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Camper Shoes Review

Camper doesn’t always equate to wandering in the wild. Covering a variety of shoes and apparel for all environments, Camper Shoes has covered this market since 1877. 

Despite the lengthy lifespan, Camper continues to add new products to their line, constantly switching up styles to meet the latest trends.

Featured numerous times in Forbes, The New York Times, The LA Times, and more, this brand knows how to market itself. Currently working with over 236k followers on Instagram alone, this company has survived as a fan-favorite for decades.

This Camper Shoes review will check out history, products, practices, and more to determine whether this brand is one worth buying.

Overview of Camper Shoes

Camper Shoes Review

Originally created by a cobbler in 1877, the brand Camper joined the market in 1975, now onto its fourth generation of family-owners in the shoemaking industry. 

Judging by the name, which means peasant, simplicity is key to the values of this brand. Influenced by Mediterranean lifestyles, this company maintains respect for the shoemaking practice, focusing on the artistry of the craft and those who work in it.

Adjusting with the times, Camper has added to their core values, now working to reflect diversity and sustainability in their staff and practices. Kindness, imagination, craft, and family loyalty make up the main goal that this brand works towards, keeping their roots in mind with all they do.

Focusing on casual shoes that can cover a range of environments, Camper has kept the customer key to each addition to their collection.

This brand has been around for a while and has some great things attached to the name, but what exactly are all the pros and cons?


  • Offers a wide range of shoes and apparel for men, women, and children
  • Reasonable cost compared to other brands on the market
  • Sustainably manufactured
  • Positive reviews
  • Comfortable fit
  • Family-owned business
  • International shipping available
  • 2-year guarantee on all products


  • No flat rate for all delivery
Camper Shoes Review

Moving into the products, this Camper Shoes review had to select the best of the best to show off. All Camper products come with a 2-year guarantee with different sizes and color selections available depending on the product. 

No matter the choice, keep in mind that any defects can result in a free exchange or return within that time limit.

Camper Shoes Women’s Review

We’re starting our Camper Shoes review off by diving into the women’s section. Selecting just a few of the bestsellers in this category, we’re sticking to our favorites in this article.

Camper Boots Brutus Review

Lace up a new look with the Brutus Boots from Camper Shoes.

We needed to start the Camper Women’s Shoes section with this pair for the sheer number of options alone. Select from 12 colors for this fashionable favorite.

Available in the Camper collection since 1986, this classic has stayed popular for its timeless design. Lightweight and leather calfskin, these boots are traditional for a reason.

The latest update in this style? The 100% recycled lining in addition to recycled EVA with the sole. Lace them up to complete the look or leave this loose and simply zip up the side. Either option works wonders for fashion.

Grab these timeless boots for $195.

Camper Sandals Karole Review

Elevate any look with the Camper Sandals Karole. Simple, stunning, and suitable for all occasions, these sandals can take a standard style to new heights.

Sitting comfortably at 2.8” tall, these heeled sandals are leather lined and looking fine. Rubber soles keep the wearer steady as they strut the streets in every season. 

Sleek, square, and peeking the toe to show off the latest color of polish, these sandals give new meaning to having it all in terms of form and function.

Add these to the wish list for $180.

Camper Ballerina Right Review

While the perfect casual shoe doesn’t exist, Camper Ballerina Right may come pretty close for their flatting and downright pretty design.

Okay, the best part of these shoes by far? The color selection. Over 20 different color options are available for customers to select the style that best suits them. All velvet, stunning shades, what else could you ask for?

These shoes are more than something to look at. The form-fitting shoe itself is supported by a rubber sole that can conquer any flooring. No slipping and sliding or damaging soft soles on pavement, these shoes can handle them all with ease.

Get a pair of these ballerina shoes for $150.

Camper Shoes Men’s Review

We needed to include the Camper Shoes Men’s shoes to make this a fully formed review. Making up half of their supply, the men’s section covers a variety of styles, uses, and materials for a myriad of environments. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to highlight.

Camper Boots Ground Review

Put a spin on the traditional with the Ground Michelin Boots.

Coming in a dark mossy green, these Camper Shoes Boots know what heavy-duty really means. Green suede with rubber soles, anyone can conquer cold weather with the grip that these boots provide.

 Cushioned with OrthoLite and recycled PET, these boots keep all wearers warm and steady at any time of year.

Check these Camper boots out for $200.

Camper Sandals Camper x SailGP Review

Kick back with some Camper Shoes Sandals – more specifically their collab line of Camper x SailGP.

Keeping things simple, these sandals sit with a contrasting bright red sole alongside deep black for the body. 

This seasonal sandal was designed in collaboration with the Spanish SailGP Team, focusing on a comfortable and ergonomically correct fit. Stunning in color and functional in design, these sandals stand out amongst the rest.

Add these to the collection for $110.

Camper Sneaker Courb Review

Showcase a new style with the Camper Sneaker Courb. Simple with a flash of fun, these sneakers are a gateway into fresh fashion.

We need to start off with the most important note – these shoes combine burgundy with a small blast of speckled paint on the midsole. It’s a bit of funk without going too wild, so this pair is a great choice for someone who wants to change up their standard look.

The second best part? The materials. These shoes are made from recycled materials, and as such are part of the brand’s new sustainable line. 

To really sell that point, each purchase of this pair donates 2 Euros to the Ecoalf Foundation that works to recover plastic ocean waste.

How can one argue against shoes that look, feel, and do good? Not too bad on the wallet either, this pair goes for $145.

Camper Backpacks Review

Not as popular in a brand known for its shoes, it’s important to show off that other apparel is available and built with the same quality as their other products. This fan-favorite design stands out amongst the rest, so we had to throw it in here to get it the recognition it deserves!

Camper Shoes Backpack Aku Review

Break away from standard bags and make a statement with the Backpack Aku from Camper Shoes.

We needed a Camper Shoes Backpack review solely for this design. Available in red and black options, the real eye-catching part of this piece is its zipper. 

Stepping aside from standard closures, this bag zips vertically down the middle for a fashion-forward look at a classic accessory.

There’s no cause for concern as the traditional arch zip does still exist, but the third zipper really makes this bag a statement piece. Crafted from nylon and polyester for a lighter feel, the back of this bag is mesh-lined to keep the shoulders comfortable at all times.

Simple and stylish, this Camper backpack goes for $190.

Who Is Camper Shoes For? 

Camper Shoes Review

Our Camper Shoes review is all about honesty, so we’ll set it straight here – this brand works for pretty much anyone. Men, women, and children have options available to them when it comes to shoes and apparel.

We will say this brand isn’t known for its arch support, so those in need of that element should look into other brands or look to add some inserts. It’s simple as anything to buy some slip-in arch support, so don’t let that element hold back any window (or actual) shopping.

Are Camper Shoes Sustainable? 

Camper Shoes Review

Sustainability is really key in today’s market, so all customers will be happy to know that Camper is doing their best to fit the trend in greener and sustainable production. 

Using natural and synthetic materials, this company continually searches for durable fabrics that not only look and feel great for the customer but for the Earth too. 

Recently, the company has begun researching options for upcycling, looking for environmentally sustainable options to manufacture their popular products.

Eco-friendly work means more than material, and this brand is matching that energy. Since 2018, this company has installed hundreds of solar panels to reduce energy consumption by over 35%

Working to remove all virgin plastics from production, this business has put the Earth first in their thought process and are working hard to find the best practices available to go green.

Camper Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Camper Shoes Review

We can’t complete this Camper Shoes review without following up with verified buyers. While products may look great online, they don’t always stack up in reality. Stars don’t always accurately reflect people’s opinions, but hundreds of comments tend to paint a decent picture.

At first glance, this brand has some solid fans. Zappos alone shows a 4.2/5 star rating based on 65 reviews. While it’s not a huge number, the comments left behind for this company display just how great the quality is compared to others on the market.

One five-star Camper Shoes review stated, “This is the second pair I own, in a different color. My old pair is still in good use because the shoe is well crafted (sewn), but I can use an alternative one. They are goofy looking, and everyone likes them. Designed in Mallorca, Spain, from Camper, a traditional, old company which is very popular all over Europe for its quality and design. Worth the expense.

Appreciative of the design, color choice, and build, customers love the consistency this company offers. Other posts on this site discuss how these shoes are “super-cute! And super-comfortable!” making them a great option for work or personal shoes.

On Trustpilot, one such individual commented, “Possibly the most comfortable, best-made, casual shoes you will buy. Fantastic products. I have worn them for years and keep going back. The website is fantastic. You can customise some of their most popular models – treat yourself and get exactly the shoes you want.”

Customization is key to this company and all that it offers clients. Original work done to classic Camper designs to really showcase individual style.

Just don’t get why Campers get such poor reviews. I bought my first pair two years ago, and they are so comfortable I hardly wear anything else. I walk a lot in them, and they wear well and never give me blisters. Plus of course they are superb looking!

Comfortable, classic, and constantly changing in style and selection, this brand is an easy buy for customers searching for a solid and dependable shoe. 

Product reviews really speak to just how great this company’s work is. On Amazon, the Peu Cami Sneaker alone has 4.6/5 stars based on over 935 ratings.

People love this fit with hundreds of individuals praising the look and feel of these shoes. Customers claim they’re “Fabulous shoes. Really light and comfortable.

One Camper Shoes review left five stars after stating, “I wanted a zero drop casual shoe for work and these fit the bill perfectly…I have bought Vivobarefoot before, they are very good shoes but the Campers are considerably cheaper…they are very comfortable to wear and seem good quality, I expect them to last.

These aren’t the only well-rated pair of Camper Shoes found on Amazon. Others coming in with impressive numbers are as follows:

  • Right Nina Ballet Flat: 4.2/5 stars based on over 580 ratings
  • Beetle Sneaker: 4.6/5 stars based on over 360 ratings
  • Brown Leather Beetle Sneaker: 4.4/5 stars based on over 175 ratings
  • Peu Cami Fashion Sneaker: 4.3/5 stars based on 715 ratings
  • Runner Four Sneaker: 4.4/5 stars based on over 115 ratings

There’s no doubt about the quality and collection of Camper Shoes available. With customization, a wide selection, and great prices, these products all seem more than popular with customer crowds.  

Is Camper Shoes Worth It?

Camper Shoes Review

Based on the research we’ve done and ratings we’ve found, this Camper Shoes review can happily recommend this brand as one to buy

Cheaper than others on the market without sacrificing quality or selection, this company knows what customers are looking for and how to provide it.

Maintaining their roots with the family-owned operation, this company keeps their values close to their heart in all that they do. Whether looking for shoes or apparel, this brand will happily provide solid and sustainable options.

Camper Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Camper Shoes Review

Save some cash by waiting it out. Camper is known for its seasonal and mid-seasonal promotions with up to 40% off on products. That’s not good enough? Select promotions go so far as to offer free shipping on all orders.

The best way to stay up to date on the biggest deals is by subscribing to the newsletter. Registering an email address immediately gets that customer 10% off their next purchase and all of the latest info on new products and discounts.

Where to Buy Camper Shoes 

Camper Shoes Review

The best place to find the full span of products from this brand is With that being said, for those who find themselves unable to order from the company directly, there are several other options. This name shows up in a variety of physical and online locations, such as:

  • Nordstrom
  • Amazon
  • Gravity Pope
  • Browns Shoes
  • Walmart


Camper Shoes Review

Where are Camper Shoes made?

Keeping true to their history, Camper products are still made in Inca, Mexica. Designed, manufactured, and packaged, the process keeps roots close to the heart with every motion.

Is Camper Shoes a Family-owned Business?

Our favorite thing about this Camper Shoes review is that the business is entirely family-owned. Founded back in 1877, the company has stayed in the family, now onto its fourth generation of owners.

What is Camper Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

Find a product in our Camper Shoes review that knocks your socks off? We’ve got shipping facts to make that purchase dream come true.

The biggest thing to note here is that shipping costs aren’t a flat rate. Prices all depend on the items, number of products, and location of shipping. Unfortunately, this means delivery times are dependent on these same elements, so it differs for every country.

Individuals can find out estimated times and costs on the Camper website specific to their country. For a frame of reference, US shipping options look like this:

  • Ground shipping

o   $9

o   3-7 business days

o   Free shipping on orders over $45

  • Express shipping

o   $15

o   1-3 business days

  • Ship to store

o   3-7 business days

o   Free shipping on all orders

Not too bad, right? Obviously, prices fluctuate depending on the contents of the order, but as a general overview, prices are decent. 

Once an order has shipped out, tracking information will be sent to the attached email account. From its first step out of the warehouse to resting on the front porch, the whole process is visible to customers online.

What is Camper Shoes’ Return Policy?

Need to return a pair of Camper men’s shoes? If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. Instead, make a simple return for money back within 30 days of delivery.

Ready for the simple steps of an online return?

  1. Go to Your Orders and enter the info (order number and attached email account)
  2. Select the return option and product that needs to go back
  3. Choose the listed reason for return
  4. Click confirm
  5. Wait for the email confirmation with the attached UPS return label
  6. Repackage the item with the new label
  7. Drop it off to send it out

After that, just be patient and wait a few days for the refund to appear in its original account. That’s all it takes. It might look like a lot of steps, but it really comes down to a lot of clicks and repackaging.

Exchanges follow a similar style, but with a few variations on the process:

  1. From the Your Orders page, enter info (like with returns)
  2. Choose the product for return and click Change Size
  3. Enter the reasons, confirm
  4. Find the confirmation email and follow the steps to return the package
  5. A new item will be shipped out in place once yours has been returned

All sounds fairly straightforward, right? So what are the limits? (There are always limits.) We’ve got a quick list to look through to find info on whether a return is eligible:

  • Products must be purchased online
  • The item must not have been used
  • Items with defects that were purchased less than 2 years prior to return or exchange (there’s a two-year guarantee on all products – keep this in mind after purchasing!)
  • Packaged in similar (if not original) packaging

All products that fit these requirements will be sent a full refund (minus shipping costs) within two weeks of receiving the product. That’s all it takes and the money will be back to you in no time.

How to Contact Camper Shoes

For those in need of a bit more information after this Camper Shoes review, we’ve got all the info needed to reach out to representatives that can help. This brand has a few simple ways to get in touch:

  • Toll-Free Phone Number: 877 562-0723

Monday – Friday 9 am to 9 pm (EST)

Saturday – Sunday: 9 am to 3 pm (EST)

  • Fill out the Contact Form online
  • Online chat

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