Rothys Shoes Review

About Rothys

Rothys Shoes Review

Rothys has been gaining a lot of attention lately, with celebs like Meghan Markle and Jessica Biel wearing them everywhere. The trendy San Francisco-based brand specializes in casual footwear for women and kids.

Let’s be frank here: to say that today’s apparel market is oversaturated would be an understatement. You’ve got new brands popping up on a daily basis, not to mention the plethora of already established ones! 

If you find yourself contemplating your purchase of a pair, we’ll help you along with the buying process by giving you an honest Rothys shoes review.

Overview of Rothys 

Rothys Shoes Review

Rothys prides itself on understanding the needs and expectations of the modern woman. They’re a company with the wherewithal to put comfort and practicality on an even standing with style and fashionability. 

Not only do they put strict emphasis on comfort and style, but they also ensure that their products are environmentally-sound and ethically made. Today’s ecological situation worldwide demands better corporate practices and Rothys knows this very well.

Rothys has made sure that every aspect of their product —from the actual production of the shoe to the durability of its materials — ensures that the consumer is left with something built to last. 

All of that aside, the shoes themselves look and feel amazing. I was thoroughly impressed with how well they fit as soon as I took them out of the box — they quickly became one of my favourite pairs! In this Rothys shoes review, we’ll jump into the benefits and drawbacks to the brand:


  • Rothys shoes are made to last and keep for far longer than most shoes
  • They’re impeccably comfortable and stylish
  • Rothys also does their due diligence in ensuring their shoes are ethically and responsibly produced
  • Free shipping and returns makes online shopping much less of a headache


  • Online retail is the only viable option for most people; this makes Rothys returns, exchanges, and sizing less convenient than an in-person storefront
  • The shoes are built to last, but with that comes a heftier price point
  • Negative reviews associated with customer service and longer than average wait times on the Better Business Bureau site

Rothys Flats Review

Every Rothys shoes review talks about The Flat, which started it all for the brand. It’s really not difficult to see why, with verified customers on exterior sites reporting that the shoe feels as though it was made for them. This is pretty impressive, considering that they were ordered off the internet.

Aside from the fit, the shoes have a casually modern look. They really give you a lot in the way of variety—so many colours and patterns to choose from, you won’t be hard-pressed to find something you like. Rothys flats are made of conveniently machine washable Merino wool; all you have to do is remove the insoles.

The Flat can quickly become a go-to shoe for almost any occasion, whether you dress them up or down. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Rothys flats for $166, considering how long they’ll last you. 

Rothys Loafers Review

The Loafer, as it’s referred to on Rothys website, is rather similar in style and functionality to its predecessor, The Flat. They’re Rothys Meghan Markle chooses to wear as she runs around doing her Duchess duties.

The major distinction between the two is the added arch support of a higher vamp that sits at the top of your foot. The vamp design also provides a stylish touch to the back. They’ll feel like they’re almost too comfortable for work, in the best way. Like all of Rothys products, the machine washability means they’ll always look fresh.

Rothys Loafers are available in a number of colours and patterns with prices starting at $219

Rothys Sneakers Review

As someone who often wears sneakers of this sort, I really liked the way Rothys approached the design. This casual slip-on closely resembles the form of many popular skate and athletic shoe brands with its white rubber soles.

They provide your feet with a little extra padding for when you’re walking on the street, so they feel a little heftier than the loafers or flats. The high sidewalls of the sneakers mean that they have the least give to accommodate, so it’s best to go up half a size if your feet are wider than a B. 

Rothys sneakers can range in price from about $166-$206 depending on the style.

How Are Rothys Shoes Made?

Rothys Shoes Review

Rothys are expertly crafted using eco-materials and some pretty fascinating methods. So, outside of comfort, durability, and style, what makes these shoes so great? It’s all about how they’re made:

  • Rothys signature thread is produced using repurposed single-use plastic water bottles (30 million and counting!)
  • Strabel boards are made from bio-based algae
  • Foam insoles are made from bio-based castor oil and recycled materials
  • Rothys only uses humanely harvested Merino wool straight from Australia, which is then crafted at a sustainable mill in Italy
  • Their eco-friendly soles are made using either carbon-free or luxe vegan leather
  • They also employ stringent sustainability standards in all of their workshops

Are Rothys actually comfortable?

Rothys Shoes Review

According to many customer testimonials as well as the brand, Rothys are extremely comfortable and can be worn for years. Many have reported that they have worn their Rothys for long walks, work, and vacations without any pain from their shoes.

One of the other big selling points of the brand is that their sizing is accurate, which gives the wearer very little discomfort right from the start.

Plus, due to the nature of the materials, you can expect your Rothys to mold to the shape of your foot over time to get that weightless, barefoot feel.

Are Rothys waterproof?

Rothys Shoes Review

Unfortunately, this brand does not carry any waterproof shoes. This may be alarming to some since the brand states that their shoes are machine washable.

But Rothys provides clear washing instructions that say you can leave your shoes out to air dry and they will maintain their shape and integrity.

Keep an eye out for a new line of waterproof Rothys in the future. Until then, your Rothys shoes are unfortunately not puddle-ready.

Do Rothys have arch support?

Rothys Shoes Review

All of Rothys shoes are made to be compact and provide a barefoot feel. Due to this design, the shoes do not come with added arch support.

But, if you have a small insole that typically fits into your ballet flats, you can fit most into your Rothys shoes for added comfort.

Who is Rothys for? 

Rothys Shoes Review

Rothy’s creates shoes for men, women, and children with a dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

All of the shoes offered by this brand are made with eco-friendly materials and zero waste. So, for those looking to decrease their environmental footprint, these shoes are for you!  

To be more specific, Rothys are meant to be worn with streetwear, but they are also great for the cottage, going out to dinner, or running errands.

But, most customer reviews mention how these shoes are best for walking and for work since they are comfortable enough to wear all day. 

Comparison: Rothys vs. Vivaia

Rothys Shoes Review

Much like Rothy’s, Vivaia has a commitment to sustainable, everyday shoes that ensure zero waste in their practices. However, there are some key differences between the two.

First off, Rothy’s provides options for men, women, and children, while Vivaia only provides options for women

Plus, Vivaia’s selection of shoes has a uniform, standard look with only 6 similar styles in its inventory. While Rothy’s offers 40+ styles in the women’s shoe collection alone.

Not to mention, Rothys shoes can be machine washed while Vivaia is recommended for handwashing only. But don’t worry, Rothys can last for years without replacing, while Vivaia has been reported by some customers to fall apart within the first year of use.

Finally, the price point. Rothy’s shoes average between $81 and $200, while the Vivaia collection averages between $69 and $89.

Though the price is a little steeper for Rothys, their range of styles and colors, the convenience of machine washing, and the longevity of the shoes make the price all the more worth it. 

Rothys Shoes Review: What Do Customers Think?

Rothys Shoes Review

The brand’s site doesn’t feature customer reviews, so this Rothys shoes review features research on what verified customers have to say about their pairs. Ads featured on social media prompted a Business Insider reviews Rothys flats.

Connie Chen, a reporter for Insider Picks, to feature The Flat. Even more impressive, Malarie Gokey, an Insider Picks senior editor, chose The Loafer.

This site has also published an article that weighed the best flat shoe brands on the market, grading Rothys’ The Flat as The Best Sustainable Flats out of 15 tested brands. This is what this article had to say:

“On top of being versatile, lightweight, and machine-washable, the Rothy’s Flat is sustainably made and comes in a pointed-toe silhouette. It’s the ideal shoe for the conscious consumer.”

The Toptravelfashiongirl blog raved in a Rothys review that they were perfect for travel. Cosmopolitan contributor, Alisa Wolfson also described them in her Rothys shoes review as “actually THE BEST.”

Rothys shoes reviews by verified customers can also be found on the Better Business Burea site.

One Rothys shoes review said: Love my Rothys! I own over 25 pairs and have gotten everyone in my life hooked on them 🙂 I’ve been wearing my chelseas non-stop these days now that the weather is cooler.”

Another customer said in their Rothys shoes review that they were “the most comfortable” flats and “worth every penny.”

People did however, have negative things to say about customer service on the BBB site. They reported longer than average delivery times especially.

Is Rothys Worth It?

Rothys Shoes Review

Based on the individual products reviewed, a look at competing brands, and a look at the brand’s practices, this Rothy’s shoes review readily recommends this brand.

Not only does this brand make all of its shoes out of recycled plastic bottles, but they also ensure that all of their shoes are made to last a long time. 

Some of the negative reviews did comment on the lengthy delivery process and the comparison to Vivaia revealed that the price was a little steep compared to other brands.

However, the brand does have more style options than the average sustainable shoe brand and all of the brand’s shoes are machine washable

All in all, with the negative reviews and product details reviewed, we believe that Rothys shoes are definitely worth the buy.

Rothys Promotions & Discounts

Rothys Shoes Review

There is currently no Rothys coupon available, but the site is offering free international shipping for a limited time! Here are some other deals the brand offers:

Rothys refer-a-friend program allows you to not only refer these products to one of your friends but also give them $20 off their first order. Not to worry — there’s something in it for you, too. Once your friend makes their first purchase, you are also given $20 off your next order.

Rothys is well aware of the sacrifices teachers make on a day-to-day basis — and they know just how much time they spend on their feet.

So, as a token of appreciation for all the impactful work of resilient teachers out there, Rothys has kindly offered to give any eligible teacher within the United States an extra 20% off their order. Teachers can verify their eligibility and generate their personalized Rothys discount code.

For a Rothys promo code and information on a Rothys sale, check back on their site regularly.


Rothys Shoes Review

How do Rothys fit?

Rothys persistently emphasizes that their shoes are meant to fit perfectly right out of the box — no break-in period necessary.

However, this also has its drawbacks, as any shoes that feel a little too tight right out of the box will stay that way. Rothys recommends that you go up half a size, particularly if your foot is wider than a “B”. 

There are no Rothys wide feet options, but the company does recommend going a size up to accommodate this. Do Rothys have arch support? Yes!

Rothys is quite flexible in that it allows for free returns if you order shoes that may be a little too tight for your liking. Rothys shoes are made according to industry-wide sizing standards.

How do I wash Rothys?

Rothys are a breeze to care for, provided that you follow a few simple rules:

  • Avoid heat at all costs, Rothys shoes and heat don’t go well together (i.e. only wash in cold water, do not put in the dryer, and try your best to store them in a cool place away from excessive heat)
  • Use mild detergent and set the washer to its delicate setting
  • The insole is washable, but remove the midsole prior to washing 

Rothys are remarkably practical in that they can always look as clean as new. Just keep these rules in mind and you should have no issues. 

Where can I buy Rothys?

For the most part, Rothys shoes are relegated to the online sphere. Their full line-up of shoes and styles are available for purchase directly from their website.

However, they do also have a few physical stores to check out if you live in the surrounding areas. Currently, Rothys has 3 stores within the continental United States: San Francisco, Washington DC, and Boston. If you live in those areas and prefer to see their offerings in-person, feel free to head to one of those stores.

Keep in mind, these physical stores do not accept cash — only debit or credit.

What is Rothys’ Shipping Policy?

Rothys offers a free shipping option, which generally takes about 5-9 business days for orders within the United States. If you want faster shipping by way of UPS Expedited (2-3 business days) or UPS Express (1-2 business days), you can opt-in for an extra $25 or $35 respectively. 

International orders will generally take anywhere from 5-10 business days to arrive.. As it stands, there is no expedited international shipping alternative. 

What is Rothys’ Return Policy?

Rothys understands the woes associated with trying to gauge the right shoe size over the internet. So, they’ve compensated by offering a fairly comprehensive Rothys return policy just in case you’re not thrilled with your shoes or if you’d like to go with another size. 

Rothys will accept any exchange or return of unworn shoes purchased within the last 30 days. Of course, they are perfectly fine with you trying the shoes on as long as it’s done so within the clean confines of your home. 

If you’re a US customer you can exchange or return unworn shoes either through a Happy Returns bar, mail, or via Rothys San Francisco store. Processing time varies depending on your method of choice. 

How to Contact Rothys

Rothys Shoes Review

If you have any concerns or inquiries that you want the company to address, you can contact them using the following three methods:

  1. Call: 877-201-0837
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. SMS: +1-415-212-7404

You can also contact their in-person stores directly through email.

San Francisco: [email protected]

Washington, DC: [email protected]

Boston: [email protected]

It’s always better to have options. Explore other reviews for top shoe brands:






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Asked by Heidi (2 years ago) Reply

The new Rothy shoes are using an inferior rubber on the sole of the shoes.
They are slippery on wood and tiles floors. DANGEROUS! The older shoes had a great grip. I no longer buy these shoes. Super disapppointed—no response after emailing and do not bother calling them, you will get a message telling you to email them.

Asked by maureen tymkiw (2 years ago) Reply

i have owned at least ten pair of these shoes and have bought some for my dauoghter ane grandaughter.
My last pair were ecru flats. When I washed them the soles turned a weird clour and black splotches started showing up with subsequent washes.
Also, they seemed to SHRINK and did n ot fit comfortably.
I emailed the company and have had no response.

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