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About Meermin

Meermin Shoes Review

Meermin Mallorca is a Spanish brand that creates high quality shoes for men and women, focusing on handcrafted products and the elimination of wholesalers.

Founded in 2001 in Mallorca, Spain by Pepe Albaladejo and his father Jose, Meermin prides itself on being a family business, which is rare in modern footwear. Their shoes were created based on decades of experience in the shoemaking industry, and as a brand they are dedicated and passionate about delivering premium products. 

The duo’s knowledge of shoemaking is evident, as the “last” is a significant part of their process. The Meermin last is the mold used to build their shoes, which have their own unique, final shape. This one of a kind process, combined with their humble and genuine beginnings, sets Meermin apart from other brands.

Looking to buy a new pair of shoes for a special ocassion? In this Meermin shoes review, I’ll take you through the brand’s bestsellers, customer feedback, pros and cons, and more, so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Pros and Cons

Meermin Shoes Review

First, let’s go through some perks and drawbacks of shopping at this brand. I’ve compiled a list below so you can get the full picture.


  • Wide range of accessory options in various colors and styles, including handbags and belts, in addition to shoes.
  • International shipping available to cater to customers worldwide.
  • “Made to Order” system ensures all-around customer satisfaction.
  • Trunk shows provide a direct way for customers to communicate and interact with the products and employees.
  • Regular updates on products through multiple social media accounts.


  • No exclusive sales, promotions, or discounts.
  • Products shown on the website may be out of stock, and customers are only informed after selecting the item.

From this overview, it does seem that the brand has more advantages under its belt, especially when it comes to selection and customer service. So far, so good!


Meermin Shoes Review

Next up, I’ll explore the features that set Meermin apart from the competition, from their traditional handcrafted techniques to their sustainable practices and affordable luxury.

  • High-quality materials: Meermin uses only the finest materials in the construction of their shoes, such as French and Italian calf leather, suede, and cordovan.
  • Traditional handcrafted techniques: Each pair of Meermin shoes is carefully crafted using traditional techniques such as Goodyear welted construction, which results in a shoe that is not only comfortable but also long-lasting.
  • Wide range of styles: Meermin offers a wide variety of shoe styles, including classic dress shoes, stylish boots, and casual sneakers, ensuring that there is something for everyone.
  • Affordable luxury: Despite the use of high-quality materials and traditional techniques, Meermin offers its shoes at a relatively affordable price point, making luxury footwear accessible to a wider audience.
  • Customizable options: Meermin’s “Made to Order” program allows customers to customize certain aspects of their shoes, such as the leather, color, and sole type, creating a truly unique and personalized shoe.
  • Sustainable practices: The brand is committed to sustainability and uses environmentally friendly practices in their production process, such as using vegetable-tanned leather and reducing waste in their factories.


One of the key factors that contribute to the exceptional quality of Meermin shoes is the materials used in their construction. The brand is known for using only the finest materials, including French and Italian calf leather, suede, and cordovan.

Calf leather is commonly used in the construction of dress shoes and is prized for its durability, suppleness, and ability to develop a rich patina over time.

Suede, on the other hand, is a soft, napped leather that is often used in the production of casual shoes, while cordovan is a premium leather derived from the hindquarters of horses that is renowned for its luster, durability, and water resistance.

Meermin also uses other high-quality materials such as oak-bark tanned leather soles, which are known for their durability and flexibility, and cork footbeds, which provide excellent cushioning and support.

By using only the finest materials in their shoes, Meermin ensures that their products are not only stylish but also built to last.


Meermin understands the importance of finding the right size when it comes to footwear, which is why they offer a comprehensive sizing chart on their website for each item. This chart allows customers to easily navigate and find the best size for men, women, and belts.

However, beyond the provided chart, the brand doesn’t have any specific sizing recommendations for their shoes. Fortunately, the high-quality materials and construction techniques used by Meermin are said to be true to their sizing, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit for their customers.

It’s worth noting that Meermin’s current size range is limited, with no options available smaller than 6UK or bigger than 12UK at this time. Nonetheless, by utilizing the sizing chart and considering the quality of their materials, customers can make informed decisions when purchasing Meermin shoes.

Whether you’re in the market for dress shoes, casual shoes, or boots, Meermin’s commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure that you’ll be investing in a pair of shoes that not only look great but will also last for years to come.

4 Meermin Shoes Bestsellers

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these shoes, shall we? I know you must be just as curious as I am!

Meermin Chelsea Boots

Boots are made for walking, and when you’re doing a lot of it, you’re going to want comfort and a design that you can trust. Meermin Chelsea Boots come in a few colours and materials for both men and women to pair with fall pieces.

Many styles of Meermin boots, including these, are designed using Italian suede and French leather.

The Chelsea Boots feature a narrow opening, ensuring that your feet remain inside. They have no extra material that will disrupt your comfort as you walk.

The bottoms are padded with a rubber sole, maintaining traction as you take on the day — so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding in them. 

Meermin Chelsea Boots are offered in dark colours including black, brown, brown suede, dark brown, and tan suede. The prices of these elegant and versatile boots range from $200 to $230.

Meermin Loafers

Meermin loafers are a combination of relaxed fit comfort, and a classic look for any occasion. In the warmer months of the year, your feet are kept cool thanks to the shoe’s lightweight design.

Meermin aims for their shoes to be a perfect fit. Meermin loafers feature a soft and flexible lining and a leather interior to cushion their walk. Made with leather and suede materials, these loafers come in a variety of styles and colours for men and some for women. 

Meermin offers loafers in simple colours of black, brown, copper, tan, and navy. They also have choices of colours for those who want to make their outfit pop, with bright and lively colours including red, green, and bright blue.

The price range for Meermin loafers is $165 for women and $175 for men. 

Meermin Wingtips

Sometimes we want a shoe that looks simple, yet has something a little extra that makes it unique. While doing my research for this Meermin shoes review, I found that the brand did just that, having combined the style of the Chelsea boot with Wingtips.

This style has the same narrow opening as the Chelsea boot, but features a creative pattern along the front and side of the boot. 

At first glance, you may think this is the classic Chelsea Boot, but if you look closer, you can see the details of the design that they put into these leather boots.

The Wingtip designs come in copper, oak, and black. This style is specially designed for men at a price point of $230.

Meermin Belts

Meermin’s belts are one of the finishing touches to an outfit. Meermin belts are handmade for men who want to either add some colour to their outfit or to complement their shoes.

Their buckles have a nickel and brass finish to bring it all together, and with over 20 belts to choose from, one is bound to match with your outfits. 

Meermin belts are made from the same Italian suede and French leather used to create their shoes, and some are lined with all natural cowhide.

These belts come in a variety of sizes and a corresponding size chart. All of their belts have a strap width of 35mm and it is recommended that you purchase one size larger than the fit of your pants. 

The prices of Meermin belts range from $50 to $150, although most of the belts are priced on the lower end of that range.

Who Is Meermin For?

Meermin’s shoes are designed for individuals who appreciate the combination of classic style, quality craftsmanship, and affordability.

While their shoes can be worn by anyone who appreciates fine footwear, they are particularly popular among style-conscious individuals who seek out high-quality dress shoes, boots, and other formal footwear options.

Comparison: Meermin vs Allen Edmond Shoes

Meermin and Allen Edmonds are two of the most popular brands in the world of men’s footwear. While both brands offer high-quality shoes, there are some key differences between them that are worth considering before making a purchase.

One of the most noticeable differences between Meermin and Allen Edmonds is their price point. Meermin shoes tend to be less expensive than Allen Edmonds shoes, making them a more accessible option for budget-conscious shoppers.

However, this doesn’t mean that Meermin sacrifices quality for affordability – their shoes are still made using traditional handcrafted techniques and high-quality materials.

Another key difference between the two brands is their design aesthetic. Allen Edmonds is known for its classic American style, with a focus on timeless designs that can be worn for years to come. Meermin, on the other hand, leans more towards European style, with sleek, modern designs that are perfect for fashion-forward individuals.

Finally, it’s worth noting that both Meermin and Allen Edmonds offer a range of customization options for their shoes. However, Allen Edmonds has a more extensive customization program, allowing customers to create completely unique shoes with personalized details such as monograms, contrasting stitching, and custom leather colors.

Ultimately, choosing between Meermin and Allen Edmonds comes down to personal preference and budget. Both brands offer exceptional quality and style, so it’s just a matter of deciding which one aligns more with your tastes and needs.

Meermin Shoes Review: What Do Customers Think?

Meermin Shoes Review

In writing this Meermin shoes review, I looked up customer feedback outside of the brand’s website, which does not contain reviews. Customers can leave a Meermin shoes review on the brand’s social media accounts, and reviews can also be found on Google.

Many customers leave a five-star Meermin shoes review on the website. People around the world consistently comment on: 

  1. Shape – Customers have fallen in love with the shape and design of Meermin shoes. 
  2. The visual appeal – Many people like the product photos that have been posted on their social media accounts. Some are stating that they can’t wait to get their hands on a pair, and others are saying that they can’t get enough of the shoes they own. 
  3. Affordable – Customers are pleased with the price of these high-quality shoes.

Although much feedback is positive, some customers wish there were more physical stores. Some men have expressed disappointment in the brand’s lack of variety in men’s shoes.

There have also been some red flags in terms of shipping. There are cases of customers having received damaged shoes, resulting in a more expensive buying process. 

Is Meermin Worth It?

From everything I’ve gathered in this Meermin shoes review, I would say that the brand is definitely worth checking out. It offers affordable, luxurious footwear for everyone who has an eye for proper construction and soft materials. Plus, there’s a huge range of options so you’re bound to find at least one pair that catches your attention.

Meermin Promotions & Discounts

Meermin Shoes Review

You won’t find a discount code in this Meermin shoes review, as the brand focuses on the direct to consumer model. Everything is distributed directly to the customer, allowing them to lower their prices consistently throughout the years. 

Customers always know what they’re getting when it comes to the costs. They do provide a Holiday Gift Guide to help with gift-giving ideas, along with a newsletter that customers can join to get updates on products, MTO Groups, any store events, or Trunkshows


If you’re in the market for high-quality men’s shoes but aren’t quite sold on Meermin, there are plenty of other brands worth considering. Here are five great alternatives:

  • Taft: With a focus on unique, eye-catching designs, Taft is a great choice for fashion-forward individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. They offer a range of styles, from dress shoes to boots to sneakers, all made with high-quality materials and construction.
  • Nisolo: If sustainability is a top priority for you, Nisolo is a great option. Their shoes are made with eco-friendly materials and fair labor practices, so you can feel good about your purchase. Plus, their classic designs are versatile enough to wear with a wide range of outfits.
  • Ace Marks: Like Meermin, Ace Marks is known for offering high-quality shoes at a more affordable price point. They offer a range of classic styles, from wingtips to loafers, all made with Italian leather and traditional handcrafted techniques.
  • Jack Erwin: For those who value classic American style, Jack Erwin is a great choice. Their shoes are made with high-quality materials and construction, and their designs are timeless and versatile. Plus, they offer a range of customization options to make your shoes truly unique.
  • Beckett Simonon: Another great option for budget-conscious shoppers, Beckett Simonon offers high-quality shoes at an accessible price point. They offer a range of classic styles, from Oxfords to loafers to boots, all made with traditional handcrafted techniques and high-quality materials. Plus, they offer a 20% discount when you sign up for their email list.

Where to Buy Meermin

Meermin Shoes Review

At the time of this Meermin shoes review, I found that the brand is not featured in other retail stores or with any wholesalers. They do have three of their own stores around the world: 

  • Madrid, Spain
  • Meermin NYC in Soho
  • Paris, France

Meermin shoes and accessories can also be purchased on their website. The items from their website will be shipped directly to the consumer from Spain. Meermin shoes and products are not sold on Amazon or any other websites.


What is Meermin’s return policy?

Meermin offers a return policy for full-priced items within 14 days of purchase, provided the shoes are unworn, undamaged, and in their original packaging. For sale items, the return policy is within 7 days of purchase.

Where can I buy Meermin shoes?

Meermin shoes are available for purchase on their official website or at their physical stores located in Spain, Japan, and New York City.

Do Meermin shoes run true to size?

Meermin provides a sizing chart for their shoes on their website. Customers can navigate through the chart to find the best size for men, women, and belts.

The leather and quality materials that they use to build their shoes are said to be true to their sizing. However, Meermin does not offer sizes smaller than 6UK or bigger than 12UK at this time.

How are Meermin shoes made?

Meermin shoes are made using the Goodyear welt construction method, which is known for its durability and quality. The process involves stitching a leather strip, called the welt, to the upper and inner sole of the shoe, creating a cavity for the outsole to be attached.

Where are Meermin shoes made?

Meermin shoes are made in their family-owned factory located in Almansa, Spain. The factory has been in operation for over 100 years and is known for its expertise in traditional shoe-making techniques.

How to Contact Meermin

If you have any questions or require further information regarding Meermin’s services, they can be reached on their main website or email:


Email: [email protected]

Meermin can also be reached by email, phone, or in-store:

Calle Claudio Coello 20, 28001 Madrid

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:30am to 9:00pm and Sunday 12:00pm to 7:00pm

Phone: +34 914312117

Email: [email protected]

130 Greene Street – 2 Floor, New York, NY 10012

Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:30am to 8:00pm and Sunday 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Phone: +1 (646) 781-9100

Email: [email protected]

16 Rue Chauveau-Lagarde, Paris, 75008

Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 8:00pm and Sunday 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 65 49 07

Email: [email protected]

It’s always better to have options. Check out our in-depth reviews for other luxury shoe brands:



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Answered by David Turgeon (3 years ago) Reply

This article implies that Meermin shoes are made in Spain, in Mallorca specifically: “Meermin shoes are created in Spain and shipped directly to their customers.” Note the use of the word, “created”. Meermin uses the word ‘created’ rather than ‘made’ because their shoes are NOT made in Spain: they are made in CHINA. Meermin may be “based” (as the article says) in Mallorca, Spain, but nowhere does the article state (or even hint) that Meermin shoes are manufactured in China. I don’t know about you, but I expect Spanish shoes to be made in Spain, not China.

Meermin debacle
Asked by Brendan (3 years ago) Reply

Meermin Shoe debacle.

I have been in the market for brown oxfords for sometime and after years of searching in person, I finally gave into ordering sight unseen form Meermin.

The experience has been terrible from the start. Misquoted shipping times, misleading availability, delays that meant I would not have them for a business trip I purchased them for, then shipping when I requested they hold off meant the shoes arrived when I wasn’t home. When I did get to the shoes it turned out they’re too small. I requested a refund and Meermin said all they would offer was an option to exchange despite there promise to take return as a result of their shipping snafu.

I have been extremely dissatisfied with their customer service, purchase experience, and their communication. For $300 shoes I expect more!

Mr. Brendan

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