, sign up for Unimeal within 10 minutes of getting your results to pay just $20 for your first month—it’s normally $50. Cancel within the first 30 days to get a full refund.

Where to Buy Unimeal

UniMeal Review

Interested in signing up? You can download Unimeal right from your smartphone. Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to get started.


Who owns Unimeal?

A diverse group of talented folks owns Unimeal. From web developers to wellness buffs, they all share a common belief: that weight loss shouldn’t be so hard.

How to cancel Unimeal?

Unimeal operates on a month-to-month basis, but since it’s auto-renewing, you’ll need to cancel your subscription to avoid recurring charges. You can do this at any time, but just be sure to do it 24 hours in advance of your next billing date.

Once you cancel your subscription, you’ll still have access to your account and plans for the remainder or your term, i.e. your billing date is on the 15th, but you cancel on the 2nd.

You’ll still get to use the service until the 14th. Keep in mind that deleting the app does not cancel your subscription.

Sign up on the website? You’ll need to cancel by following these steps:

  1. Go to Unimeal.com
  2. Click the top-right menu, then go into ‘My account’, then ‘My Subscription’
  3. Log in and click on ‘Cancel Subscription’

If you purchased through the mobile app, to cancel, head into Settings, then ‘Help,’ then click on ‘Subscription,’ and then ‘Cancel Subscription.’

Rather get some help with it? Email [email protected] and they can cancel your account through their end.

What is Unimeal’s Privacy Policy?

To use Unimeal, you’ll need to provide some basic data about yourself. Basic information like your name, age, weight, and lifestyle are required to use the app, and you’ll also need to enter your email and create a user name.

All of these are basic data requirements for any weight loss app.

In addition to the data you input, Unimeal will collect information about how you found the site, where you’re located, what kind of device you’re using, internet, mobile carrier, and Facebook ID. This type of information is collected so that the company can provide you with a seamless service.

Unimeal will also record how you interact with the app and website, where you click, how long you stay on a page, and so on, along with advertising IDs, transaction data (payment information, billing address), and will store cookies on your computer to help them learn about your browsing habits for a limited time.

Much of this information is mandatory to use Unimeal’s service, but some of it can be opted out of (cookies, newsletter, etc.). Revoking some of this information may result in the inability to offer you services.

What is Unimeal’s Refund Policy?

Unimeal believes that if you don’t see the results you want, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. With that said, there are a few general rules around the refund policy. I’ll outline them below:

  • You have 30 days to email [email protected] and let them know
  • You must have followed the plan for at least 14 days

If you meet both of those conditions, Unimeal will review your refund application and let you know if you’re approved. The company does not offer a refund for personal reasons or financial reasons. You must have given it a fair shot and failed to see results.

How to Contact Unimeal

Still have questions after reading this Unimeal review? The service has quite a few ways to get in touch:

Their customer service team is on it, usually getting back to you in under an hour.

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