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About Vagabond

Vagabond Review

Vagabond is a Swedish footwear brand known for its minimalist designs and sustainable practices. The comfortable and classic silhouettes are made for men and women, with the shoemaker paying keen attention to detail. 

As one of the largest fashion shoe brands in Europe, Vagabond definitely receives some attention on its social media pages. They’ve garnered about 114k followers on Facebook and 220k on Instagram. Customers can also find Vagabond shoes in stores like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. 

Are these boots really made for walking? This Vagabond review aims to find out. Join us as we take a look at the company’s most popular shoes, customer feedback, policies, and more, to help you decide whether they’re worth trying on.

Overview of Vagabond

Vagabond Review

Vagabond was initially founded in 1973 by the Nilsson family. It began as a men’s footwear brand before venturing into unisex and women’s designs. Today, it has set the roots for the Vagabond shoemakers brand, co-founded by Mats Nilsson and his wife, Marie Nilsson Peterzén. 

Peterzén was working at the company for 10 years before going into business with her spouse. Once the opportunity came up, they didn’t hesitate to take over the family business.  

In the following years, the couple managed to launch the women’s and unisex collection—the first of its kind among the Scandinavian market. Evidently, the company saw success and soon set on a mission to create “great looking shoes for people in all corners of the world.” 

Vagabond shoes are designed in a studio located at the head office in Varberg, Sweden. With their sustainable production process monitored closely, the brand aims to reduce global emissions in its distribution, sourcing, and more. 

The company works in tandem with tanneries to ensure high-quality and low-waste production. By 2030, they hope to reduce their greenhouse gases by 50%. 

The brand also offers a shoe take-back service for used shoes. Customers can bring their unwanted footwear and Vagabond sends them to I:Collect in Germany. Then, they’re distributed to secondhand stores or made into a recycled pair. This cyclical model gives shoes a longer lifestyle instead of winding up in landfills. 

Now that you know more about the brand, this Vagabond review will go over some highlights.


  • Swedish brand with an extensive collection of shoes and accessories for men and women
  • The company is aiming towards a sustainable future by reducing its emissions
  • Classic, contemporary, and practical designs 
  • Worldwide shipping is available 
  • Free returns
Vagabond Review

Nothing adds more pep to your step than a new pair of shoes. Vagabond offers fashionable loafers, boots, and sneakers to make your favorite dude or lady smile. So, keep reading this Vagabond review to learn about the company’s best-selling footwear. 

Vagabond Women Review

As they say, ladies first! The hottest Vagabond women’s kicks are fashion staples that are bound to stay in your collection for a long time. Let’s take a look.

Vagabond Cosmo 2.0 Loafer Review

The Vagabond Cosmo 2.0 Loafer takes on a trendy 45mm chunky silhouette. It comes in all-black and has a leather upper and inner sole, along with an adorable penny front and apron toe. They can look edgy, academic, or just plain charming, depending on how you style them. 

A chunky penny loafer is always quite versatile. Something like a pair of flared pants will look nostalgic and trendy all at once. You can even wear crew socks, tights, and a mini skirt for a cute and studious look. Either way, the Cosmo 2.0 Loafers are great shoes to have on your rack. 

These Vagabond loafers retail for $175

Vagabond Kenova Boots Review

The Kenova Boots adopt the classic Chelsea boot with chunky soles and rounded toes. The heel measures about 40 mm, with cow and goat leather as the primary materials. They also come with elastic inserts and a convenient pulling tab for easy on and off. 

The Chelsea boot style transcends seasonal fads. You can wear them anytime, and the Kenova Boots are no different. But this Vagabond review would save them for autumn to deliver the best looks. From skinny jeans to sweater dresses, these boots will capture all of the fall vibes for your Instagram feed. 

The Kenova Boots will cost $140 to add to your bag. 

Vagabond Judy Boots Review

The last of the women’s shoes are the Judy Boots. The twist on a classic curling boot results in these charming shoes with a black leather upper. Plus, it features warm polyester lining to keep you warm when the snow starts falling. They have a slight platform that measures 40mm

The Judy Boots are a no-fuss shoe. They’re simple with minimal, bold features, but that doesn’t make them any less stylish. With inside zippers and pull-on tabs, taking them off and putting them on is a breeze. Plus, you can wear them with practically anything during your next holiday evening stroll. For example, they’d look so cute with some Christmas plaid patterns. 

These warm-lining Vagabond boots will run you $175

Vagabond Men’s Review

Of course, this Vagabond review has to talk about popular men’s shoes. The Swedish company’s loafers, boots, and sneakers for guys are modern, clean, and handsome. So let’s get into it!

Vagabond Alex M Loafer Review

The penny Alex M Loafers adopt an enduring style. The cow leather upper is paired with a Portuguese-made rubber outsole, goat leather lining, and inner sole. The modern twist on a classy style will make any person run wild. 

The heel height is 33mm, adding a slight chunky look to the shoe. Generally, the penny loafer leans more towards a preppy aesthetic, but Vagabond adds some edge. They’re easy to take on and off and can be paired with tailored pants to jazz up your next bachelor party or wedding. 

The Alex M Loafer will run you about $180

Vagabond Jeff Brown Boots Review

With the rise of utility fashion, the Jeff Boots can be the talk of the town. The brown cow leather and chunky design gives the impression that you’re getting down to business. With a lace-up fastening and rounded toes, these boots will serve well with some of your casual looks as well. 

The mid-rise design might be intimidating to some. But you could always make it less daunting by wearing some wide-leg pants or jeans. On the flip side, if you’re feeling adventurous, a jumpsuit would look avant-garde and fashion-forward. Basically, the monochrome colorway is easy to style no matter what your fashion choices are. 

The Jeff Boots cost $240 to add to your bag. They’re also available in black. 

Vagabond Paul Sneakers Review

Last but not least in this Vagabond review: the Paul Sneakers. These leather sneakers can become a quintessential item in your wardrobe. We may sound like a broken record, but these leather low-tops are clean and versatile like the other Vagabond shoes. 

The Paul Sneakers’ black leather upper and white sole create a beautiful contrast. They can be your sunny day pick when you’re planning a meetup for drinks with friends or family. You could even wear them out to the club, and your shiny black shoes will turn all the heads. 

The Paul Sneakers come in seven different colors and cost $140

Who Is Vagabond For? 

Vagabond Review

Vagabond is great for young adults searching for some footwear staples. But the brand’s designs can really appeal to anyone who’s also drawn to some simplicity with a hint of rebellious energy. 

They do use genuine leather, but they also offer no-animal options if customers wish. The company is also making strides towards more sustainable practices, including reducing emissions, sourcing sustainable materials, recycling used shoes, and more. 

Vagabond Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vagabond Review

We couldn’t finish this Vagabond review without looking at some customer feedback. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t publish ratings on the main website, so we went searching for testimonials on Zappos, Nordstrom, and Trustpilot. 

On Zappos, the Kenova Boots received 3/5 stars from a pool of 7 reviews. One customer writes, “After trying 10 pairs of black leather Chelsea boots, these are the winner. They […] fit me perfectly. No crowding in the toebox. Love the subtle stitching detail on the top. Chunky, trendy sole that’s still dressy enough for work. Looking forward to buying future pairs of shoes by Vagabond shoemakers. Very impressed!”

Another reviewer says, “Overall, a great purchase. I even have ankle issues, and these shoes are comfortable and classy.”

Several shoppers recommended paying close attention to the sizing before ordering. All in all, it appears that most buyers had a smooth experience with returning any shoes that did not initially fit them for ones that did:  

“I​​’m usually an 8, but the size 8 is way too tight. The 9 fit perfectly. Very easy to walk in these boots, I would highly recommend. I also tried on the Cosmo 2.0 and Tara leather/comb boots. This version of the Tara boot seemed the most casual out of the three to me, and would match a variety of outfits. The stretchy sides also make it easy to take the shoe on and off.”

Nordstrom also publishes reviews for Vagabond shoes. The following are two ratings for women’s shoes: 

  • Cosmo 2.0 Loafer: 3.8/5 stars from 5 reviews
  • Kenova Boots: 4.5/5 stars from 71 reviews

The Cosmo 2.0 Loafer is a hit among customers. One reviewer says, “These are the perfect platform-ish loafers with just enough height to make them stylish and unique, but simple enough to pull off at work. I love them! But they run SUPER small, so definitely order a size up. I am generally a 9.5/10 […], and I had to exchange them for 11s. […] I have enough room to get a sock in now too. So save yourself the return hassle and size up!” 

Nordstrom customers also loved the Kenova Boots, with one buyer writing, “I wore them everywhere I went and got compliments on them. A little bit big, but maybe because I tend to order a half size up whenever I order boots to wear thick socks. The order was true to size.”  

Another reviewer writes, “I love these boots! They are super cute, very comfortable, and, thanks to the rubber sole, easy to wear all day! I can’t say enough positive things about them, and I just wish they also came in brown! Highly recommended! I bought a 38, and the fit is perfect. I usually wear an 8 to 8.5 in US sizing.”

Trustpilot users also love the brand. One reviewer writes, “I have had two pairs of Vagabond boots for many years which I bought on my honeymoon in London. I could not find them in the US but was pleasantly surprised when I found them at Nordstrom […] Super comfortable, sustainable, and fashionable. Will be a customer for life, and my 3rd and 4th pairs are just as cute.”

With that said, this Vagabond review came across some criticisms, especially on Trustpilot. The company has 2.1/5 stars from 38 ratings on the feedback site. Some customers had gripes with the customer service, shoe quality, and return policy. While consumers’ issues go unanswered publicly, some note that the customer care team does answer and offer solutions privately

Is Vagabond Worth It?

Vagabond Review

Finding simple staple footwear isn’t too hard nowadays, but the same cannot be said of excellent craftsmanship. Vagabond offers high-quality footwear that’s contemporary, timeless, and edgy. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find a pair that suits you and your needs. 

Based on this Vagabond review, we think the company is worth checking out. It’s hard not to like a pair of the Swedish brand’s shoes, as the collection is so simple and stylish. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Plus, they’re affordable and the company is making strides towards being more sustainable.  

Vagabond Promotions & Discounts 

Vagabond Review

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Vagabond is currently holding a sale on some of its bestsellers.  

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other promos or discounts at this time. Still, you can subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. 

Where to Buy Vagabond

Vagabond Review

Trying to get your hands on a pair of Kenova boots? You can buy some from They’re also available in select retail stores, including: 

  • Urban Outfitters
  • Nordstrom
  • Amazon
  • Little Burgundy (Canada)
  • And more! 


Vagabond Review

Who owns Vagabond?

There isn’t much information provided online, but it’s safe to assume the co-founders Marie Nilsson Peterzén and Mats Nilsson own Vagabond. 

Is Vagabond Swedish?

Yep! Vagabond is a Swedish company. It was first launched in 1973 by Mats Nilsson’s family. 

Does Vagabond ship internationally?

Vagabond does ship to select international locations. We’ll get into more detail in the following section.

What is Vagabond’s Shipping Policy?

Vagabond offers $5 Economy shipping for US customers. Orders are fulfilled by FedEx and are estimated to arrive within 3–5 business days after getting your shipping confirmation. You’ll also be able to track your order on the FedEx website. 

Customs duties, taxes, and other charges are mandatory. Depending on your home state’s postal policies, you might also be subjected to additional import charges. 

Some international locations offer free shipping with an order minimum. In addition, some countries offer other shipping options, including express delivery. Estimated delivery times in places like the UK, Germany, and Canada vary between 1–5 business days. Again, we’d suggest going to your local Vagabond website for more information!  

What is Vagabond’s Return Policy?

Vagabond has a 14-day return policy that starts from the day your order arrives. Your item must be returned in its original packaging, and the company reserves the right to charge customers if the product is damaged. 

You can start a return by contacting the customer care team via an online contact form. Simply enter your order number and the item(s) you want to send back. The brand also asks to state the reason for return using the following codes: 

  1. Too big
  2. Too small
  3. Ordered multiple sizes
  4. Not as expected fit
  5. Not as expected look 
  6. Late delivery 
  7. Changed your mind

Vagabond’s team will send a prepaid return label. You need to pack up your order in its original box, and then place it in a larger container—make sure also to include the receipt so your return can be verified. The next step is to drop the package at your closest service point or schedule a FedEx pickup online. Once your order is returned, it can take 1-3 business days to receive your reimbursement. 

Note that Vagabond does not handle direct exchanges. Instead, you’ll have to return your original item(s) and place a new order on the brand’s website. 

How to Contact Vagabond

Do you have any questions beyond this Vagabond review? You can contact the customer care team via the following channels: 

  • Contact form 
  • Phone: +46 340 54 12 03 

Vagabond’s service hours are Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM, CET. It’s important to note that the team speaks English and Swedish, but they also offer German service by e-mail. 

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