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Showpo Dresses Review

Are you looking for fashionable but affordable clothes you can buy from the comfort of your own home? Showpo has you covered, quite literally. 

Be it dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, or even beauty items, Showpo has a vast assortment for buyers to choose from. Plus, it ships to over 45 countries worldwide. 

Besides their own line of clothing, Showpo carries products from major brands such as Wet n Wild, The Ordinary, and Levis. The retailer has amassed over 1.8M followers on Instagram and 1M likes on Facebook. 

Is their apparel worth introducing into your closet? This Showpo Dresses review will answer that for you in the following commentary. We’ll take a look at the brand and its bestsellers, customer feedback, promotions, shipping policies, and more, so that you can come up with the final verdict. 

Overview of Showpo

Showpo Dresses Review

Founded in 2010 by Jane Lu in her parents’ garage, this Australian brand quickly took off and became a global name. By 2012, it had raked in over a million dollars despite only having four staff members. 

You’ll often find items at Showpo on sale, or at least cheaper than their retail prices. While the price tags are not as satisfying you’ll find on fast-fashion sites like Shein, they are definitely affordable. 

Before this Showpo dresses review gets into the details about the different products, we will take a look at the general pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Impressive range of dresses, tops, shoes, accessories available 
  • Showpo carries many different designer labels 
  • Outfits organized by occasion 
  • Inclusive range of sizes, including XXS to XXXXL (US sizes 0 to 16)
  • Ships to many countries 


  • Does not have sustainable practices/ ethical codes of conduct 
  • Customers outside US and Canada can only return items for a store credit 
Showpo Dresses Review

While the company has a wide range of items, this Showpo dresses review will mainly focus on two popular categories: dresses and clothing. As mentioned earlier, the company hosts many great beauty brands, but we will be focusing on their own line of products. 

After all, that is what they started with. But there are also Showpo shoes you can check out if you want to round off your outfit. Or accessories if you like jewellery, bags, or belts. The brand carries brands like Peta and Jain, Quay Australia, and Reliquia. 

Another great thing about the brand is their range of sizes. Showpo sizing includes XS to XXXXL which translates to a US size 0 to 16—slightly more options than you would usually find in the mall. Now without further ado, this Showpo dresses review will look at some bestsellers. 

Showpo Dresses Review

Let’s get into a few of Showpo’s top-selling dresses. Not only do they have a really wide range of prices from $10 to $270, there are different styles for any occasion too. 

Feeling like there’s nothing good to wear in your wardrobe? In this Showpo Dresses review, we will go over a few options that can help you out, whether you’re headed off to a picnic or to an important business conference.  

Showpo Lace to Lace Dress Review 

Looking for something sexy but formal? This Showpo white dress would be perfect. With no sleeves or straps and a sweetheart neckline, you’ll look beautiful and stylish. 

The white lace is already done, but this cut over a beige lining is unique and fun. The dress will hit your knee with a slit on the side, and the bodycon shape will fit nicely on your curves. 

The rubber grip tape inside the bodice will also keep everything secure, so you don’t need to worry about any accidents. 

Unfortunately, there are no pockets, but it is lined around the bust. This dress is available in US sizes 0 to 16, but at the time of this Showpo dresses review, only sizes 6, 8, 10, 14, and 16 remain. The 100% polyester Lace to Lace Dress in White Lace costs $70

Showpo Eternal Sunshine Maxi Dress Review

If you’re looking for something that would bedazzle everyone around you, Showpo’s Eternal Sunshine Maxi Dress is the one. We all saw how tulle maxi dresses were the rage, but have you seen one in gold with sequins? 

This gown will make you look and feel like a Greek goddess. With a plunging neckline, a fitted waist, and a fine mesh layered skirt that trails to the ground, this is a perfect item to land on if you’re browsing Showpo prom dresses. It’s a show-stopper for sure. 

The low back counterbalances the long skirt. Even with the slit up the thigh, this Showpo dress is also safe and secure with the cross straps and gold lace-like design. Just like the previous gown, the Eternal Sunshine Maxi Dress is made from 100% polyester with no stretch, but you would need to hand wash in cold water.

The Eternal Sunshine Maxi Dress costs $120 at checkout. Unfortunately, it is also only available in limited sizing, from US 2 to 10. 

Showpo Baretta Dress Review

Do you want something more casual, fit for the summer instead of a special occasion? Take a gander at the Baretta Dress

Arriving in three different designs, this strappy milkmaid top dress would hit just above the knee. It is super flattering and cute, easy to dress up or down—depending on whether you feel like covering up or showing off your shoulders. 

This dress is available in US sizes 2 to 12, with select options available for every design. While it’s made from better material than the other two dresses (viscose instead of polyester), it would still need to be cold hand-washed. 

For those who are into a monochrome zebra design, floral prints, or a solid shade of pink, the Baretta Dress costs $23–$60 depending on versions that are on sale. 

Showpo Hibiscus Flower Dress Review 

We’re starting to enter fall, and so here we have some long-sleeved attire: the Hibiscus Flower Dress. With a v neck cut and tie front, as well as ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves and skirt that ends above the knees, you’ll look and feel like a dream. 

The orangey and red hibiscus flowers decorate the sheer white fabric, and the dress looks very light and airy even with the long sleeves. It looks like a great fit for the changing seasons. 

Unfortunately, at the time of this Showpo dresses review, the Hibiscus Flower Dress is sold out. But usually, it is available for US sizes 2–8. It was on sale for $47 from the usual $60

Showpo Between Fantasy Dress Review

Now let’s take another look at a fancy gown that is perfectly indicative of Showpo fashion dresses. This Between Fantasy Dress in Emerald Satin is perfect for any formal or business-casual event. 

As a mid-length dress, you can dress it up or down depending on your accessories and shoes. The emerald satin is a gorgeous and royal look for sure. With adjustable straps and a tie-wrap fastening in the front, this dress can be made to best suit you without a visit to the tailors. 

The low v-neckline and high-low hem is also a sexy mix, adding an additional flair to the otherwise simple cut of the dress. There are also more sizes available, from US size 0 to size 16, and you can buy the Between Fantasy Dress in Emerald Satin for $70. It also comes in a lilac shade.  

Showpo Clothing Review

Besides their dresses, Showpo also carries a wide variety of other clothes. In this section, we will look at three of their other best-selling items, including a contemporary corset top, two piece set, and a jacket to keep you toasty.  

Showpo Sweet Disguise Corset Top Review 

Corset tops are all the rage now, and Showpo clothing always jumps onto the new bandwagons. The Sweet Disguise Corset Top is a great example of how fast the company moves. 

Available in a delightful white, this corset top has self fastening straps and a zipper on the back. While it won’t cinch you in like tie-up corsets, the fitted bodice should still give you a great shape. 

This top is made using 97% polyester with 3% spandex, but there is no stretch. You can buy your own for $40. There are sizes available for size 0 to 12, although the only available one is in size 0 at the moment. 

Showpo Are You Up To It Two Piece Set Review

Two-piece sets are also super popular, especially tops and skirts in a cute floral design. That is what this piece is right here, which you can wear over your Showpo swim items, or by itself.

The crop top has a square neckline and puff sleeves to give a wonderful prairie-girl vibe, perfectly matching the white flowers against green design. The mini skirt is also comfortable and cute, with a high waist and slight flare at the bottom. 

You can wear this two-piece outfit as is, or mix and match with your other pieces. The 100% viscose Are You Up To It Set sells for $70. Available in US sizes 0 to 16, this is one of the more size-inclusive pieces offered by the brand. 

Showpo Windsor Puffer Jacket Review 

Now let’s do a whole 180 into another season: winter. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and if you get cold easily, the Windsor Puffer Jacket can be a great addition to your wardrobe. 

This jacket comes in six different colors: black, beige, chocolate, and more. Regardless of which colour you choose, you will get a great jacket with cushioned quilted panels, stretchy knit cuffs, and pockets in the front. It is also a cropped fit, so you can pair it with some high waisted jeans before hitting the ice rink. 

Once again, the Windsor Puffer Jacket is completely made with polyester, including the lining. Depending on which colour you’d like, there are sizes from US 2 (XS) to US 10 (XL). The coat comes to $85 at checkout.  

Is Showpo Fast Fashion? 

Showpo Dresses Review

Since they do not have any sustainable fashion policies and offer relatively cheaper prices for some items, Showpo does seem like a fast fashion brand. They strive to carry all the most fashionable goods so you will have a big variety to choose from, but the cheap prices and convenient shipping fills all the checkboxes for a fast fashion brand. 

While fast fashion is marketed as more affordable and accessible, it contributes greatly to annual clothing waste and excessive consumption. By baiting customers into hitting free shipping thresholds, you would typically end up spending a greater amount of money than you initially planned for. 

At the end of the day, if it is possible to do so, it is better to purchase from sustainable brands who have ethical codes of conduct too. 

How Ethical Is Showpo?

Showpo Dresses Review

Unfortunately, this Showpo Dresses review could not find any ethical policies outlined on their website. But as most fast fashion brands are unethical, it is likely that this company is the same. 

Who Is Showpo For? 

Showpo Dresses Review

Most of Showpo’s clothes are for women. Since the company tries to keep up with all the fast fashion trends, the items are best suited for anyone looking for the hottest new styles. 

But despite the fast fashion practice, Showpo is not that cheap. The prices are relatively high, especially compared to brands like Shein. The company also carries more than just their own line, like Levis and the Ordinary, which is beyond what a fast fashion brand typically does. 

Comparison: Showpo vs. Verge Girl 

Showpo Dresses Review

Before we get into what customers think about the brand, this Showpo dresses review took a look at another similar company: Verge Girl

Just like Showpo, Verge Girl offers a variety of affordable and trendy clothing. Based in Australia, this company also offers worldwide shipping. But unlike Showpo, they have a more specifically curated style. If you’re looking for popping prints and a brighter look, Verge Girl has you covered. 

That being said, Showpo has a greater range in different styles, and they are a newer company. Verge Girl is also more expensive, although they do donate parts of their proceedings to charities such as Mercy Ships, Australian Red Cross, and Sunrise Cambodia. 

Showpo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Showpo Dresses Review

Now we can get into the meat of it! With online stores and brands, it can be difficult to figure out if the fabrics and fittings actually match the advertisements. After taking a look at customer comments on individual blogs to review sites, this Showpo dresses review found that people are generally pleased with their purchases. 

With a 3.9/5 star rating from 1,265 reviews on Trustpilot, the company seems to deliver on its promises. In fact, 70% of the reviewers gave excellent ratings for Showpo’s products and customer service. 

One buyer wrote, “Fantastic products & website, very helpful & accurate sizing chart, and extremely helpful customer service when I made an error on my order.” 

Another user agreed, “I had an issue with a couple of items that shrunk after I washed them. I used the online chat function and the team were extremely helpful and prompt, offering me a return and store credit. Very quick turn around and they made it an easy process.”

On Influenster, the brand landed a score of 4.3/5 stars from 138 buyers. Shoppers raved about the cute and trendy selection of clothes.

A buyer was very happy with her two-piece set, writing, “Recently bought an outfit from here and was super skeptical, but when i received it I was so happy! I express shipped it, it came on time, and it fit me perfectly! True to size and great quality.” 

Another user shared her honest thoughts, “Love love this brand! Always up to date trendy and cute styles!! Sometimes not the best quality ever and I wish that they had storefronts.”  

On an Australian site called ProductReview, Showpo received 4.4/5 stars from 4,025 reviews. Most customers stated that the quality was right for the price they were paying, and that they were happy with the brand’s range of choices.

At the end of the day, there are definitely both advantages and disadvantages around buying from Showpo. It appears that shoppers’ opinions are mostly favorable towards the brand, as many people left 4 or 5-star reviews. That being said, we recommend double-checking the measurement charts and exercising patience with their returns process. 

Is Showpo Worth It?

Showpo Dresses Review

Ultimately, this Showpo dresses review finds that the brand is worth checking out. If you’re looking to reinvent your personal style, there are plenty of sophisticated pieces to browse through. This could be your one-stop shop for tops, bottoms, shoes, and even wedding gowns. 

It’s worth noting that buyers need to be very careful when selecting their sizes and not placing any orders at the last minute. A common material used for Showpo’s dresses is polyester, so it’s important to adjust your expectations around quality as well. 

All things considered, Showpo can act as a great source of fashion inspiration and a fun place to shop at (as long as you’re not in a pinch).        

Showpo Promotions & Discounts 

Showpo Dresses Review

This Showpo Dresses review found that several items are always on sale on the brand’s website. There is no Showpo coupon code at this time, but you can take advantage of the 15% student discount with Student Beans.

Where to Buy Showpo

Showpo Dresses Review

You can shop the brand directly from


Showpo Dresses Review

Where is Showpo made? 

In a 2021 article by AdvisoryHQ, Jane Lu said that the clothes are designed and sourced from Australia, but manufactured in China. This Showpo Dresses review could not find any more detailed information on their website. 

Is Showpo sizing small? 

While some customers found that clothes could run big or small, they all generally fit true to size. That being said, it is important to double check the customer feedback under each item—as the company carries many different labels. 

What is Showpo’s Shipping Policy?

Showpo offers international shipping to many different countries, and the rates can vary by location. For the United States, there are both standard and express shipping options available. 

Standard would arrive within 5–8 business days, and it costs $10 for orders below $75. Otherwise, it is free

You can also choose express shipping to arrive within 2–4 business days. This costs $15, but if your order is above $125, this option is free. You can check all the shipping information on the brand’s website. 

What is Showpo’s Return Policy?

This Showpo Dresses review found that only buyers from US and Canada can return their items for a refund. Otherwise, you would receive a store credit. 

You have within 30 days of placing your order to initiate returns on unused items with tags attached. For wedding gowns, the QC ribbon needs to be attached. 

There are also several items that cannot be returned, like cosmetic products, hair accessories, hosiery, hats, lingerie, earrings, swimwear without the hygiene seal, adult toys, and final sale items unless they are faulty. 

When returning your item for store credit, a $7 return fee will apply. Customers looking to initiate a refund will need to pay a $11 charge. For more details about their policy, this Showpo dresses review recommends visiting the brand’s Help Center. 

How to Contact Showpo

Do you have any questions beyond this Showpo Dresses review? Reach the brand in any of the following ways: 

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: 612-8279-8111
  • Live chat on the website 
  • Send a message on Facebook 

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