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The Bespoke Post lifestyle subscription gives men access to monthly boxes that are tailored to personal interests. Catering to the “modern man,” Bespoke Post products range anywhere from clothing and grooming supplies to barware and home decor. Subscribers receive only the highest quality products that have been tested by the Bespoke Post team and are delivered to their door each month. 

This Bespoke Post subscription review takes an in-depth look at the brand and its products to help potential customers make an informed decision.

Overview of Bespoke Post 

What is Bespoke Post? 

In 2014, Bespoke Post began as a two man job. Co-founders Rishi Prabhu and Steven Szaronos were running the company themselves, hunting for products, packing orders, and shipping them across the US. Six years later, they had since assembled a team of over 40 employees. Their mission is simple yet grand: to refine the modern man.

Bespoke Post is all about putting your best foot forward. Their products are hand selected and undergo quality assurance tests. The brand only sends top-notch items to their loyal customers. From stylish clothing to aesthetic and functional lifestyle products, Bespoke Post curates a diverse range of boxes to satisfy the modern man.

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 2
Bespoke Post Signature Box – Men’s Fragrances
February 2020 

Bespoke Post is more than a subscription service, though. Their site also features a Bespoke Post store where customers can purchase products individually or as add-ons to their monthly boxes. Their products range from men’s clothing and leather sneakers, to incense, flasks and a fancy knife set. You wouldn’t expect all those things to belong in a sentence, but that just shows you how inclusive the brand is, offering something for everyone.

Bespoke Post follows a system of four simple beliefs that allow them to curate only the best products for their customers: 

  1. Never Settle is how Bespoke Post earns their business. They’re driven to meet the needs of their customers. Always.
  2. Love It or Leave It refers to how every single product they sell has been tested by their employees. If it’s not good enough, then it’s not sold on their site.
  3. Be Awesome is the feeling Bespoke Post aims to bring their customers.
  4. You First means their customer service team is always available to help buyers deal with a question, issue, or even a compliment. 

Bespoke Post has a lot to offer their subscribers. Lucky for you, we’ve condensed it all into this Bespoke Post subscription review. Here is a quick pro/con list to sum up the main points:


  • Boxes are tailored to you
  • Well priced
  • Easy cancellation
  • Site has an accessibility menu 
  • New boxes every month
  • Lots of variety


  • There is a charge for refunds

Want to learn more about Bespoke Post? Well, keep reading this Bespoke Post subscription review for everything you need to know.

Bespoke Post Past Boxes

On the first day of every month, Bespoke Post adds new boxes for their subscribers to choose from. To give you a better feel for their products, here are some boxes offered in February 2020:

The Brew box was filled with everything you would need to make quality beer in your own kitchen: a bottle capper, beer making kit and beer mix. Who’s up for starting a home brewery? Just going to toss a name out there: Chez Brewski.

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 3
Bespoke Post Brew Box
February 2020

The Swagger box gave Bespoke Post subscribers a quick renovation to their sock drawer. This package included six pairs of socks made of premium cotton or a cashmere-merino wool blend. It’s too bad this box has passed, it would have definitely upped my sock game.

If you’re a sock connoisseur, check out the best sock subscriptions for 2020.

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 4
Bespoke Post Swagger Box
February 2020

The Refresh box amped up Bespoke Post subscribers’ morning routine. This set included a face cleanser, hair products, toothpaste, and a suave travel case to hold it all. This is the kind of box that any man would benefit from, and it definitely saved guys a trip to the drugstore to pick up their products.

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 5
Bespoke Post Refresh Box
February 2020

The Awesome box included the Bespoke Post Weekender Bag, the perfect option for a busy man hitting the road. The canvas bag featured a canvas exterior in customizable colorways, quality leather buckles, combining durability with sophistication.

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 6
Bespoke Post Awesome Box
February 2020

The Carve is by far my favorite Bespoke Post box. It’s inspired by history, going back to the 18th century: to sketch intricate designs into whale teeth and walrus tusks, to pass the time between hunts on long sea voyages. The box came with a stainless steel Barlow pocket knife and a scrimshaw kit, so subscribers with this box are probably feeling rugged and cool as they carve right about now.

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 7
Bespoke Post Carve Box
February 2020

The Dry box is the definition of classy liquor. It came with a cocktail aging kit featuring a charred oak stave, two Italian crystal cocktail tumblers, and taught subscribers how to make a killer Negroni, among other drinks. Add in some cigars, gorgonzola and salami, and you’ve got yourself a festa Italiana.  

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 8
Bespoke Post Dry Box
February 2020

The Cantina box was designed for Bespoke Post foodies who love some solid Mexican cuisine. The set included a cast-iron fajita plate set, a cilantro eco-planter grow kit, tortilla warmer, citrus squeezer, and spicy fajita seasoning. The eco-planter is self-watering, just like my mouth right now… I’m going to go make a snack before we move on.

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 9
Bespoke Post Cantina Box
February 2020

Last month there were 15 boxes to choose from, which is pretty standard for them. You can also check out the Bespoke Post Box Archive for sets going even further back, like this camping themed one:

To get an even better feel for the boxes beyond this Bespoke Post subscription review: check out Bespoke Post Instagram, which features some of their boxes:

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 11
Bespoke Post Paired Box
February 2020

Bespoke Post Subscriptions & Pricing

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 12

A Bespoke Post subscription review revealed that each box features a product collection that’s chosen around a specific theme. Whether it’s introducing a new hobby or a different take on rituals like shaving, these boxes offer an exciting and practical experience.

Bespoke Post only offers two types of subscription services: the Member Subscription and Non-Member Boxes. You’re probably wondering what the difference is and which is a better offer. This Bespoke Post subscription review has got you covered.

Member Subscription

A Member Subscription is for customers who sign up to receive monthly boxes from Bespoke Post. Members pay the lowest price: $45. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. First, members are sent an email with their box details.
  2. Then, members have five days to select the colors and sizes for the items in their box, if applicable. These five days can also be used to skip the box or choose a new one.
  3. When you’ve made your selection, the box is shipped. 

Members are only charged for boxes that are shipped to them. Meaning, the $45 charge is not automatically billed every month. For Bespoke Post subscribers that choose to skip a month, they pay no fee, which is pretty sweet.

Subscribers can also choose to add additional items onto their box. The prices of these add-on items are not included in the $45 base charge.


Not willing to commit to a monthly box? No problem. Bespoke Post offers customers the option to buy only one box, whenever they feel like it.

The downside is that the box is more expensive. Non-members pay an additional $10 for their box, totalling to $55.

Bespoke Post for Her

The online store also features Bespoke Post for Her, carefully curated holiday gift and Valentine’s Day boxes for the special women in your life.

Last holiday season, customers could choose between six boxes, mostly featuring wellness and self care options. One option, the 2019 Soothe Box, included a rare oil treatment, sugar body scrub, gem & honey infused bath salts, a pink clay mask, and flora candle for $53.

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 13
Bespoke Post for Her
Soothe Box

Is Bespoke Post Worth It? 

As far as subscription services go, Bespoke Post seems like the real deal. Their boxes feature high quality products sold for a fraction of the price, and that alone is enough for me to give them a big thumbs up.

While writing this Bespoke Post subscription review, my favourite part was how diverse their boxes are. I love the wide range of products they cover, from executive men’s grooming products to a make-your-own-bagel kit! Who would’ve thought to combine the two? Somehow, Bespoke Post makes it work and I think that’s the result of how much care goes into assembling each box.

With the products their team handpicks for each Bespoke Post box, you can really feel how much they prioritize their clientele. The clothes chosen are sleek and modern; the hobby boxes are new and fun. Bespoke Post does seem to deliver on having a box that appeals to any man, no matter their interests.

What Do Customers Have to Say?

A Bespoke Post subscription review found that there isn’t an option for customers to leave a review directly on their site. But a quick Google search solved that.

On MySubscriptionAddiction, Bespoke Post received an average of 4/5 stars on over 80 reviews. Verified customers attest to receiving high quality items for a low price. Reviewers also included photos, and all items seem to have arrived in perfect condition, without any defects.

One subscriber wrote a Bespoke Post review for the Strike box, which featured candles and matches. They wrote: “I always love it when something I have been wanting anyways pops up in the Bespoke box shop! I can always count on my items to be of great quality too, making this box feel like a sure thing every single month.”

Overall, customers appear to love the subscription in their Bespoke Post reviews. With great products and even better prices, it’s kind of hard not to.

Similar Subscriptions

Curious to see what other subscriptions boxes are out there for men? This Bespoke Post subscription review takes a look at other options on the market:

 DetailsPrice Per Month
GQ Best Stuff BoxShipped quarterly
Box includes grooming
supplies, accessories,
and other products
tested and loved by
GQ’s editors
Gentleman’s BoxShipped quarterly
Box features 4-5 luxury
goods that are tailored
to the season
Frank and OakShipped monthly
Box features 3-5
clothing pieces based
off your personal style 
Thread BeastShipped monthly
Box includes men’s
streetwear clothing
pieces that are tailored
to style preferences
$55, $85, $135
Scentbird Shipped monthly 
Boxes include a variety
of fragrances, skin care
& wellness products

How to Sign Up for Bespoke Post 

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 15
Bespoke Post Roast Box
Box Archive

Signing up for the Bespoke Post subscription is easy and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. First, customers create a Bespoke Post login and complete a Tell Us About Yourself quiz. They’re presented with potential boxes and asked to rate their interest. For example, a barware and mixology box filled with whiskey glasses and cocktail shakers can be rated from “very interested,” “open to try” and “not interested.”

There are 10 questions like this presented to customers. The products range from music and tech, to grooming and household products, to camping and outdoors. Rating these boxes allows Bespoke Post to form an idea of what your interests are.

After the quiz is completed, you’re done! Customers then enter their shipping and billing information and have signed up to the subscription service. Boxes can be previewed before they ship or are skipped. Not interested in the box picked out for you? No problem. Bespoke Post allows subscribers to easily swap out their box for whichever one peaks their interest. 

Bespoke Post Promotions & Discounts 

For this Bespoke Post subscription review, I hunted for deals offered by the brand. The only Bespoke Post coupon or Bespoke Post promo code that could be found below.

Bespoke Post Black Box

The Bespoke Post Black Box is a limited edition Black Friday offer. This Bespoke Post mystery box was sent out to customers who spent $45 or greater, with a limit of three per person. The Black Box is currently unavailable, but may make a reappearance for Black Friday 2020!

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 16
Bespoke Post Black Box
Black Friday 2018

The 2018 Bespoke Post Black Box included:

  • Ash & Fir Leather Refillable Journal
  • Ezra Arthur Stainless Steel Tie Bar
  • MVRCK by Mitch Skin & Beard Lotion
  • Mefford Design Stainless Steel Cap Snap Bottle Opener


How to Cancel Bespoke Post 

You can easily cancel Bespoke Post subscriptions by contacting their customer service team via email, phone or text. Customers simply need to provide their full name and the reason for cancellation. 

Contact information can be found at the end of this Bespoke Post subscription review.

Skip the Month

Bespoke Post offers subscribers the option to skip a month if the boxes don’t appeal to them. Users can do this themselves on their account page. Boxes can only be skipped within the first five days of the month. 

For users who forget to skip their box in time, they can contact Bespoke Post customer service via text or email. If the box has not been shipped yet, they’ll cancel it. For boxes that have already shipped, the customer would have to take the necessary steps to process a return.

Shipping Policy

Bespoke Post Subscription Review 17

Bespoke Post ships to the US and Canada. Shipments to the continental US take 4-7 business days and shipments to Hawaii and Alaska take anywhere between 10-20 business days.   Shipments to Canada range from 10-15 business days.

Orders over $75 are shipped for free. Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada are $10. Shipping to the rest of the US costs $3.95. For shipments to Canada, Bespoke Post covers all duties.

For customers in a rush, Bespoke Post offers both 2-day and overnight shipping for an extra cost.

Bespoke Post ships all boxes between the 6th and 15th of each month. Each order can be tracked with the provided number in the order confirmation email. Bespoke Post orders are shipped from Atlanta, Georgia. Bespoke Post also ships to military addresses. To do so, customers have to reach out to the customer service team. 

Return Policy

Bespoke Post boxes and products must be returned within 60 days. For subscription boxes, the entire box must be returned. For product purchases, they must be returned unused and in perfect condition.

Refunds can be processed in the form of an account credit for free. For refunds issued on a credit card, $6 will be deducted to cover a shipping and restocking cost. Shipping costs are not refunded. 

Contact Bespoke Post 

For additional inquiries not found in this Bespoke Post subscription review, their customer service team can be reached by phone and email. Their hours of operation are Monday to Thursday from 9:30am-9pm ET, and Friday 9:30am-5pm ET.

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Asked by Phillip Burchim (3 years ago) Reply

Terrible service. Not one attempt to hold yourself accountable. I don’t recommend you to ANYONE

Asked by Rich (3 years ago) Reply

Bait and switch.

They say these are awesome items and let you choose the categories for things you’d like, then offer you a bunch of perishable junk… shampoo, beard conditioner, salve and creams, nothing like the tech gear and outdoor stuff they show in their ads and I picked from the list.

I got offered the weekender purse for $10 to stay but why do I need a purse?

They show an axe, damascus steel pen knives, copper measures and steel shot glasses, but then offer you a bag and a bunch of bathroom stuff as an alternative.

Worst of all they make you enter in all your private details, even shoe shirt and waist size before they even let you know what they’re gonna try to give you and pretend is bespoked.

How “bespoked” can it be if everyone has the exact same bag in their first box?
Classic bait and switch!

Asked by Dustin (3 years ago) Reply

I really like the idea of a new box every month but after I got a couple of nice knives it seemed like I was just picking something because I felt like I had to. The ads show alot of items that are available for purchase but not available in the boxs throws like Hatchett slippers boots.It seems like the size of the items kept getting smaller and smaller.

Bespoke Post is Amazingly Awesome!
Asked by Wesley Dobson (3 years ago) Reply

I have had a Bespoke subscription for abt. 4-5 months…and i tell u what!…The products i get sent are top notch! I’m a knife guy. I like a good blade…and they have sent me a few Great Knives! For $52 (tax added) a month…U Can Not Beat This Subscription!!! For example…first knife i was sent…i looked up on the manufacturer’s website…It was literally worth $159!!! so i paid over $100 less than the manufacturer’s price! At first i was like …wth! How can they even do that???!!!… but then i was like “who cares How” 🤣

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