Alegria Shoes Review

About Alegria Shoes

Alegria Shoes Review

Alegria Shoes is an American shoe company specialized in making comfortable and practical shoes for women around the world. This brand is known for their easy and pragmatic slip-on styles and foot-friendly footbeds, soles and uppers

My Alegria Shoes review will introduce you to this North Carolina-based brand who are dedicated to fusing all-day comfort with quirky style.

Their mission of “making cute work for you” is certainly gaining traction with customers – Alegria Shoes has 19k followers on Instagram and 296k followers on Facebook!

While this company does have a brick-and-mortar location in their home state, you can find all their products from their online store and have them delivered straight to your door, wherever you are.

My Alegria Shoes review will look at this brand’s best-selling shoes, buying highlights, and customer feedback so you can decide if you’d like to treat your feet to a pair of Alegria’s shoes.

Keep reading my Alegria Shoes review to learn more about this footwear brand.

Overview of Alegria Shoes

Alegria Shoes Review

Alegria Shoes is owned by the parent company PG Lite. The brand have designed dozens of high quality shoes, boots, flats, sandals, loafers, and work-oriented non-slip shoes for the modern professional woman.

This brand’s shoes are known for their chunky soles, vibrant patterns, and easy on-off slip fit.

Alegria Shoes had professionals such as teachers, doctors, retail staff, and childcare workers in mind when they designed their practical and relaxed shoe line.

This company caters to women who are on their feet for hours at a time and need shoes that preserve their foot health and keep them comfy and mobile as they work

Join me as the rest of my Alegria Shoes review looks at the highlights of buying from this unique footwear brand!


  • Wide range of styles: sophisticated black ankle booties to metallic rose gold sneakers
  • Great product line variety: boots, shoes, sandals, nursing shoes and more
  • Easy online shopping
  • International shipping to 12 countries
  • Lots of easy on-and-off styles: slip-ons, clogs, backless shoes
  • Comfortable, practical shoes for busy professionals
  • Stylish and uniform-friendly slip-resistant options
  • Supportive styles designed to reduce aches and protect feet

Alegria Shoes Review

Keep reading this Alegria Shoes review as I shop through some of this brand’s best-selling footwear.

Whether you’re looking for a playful summer sandal or a practical everyday shoe, this brand has something for everyone.

Alegria Debra Black Leather Review

This simple black leather shoe was created for busy nurses who are on their feet for entire shifts, but it can be worn by anyone looking for a neutral, comfortable everyday shoe. 

The Debra Black Leather shoe will stay snugly on your feet, with a wide leather upper that connects to the easy slip-on leather back. There are no fussy laces or buckles on these practical shoes – just slide into them and go!

The Alegria Debra Black Leather’s chunky sole is made from polyurethane which is safely slip-resistant, and uses natural leather for the upper.

Alegria Shoes explains that their Debra Black Leather shoe has a few other features for maximum comfort:

  • Large toe box so your feet aren’t too constrained
  • Reliable arch support
  • Insoles made from soft and supportive latex, cork, and memory foam

You can also get this shoe in medium or wide width to ensure a perfect fit!

Buy the Debra Black Leather shoe in sizes 5 to 12 for $140. 

Alegria Summer Black Review

The Alegria Summer Black shoe is a bold and funky alternative to your usual summer sandal. 

This shoe features a substantial 2-inch wedge heel and thick polyurethane sole. This slip-resistant shoe bottom is shaped to give you what Alegria Shoes refers to as a “natural rocker walking motion” that allows your feet to move more naturally. 

The gentle slope of the wedge also works to avoid putting too much pressure on the balls of your feet like a typical high heel, while still giving you some additional height.

These Alegria sandals have a summery patterned insole, a colorful floral design that accents the faux wood sole and peeks through from the side when you wear them. 

While the upper on this shoe does close securely around your toes, the connecting leather straps create a peek-a-boo effect over your foot before connecting to a T-strap that wraps around your ankle.

Buy the Summer Black shoe in sizes 6-12 for $130.

Alegria Viki Black Needle & Pins Review

This summer sandal is perfect for women who can’t stand fussy heels or buckles, but want a statement-making shoe. The Viki Black Needle and Pins sandal has a black leather upper with an intricate, hand-sewn floral needlework design on top. 

The bright blues, yellows, oranges and purples of these folk art-inspired flowers and leaves just sing summer! This shoe also features white contrast stitching along the sides of the sole and Alegria’s signature butterfly logo on the heel.

As with all Alegria Shoes, the sole of this shoe is built to be as supportive and comfortable as possible. If you often find your feet achy in normal shoes, you might like that the Viki Black Needle and Pins shoe comes with a removable insole, so you can replace it with your own customized orthotics.

With a modest one-inch heel and a thick, durable polyurethane sole, this shoe is meant to keep your feet happy on long summer walks or outings.

Your toes will enjoy the fresh air in this open-toe, slingback design, and you can adjust the simple velcro straps to get in and out of these shoes easily and customize the fit.

You can select a medium or wide fit for the Viki Black Needle and Pins Shoe, which is currently available in size 5/5.5. Pick them up for $110.

Alegria Colette Opfully Review

The Colette Opfully shoe is a true staple, goes-with-anything summer sandal! This white sandal features three wide leather straps with a small golden buckle for a perfect adjustable closure.

Alegria’s classic thick polyurethane sole keeps this sandal supportive and comfortable. The Collette Opfully shoe has a removable insole in case you want to customize it with your own orthotics.

If not, you’ll enjoy Alegria’s cork, latex, and memory foam insole that absorbs pressure and molds to the unique shape of your foot

These Alegria sandals would pair well with a pair of summer shorts or your favorite skirt or dress. Their easygoing style could easily be dressed up for a lunch out or dressed down for a trip to the beach.

This shoe is available in sizes 5-11 (though it is currently sold out in all sizes except 10 and 11), and you can select a medium or wide width to get the best fit possible! 

Breeze through summer in the Collette Opfully sandal for $110.

Who Are Alegria Shoes For? 

Alegria Shoes Review

Alegria Shoes are designed with active, working women in mind. These shoes have been created with the goal of providing all-day comfort. Their supportive sole and comfy, padded uppers should keep your feet from aching no matter how long you have them on.

This company shares that they specifically thought of women with busy professions such as teachers, physicians, nurses, and retail workers when designing their product line.

These workers are often on their feet for hours at a time and need footwear that is snug and reliable

You won’t find any impractical heels or restricting uppers here, and you’ll find many options with slip-free soles. Alegria footwear is all about keeping you safe and comfy – and as quick on your feet as you need to be!

Older customers and those coping with arthritis and other conditions may appreciate the easy convenience of Alegria Shoes’ designs.

This Alegria Shoes review found that many of these products are easy to slide on and slide off, making them ideal for people with mobility issues and anyone who struggles with bending over or tying laces. 

Those with common foot health issues like plantar fasciitis or bunions will love that Alegria Shoes give them the option to replace insoles with their own customized orthotics.

This company’s shoes also have a bold style. Their signature look is a chunky sole with a rounded shoe top, and sometimes a fun pattern, or stylish strap or buckle. 

While this brand offers some simple styles, most Alegria Shoes aren’t muted wallflowers. They’re a kind of statement piece for women who like a bit of pizzazz in their outfits, without sacrificing comfort and function. 

Alegria Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alegria Shoes Review

Alegria Shoes shares customer product reviews and buyer feedback on their website. The testimonials on this site reflect how well this brand has catered to their target customers – busy working professionals. 

One medical professional shares in her Alegria Shoes review, “I am a podiatrist and recommend these to my patients.”

Another customer with a demanding job also appreciates this brand’s easy comfort and unique style, sharing in her Alegria Shoes review, “I taught school for 30 yrs and discovered your shoes about 3 years ago. I wouldn’t wear anything else. They are comfortable, stylish and the kids call them my “funky” shoes. I won’t be without them. Thanks!!!!”

Another customer who purchased a pair of cozy Alegria Shoes shares that she wears Alegria’s shoes inside and out: “I love the Classic and the shearling inside is a plus. I wear them all day as house shoes without socks. They keep my feet toasty while being supportive. Great for outside, too.”

This brand does not have any reviews on Yelp or TrustPilot yet, but customers have discussed their products on Reddit. Buyers with achy feet have really loved Alegria Shoes’ great support and design! 

One Reddit user with a demanding job and foot issues loves how these shoes keep their feet feeling good, writing in their Alegria Shoes review, “I work on my feet all day. These shoes have been a life changer. They are expensive but WELL worth it. I also have Achilles tendonitis.”

Alegria Shoes are also discussed on the review website, where customers share their positive experiences of buying from the company

One customer says in her Disboards Alegria Shoes review, “I have a pair of Alegria in a Mary Jane type style. They are the most comfortable enclosed shoes I own.”

Overall, this brand is especially appreciated by workers in challenging fields such as medicine and education that require constant movement and mobility.

Customers have also praised this brand for their innovative, supportive features, and reported that their foot pain has improved with their Alegria Shoes footwear.

Is Alegria Shoes Worth It?

Alegria Shoes Review

Alegria Shoes have prioritized comfort above all else. This footwear brand stands out from the competition for their commitment to helping customers find relief from foot pain and enjoy their time on their feet, whether they’re working hard at their job or just puttering around the house. 

Considering the many supportive features Alegria Shoes have, their price point of $100 to $150 is not unreasonable – especially since these shoes are not the ones you’ll wear once to a wedding, but are a practical everyday shoe you can slip on for work, errands, or walking the dog, that will get tons of use.

This shoe brand has received a ton of love from customers, many of whom suffer from foot pain and need a more comfortable alternative to regular, off-the-rack shoes.

Buyers have shared many positive Alegria Shoes reviews and testimonials, praising the funky aesthetic and healthy, supportive design of their unique footwear.

For these reasons, my Alegria Shoes review can certainly recommend making a purchase with this company!

Alegria Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Alegria Shoes Review

Alegria Shoes has a Closeouts section on their website where they showcase their latest sales

At the moment they have tons of deals, including these two popular styles:

  • the Alegria Shayne Black shoe on sale for $110 (regularly $170
  • the TRAQ Froliq Blush running shoe on sale for $59 (regularly $130).

Where to Buy Alegria Shoes

Alegria Shoes Review

You can purchase all Alegria Shoes on their official website.. 


Alegria Shoes Review

Who owns Alegria Shoes?

Alegria Shoes is owned by the parent company PG Lite. 

Does Alegria Shoes ship internationally?

Yes, this company ships to the following countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Croatia
  4. Germany
  5. Israel
  6. New Zealand
  7. Republic of Ireland
  8. Scotland
  9. South Africa
  10. Spain
  11. Switzerland
  12. United Kingdom
  13. United States (including Puerto Rico)

What is Alegria Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

This company offers free shipping to addresses within the US. They also ship to countries such as Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and a few others. Check out the full list above!

My Alegria Shoes review has found that this brand always lists their prices in USD, and your shipping charges will be calculated as you check out with your purchase.

This cost won’t include any duties or other fees you may have to pay as an international customer.

What is Alegria Shoes’ Return Policy?

This brand gives you a lot of time to make a decision about your purchase. You have 365 days from the time of your purchase to decide if you would like to make a return. 

Alegria Shoes explains that they offer free return shipping with a prepaid UPS label you can print at home. Any items you want to return must be in perfect, re-saleable condition.

To begin the return process, get in touch with Alegria Shoes by logging into your account and following the “Return Items” tab.

How to Contact Alegria Shoes

Here’s how you can contact Alegria Shoes:

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