Taft Shoes Review

About Taft Shoes

Taft Shoes Review

Taft is a stunning apparel brand that specializes in handmade quality shoes. They use premium materials, and artisans who’ve mastered their craft, to offer a range of unique selections.

The following Taft shoes review provides an in-depth look into the company and its products to ensure you make the right purchase decision.

Overview of Taft Shoes

Taft Shoes Review

Straight off the bat, can I just say, Taft’s entire line are absolutely beautiful and will have you in love with every single pair. Whether for yourself, or as a gift, there’s always room for Taft Shoes in every closet.

The company was founded by Kory and Mallory Stevens back in 2013. The married couple’s love for cutting-edge designs and superior products led them to start Taft Shoes with a clear mission – provide the best handcrafted shoes at lower prices.

To deliver on their promise, the brand removes the middleman, or wholesalers, from their production line to eliminate retail expenses and markups.

Now, although Taft Shoes are still considered to be on the pricier end; the value of these shoes is worth every dollar, and still cheaper than other designer brands.

The cost even includes the use of premium fabrics and materials to bring the latest, refreshing, and aesthetically trendy, products from Europe. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

Also, can we please take a moment and appreciate their interest-free, installment payment plans; which makes grabbing a snazzy pair even more affordable, quick, and worry-free.

Taft Shoes Review

Fashionable footwear is an entire world of its own. Some enjoy the thrill of hunting the most perfect and stylish pair, while others may feel reluctant about it all. In either case, comparing different brands, quality, and price can be a major headache. Then there’s also the nightmare of searching for the exact style, color, or pattern.

Luckily, our Taft Shoes Review will break down the features and benefits of their products, along with samples, to make things easier for you. In summary, the brand focuses on the following four core values:

  • Provide unique, trendsetting, and fashionable footwear based in Europe
  • Deliver premium designer shoes at a lower price by removing the middleman
  • Use quality material and artisans to craft handmade shoes that are durable and comfortable
  • Implement an interest-free, installment payment plan


Fashionable design and styles inspired from Europe


Lower prices for premium shoes as a result of removing the middleman

Carefully selected materials used to maximize comfort and durability

Handcrafted stitching and artisan work detailed in every shoe

Interest-free, installment payments available

Free shipping, exchanges, and returns within the U.S.


Still slightly more expensive than the average pair of shoes


Exclusively online makes exchanges and returns a little more complicated

Where Are Taft Shoes Made?

Taft Shoes Review

So, where exactly are such premium, handcrafted shoes made? As I’ve mentioned earlier in the Taft Shoes Review, all the brands’ products are produced in Europe. But specifically, the shoes and boots are made in Portugal and Spain. The finished products are then shipped to the U.S. and rerouted to their final destination.

Is it worth it? Yes, unquestionably. Taft Shoes connects you to the hottest and trendiest fashion scene in Europe. With that said, I’ve already saved myself a flight ticket and bought a few extra pairs for myself.

If you’re still wondering why Taft Shoes are sourced in Europe; here’s a simple list of reasons, and general specifications, to be found in all their shoes:

  • Soft calfskin lining and hide are always hand-cut and stitched for a genuine and authentic feel
  • Full-grain leathers are vegetable-tanned, painted, and stained by hand for a detailed look
  • Soles are stacked and injected with rubber to maximize traction and durability
  • Bottoms use Blake-stitching to enhance flexibility and adaptability to the foot

Regardless of where in the world I may be, it’s a great feeling knowing that every pair I purchase is handcrafted and detailed; unique and individually made, just for me.

Taft Boots Review

Jude Chelsea Boots

The moment I saw the Jude Chelsea Boots in tonal I knew I was in trouble. The good kind of trouble. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them and the same is just as true about wearing them. These dapper-looking boots are vibrant and deliver a sleek aesthetic. The Spanish suede and Blake-stitching gives all the durability, comfort, and style you need. They’ve easily become my favorite pair to wear all year-round.

The Jude Chelsea Boots were made to have you stand out and receive compliments at every occasion. Whether you wear them for the everyday urban and modern look, or for the smart and professional attire, these boots are hands down the perfect choice.

These beautiful pieces are also available in woven and grey and the current price for the pair is $250.

Jack Boots

It’s no wonder that Taft’s collection of Jack Boots is the brand’s signature pieces. I’m enthralled by the trendy style and the choice of colors and patterns that are available. I love that every pair is an impeccable choice for adding an exciting twist to my look. My personal favorites, the Grey/Oxblood color combination and the Floral design, are bold and work wonders for my dressy and contemporary outfits.

The Jack Boots are sharp, and trendsetting, and you’ll quickly find that one pair is just simply not enough. While each piece differs slightly around the upper, they’re all made with Italian calfskin lining and leather soles to deliver the highest level of durability and comfort.

Show off your sense of style with a choice from an assortment of colors and patterns. The Jack Boots collection are currently priced at $250.

Dragon Boots

Yes, the Dragon Boots are as legendary as they sound. I’m a super fan of Taft Shoes for updating the boots’ functionality, durability, and comfort with their use of Waxed Commander Suede. I find that the waterproof feature lasts longer, and the aesthetic design allows for the pants to slip over without getting snagged.

I’m also in love with the selection of colors, like Forest or Rust, that not only sound rugged and bold, but also offer so much personality and character. The Dragon Boots are as fierce and tough as they look and bring a superior level of performance.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of boots that will last, I’d go with the Dragon Boots as your best bet. The boots are currently priced at $349; and while they are heftier in cost, it’s well worth it.

Taft Shoes Review

Kennedy Shoes

The Kennedy shoes is as suave and versatile as they get. The outer fabric, vibrant color, and stylish patterns work flawlessly with any look you’re going for. In the past week, I’ve worn my Kennedy in green with shorts, trousers, and a suit. My opinion? I’m still amazed at how seamless it is to switch between different outfits with the same pair of shoes. I’m sold on the aesthetically sleek and sophisticated design of the dress shoes that transforms and complements any attire.

With these beauties, I’ve had no trouble making the impression I want and receiving compliments. Handcrafted in Spain, Taft Shoes made the Kennedy with Italian cotton and Blake-stitching for the highest levels of comfort and performance. The eye-catching dress shoes are also resoleable meaning they’re the perfect everyday shoes that will last a long time.

While set colors and patterns are limited, the Kennedy Shoes are a great choice and are currently priced at $235.

Russell Loafers

I applaud the brand in their ability to champion the loafer style of shoes. Although colors and patterns are limited, the selection of Russell Loafers are still brilliant; and I’m amazed at Taft Shoes for cleverly separating the classic from its modern counterpart. The Russell Loafer in London is a timeless masterpiece with tassels for the handsome finish. The Russell Loafer in Eden, on the other hand, offers a flashy and creative flair for the debonair look.

Whichever style you fancy, the Russell Loafers are handcrafted in Spain with the finest Italian wool and leather accents. The sturdy structure gives flexibility and comfort, while the colors and patterns are playful and easy to complement any outfit.

The Russell loafers are currently priced at an easy $235 and I just can’t express how excited I am over them.

Gable Sneakers

The Gable Sneakers are definitely on the list of my top favorites. One look at the collection by Taft Shoes was all it took for me to know that they’re essential in every closet. The aesthetic is imaginative and cleverly blends the look of a sneaker with that of a dress shoe; making it versatile for many occasions. They’re an amazing way for me to transition from the modern-causal look to a smart and posh outfit, without changing my shoes.

The Gable series are handcrafted in Portugal and designed with Napa leather and stitched construction. You can’t help but admire the textured look and feel; which makes it both stylish and remarkably comfortable.

The Gable sneakers are currently priced at $225, and I’ve found the shoes to be perfect for everyday wear while easily standing out and making a solid fashion statement.

Taft Shoes Sizes

Finding my correct size is always a struggle, especially when different brands and various styles all differ. Then there’s the problem of having to order shoes online, without even trying them on. Uh oh. That’s a major problem because the smallest difference could make it or break it for me. Fortunately, this Taft Shoes Review will give you a quick rundown on their system and services:

  • Taft shoes deliver an array of sizes from 6 to 15
  • Shoes and boots come in the standard D width
  • Sneakers are generally true to size; boots and dress shoes can run a little big
  • When considering purchasing a pair of shoes in a size-and-a-half, Taft Shoes recommends that you round down to the nearest whole size instead

If you’re still unsure, then look to the end of the Taft Shoes Review for contact details to reach their customer service lines. They’re available via webchat, email, phone, or text, and can help with questions regarding sizes.

Where to Buy Taft Shoes?

Taft Shoes Review


Sadly, no. For the time being, we can only hope that an official independent retail store will open soon. However, a limited selection of Taft Shoes products is currently available at participating retail and department stores, such as Nordstrom.


A definite yes. The complete range of Taft Shoes products is fully available exclusively online at their website here.

Are Taft Shoes Available on Amazon?

Unfortunately, no. I’ve searched high and low and there are no available Taft Shoes products on Amazon at the moment.

As the Taft Review mentions, the brand’s main website is the only place that carries the full extent of their products.

Taft Shoes Coupons & Discounts

To help you save even more on your purchase orders, the following coupon and discount codes are currently available for use for Taft Shoes products:

  • Taft Shoes currently offers free delivery on any order using the following coupon
  • Taft Shoes currently offers a limited time sale on select boots for $250 using the following coupon
  • Taft Shoes currently offers a limited time sale on select shoes for $235 using the following coupon
  • Get $20 off your first purchase with Taft Shoes here

Taft Shoes FAQ

Taft Shoes Review

Shipping Policy

Taft Shoes offers global shipping. For all orders and shipments, speed and costs may vary depending on location and value of purchase orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of the steps you can expect:

  • Shipping is free within the U.S.
  • Products ship within 24 hours of placing an order; apart from weekends
  • Customers will receive a confirmation email, along with a tracking number, for purchase orders
  • In the case of missing or lost packages, Taft Shoes allots a waiting a period of 7 business days to allow couriers to locate packages; otherwise, Taft Shoes does not make it clear regarding how the company handles such matters

Exchange Policy

Taft Shoes offers a flexible exchange policy. All requests, fees, and processes may vary depending on the location and value of requested orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of the steps you can expect:

  • Exchanges are free within the U.S.
  • Requests must be made within 30 days of receiving purchase order
  • Requests made after 20 days require customers to contact Taft Shoe’s customer support line for further instructions
  • Free return labels can be printed from their website
  • Exchanges are applicable at one per order – additional exchanges are at customer’s expense

Return Policy

Taft Shoes offers a reasonable return policy. All requests, fees, and processes may vary depending on the location and value of requested orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of the steps you can expect:

  • Returns are free within the U.S.
  • Requests are allowed within 14 days of receiving date if items are non-sale, unworn, and in their original, new condition
  • Requests for pre-orders are accepted but are refunded with store credit
  • Failure to pay customs or duties are at customer’s expense to pay the remaining costs from shipping fees
  • For international orders, the total amount will be refunded less the shipping costs
  • Labels must clearly state, “RETURN, NO DUTIES”
  • Returns are applicable at one per order – additional returns are at customer’s expense

Contact Information

For more information, inquiries, and services, the customer service team can be reached by submitting a request on their main website, chat, phone, or through their email:

Phone & Text: (301)-321-8238
Email: [email protected]
Returns & Exchanges:

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Online shopping is not as pain free as advertised. Taft will not exchange or allow returns on “all” items; so don’t be mislead from reading this marketing material. If you get the wrong size or they just don’t fit propertly, buyer be beware you may not be able to do anything about an expensive purchase.

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