Tieks Ballet Flats Review

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Tieks Ballet Flats Review

As seen on Oprah’s The “O” List, Tieks by Gavrieli, this brand has redefined the standard ballet flat. The following Tieks ballet flats review will provide an insider look into the company and its versatile ballet flats to help you make the right purchase decision. 

Overview of Tieks 

Tieks Ballet Flats Review

While most ballet flats are flimsy and provide little or no support, the Tieks ballet flat is sleek, sturdy, and comfortable. They are designed for women, especially ladies on the go. A pair of Tieks can withstand the daily grind, thanks to their special split-sole that flexes as you walk. They can go from day to night by easily folding up and thrown inside a purse or tote bag. 

With a focus on adjustability, endurance, comfort and fashion, the Tieks ballet flat is meant to be worn all day. Made from quality Italian leathers and with a variety of prints, patterns and designs, there is a pair to suit every outfit and personality. Each pair of Tieks ballet flats take three days and 150 steps to produce—I was surprised to learn this when writing this Tieks ballet flats review—who knew ballet flats could be so complex?

Tieks empowers women entrepreneurs through the non-profit organization Kiva. To date, The Gavrieli Foundation has contributed over 10 million dollars to over 55,000 female entrepreneurs around the world. For this Tieks ballet flats review, let’s dive in to the benefits and downsides to the brand:


  • Made from 100% premium Italian leather 
  • Soft and stretchable to any foot
  • Comfortable leather insole 
  • Tieks has a vegan collection for those who don’t want to wear leather, made from natural dyes and European textiles 
  • Most flats have no support at the back of the heel, which causes blisters; Tieks flats have a cushion to offer more support
  • Foldable design for on the go women, also features rubber for grip
  • Free U.S. shipping and returns
  • Plenty of colours, patterns, materials and designs to choose from 
  • Collection for girls offered called Little Miss Tieks 


  • The vegan option costs the same as the leather option, as the leather option is more comfortable and a luxury product  
  • Price is higher than average compared to the average ballet flat ($175)
  • The child version starts at $135 which seems expensive considering kids grow out of shoes quickly
  • Not everyone will want that bright blue rubber on the back of their shoe as it could clash with outfits
  • International customers have a more costly experience purchasing including extras for customs and duties; Tieks won’t cover international shipping charges for a return or exchange
Tieks Ballet Flats Review

As you can see in the photo above, it should be noted in this Tieks ballet flats review that the shoes are versatile and can be worn in many situations, due to their comfort and durability.

Why are Tieks So Expensive?

While reading this Tieks ballet flats review, you’re likely wondering why something as simple as flats can be so expensive. Tieks prides itself on making premium flats. It takes three days and 150 steps to create one pair, eliminating the “fast fashion” effect that other retailers use, sacrificing materials and comfort for cost.

Tiek’s leather collection uses 100% premium Italian leather, handmade in Italy. The leather is tossed for hours to make sure it is the softest material without having to be broken-in. Beyond materials, here’s what makes the flats extra comfy.

  1. Cushioned Back: one of the biggest complaints about flats for women are blisters from the back of the shoe popping up. Tieks uses a cushion method, rather than an elastic so they aren’t too tight.
  2. Flexibility: the shoe has a split sole for moveability and provides extra support for the ground. Most flats are right up against the ground and can cause back pain. Tieks has made sure there is space between your shoe and the floor for extra comfort. 
  3. Softness: Tieks takes extra care when stitching the edges of their flats to keep them feeling smooth against a bare foot, so the shoe won’t dig or scratch. The insole is also hand stitched and made from soft leather.

Tieks Ballet Flats Review 

Tieks ballet flats come in four different collections, boasting over 60 styles. The four collections include: Prints, Patents, Classics, and Vegan options for every personality, occasion and closet. While each flat may have a different print or exterior, every option features:

  • Tieks cushioned back for comfort
  • Tieks signature non-skid rubber blue soles for grip and foldability 
  • Over 60 styles to suit every personality while maintaining the simple ballet flat shape
  • Foldability to easily store in a bag or tote for quick outfit refreshes, or to give high heels a rest 

Little Miss Tieks, a collection of ballet flats for young girls costs $135 per pair, and the women’s collection ranges from $175 – $345. 

Tieks Prints 

Tieks features an impressive variety of 26 different types of printed flats. From funky leopard, to sparkly wild copper, to classic heritage plaid to copperhead snake, the print options are practically endless. 

The printed flats collection starts at $175 and tops out at $345 for a limited edition Arabian Night Tieks flat. The Arabian Night flat (pictured above) is completely customizable so no two pairs are ever alike.

While familiarizing myself with the collection for this Tieks ballet flats review, I definitely leaned more toward the Arabian Night flat. I like the gloss finish of the patent leather, which is more subtle compared to the prints and the more expensive hand-stitched options like the one pictured below.

Other more expensive options in the printed collection include White Rose (pictured above) and Rose Garden. These flats have hand-stitched flower petals and cost $295, which is a tad pricey, but could be nice for a special occasion or to wear under a bridesmaid dress, or wedding dress after a night of dancing. 

All Tieks ballet flats in the print category are made with 100% Italian leather and feature the Tieks cushioned back and signature non-skid rubber blue soles.

Tieks Patent 

Tieks ballet flats review
Tieks ballet

The Tieks ballet flat also comes in a patent collection and features 16 different types of patent leather options in every hue of the rainbow. From lemon patent (pictured above) to obsidian black, there is a shiny shoe for every occasion.

Every pair of Tieks flats in the patent collection are $195, and made with 100% Italian leather. Each pair also features the Tieks cushioned back, and signature non-skid rubber blue soles.

Tieks Classics

The Tieks classic collection features 23 solid colours of Tieks flats in premium leather, and one option in suede. The classic collection starts at $175 and has the most options in this fairly reasonable price range. The classic collection features colours that range from neutrals like gold, beige and grey, to pops of pink, tangerine and clover green. 

These Tieks ballet flats match with more outfits and seem to be more versatile than some of the funkier, and pricier options. The Tieks ballet flats classic collection are a good entry point to the Tieks brand if you’re looking to splurge on a pair of flats. By choosing a simple colour like camel or matte black (pictured above) the opportunity to wear them daily, or to match any outfit is more reasonable and may give more bang for buck. 

The Tieks ballet flat in suede comes in one colour, Rouge (pictured above) and is double-dyed to achieve a rich colour and has an in-house suede protectant to protect colour transfer. The suede option features the cushioned back and beige rubber soles. The Tieks ballet flat in Rouge costs $195. 

Tieks Vegan

For the animal lover, the Tieks flat vegan collection has five options in luxurious European textiles and synthetic fabrics. The dyes used for the vegan collection are paraben free and natural. The five options range from simple neutrals to splashy styles. 

The Tieks vegan collection options include: Silver Lake, a cool grey; Brentwood, a neutral beige; Greystone, a dark grey; Sunset Stripe, a burst of colour and Echo Park, a funky polka dot. (pictured above). All non-leather options feature the cushioned back and beige rubber soles, priced at $175. 

Full disclosure in this Tieks ballet flats review: while I personally would not purchase vegan shoes, they are definitely a valuable option to look into if you are interested in living a vegan lifestyle (or if you already do).

Little Miss Tieks 

I was pleasantly surprised to discover while researching for this Tieks ballet flats review, that the brand offers an adorable line for children. Little Miss Tieks is the kid’s version of the Tieks ballet flat. Each pair is crafted in Arzignano, Italy using premium Italian leather. Each pair also includes a high gloss coating and feature the signature cushioned back and non-skid rubber blue soles.

There are three options in the Little Miss Tieks collection: Mini Matte Black, Mini Razzbleberry, and Mini Cotton Candy (pictured above), each pair priced at $135. 

Are Tieks Worth the Money?

If you love the look of a classic ballet flat, but hate the pain or discomfort most of provide, a pair of Tieks is worth the investment. The classic collection starts at $175 and features colours that match all wardrobes, so you can wear them over and over, without feeling guilty. 

The ease of folding a pair and popping them in your purse will help free up bag space during a long commute, or in winter you can slide them on when you take off your boots. If as you read this Tieks ballet flats review, you prioritize shoes that are comfortable and long lasting, these ballet flats are likely worth the investment.

If leather isn’t an issue, I’d try a classic pair in leather, unbeatable in quality compared to other brands that use synthetic materials. If you’re into vegan flats, Tieks may not be the most cost-effective option as you miss out on the soft leather. 

Tieks Sizing 

Tieks Ballet Flats Review

Tieks come in size 5-13 and are true to size. It should be noted in this Tieks ballet flats review that the brand recommends going a size up if you have wide feet, as they don’t offer this option. The soft, moldable leather should be ok to stretch and accommodate a wide foot. 

Tieks Promotions & Discounts 

I searched online for a Tieks promo code and a Tieks discount code, but sadly none could be found. While there are currently no promotions, check their site for deals regularly.

Where to Buy Tieks 

Tieks ballet flats review

Tieks are only available online on their website. They have no listed boutiques or other retailers on their website. They do not sell on Amazon, Nordstrom, or other luxury sites. 


Tieks Shipping Policy

  • Free US Shipping (2-4 day delivery)
  • International shipping: duties, custom, and charges are dependent on country (takes several weeks)

Tieks Policy

  • For US customers returns are free as long as your pair of flats are in original, unworn condition 
  • Tieks covers shipping both ways for returns from US orders. 
  • For US exchanges, Tieks will ship the new pair and a return label just in case the new pair is also not a fit. 
  • International returns are not covered, but can still be requested by emailing [email protected] 

Contact Tieks 

To get in touch with Tieks: 

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Tieks Flats for feet to wear
3 years ago Reply

How would you clean these Flat shoes if they become smelly???
why do girls wear them if they are going to make their feet stink?
do these shoes breath well?

Sylvia Andres
4 years ago Reply

I know that Tieks are made from genuine Italian leather but I have read somewhere it is made in China and not Italy. It was an old article-has that changed or is that information incorrect? I own 2 pairs and really want to buy more but the made in China brings a bit of hesitation.

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