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Mahabis Slippers Review

About Mahabis 

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Mahabis designs functional and stylish slippers for men, women, and their children. The brand’s motto is “time well spent leads to a life well-lived,” having produced perhaps the most beloved and comfortable shoe on the market. Mahabis developed a functional, attractive slipper that allows the wearer to engage optimally in their activities and relationships. This Mahabis slippers review will provide an in-depth look at the brand and its products to guide your purchase decision. 

Overview of Mahabis 

An interesting story lies in the founding of Mahabis. In 2014, criminal barrister Ankur Shah observed a pattern in the lives of those around him: people were separating the completion of their to-do list and relaxation. Shah broke from his law career intent on breaking these barriers, to create footwear that blurred the two spaces. 

Mahabis’ slippers became a symbol of change, shifting the way people spend and allocate their time. Knowing that our shoes take us through many of our life moments and pursuits, the Mahabis mission was born: to design footwear “for maximal comfort” that make each moment meaningful.

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Our Mahabis slippers review found that the team headquartered in London has developed features for their product that you won’t see elsewhere. Take, for example, the neoprene heel cradle: this thoughtful detail holds your foot in place, especially when you are active or walking upstairs. All Mahabis slippers also feature a contoured foam in-sock providing arch support. The quality Corriedale and Romney wools contained in the slippers are sourced from Australia and New Zealand and sent for manufacturing in Europe and China.

Mahabis lives in the moment intentionally, in part through focused efforts on manufacturing, complying with ethical trade standards. Our Mahabis slippers review taught us that Mahabis is a fairtrade business, meaning that employees are treated well, paid a fair wage, and work in safe conditions. Mahibas also maintains the calibre of its product by engaging with independent researchers to test their footwear. This process ensures that the slippers meet the criteria for highest durability, abrasion and sizing standards. 

To sum up this Mahabis slippers review, we’ll take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the brand


  • Four adult styles of adult slippers and an option for children 
  • Ability to choose the upper colour and sole in some models
  • Durable TPU performance-grade sole
  • Designed with layers for comfort
  • 100% high quality wool lining
  • Lightweight versions available
  • Slippers feature breathability and air flow
  • Ergonomic neoprene heel


  • Customers report heel slippage, slippers pull socks down, feet overheat in the wool lining, and pilling

Mahabis offers five unique slipper designs, each tailored to an individual’s lifestyle and needs:

Mahabis Classic Slippers Review 

According to our Mahabis slipper review, the Classic Slipper is warm, versatile and comfortable for $141. You can choose the colours for the upper and sole of your Mahabis Classic. Choices for the upper include light grey, dark grey, and black. Colours available for the sole include black, white, yellow, grey, green, blue and purple. I find these customizable options particularly interesting as they’re an upgrade of the typical non-colour slipper.

The Mahabis Classic Slippers are available for men and women. They’re designed inside and out with all-day comfort in mind, featuring a 100% wool lining, soft felt upper, and adaptable foam footbed. The Classic Slippers have a durable hybrid sole, meaning you don’t have to worry about them wearing down like most slippers on the market. 

Mahabis Outdoor Slippers Review 

Our Mahabis slippers review revealed that the outdoor variation is available in slate, navy, grey and black for $141. Offered in men’s and women’s sizes, the shoes have the pragmatism of an outdoor shoe with the luxury of an indoor slipper. You can wear Mahabis Outdoor Slippers anywhere without pause—how is this possible, when most slippers are confined to your house? 

The secret to these outdoor slippers is a unique TPU performance-grade fixed sole with a multi-surface grip. They feature a comfy lining made of 100% wool and a technically woven upper that is lightweight and soft. The shoe has a technically woven upper and is lightweight and soft. The signature look is debuting six new colours, so stay tuned.

Mahabis Flow Slippers Review

Mahabis Flow Slippers are a flexible, lightweight, and comfortable option for $141. These slippers are designed for relaxation and downtime. The Scandinavian design of the Flow Slippers is sleek. Our Mahabis slippers review showed us that the slippers are available for men and women in black, grey, green, sand, pink, navy and black and navy and ivory. 

The shoes are breathable with a perforated lining for continuous airflow and have the comfort of Mahabis but are lightweight with a woven upper. The breathability of this slipper version makes them perfect for those who are on the go and want to avoid hot feet. The flexible design makes it easy to move, and the ergonomic neoprene heel molds to your foot. Additionally, the Flow Slippers have a flexible foam footbed that contours to your foot. The durable hybrid sole makes it seamless to move from inside to outside. 

Mahabis Luxe Slippers Review 

Mahabis Luxe Slippers put a luxurious spin on downtime with a beautifully minimalist design. They’re offered for men and women in black or beige, both having a matching coloured sole. The slippers offer premium comfort with a nubuck leather upper and 100% wool lining for $231. The Luxe version is certainly not your typical slipper—their appearance is closer to a slip-on, making them suitable for less casual outfits. 

We learned from our Mahabis slippers review that the Mahabis Luxe Slippers are incredibly durable: they’re constructed with a multi-surface sole so that wearers can stay on-the-go all day in joyful comfort. The Luxe Slippers are the first step to making downtime sacred! 

Mahabis Kids Slippers Review 

Mahabis Kids Slippers are the real deal, simply made mini. From our Mahabis slippers review, we learned that the slippers come in four upper shades, light grey, dark grey, navy and aqua. Children may choose from TPU sole colours, including ivory, grey, black, yellow, green, blue and red for $42. Children are always happy with the freedom of choice, so they’ll love choosing their own colours to make their slippers unique.

The Kids Slippers are designed to nourish a child’s imagination with freedom of play in the comfort of the home. These slippers have unbeatable comfort and come in a wool-lined classic or hyper-lightweight summer version. With the collapsible heel your child can slip on and go, so that their creative play can be nurtured, and not impeded, by their footwear. 

Customer Reviews

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In our Mahabis slippers review, we found that the majority of customers promoted Mahabis with good or excellent reviews. They frequently commented that putting on their slippers was a favourite part of their day. Customers liked the fixed soles and were positive about the ankle support and the airflow. Reviews included feedback that the slippers are stylish and comfortable “like walking on clouds.” 

Customers stated that the price was right for the quality of the slippers. They were also satisfied with excellent customer service and effective shipping and delivery. Customers returned to buy Mahabis products and even outfitted their whole family in pairs!

There were some negative reviews on the slippers. A customer reported that the fabric pilled easily, affecting the aesthetic of the shoe. When the shoes were worn without socks, feet tended to overheat and sweat. When wearing a sock, it had to be thin, or else it was tight. The ankle support managed to pull socks down, according to reviewers. Customer service was not responsive to customers who complained about the quality of the shoe.  

Are Mahabis Slippers Worth Buying?

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When considering if Mahabis is worth purchasing from, let’s do a recap on the slippers: they’re versatile and comfortable, with technical features such as the adaptable footbed and neoprene cradle. There are different models to choose from to accommodate colour preferences and lifestyles of the customer. Mahabis slippers contain premium wool, used to create an effective layered design for added comfort. The durable sole allows adults and children to live their lives without feeling held back and to put more emphasis on integrating down-time. 

For the most part, the reviews were positive, endorsing the quality and comfort of the shoes. On the other hand, the wool lining and neoprene heel, which are supposed to be beneficial features, received negative complaints from customers. Despite the thoughtful manufacturing process and design of Mahabis slippers, the mixed and polarized feelings of customers must be taken into consideration when purchasing the product. 

Mahabis Promotions & Mahabis Discounts 

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Subscribe to the Mahabis newsletter to learn more information about promotions and the latest news. When you sign up, you will receive a Mahabis discount code for 10% off your first order. Continue to check back to the site regularly for a new Mahabis discount code. 

Mahabis Sizing

Slippers Adults Sizing Chart
EuroUK Women’sUK MensUS WomensUS MensFoot Length (cm)
Slippers Kids Sizing Chart
EuroUK KidsUS KidsFoot Length (mm)


Where to Buy Mahabis

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You can purchase Mahabis from:

  • The Mahabis website
  • Mahibas Slipper Amazon
  • Nordstrom

Mahabis Shipping Policy

Mahabis has a drop-down menu where you can choose your country and view delivery options. Delivery options for the UK and the US are as follows (other countries may vary):

United Kingdom Delivery Options 
FreeTracked delivery via Royal Mail in 2-3 working days for orders above £49; €60; US $65
Standard Tracked delivery via Royal Mail in 2-3 working days for  £2.95, US$ 3.95, EUR 3.95
ExpressTracked delivery via DPD in 1 working day from £6.95, US$ 7.95, EUR 7.95
United States Delivery Options
FreeTracked delivery via USPS in 5-8 working days for orders above £49; €60; US $65
StandardTracked delivery via USPS in 5-8 working days for £7.50, US$ 9.50, EUR 8.50
ExpressTracked delivery via DHL in 1-2 working days from £14.95, US$ 18.95, EUR 16.95

Additional Information:

  1. Express order deliveries must be placed before 1 PM UK time
  2. Express services may take longer in outlying areas
  3. Your order may be subject to taxes/import fees (depending on country and order value)

Mahabis Return Policy

  • If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Mahabis you can return your products with the 30 day returns policy 
  • Simply send your items back, and Mahabis will replace or refund the amount you paid
  • Postage for returns is free
  • Refunds should take no longer than 7-10 days following receipt

To process a Mahabis return:

  • Enter your order number
  • Follow the steps to generate and print the postage label
  • Mahabis must be unworn, unused and unwashed
  • The box must be intact

Contact Mahabis

To contact Mahabis, Visit the FAQ page and send the company a message through their website or email [email protected]

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New Republic

5 replies on “Mahabis Slippers Review”

Purchased a pair of these overpriced slippers just over a year ago – only worn indoors and already one of the toes is worn right thru and the sole is coming away toe end. The other one is fine so obviously a fault at manufacture – however mahabis are refusing to replace & have offered 10% off a new pair by way of compensation. I have footwear years old at a fraction of this cost that are still going strong. So buyer beware. I’d advise buying ones that are comparable elsewhere at a fraction of this price.

The sleepers are ok. But the customer service is completely horrendous . They don’t care about anything . Even if you get a faulty item

Bought a pair of these and they fell apart after 2 months of use, expensive garbage. Customer service is extremely poor. Took 4 weeks and numerous emails to get a replacement and they fell apart too. Buyer beware.

I have purchased Mahabis in the past as gifts and my experience was always a good one. Yes, its more that typically spent on slippers but they were well made and attractive. This year I ordered 4 pairs as Xmas gifts. Given what is going on in the world today, I wasn’t particularly concerned when they didn’t arrive on time. However after numerous inquiries and messages, no one from the company has responded. I am out $520 and my family didn’t get their Xmas gift!

So, an update–one day after posting my complaint that Mahabis did not respond to my inquiry about the whereabouts of my order, they arrived at my door. All’s well that ends well but a suggestion to their Customer Service to be a bit more responsive to people who paid for their order in full but are still waiting for it 6 weeks later or include a note in the ordering process that it may take that long if you’re shipping to the US.

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