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Margaux is a New York based shoe brand catering exclusively to women. Margaux focuses on crafting versatile and comfortable shoes that are suitable for modern day-to-day life. They place a heavy emphasis on providing women with unparalleled options when it comes to sizing. To get the full scoop on what Margaux is really all about, keep reading for our in-depth Margaux shoes review. 

We know it’s difficult to make the right decisions as a consumer. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive Margaux shoes review for you—a place to quickly grasp the key elements of the brand and its products, hopefully leading to a better-informed purchase.

Overview of Margaux

When Margaux first set out to make its mark as a shoe manufacturer, they wanted to do so with the needs of modern-day life in mind. The brand’s creators aspired to produce shoes that would be stylish, versatile, and—above all else—comfortable. 

In the course of this endeavour, the makers of Margaux quickly learned that women were not comfortable in the shoes they were wearing. Sure, they “fit” in some ironically loose sense of the word. By then Margaux had reached the conclusion that women, in fact, were not wearing shoes that actually fit — not as well as they could fit, at least.

In their aim to create comfort-focused footwear, Margaux understood that sizing must be prioritized. It is for this reason that Margaux has one of the most in-depth and comprehensive selections of sizes anywhere on the internet. Recent studies have shown that 88% of women readily wear shoes that don’t fit, and Margaux is here to change that. 

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In addition to placing their manufacturing efforts on comfort, Margaux is also keen on producing quality-made shoes that look great. This is apparent the second you stumble onto their website. While writing this Margaux shoes review, I was quite impressed by the selection of models, styles, and colour patterns.

Margaux’s handcrafted collection of footwear is made using only the finest quality leathers and produced in a family-owned factory in Spain. The price certainly reflects this quality, as it’s not something most would characterize as cheap. That being said, one should always expect quality to come with a price. No Margaux shoes review would be complete without exploring both the good and the bad:


  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Extreme emphasis on comfort
  • Unparalleled sizing options
  • A wide variety of colours and styles to choose from


  • Limited storefront locations
  • Customers who shop online are unable to try on shoes before purchase 
  • Above average shoe pricing 

Margaux Flats Review

The Demi

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Margaux The Demi

The Demi reflects a timeless French-girl look, with its feminine and sensible design. The shoe is available in a variety of colours including Ballet Pink, Burgundy, Dove, and Ochre. The Demi is designed using Italian Nappa leather, with a grosgrain trim and adjustable cord bow that add to its elegance. A supportive insole and 5mm of plush foam padding offers superior comfort to this versatile shoe that can be worn for any occasion. Prices for the Demi range from $145 to $155

The Classic

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Margaux The Classic

In this Margaux shoes review, we’ll take a look at their signature pair. The Classic is a perfect combination of form and function: a graceful and refined flat that also feels great to walk in, no matter where you go. The shoe’s upper is crafted using Italian haircalf, while the Nappa leather levels out the binding and lining of the flat. Like the Demi, 5mm of plush foam padding cushions your walk.

The Classic is available in an array of colours and styles including midnight, saffron, poppy and leopard haircalf. The price of the Classic varies quite drastically depending on your style of choice. Prices start at $195, with the most expensive variant going for $245

The Pointe

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Margaux The Pointe

The Pointe is designed to create the silhouette of a pointy shoe without the general discomfort that goes along with it. Margaux’s sizing selection and made-to-measure option ensure that your flat isn’t pinching or squeezing your toes, and 5mm of plush foam padding means your feet are in similar comfort.

A Nappa upper and bow, grosgrain trim, and leather lining give the Pointe its delicately sleek look. The Pointe is available in 7 distinct styles including tweed, zebra haircalf, heather cap toe, and midnight. The Pointe ranges in price from $195 to $245 depending on the style. 

Margaux Shoes Review

The Heel

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Margaux The Heel

This versatile block heel offers you a dignified shape with Margaux’s signature fit and comfort. The Heel features an Italian suede upper with a leather lining. The 5mm of plush foam padding and 2.5-inch heel make them sturdy and comfortable to walk in. There are 7 distinct colours to choose from including burgundy, midnight, cacao, and steel. Prices for the heel start at $245 and can go up to $295 depending on the style. 

The Loafer

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Margaux The Loafer

Margaux’s take on the loafer results in a sophisticated piece that can work with almost any outfit. Its distinct almond toe, suede upper, and delicate cut provides you with a one-of-a-kind loafer look. This loafer features a grosgrain binding, leather lining, and of course, 5mm of foam plush cushion. The shoe comes in 6 distinct colours and styles including cognac, pink velvet and leopard haircalf. Prices start at $225, with the most expensive variant going for $275

Margaux Shoes Review: What Do Customers Think?

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Overall, reception for Margaux NYC shoes has been fairly positive for the most part. Many a Margaux shoes review have levelled significant praise at the elegant and timeless design of the shoes, while also being impressed by how well crafted they are. The materials used in the shoes, particularly the leather, have been touted as one of the greatest assets of the Margaux shoe line.  

Additionally, the comfort of the shoes has been met with significantly positive feedback. Many customers felt that the cushioning of the flats was just enough to provide them with support and comfort while not compromising the classic look of the shoe. 

Some customers have reported a short break-in period lasting about a day or so. Many affirm that the shoes fit perfectly after this preliminary period. Ultimately, it appears as though the shoes largely succeed in fulfilling what they’ve set out to do. The comfort factor may not be seamless right out of the gate, but they should fit perfectly within no time.  

Margaux Sizing

As mentioned before, if there’s one thing you should have no trouble finding when it comes to Margaux, it’s a size perfectly catered to you.

To help you along in your quest for great-fitting shoes, Margaux has created a useful little quiz for you to take. Not only does the quiz encompass sizing, but it also provides you with a style recommendation based on the intended use of your new pair of shoes.

If you really want to ensure your shoes are a perfect fit, you can order Margaux’s sizing kit for $15. This sizing kit allows you to measure the exact dimensions of your feet. Margaux is then able to craft shoes that are directly catered to your personalized measurements. The kit contains:

  • Swatches of their classic suede colours
  • A fitting tool and tape measure
  • A step-by-step guide on how to go about taking your measurements
  • The quintessential pencil 

The scope of Margaux’s unmatched sizing options include:

  • Extended size range
  • Multiple widths
  • Made-to-measure sizing

The extensive sizing options, in tandem with their handy quiz-based system and fitting kit, all come together really well in providing you an experience unlike any other in your search for great-fitting shoes. 

Margaux Promotions & Discount

When you sign up to receive news, early access, and exclusive offers, you get a Margaux discount code for 10% off your order.


Where to Buy Margaux 

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For most people reading this Margaux shoes review, the brand is almost exclusively available online through their website. Amazon does not carry their products. 

However, for people lucky enough to live where Marguax does operate physical retail stores, you can visit them in-person at the following 3 locations:

  1. Bleecker St, New York City
  2. Wisconsin Avenue, Washington DC
  3. 59th Street, New York City

The in-person experience, if available to you, is an easy and seamless buying experience. The stores provide you with a personalized measuring service to ensure that the shoes you choose are tailored just for you. 

Shipping Policy

Standard shipping on all domestic US orders is free after you spend $100. For orders totalling less than that, you will be charged a $4.95 shipping fee. In addition, you are also given the option for express shipping with FedEx:

  • $15 for 3-day shipping
  • $25 for 2-day shipping
  • $35 for overnight shipping

International shipping is limited to Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. Only standard sized shoes and accessories can be shipped out to these countries. All international orders are final sale

Return Policy

Standard-sized unworn shoes can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. For returns, you will receive a refund of your purchase, minus a shipping and handling fee of $9.95. Exchanges, on the other hand, are done completely free of charge. 

Custom orders cannot be returned for a refund. However, if you are having difficulties breaking them in, Margaux does provide you with the opportunity to have them adjusted within the first 30 days of purchase. 

Accessories like fitting kits, gift boxes, suede care kits, and cotton totes are final sale and will not be accepted for a refund. 

All international orders are final sale.

Contact Margaux

There are a number of ways that you can contact Margaux if you have any questions or concerns. If you live in New York City or Washington, DC, feel free to visit them in-person at one of their physical retail stores. Otherwise, you can contact them by phone or online. 

They are available by phone (917-877-1201) Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. You can also talk to them by using their website-integrated chat feature, which is also available to you Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. 

You can also reach them anytime via their email, [email protected]

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