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Comfort Fresh Review

Nestled in Utah, this renowned manufacturing giant harmoniously blends style and well-being. Comfort Fresh‘s premium sock collection caters to your health needs while promising a fusion of quality, affordability, and inventive design.

A quest to aid a diabetic individual led to the inception of Comfort Fresh’s revolutionary diabetic sock line. Backed by a global network of supply chains and an exclusive supplier repository, their sock range remains accessible to people across the US.

The company’s mission is simple yet altruistic: “We are nature lovers who believe a more comfortable world is a better world. Diabetic patients deserve to put on comfortable socks to touch the beauty of nature instead of staying at home.”

If you’re in the market for a new pair of socks, keep reading this Comfort Fresh review. I’ll cover important information about the company such as their bestsellers, policies, customer reviews, and more, so that you can decide if it’s worth checking out.

To begin, let’s dive in with some highlights to get an overview of the business and their products.


  • Socks designed for diabetic patients to experience ultimate comfort
  • Range of designs (No Show, Ankle, Crew, Knee High) and colors (especially in the bamboo category)
  • Options with no binding
  • Available in three different materials to fit different preferences
  • Soft and hypoallergenic
  • Sold in bundles as well
  • Glowing customer reviews
  • Free shipping over $30

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.


Comfort Fresh Review

Beyond comfort and style, there are several key benefits to Comfort Fresh‘s products. Below, I’ll share some features of the sock line and a couple of the brand’s initiatives:

  • Designed to reduce pressure and have moisture wicking qualities
  • Non-binding options available
  • Crafted with built-in air ventilation
  • Offer anti-bacterial properties
  • Some socks are fashioned with seamless toe design and contrasting textures that make them easy to put on
  • The brand remains open to partnerships surrounding donations of their products to those in need
  • Comfort Fresh also runs a blog to disseminate information about diabetic sock design and benefits


Comfort Fresh Review

Comfort Fresh‘s diabetic sock line is divided into three material choices which each present their own advantages.


  • Moisture-Wicking: Bamboo fibers have natural moisture-wicking properties, helping to keep the feet dry and preventing moisture buildup, which is essential for diabetics to prevent fungal infections.
  • Breathability: Bamboo fabric is highly breathable, allowing air circulation and reducing the risk of overheating or excessive sweating.
  • Hypoallergenic: Bamboo is often hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, reducing the likelihood of irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Softness: Bamboo is incredibly soft and comfortable, minimizing friction and pressure on sensitive areas of the feet.

Spinning Polyester Yarn

  • Durability: Polyester yarn is known for its durability, ensuring that the socks can withstand regular wear and washing without losing shape or function.
  • Moisture Management: Polyester has moisture-wicking properties that help draw moisture away from the skin, keeping the feet dry and reducing the risk of infections.
  • Quick Drying: Polyester dries quickly, further aiding in moisture control and preventing dampness.
  • Resistance to Wrinkles and Shrinkage: Polyester fibers resist wrinkles and are less prone to shrinking, ensuring that the socks maintain their fit and comfort over time.


  • Breathability: Cotton is highly breathable, allowing air to circulate around the feet and reducing the risk of sweat buildup.
  • Softness: Cotton is soft and comfortable, providing a gentle and cushioned feel against the skin.
  • Absorbency: Cotton has good moisture-absorbing properties, helping to keep the feet dry and reducing the risk of bacterial or fungal growth.
  • Natural Fiber: Cotton is a natural material that is less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions, making it suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Temperature Regulation: Cotton helps regulate temperature, keeping the feet cool in warm weather and providing insulation in colder conditions.

If you’ve gotten this far in my Comfort Fresh review, you probably want to see some of their products. I’ve curated a small selection of their most popular sock options so you can get a sense of what they’re all about.

Keep in mind, sock size is not the same as shoe size! Refer to this handy sizing chart for conversions as you shop:

Comfort Fresh Review

3 Comfort Fresh Bestsellers

Comfort Fresh Wide Non-Binding Bamboo Diabetic socks Review

Comfort Fresh’s Non-Binding Bamboo Diabetic Socks provide elevated comfort and breathability.

Formulated from a blend of 68% Bamboo, 26% Nylon, 4% Polyester, and 2% Spandex, these socks effortlessly slide over ankles. Seamlessly constructed toes stimulate blood circulation, while the cushioned sole aids sensitive feet by minimizing impact.

Featherlight bamboo fabric ensures prolonged comfort for various situations, from sitting to standing, and benefits pregnant women and the elderly.

These moisture-wicking, breathable socks regulate temperature, reducing infection risks. Notably, bamboo fibers grow softer post initial wash, and the socks exhibit remarkable stretch.

Available in black or white options in sizes 9–15, they are sold for $27 on the website.

Customers say: “I bought the largest (13-15) because of the lymph edema which has caused my left foot to swell up pretty good…The socks are nice, soft, comfy and have lots of stretch. I love em.”

Comfort Fresh Ankle Socks Non Binding Top For Swollen Feet Review

Comfort Fresh Ankle Socks Non Binding Top For Swollen Feet are also sold in a convenient set of 6 pairs. These socks employ a specialized spinning polyester yarn to prevent bacterial growth, while their easy-clean nature and moisture-wicking material ensure dryness in any climate.

Crafted from 85.1% Spinning Polyester Yarn, 14.3% Nylon, and 0.6% Spandex, these luxuriously soft and elastic +MD diabetes socks feature a non-constricting design that maximizes blood flow and minimizes skin irritation.

With fully cushioned foot bottoms, they provide exceptional protection against blisters, ulcers, foot pressure, and shocks, reducing infection risk through the elimination of bulky seam toes.

Thanks to targeted ventilation and moisture-wicking properties, these socks guarantee breathability, maintaining coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

Medically recommended and ideal for circulatory issues, diabetes, edema, neuropathy, sensitive feet, wide calves, or those seeking comfort, these socks offer premium quality for all-day wear.

Choose between black, brown, or white, and select your sock size from 9–15. These polyester blend socks are $36.

Customers say: “The reason I bought these socks was because I had ankle surgery, no other socks worked for me before theseThey are not tight because they stretch for a perfect fit, soft, they gently “hug” your feet...I truly love these!”

Comfort Fresh Anatomically Designed, Diabetic Non-Binding Crew Socks Review

The Comfort Fresh Anatomically Designed, Diabetic Non-Binding Crew Socks employ a specialized yarn that manages moisture and foot odor, significantly mitigating infection risks.

Harnessing free flow moisture management technology, these socks offer a natural defense against infection growth and fabric odor. Comprising 63.1% Cotton, 22.8% Acrylic, 13.6% Nylon, and 0.5% Spandex, these socks feature a soft stretch non-binding top that ensures an optimal fit without compromising circulation.

They excel in anti-smell capabilities and strong absorbency, maintaining all-day freshness. The hand-linked toe and cushioned sole elements contribute to irritation-free wear, reinforced toe and heel for enhanced durability, and heightened protection to alleviate pressure, prevent blisters, reduce impact, and minimize foot fatigue.

Offered in black, grey, or white, they cost $29 and come in 9–15 sizes.

Customers say: “My husband loves these socks. Non binding, soft, and supports his feet. Would buy again.”

Who Is Comfort Fresh For?

Comfort Fresh Review

From everything I’ve gathered while writing this Comfort Fresh review, it seems that the brand caters to not just people with diabetes, but anyone who’s looking for comfortable socks with an array of benefits—including relief from swelling, blisters, foot odor, circulatory issues, sensitive feet, and much more.

Currently, Comfort Fresh doesn’t seem to carry socks for children. They also don’t deliver to customers outside of the United States, but are working on expanding internationally.

Comfort Fresh Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Comfort Fresh Review

While there are dozens of Comfort Fresh reviews on the website, I thought it would be best to get a full picture of the brand by sourcing testimonials and ratings from around the web. Up ahead, I’ll share what I was able to compile as of August, 2023.

On, many of the products hold helpful reviews when it comes to size, features, and comfort. Here’s what a few buyers had to say about the bestsellers I featured in this article:

  • “Extremely nice socks. For a coach that’s retired I wish these socks had been around for all the court time I spent with basketball. Fit is perfect!”
  • “Love fit. Thought they would not stay up while walking. I was wrong. They are comfortable and stay up just fine. What is really great is that they stay up without compressing my skin. No sock marks in skin.”
  • “My husband is super picky about socks. Years ago, he had a favorite type, and I can’t find them in stores anymore. We’ve tried several others that looked like them but were too tight. He is legally blind and loves the contrast on the toe and heel because it helps him put them on correctly.”

The company has a rating score of 4.4/5 stars from 9 reviews on Facebook. These are quite small pools, but the customers who left comments seemed pleased with their purchases.

“In the process of looking for shoes that fit, it was a relief to have socks this soft and comfortable. I especially appreciated the tops that did not strangle legs. Give me more colors and I will buy more! Thank you for the bonus socks!”

“Great! I bought four pairs of diabetic socks for my grandfather. He is feeling good when wearing them.”

All in all, it seems that the brand is a hit! While there were a few frustrated comments from customers here and there, Comfort Fresh’s customer reps seem to promptly respond to complaints.

Is Comfort Fresh Worth It?

Comfort Fresh Review

To start wrapping up my Comfort Fresh review, I can confidently state that the brand is worth checking out. Their sock collection offers an impressive range of features to remedy common foot pain issues and help get people back on their feet.

There are reviews out there from a diverse customer base, such as pregnant women, diabetes patients, retired folk, people who experience swelling, and those who just want a comfortable pair of socks that will keep feet dry, cozy, and infection-free.

Where to Buy Comfort Fresh

Comfort Fresh Review

Ready to stuff your stockings? It appears that Comfort Fresh’s product line is available exclusively on their website.

Comfort Fresh Promotions & Discounts

Comfort Fresh Review

This is the part of my Comfort Fresh review where I get to share good news! Currently, the brand is offering free shipping over $30, and you get the 2nd item 25% off.

Additionally, through their referral program, you and a friend can both enjoy a $5 coupon when they make a purchase, and the company has a rewards program that helps you earn points through various actions. Some of these include following them on social media, sharing reviews, earning birthday points, and so on.

I would also recommend signing up for their email newsletter to stay in the loop with any upcoming exclusive drops.


Comfort Fresh Review

Where is Comfort Fresh based?

Comfort Fresh operates out of Utah, United States.

Does Comfort Fresh offer a warranty on their products?

Yep! Comfort Fresh’s warranty covers flaws in manufacturing, design, or materials. Don’t hesitate to reach out within 2 months of identifying any issues.

It’s important to note that this coverage doesn’t extend to damages from impacts, improper usage, or issues unrelated to manufacturer defects.

What is Comfort Fresh’s Shipping Policy?

At the time of writing this Comfort Fresh review, the brand delivers across the United States, offering free shipping on orders over $30. Costs are calculated at checkout, and this is a breakdown of the general estimates:

  • Domestic: Up to 5 business days
  • Foreign: Up to 14 business days

The brand notes that due to global supply chain challenges outside of their control, shipping times could be longer than usual at the moment.

What is Comfort Fresh’s Returns Policy?

Comfort Fresh has established a straightforward process for refunds. You have a window of one month from the date of purchase to initiate a request.

If the product and its packaging remain unopened and undamaged, you qualify for a full refund. In instances where the packaging has been opened and the product has been used, you’re entitled to a partial refund.

Regarding shipping, if your order didn’t include free shipping, all shipping costs, including return shipping, will be managed by you. In cases where free shipping was included, only the return shipping cost is your responsibility.

How to Contact Comfort Fresh

For any questions beyond this Comfort Fresh review, feel free to get in touch with the company directly via the live chat on the website or any of the following channels:

  • Phone: +1 435-787-8888 (EST 9–5, Monday to Friday)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing address: 2929 N Main Street, N Logan, UT 84341

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