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Saye Shoes Review

Environmentally friendly clothing is slowly becoming a fashion industry norm. Saye Shoes is one of the brands adopting eco-conscious practices through their collection of vegan sneakers and sustainable clothing. 

The label’s vintage-inspired shoe selection is definitely drawing some attention. With features in media like Time, Vogue, and Glamour and about 142k followers on Instagram, it’s evident that they’re becoming a big name in sustainable fashion. 

Are you looking to get some earth-happy kicks? In this Saye Shoes review I can help out by looking at the brand’s bestsellers, policies, customer feedback, and more! Then, you can decide if they’re worth adding to cart.  

Overview of Saye Shoes

Saye Shoes Review

Saye Shoes was founded in 2017 by Marta Llaquet, Elizabeth Sabin, and Damian Augustyniak. The idea originated from Llaquet, who proposed an online shoe brand that plants trees for every sale, which would later generate enough Kickstarter funds to cover manufacturing expenses. 

Even though none of them had previous fashion industry experience, they had their own individual strengths—including business, marketing, and entrepreneurial backgrounds. So with that, they officially launched (formerly) WADO in 2018. 

Their first campaign was successful, and they produced their first 7,000 pairs of shoes. In the following months, the Barcelona-based company created its own e-commerce model in December 2019. This was around when the name was changed to Saye. 

The company’s mission is to provide customers with recycled sneakers and clothing pieces that will be a part of their wardrobe for a long time. In addition, they prioritize ethical work conditions and still fight deforestation by funding two trees with each shoe sale

Now that you know more about the company, let’s look at some highlights of this Saye Shoes review.  


Saye Shoes Review
  • Eco-friendly company that offers recycled, stylish, and vegan items 
  • The company is committed to supporting reforestation efforts
  • Generally well received by buyers based on Saye reviews
  • Ships worldwide with a free shipping minimum 
  • Generous returns policy

Bringing home a new pair of kicks is usually a happy moment! And if they’re eco-friendly, they can add a bit more pep to your step. I think Saye sneakers will definitely do the trick.

So keep reading this Saye Shoes review to learn about their popular sustainable footwear. 

Saye M89 Vegan Bio-Based Review

First up are the Saye M89 Vegan Bio-Based sneakers. These shoes are made from corn vegan leather and take inspiration from other classic styles. 

Saye Modelo ’89 Vegan Green Review

The Modelo ‘89 Vegan Green shoes are perfect for everyday wear. Of course, they’re bio-based, vegan, and organic. They’re also lined with organic cotton and will definitely be able to pair well with any of your closet staples. 

As mentioned, Saye shoes are reminiscent of old-school styles. Still, they’ve made it clear that the silhouette will never go out of fashion. The primary featured color is off-white, but the green details add some color and will definitely look great with some black or blue denim. 

The Modelo ‘89 Vegan Green retails for $176.   

Saye Modelo ’89 Vegan Hi Garnet Review

If you’re more into high-top styles, the Modelo ‘89 Vegan Hi Garnet has got you covered. Evidently, these sneakers cover the ankle and have more support than a low-cut sneaker. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less fashionable. 

Like the Vegan Greens, the Vegan Hi Garnet is made from bio-based products. Featuring a bamboo lining, they’re still soft and comfortable. The hi-top style also emulates a streetwear edge, so throwing them on with cuffed pants or a dress will definitely elevate your look. 

The Modelo ‘89 Vegan Hi Garnet is available for pre-order for $188.   

Saye M89 Vegan Cactus & Mango Recycled Review

Next in this Saye Shoes review is the M89 Vegan Cactus & Mango collection. These sneakers are made from mango and cactus-based materials to provide you with a totally vegan shoe. So, let’s get into it! 

Saye Modelo ’89 Vegan Cactus Review 

The Modelo ‘89 Vegan Cactus shoes are similar to the Vegan Greens but feature a darker shade of green. In addition, of course, they also have cactus-based materials, which are represented in the shoe’s colorway. 

Like the previous sneakers, the Vegan Cactus shoes complement most color palettes, so throwing them on in the morning is a no-brainer. But it’s important to mention that these shoes are not waterproof, and Saye recommends taking a damp but not soaked cloth to them to keep ‘em clean. 

You can pre-order the Modelo ‘89 Vegan Cactus sneakers for $192.   

Saye Modelo ’89 Vegan Mango Review

Last up in this Saye Shoes review are the Modelo ‘89 Vegan Mango shoes. They’ve clearly taken the delicious fruit to a fashionable level. This mango vegan leather shoe also has a bamboo lining and is made from recycled materials. Like our other featured kicks, they have removable insoles made from recycled thermoplastic and PU (polyurethane) foam. 

Not all of your brown shoes have to be formal. These neutral sneakers will look incredibly cool with other neutral colors or classic blue jeans. Regardless, they offer a retro 80s vibe that I just can’t get enough of. 

The Modelo ‘89 Vegan Mango retails for $200

Who Is Saye Shoes For? 

Saye Shoes Review

Saye Shoes is great for anyone looking to make a sustainable fashion purchase. Their shoes and clothing aren’t categorized by gender, so it’s clear that they’ve made items for everyone to enjoy.

Plus, since their products are certified vegan, anyone who adopts the lifestyle can rest easy when adding Saye shoes or clothes to their cart. 

With that being said, they can be considered expensive and might deter some customers on a budget. 

Is Saye Shoes Sustainable? 

Saye Shoes Review

Saye Shoes is a sustainable brand. They use many eco-friendly materials, and all items are manufactured locally to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, they’re committed to creating ethical working conditions and are constantly monitoring their supply chains through visitations. They also help fund reforestation efforts with every shoe sale. 

Saye Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Saye Shoes Review

I couldn’t wrap up this Saye Shoes review without looking at some customer feedback. Unfortunately, there are no published ratings on the brand’s main website, so I went digging on external sources such as Trustpilot and Reddit. 

The company has a 3.4/5 star Trustpilot rating from about 565 reviews. Testimonials are mainly positive and often cite great quality products. For example, one customer writes, “These shoes look even better in person! The quality is good, and they are really comfortable as well.” 

Another five-star reviewer says, “I now have two pairs of the Vegan Modelo sneakers, and they are seriously the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn. Sizing is accurate, and delivery is prompt. The fact that they’re vegan and sustainable is a huge plus, and they look great, too!” 

The rave reviews don’t stop there. One buyer shares, “I love the sneakers! I have worn them a couple of times, so I can’t report the durability, but they seem well-made, very comfortable & stylish.” 

I also found a Reddit thread that gave the brand some praise. One user states that they were in love with their purchase, adding that the design was a selling point. They did mention a few issues with the color, which started to wear off after 6 months. 

Additionally, during this Saye Shoes review I found a few criticisms on Trustpilot. These customers cite unresponsive customer service, shipping delays, and quality issues. Luckily, company representatives quickly respond to these issues with solutions and contact information. 

Is Saye Shoes Worth It?

Saye Shoes Review

As I said, sustainable manufacturing practices are what many fashion labels are striving for in current times. Saye Shoes looks towards an eco-friendly and ethical future with its products, manufacturing practices, and environmental initiatives. 

Based on everything I’ve learned during this Saye Shoes review, I think the brand is worth checking out if you have the means. Not only are their items eco-conscious, but they’re also chic and versatile. They’ll be easy to style with everyday casual wear. 

There are more critical Saye reviews, but as I said, they usually receive a prompt response from the company’s customer service team. 

Saye Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Saye Shoes Review

Everyone loves a good deal. Saye Shoes offers a 10% discount if you use the code SAYE10. You can also get 5% off your order by subscribing to the company’s emails. 

Where to Buy Saye Shoes

Saye Shoes Review

If you’re trying to get your hands on some Modelo ‘89 sneakers, you can buy some at At the time of this Saye Shoes review, you can also find the company’s kicks at select retailers; you can find one near you on their ‘Stores’ page. 


Saye Shoes Review

Who owns Saye Shoes?

There isn’t much information about Saye Shoes’ owners online, but it’s safe to assume that the three co-founders, Marta Llaquet, Elizabeth Sabin, and Damian Augustyniak, own the brand. 

Does Saye Shoes ship internationally?

Saye Shoes does offer worldwide shipping. I’ll get into more detail in the following section! 

What is Saye Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

Saye Shoes offers free international shipping for orders over $110, and they’re fulfilled by UPS. The company is also offering complimentary delivery for its sneakers. If you don’t meet the order minimum, shipping costs vary depending on your location. 

In European countries, it can range between $8–$14 and packages may take between 2–3 days to arrive. But, if you’re located outside of Europe, it may take about 3–5 business days and can cost about $29. This can be affected by changing pandemic restrictions. 

What is Saye Shoes’ Return Policy?

Saye Shoes has a 45-day return and exchange policy. You can use their online portal to place a request and follow the provided instructions from there. 

Once Saye Shoes approves your request, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label which will be deducted from your total refund. You can also opt for an exchange or store credit that does not expire. In that case, Saye will cover return shipping fees. It’s important to note that discounted items are final sale

Refunds typically take 14 days to be issued after the company receives your item, but this can vary due to current pandemic related restrictions. 

How to Contact Saye Shoes

Saye Shoes Review

I hope you enjoyed reading this Saye Shoes review! If you have any questions for their team, feel free to contact them via email: [email protected]. They’ll get back to you within 3 business days. 

Saye Shoes’ office hours are Monday to Friday, 9AM to 3PM, CET.

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