Mott and Bow Clothing Review

About Mott and Bow

Mott and Bow Clothing Review

Mott and Bow crafts premium jeans at a reasonable price for men and women. The denim and clothing line is built on principles of simplicity and their intricate passion project results in high-end handcrafted jeans.

Founder & CEO, Alejandro Chahin is a believer in good quality materials. He thinks that you reap all the benefits from them, like durability, a good fit and an authentic look.

Alejandro began Mott & Bow because of a “love of premium goods and not wanting to overpay for them.”

Their perfect fit provides signature comfort, allowing you to pick from a cool vintage look, a slim weekend jean or a skinny with your rise of choice—whatever tickles your fancy!

This leads to better quality, the elimination of waste and better pricing. Mott & Bow gives you the best for less, with age old jean secrets.

Mott & Bow takes jean making seriously—to them it’s both a well honed art and a precise science. In this Mott and Bow clothing review, I will showcase their bestsellers to help determine whether the brand is right for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros and Cons

Mott and Bow Clothing Review

My Mott and Bow clothing review will now dish out the whole truth on the brand:


  • High-quality materials: Mot and Bow uses high-quality denim and other materials to create durable and long-lasting clothing. Their products are designed to stand up to regular wear and tear and hold up well over time.
  • Versatile styles: Mot and Bow offers a range of styles that can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for a variety of occasions. From classic jeans to denim jackets and skirts, there are plenty of options to choose from.
  • Affordable pricing: While Mot and Bow uses high-quality materials, their clothing is still priced affordably. This makes it accessible for individuals who want to invest in quality clothing without breaking the bank.


  • Limited size range: While Mot and Bow offers a range of styles, their size range is somewhat limited. Some styles may not be available in all sizes, which can be frustrating for individuals who fall outside of the standard size range.
  • Limited variety: While Mot and Bow offers high-quality denim and other wardrobe staples, their product selection is somewhat limited compared to other clothing brands. This may not be a good fit for individuals who prefer a wide variety of styles to choose from.
  • Fit may not work for everyone: While Mot and Bow uses high-quality materials, their fit may not work for everyone. Some individuals may find that the clothing is too loose or too tight in certain areas, which can make it uncomfortable to wear.

Overall, Mot and Bow offers high-quality denim and other wardrobe essentials at an affordable price point. While their size range and variety may be somewhat limited, their focus on quality materials and versatile styles may make them a good fit for many individuals.

How Mott and Bow Garments Are Made

With an intricate production process that individualizes each garment, Mott and Bow holds true to their promise:

  1. Resin Application: Each piece is sprayed or immersed in a resin mix
  2. Over Curation: Every item is pre-cured and then repeat cured in the oven
  3. Scraping: Jeans are scraped to imitate the distress that comes with natural wear; the degree and variation of scraping varies per style
  4. Pinning and Tying: The jeans are pinned and tied before the washing process to create visual contrast
  5. Washing and Drying: The ingredients in the machine vary from pumice rock to silicone balls depending on the desired result
  6. Finishing: Once they’ve been through all the steps, it’s time for the final touches! 

Mott & Bow does their work out of the best mills in the world. The company has 32-years of denim experience, which is evidenced in their evolved manufacturing process. Mott and Bow stands out in their manufacturing as a family owned facility that controls production from start to finish.


Mott and Bow Clothing Review

Mot and Bow offers a range of sizes for both men and women. Their sizing charts are available on their website to help customers determine the best size for them.

For women, Mot and Bow offers sizes ranging from 24 to 34 in jeans, and XS to XL in tops. They also offer a size 0 in some of their styles.

For men, Mot and Bow offers sizes ranging from 28 to 40 in jeans, and XS to XL in tops.

It’s important to note that sizing may vary slightly between styles, so it’s always a good idea to consult their sizing chart for the specific item you’re interested in.

6 Mott and Bow Bestsellers

In this Mott and Bow clothing review, I’ll focus on just a select few pieces from the brand so you can get a sense of the pricing, styles, and more.

Mott and Bow Men’s Slim – Jay 

The Slim-Jay jean has no distress, it is simply soaked and dried. It’s fabric is unique. It’s sourced from Italy with a left hand weave, which means it’s buttery soft. The jeans are comfortable, with a mid-rise fit and a blend of elasticity and cotton that makes them breathable and easy to move in

The Slim-Jay has all the markers of a classic; it’s straight through the hip, slim through the thigh with a narrower leg opening and a zipper fly. If you’re in between sizes, Mott & Bow suggests you stick with the snug size. These jeans are seriously flattering.

You remember that Goldilocks scene where she wanted the porridge not too hot, not too cold but—just right. Mott & Bow are thinking along the same lines with the Slim-Jay whose fit is not too tight or too loose for $118. Let’s face it, you don’t always feel like mens skin tight jeans. 

Customers say: “The Slim Jay jeans are amazing. Very comfortable, no stretching out of shape and I get compliments whenever I wear them. Super happy with these jeans.”

Mott and Bow Men’s Twill Chino – Charles 

If you’re looking to mix things up, a twill chino might be up your alley. Easy to wear and just as easy to maintain, you can machine wash these pants and tumble dry on low. The Twill Chino – Charles is washed to give a lived-in look for $125

Made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, the medium weight Twill Chinos are breezy to move in. The pants are slim through the leg without being tight with a mid-rise waist, so you can feel as fine as you look. 

Customers say: “These pants have GREAT fit! Bought one pair and was so happy ordered 2 more! Thanks from a happy shopper.”

Mott and Bow Women’s High Rise Skinny – Bond

The most discouraging part of a beautiful pair of black skinny jeans is their fade. Push that association out of your mind though, because the High Rise Skinny – Bond has fade-resistant technology, so they keep their rich black colour. 

If you want to invest in skinny jeans, you want them to stay that way! These High Rise Skinny – Bond jeans have a stretch and compression ratio which helps maintain their shape, priced at $128.

I’m not sure if these skinnies were named in reference to Bond girls, but they’re definitely sexy enough to pull off the name.

With a front rise of 10”, these high rise jeans will tuck your tummy in—you’ll feel free to chill in them and enjoy more than a few donuts, if you desire. For a more edgy look for a late night out, the High Rise Skinny – Bond is available in black with slits, with a flattering 9” leg opening. 

Customers say: “These are amazing.. the fit is perfect and I love how they don’t stretch out throughout the day. I have a curvy figure and these jeans keep their “hug” even after a couple wears.”

Mott and Bow Women’s Slim Boyfriend – Laight 

Slip into a boyfriend jean and the slouchy and supportive fit will put you in the mood to relax. The Slim Boyfriend – Laight has a laid back cuff to really accentuate the chill vibes.

The slim boyfriend fit comes in a dark or a medium blue with ideal stretch. The Slim Boyfriend – Laight is made for the classic plain white tee and jeans look.

These Mott and Bow slim boyfriend, mid rise jeans have been through all the hoops: with a 10 month wash, they go through hand sanding, are tied, stone washed, dried, sprayed, rinsed and dried again. Talk about a detailed process to give you pure indigo comfort denim for $108

Customers say: “Very comfortable. Soft yet still structured but not harsh or heavy.”

Mott and Bow Men’s Classic Crew – Driggs

In this Mott and Bow clothing review of mens t-shirts, I’ll showcase the popular Classic Crew – Driggs. Your search doesn’t have to end here, though. Mott and Bow has a wide selection of men’s tees: if you’re looking to build your wardrobe beyond the classic crew, take a look at the heavyweight pocket tee, the classic, the V-neck, or the long sleeve. 

The Classic Crew – Driggs comes in 12 colours, so you can fill your drawer with tees depending on your mood for $30. Soft and lightweight, the Classic Crew is made of 100% combed cotton. The yarn is tightly knit for durability in Peru, so it won’t wear down like your typical cheap tee. 

You want to know that you can wear and wash your short sleeve crew without fear of shrinkage. The fabric is preshrunk with easy care instructions so that you can enjoy day-to-day wear without fuss. Mott and Bow cares about getting it just right and so: the shirt is not too slim or too loose, basic and classically masculine. 

Customers say: “A great shirt- fits well, great feel, and high quality.”

Mott and Bow Women’s Fitted V Neck – Marcy

Having variation in women’s everyday tees makes mornings and packing for holidays simple. Our Mott and Bow clothing throws a spotlight on the Fitted V Neck – Marcy. If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe, consider the women’s fitted crew, boxy semi-crop, classic crew, long sleeve crew, and long sleeve V-neck. 

A Fitted V-Neck has an elegant line that compliments any pair of jeans in 6 colours with soft and strong shade variations. The Fitted V Neck – Marcy is preshrunk with a mix of 50% Pima cotton and 50% Modal which gives it a soft and silky feel for $30

The Fitted V Neck – Marcy has a fit that’s closer to tight, though there’s comfy space in the arms. Its length allows you to do a tiny tuck in the front to show off your jeans and a sweet belt. You don’t need to look further than the classics to feel your most natural self. 

Customers say: “I love to wear comfortable and plain t shirts and this one is the best. The cloth is so lightweight and fits me well.”

Who Is Mott and Bow For?

Mott and Bow Clothing Review

Mott and Bow is particularly popular among those who are looking for premium-quality jeans without having to pay the high prices that are often associated with luxury fashion brands.

The brand is committed to offering men and women high-quality products at an affordable price, without sacrificing on style or comfort.

Mott and Bow Clothing Review: What Do Customers Think?

Mott and Bow Clothing Review

So far in this Mott and Bow clothing review, I’ve dished out the details on sizing, materials, and more. Now, it’s time to dive deeper into what customers are saying.

On the brand’s website, the bestsellers I featured in this review received the following ratings and testimonials:

  • Men’s Slim Jay: 5/5 stars from 165 reviews
  • Men’s Twill Chino Charles: 4.7/5 stars from 149 reviews
  • Women’s High Rise Skinny Bond Jeans:4.6/5 stars from 316 reviews
  • Women’s Slim Boyfriend Laight Jeans: 4.4/5 stars from 468 reviews
  • Men’s Classic Crew – Driggs: 4.6/5 stars from 456 reviews
  • Women’s Fitted V-Neck Marcy Tee: 4.6/5 stars from 520 reviews

“I finally pulled the trigger and bought these jeans and couldn’t be happier. These are easily my favorite pair of jeans now.”

“Bought these for my hubby…..always complaining his pants don’t fit! THESE fit perfectly! No more saggy butt!”

“Just the right relaxed, premium denim, liked the color. Very comfy. Usually wear a 30 had to go up to 31 as waist was too tight. Would buy again now that I know how they’re sized. Great price point too!”

“Silky soft cotton tees. Not sheer but lightweight. Fit is great, not too fitted, but a little shaped.”

On Trustpilot, the brand has accumulated 346 reviews with an overall score of 3.6/ 5 stars. Blogs like The Modest Man, Half Half Travel, and The Adult Man also checked out Mott and Bow’s collection and shared their thoughts.

It seems as if the consensus is that the brand offers great fit, materials, and construction, while some people may find the prices too high.

Additionally, some negative reviews mention that since there is no brick and mortar location, they faced some troubles sending back the items that didn’t fit them and going through the returns process. All in all though, it seems that the feedback for Mott and Bow is generally positive across the board.

Is Mott and Bow Worth It?

With a great range of high-quality clothing and denim, I’d say the store is definitely worth checking out.

Before placing your order though, I strongly recommend checking out the brand’s sizing charts, seeing what customers are saying about specific product (whether you should order a size up or true to size), and taking advantage of the Home Try On program.


If you love the selection of Mott and Bow but you want to explore similar brands, take a look at some of these:

  • Madewell recognizes the value and classic appeal of quality denim and decided to make it trendy and affordable. Operating under J. Crew, Madewell produces apparel, shoes, accessories, and more for men and women of all shapes and sizes.
  • Everlane promotes exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency. Everlane caters to both men and women to provide ethically sourced fashion and accessories—including high quality jeans.
  • Citizens of Humanity is looking to change the way we think about denim. According to their website, they’re committed to producing the “highest quality denim, without compromise.

Mott and Bow Promotions & Discounts 

Mott and Bow Clothing Review

At the time of this Mott and Bow clothing review, there are some promising deals: 

  • Free shipping on orders over $150 
  • Get 30% off selected final sale items using the Mott and Bow promo code ‘final sale’

Continue to visit the website for a new Mott and Bow promo code

You can purchase a Mott and Bow giftcard for that special someone for $30, $50, $75, $100, $125, $150, $200 or $300

Where to Buy Mott and Bow

Mott and Bow Clothing Review

Mott and Bow locations are only virtual (ie. the internet). For this Mott and Bow clothing review I researched where to buy their apparel online:


Mott and Bow Sizing

Women’s Size Guide

Body Length (from high point shoulder to hem)25 ¼ 25 ¾ 26 ¼ 26 ¾ 27 ¼ 
Across Shoulder (seam to seam)13 ⅛ 13 ⅝ 14 ⅛ 14 ⅝ 15 ⅛ 
Chest (1” below armhole)3032343638
Sleeve length (from shoulder to seam)4 ⅞ 5 ⅛ 5 ⅜ 5 ⅝ 5 ⅞ 
Jeans(Waist Size)24-40
Men’s Size Guide

Body Length (from high point shoulder to hem)2727 ½ 2828 ½ 2929 ½ 
Across shoulder (seam to seam)15 ⅜ 16 ⅜ 17 ⅜ 18 ⅜ 19 ⅜ 20 ⅜ 
Chest (1” below armhole)363840424650
Sleeve length (from shoulder to seam 7 ½ 7 ¾ 88 ¼ 8 ½ 9
Jeans(Waist Size)28-38

It’s important to repeat in this Mott and Bow clothing review that they have a convenient Home Try On Program:

  1. Buy your first pair & choose a second waist size for free
  2. Mott & Bow will send you both so you can decide on the best fit
  3. Keep the pair you like and send the second pair back for free
  4. Use the free pre-paid label and drop the box off at the nearest UPS

Mott and Bow Shipping Policy

Good news in this Mott and Bow clothing review: they ship internationally! Standard shipping orders take between 3-7 business days to get to your front door. When packages ship, Mott & Bow sends a tracking number in an email. If you have any questions about the status of your order or wish to change the address, contact the carrier with your tracking info:

  • U.S Postal Service: 1-800-222-1811
  • UPS: 1-800-742-5877

You can cancel your order for up to 30 minutes after placement. E-mail Mott & Bow to request changes. Hold back from placing another order until you’ve received confirmation of your cancellation. 

Mott and Bow Return Policy

Mott & Bow wants the fit to be perfect and you can exchange your order if the jeans don’t fit well. With Mott and Bow returns, refunds are processed within 15 business days from the time you send the package to Mott & Bow. Once Mott & Bow inspects your returned items, the team will send you a confirmation email.

Mott & Bow will process and send out your exchange order within 3 business days. Once the items are shipped, it will take 3-7 business days to receive your new items. Additional information on refunds:

  • To request a refund, go to the Returns Page
  • A $5 restocking fee is charged for the whole order 
  • The cost of shipping is not refunded
  • The Mott & Bow address is printed on the prepaid label: 

Mott & Bow Inc

785 County Road

CB Neenah, 

WI 54956

United States

How to Contact Mott and Bow

For questions beyond this Mott and Bow clothing review, you can get in touch with the team at: 

Shop knowing you have options. Check out our reviews for these luxury clothing brands:

Unbound Merino

Gentleman’s Box

Frank and Oak



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AJF Consultants
3 years ago Reply

How do you buy?

Phone number please?

Not worth it. Don't be fooled by the clever marketing.
3 years ago Reply

I’m glad I’m not the only one here that feels the same way about Mott and Bow. I only read positive reviews on their website. And social media only raves about the brand.
I ordered the Skinny Jane in 28W/30L. If you like legging-jeans I guess these jeans are ok, but way too overpriced. The fabric is thin and very elastic; offering no support or form. Also, they do no have any sizes longer than 30L. I don’t mind paying a good amount of money for the perfect pair of jeans, but these are just not worth the price. I’d rather spend my money on G-Star Raw or Kuyichi jeans which are way more flattering. Returning or exchanging from Europe is a hassle and the customer service at M&B are not helpful and don’t seem to be interested at all in any feedback. I doubt whether I will ever get my refund.

Terrible Customer Service - Don't do it!
3 years ago Reply

Just don’t. It’s not worth the headache of potentially having to deal with their completely non-responsive customer service. I wish I had seen other people’s reviews before I bought anything from the company. It has been almost a month and I haven’t been able to get a simple issue fixed. I’ve even followed up on my original request and they told me they were escalating my request to honor a previously used promo code and waive the return fee (I had website issues processing an exchange online and had to repurchase my items). This really is not a huge request but despite following up, I have not gotten a response. Not a good look, especially considering the jeans are not priced cheaply. Seeing other people’s reviews now makes me afraid that it will take months to get my return for the original order processed.

Helen Kalisher
3 years ago Reply

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I tried to cancel my order 45 minutes after I placed it as I found a coupon I wanted to apply. They said it was impossible to cancel it. The box arrived and I immediately shipped it back. A month later they still haven’t refunded the $492, the website says I have no return in progress. I’m now having to dispute the charge on my card. Nightmare.

Jeremy Tan
4 years ago Reply

To be honest, I am extremely disappointed with the packing of the jeans. I was generally alarmed to receive the jeans packed in those plastic bags used by courier companies and dumped into my letterbox and not even to my house. 
I would expect the jeans to be at least packed in a carton box with protective paper sheets to shield this delicate jeans against any potential damage through handling and the whole transit and delivery.

One pair of the jeans was damaged upon opening up the flimsy plastic bag. The leather M&B logo patch was ripped halfway through.

Sorry no more jeans from you guys.

Laura Barnett
4 years ago Reply

I’m based in Canada and ordered a pair of Mott & Bow jeans back in October. Took a long time to receive them and once they arrived they were way too big and nothing what the promo pic promised. Processed the return online the same day and took them to the post office only to find out that I was on the hook for the return postage because I was outside US. No mention of this during return or anywhere on the website. Got a tracking number and I can see that the jeans arrived to their destination almost a month ago and still haven’t received my refund. I am so disappointed on their customer service and I feel like I’ve been robbed by the company. I will be telling anybody I know never to order anything from Mott & Bow. I really don’t understand how this company is still in business?

Sherry Fiore
4 years ago Reply

I’ve been waiting over a month for a refund on the pair of jeans I returned. Never again.

4 years ago Reply

I’ve bought numerous jeans from this company from Canada over the course of about a year. What I like about them is that they use generally good quality, comfortable denim that doesn’t come all distressed with fake whiskering or ridiculous fades like most jeans do these days. They also provide a good straight fit which is hard to find and they generally have responsive customer service. Unfortunately I am going to have to agree with the other commenter here that buying from these guys internationally is a pain in the neck. Their quality is inconsistent, which is about the only consistent thing about this company. Sometimes a 32 leg is too long, sometimes it’s too short. The seat in their jeans is sometimes too tight (mostly too tight), and sometimes it’s too loose, in a different jean of the same size in the same wash. I had to return and re-order the same jean in the same size three different times to get a proper fit at one point, which with the slow international shipping ended up taking about 2 months. Their sizing is all over the place, and quality control is very seriously lacking. For instance, I have 4 Mott and Bow jeans in 34 x 32 with waist measurements (taken laying flat) ranging from 44.5 cm to 47 cm. They are overpriced for what you get, especially considering the quality control problem. After a year of trial and error (mostly error) I have finally given up on this company regardless of how much I like their designs and colours – in spite of their (what i’ve found to be) good return/refund policy (which i’ve had to take advantage of many, many times due to aforementioned quality control issues) the inconsistent fits and quality control problems have just gotten to be too much. As much as I hate to have to do it, it’s time to try another brand.

4 years ago Reply

I live in Europe. Mott & Bow appeared on my Facebook feed. I read some reviews of the jeans and went to the international page of the Mott & Bow Website. I orders some t-shirts and a pair of jeans. I realised that I probably ordered the wrong size and Mott & Bow staff were quick to respond. Instead of directly changing the order they said they had to refund me the cost and then charge me again, so I lost around 10 euros due to the exchange rate. Staff helped me pick another size pair of jeans and the order was made. The order arrived and the t-shirts were great, but the jeans were at least two sizes too big. Mott & Bow would not give me a refund for the jeans because I am based outside of the US. I had to return them for store credit and paid around 24 euros to send then back to the US – no delivery in Europe. I just returned them yesterday and to be honest, I will probably use my store credit to buy t-shirts as I cant be bothered to try out another pair of jeans that might not fit me. While Mott & Bow staff are very responsive, and the concept probably works well in the US, it has ended up costing me money and now my only option is to buy some t-shirts that I really don’t need. Don’t be fooled by the International page of Mott & Bow’s website, this company doesn’t work well for international customers.

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