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Birdies Shoes Review

About Birdies  

Birdies Shoes Review

Birdies shoes make comfortable slippers disguised as fashion-forward flats developed by women for women. Birdies are designed with versatility in mind, ensuring that busy women feel and look their best in each part of the day. 

Birdies co-founders are driven by a deep-seated desire to support women through their daily challenges and triumphs with comfort and thoughtful reliability. The following Birdies shoes review will examine key elements of the brand and its products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Overview of Birdies  

Birdies Shoes Review

Based in San Francisco, over the past four years, Birdies have been passionately living out their mission, to begin with comfort and arrive at fashion. 

Birdies products are grounded in empathy, careful thought and experience. Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey are the two women behind the innovative and pragmatic brand that serves other women facing the same kinds of daily needs and concerns. Gates and Sharkey took their approach to construct the brand’s footwear based on their own experiences. 

As busy mothers, they were no strangers to hosting gatherings of friends and family in the home. What they encountered, again and again, was the challenge of what footwear to pair with these occasions. Sometimes they were barefoot and other times in a pair of ill-suited slippers. They approached the brand with a problem-solving mindset, aiming to fulfill the practical needs of busy day-to-day demands, complimenting it with style

Birdies Shoes Review

Birdies are designed as chic indoor shoes focused on comfort. Over time, the co-founders noticed a trend. Customers loved their Birdies. They loved them so much they were also wearing them outside. They added a rubber sole, and the shoes became durable and suitable for transitioning between tasks and roles. 

Birdies have an impressive 7-layer cushion technology. The shoe manifests as a designer flat but contains the structural assets of a well-built sneaker and a comfortable slipper. The seven layers of Birdies shoes include: soft, quilted satin, arch and heel support, premium cushioning, dual-layered high-density foam, shock absorption and memory foam cushioning. 

In purchasing Meghan Markle Birdies, you are getting the best of comfort, utility and beautiful design. Made by women for women, Birdies takes into consideration the demands and desires of a busy life and delivers with a product that supports your ambitions and aims.


  • A variety of vegan shoe styles to choose from
  • Slippers disguised as flats
  • Comfortable and fashionable
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear
  • Great discounts
  • Strong customer service
  • Comparable pricing to other brands in the category


  • International shipping is not free

Birdies Slippers Review 

A Birdies shoes review reveals that the slippers are luxuriously comfortable and cleverly crafted to meet the needs of both high design and wearability. Birdies striking slippers play a dual role as slides and are made with a rubber sole so that they can be worn indoors and outdoors. The satin and velvet slippers offered in Birdies collection are entirely vegan. Birdies slippers are available in the Phoebe, the Songbird and the Raven from $80-$120. 

The stunning Phoebe Floral Jacquard is available in cheetah, crimson faux fur and black faux fur. The Floral Jacquard is elegant and can naturally transition between day and evening, casual and cocktail. It is a vegan slide with detailing and lush comfort. 

The Songbird is delicate and ornate. Highly fashionable, it can be worn for special occasions or to accent every day with a unique flare. Available in blush, bellini satin, rose crystal velvet and snow crystal velvet, the slide has a 15 mm heel and traction on the rubber sole.  The Phoebe, the Songbird or the Raven are an effortless, stylish and comfortable addition to any day or occasion. 

Birdies Flats Review 

Birdies double as flats and slippers with twice the benefits of a single purpose shoe. With the comfort of a beloved slipper and the subtle touches of a gorgeous flat, Birdies are the optimal lifestyle shoe. Birdies flats come in three collections from $80- $165 with fifteen styles from which to choose. Birdies flats range in design from leather to faux fur and from cheetah print, to green, taupe, amber, or black. 

You’ll stand out for your style and treat your feet to comfort in the Starling flat. The shoe is made of calf hair and has a durable rubber sole for indoor and outdoor use, with a 10 mm heel. The Starling comes in seven sharp colours including cheetah, black velvet, black leather, cognac leather, taupe leather, slate suede and latte suede. 

The Heron is classic and elegant, with a tasteful tongue and sleek design. The velvet shoe is vegan and is suitable for inside wear as well as outdoor durability, with a conscientiously constructed footbed and a 10 mm heel. The shoe comes in black velvet, olive velvet and amber velvet and pairs beautifully with any pair of jeans, business attire or a dress. 

If your slippers or flats get dirty, Birdies recommends adding a small amount of baking soda to the interior, which will renew the material. For the outside of the shoe, use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt or stains. Be sure to keep your pair of Birdies away from water. 

Birdies Sizing 

Birdies Shoes Review
  1. Each slipper has comprehensive notes about sizing. Refer to the product description for each pair of shoes to ensure you get the right fit. 
  2. Birdies are available in size 5 to 12 with half and whole sizes.
  3. Birdies fit wide and narrow feet. Birdies are designed to mold to your feet over time, and are sure to be the perfect fit. 

Birdies Promo Code 

Birdies Shoes Review

There are currently no Birdie’s promo codes at this time, but check back on their site regularly. 

Birdies Discount Code 

Birdies coupon code offers 10% off of your first purchase and exclusive offers. Just enter your email and begin your journey to comfort in stylish slipper-flats. 

Birdies also have a discount code for large orders through the Group Gifting Program. If you purchase four or more styles of shoes, Birdies offers you 20% off. Get your discount code today by emailing [email protected]

If you are buying Birdies for a corporate event or bridal party, email [email protected] with details of your event and Birdies will gladly extend the group buy rate. 

Birdies accept one discount code per order. 

Where to Buy Birdies 

Birdies Shoes Review


Birdies Shoes Review

Shipping Policy

Presently, Birdies ships to Canada, the UK and Australia. The cost of shipping to Canada and the UK is $10 USD, and the cost of shipping to Australia is $20 USD. International shipping may take 7 to 15 days. Birdies will refund shoes but does not offer free return shipping for international orders. To access the shipping address, contact [email protected]

Birdies wish for you to have your new pair of shoes as soon as possible. Birdies charge non-refundable fees, including duties and taxes at checkout. The process bypasses the additional step of a customs payment which poses a risk of extending the delivery process. 

Shipping and return shipping is free in the United States. Birdies estimate that you will receive your shoes in 5-7 business days. For orders within 2 business days, there is a charge of $25.00. Orders that are placed by 12:00 PM Pacific will ship on the same day. Reach out to [email protected] for a more urgent need and the team will do their best to support you and your purchase! 

When your order is sent, Birdies will send out tracking information with the shipping confirmation. 

Return Policy

Birdies allow for return or exchange of unworn shoes within 30 days of the initial order. You can begin the return online, and shipping is free on orders placed within the United States. Birdies accept returns and exchanges for 14 days after you receive your shipping label. 

Items received beyond the 14 days will not be accepted, and the charge will be applied. After receipt of the items, Birdies returns issues a refund to the original form of payment. Exchange items are dispatched 1-3 days after the initial order ships. 

To obtain your new goods more quickly, return the items and submit an order for a new size. Worn items or goods obtained for more than 30 days are not accepted for exchange or return by Birdies. 

If you received a pair of Birdies as a gift, you can process your return to the returns center by selecting “Returning a Gift?” and Birdies will give you a store credit. 

Email [email protected] for more information about exchanges and returns. 

Contact Birdies    

  • Email support: [email protected]
  • Call support: 1-650-451-3082
  • Chat support: message Birdies; connect through
  • Start a return: click to begin at
  • Phone number, email, customer service hours, etc. 
  • Customer care hours: 5 AM to 5 PM PST Monday – Friday and 9 AM to 2 PM PST Saturday and Sunday. 

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Asked by Amanda (1 year ago) Reply

Well, since their website doesn’t allow reviews (there ARE reviews on the website…but I’m a verified buyer with an account…but yet there is no way to leave a review – only read them…hmm….) I will leave a review here… I got the Starling in Navy velvet and they are super cute! But…the heel is so stiff and rubs so badly that I can’t really wear them more than for short periods of time, or else I’d get blisters. Another reviewer said the same thing. I was going to just try to break them in, but after only a few hours of indoor wear, the velvet started wearing off and they looked awful! For $90, they need to hold up better, for sure. I’m returning.

Asked by Catherine W Miller (8 months ago) Reply

I agree with Amanda. I bought 4 pairs of shoes for various people in my family. All were too tight and we had to swap them around. My sister got foot cramps after wearing her shoes one day. My other sister is having to have hers stretched at a shoe repair place. Not comfortable!!!

Answered by May (3 months ago) Reply

I just bought a pair and they don’t fit. I am having a very difficult time returning them. You can’t get any help.

Asked by Carolyn Smith (6 months ago) Reply

I ordered The HeronSequin Shoes 11/25/2020 received the wrong shoes
return shoes 12/09/2020. Using the return label provided. Still has not
been credited to my credit card. I need someone to contact me about this!

My birdies survived being washed
Asked by Katie (5 months ago) Reply

Similar to other posts, I’m here to let others know something that belongs in a review:

I bought the Birdies starling loafer in black velvet 18+ months ago, and they have held up amazingly. I live in NYC, and in transitional seasons (Fall/spring) I’ve worn them on my commute (when that was a thing, in 2019…) – and they’ve been a great work-from-home house shoe in fall/winter of 2020-21!

My main reason for posting is to let others know: I washed them yesterday even though they’re not washable – they were finally too smelly to solve with baking soda so I thought what the hell, I’ll have to throw them out anyway – and they came out great! Second life for a great shoe! (I suspect my color/fabric combo is a winner on durability).

Honest brand reviews – email me if you’d like me to share pics. I googled this months ago and only found answers that you could not wash them, wanted to share my experience when I rolled the dice with nothing to lose 🙂

Anybody have an email run-a-round for returns?
Asked by Georgia (4 months ago) Reply

I’m asking as I’ve tried two times to get “something” so I can return. This time nothing is moving when I enter finish….

I ordered a size 7 and a size 7.5 as I can wear both sizes. Both shoes were flopping off my heel….just saying….if you read this be cautious…I’ve got $250+ tied up in this purchase! NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT EITHER!

Made in China
Asked by Susan Sigler (4 months ago) Reply

Sadly, I will not purchase shoes that support China. Why can’t companies find manufacturers that support OUR country?!?! I’m sure returns and exchanges would actually be possible if it were on our native soil. SUPPORT MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸

Difference in shoe construction
Asked by Darla Schneider (3 months ago) Reply

I have purchased several pairs of the Heron style shoes. The four pairs that I received a couple of weeks ago, are not made the same. They are much stiffer; and the top part is not soft like the others. It’s not lined; and the whole shoe doesn’t feel near as comfy as the earlier ones. I’m very disappointed in the change. I have raved about the shoes to all my family and coworkers. Please advise as to why the shoe construction is not the same and not nearly as comfortable.

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