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Toms Shoes Review

Nowadays, it’s hard to find good footwear that won’t a) break the bank, or b) destroy the environment. There are so many brands out there trying to grab your attention that you may be missing out on a phenomenal label — one that embodies comfort and doing the right thing — right under your nose. Well, that’s TOMS Shoes for you. 

A footwear company with a grand mission, TOMS Shoes has accumulated fans all over the world, including A-list celebs like Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Garner, to name a few. Not surprisingly, they’ve also garnered fans online with a collective 1M followers on Instagram, and have been featured in publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Teen Vogue.

But can shoes and charity really mix? This TOMS Shoes review will take you through a catalog of TOMS products, their company policies, important FAQs, and some customer feedback so you can decide for yourself if you’d like to invest in TOMS shoes, and their charity or not.

Overview of TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes Review

Founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Shoes was inspired during his trip through Argentina where he was affected by the sight of children without shoes. When he got back home to the states, Mycoskie started the blueprints for what is now TOMS Shoes as a company — with footwear as the star and his One for One charity as its bottom line.

In TOMS’ One for One program, starting with TOMS’ original Alpargata style shoe, Mycoskie wanted to give a child in a developing company a pair of shoes for every set of footwear purchased. In 2019, a group of creditors provided Mycoskie relief from their debt. And the new owners are continuing the donation track by giving 1/3 of profits to Grassroots Good.  

There’s plenty of information about the company out there, so this TOMS Shoes review has compiled a list of highlights to help you sort through it all:


  • Free shipping on orders over $74 (US) & $79 (Canada)
  • Global distributors
  • Country-specific website
  • Community Grassroots Good program
  • Environmentally friendly and ethical practices 
  • Wide variety of products — including eyewear and other accessories
  • Free returns (continental US only)
  • AfterPay and Klarna payment plans available
  • Some vegan shoes
  • Student discount
Toms Shoes Review

If you’ve been looking at your shoes and wondering how it’s possible to combine footwear with charity, then keep reading this TOMS Shoes review. We’ll unpack all the info, along with their shoes, and see if it aligns with your own values. 

TOMS Shoes Women’s Review

If we’re going to get serious about this TOMS Shoes review, we have to take a look at some of their best-selling ladies footwear. So, here’s a peek at what customers love best about TOMS Shoes, including their Everly Boot, Alpargata Heritage Canvas shoe, and their Majorca Cutout Sandal. You might love what you see!

TOMS Everly Boot Review

The TOMS Everly Boot is a must-have winter staple. Regardless of the color you choose, this earth-friendly ankle bootie will suit the occasion. Boldened with a super comfortable block heel and padded with a signature OrthoLite® Eco X4 Hybrid™ insole, you’ll never lose traction or confidence on a long walk. 

Coming in US sizes from 5 to 12, the TOMS Everly Boot is offered in five colors, including black, black leather (with a faux fur accent), tan, tarmac olive and taupe gray. Get yourself a pair for $119.95.

TOMS Shoes Alpargata Heritage Canvas Review

The shoe that kicked off the entire brand. The classic Alpargata Heritage Canvas shoes are an undeniable staple to any casual outfit. With flexible, recycled-material soles and a variety of colors to choose from, you’ll always feel like you’re walking on air when you’ve got these shoes on. 

As with all TOMS shoes, partial proceeds go to charity. The Alpargata comes in US sizes 5 to 12, and are available in seven colors, including dark cherry, black on black, and morning dove to name a few. These classic canvas shoes retail for $50.

TOMS Majorca Cutout Sandal Review

TOMS aren’t just about the flat shoes; they’ve got some cute and casual sandals you’ll want to look at as well. Take for example, the TOMS Majorca Cutout Sandal, complete with a very walkable heel.  

With a tough textile upper that comes in a natural-looking canvas color or a fun cheetah print, this pair of TOMS sandals also comes with an OrthoLite® X40 Hybrid insole to support the health of your feet. Secured with an ankle-cuff zipper for effortless wear, the Majorca Cutout Sandal is available in a closed-toe option for $89.95. Their closed toe version can be had for $99.95.

TOMS Shoes Men’s Review

There’s two sides to every story, and if you’re lucky, two sides to every brand. In this case, TOMS Shoes makes both men’s and women’s shoes, so this TOMS Shoes review is going to feature their best-selling men’s footwear. Up next, we’ll be looking at their Baja Slip On, TRVL Lite Sneaker, and Alpargata Rover.

TOMS Shoes Baja Slip On Review

The TOMS Shoes Baja Slip On is one of TOMS Shoes core originals. With a canvas upper, and a thick rubber sole, these simple and classic slip on kicks have a touch of elasticity on the edges, for easy on/off access. A bonus to these heritage sneakers? They’re vegan, and partial proceeds go to charity. 

These TOMS sneakers also happen to be available in seven different colors, including black on black, gray, navy, black, and pavement gray to name a few. Available in US sizes 7 to 14, they retail for $50.

TOMS Shoes TRVL Lite Sneaker Review

The TOMS Shoes TRVL Lite Sneaker will be your go-to for any casual setting. Made with a thick rubber sole and canvas upper for pure comfort, you won’t want to take these off. As an added bonus, you’ll be getting some orthopedic support with these sneaks, so you won’t be compromising your foot or form.

The shoe comes in nine colors, including black classic, drizzle gray canvas, classic black, drizzle gray lite, and navy blue to name a few. With partial proceeds of this style going to charity, the TRVL Lite is available in US sizes 7 to 14, retailing for $85.95

TOMS Alpargata Rover Review

If you could mix technical wear and a pull-on sneaker together, you’d get the TOMS Alpargata Rover: a sleek, versatile shoe made with durable, eco-friendly materials. Paired with jeans or joggers, the Rover is suitable for almost every season and casual occasion. 

The TOMS Alpargata Rover is made with the brand’s cushiony OrthoLite® Eco LT Hybrid™ insole and a featherweight rubber outsole to provide all the grip and pliability you need. Plus, each pair is crafted with a canvas material that’s mostly jute – a fiber that can be processed with less water and chemicals. 

Sizes 7-14, you’re up! Grab these partially plant-based kicks in 4 colors: black, black/white, drizzle gray, gray/blue for $85

Who Are TOMS Shoes For? 

Toms Shoes Review

Honestly, TOMS Shoes is such an accessible and fairly-priced casual footwear company that it’s hard to say who wouldn’t wear these shoes. Since their beginning, they’ve been making a shoe that will benefit everyone, not only in terms of support but the world as well. 

And while their shoes are suited to everyone, TOMS Shoes has decided to branch out and start manufacturing goods beyond shoes, such as eyewear, beanies, socks, blankets, and other accessories.

Does TOMS Shoes Really Give A Pair Of Shoes Away? 

Toms Shoes Review

When TOMS Shoes was launched in 2006, their top mission was to sell shoes that allowed them to give a pair away to a child in need as a committed exchange. TOMS’ cost of footwear has always reflected that. You can get a similar shoe at a lesser price, but TOMS Shoes were not only quality-crafted but also used partial profits to make donations to the needy.

Up until 2019, TOMS Shoes maintained a “One for One” policy, so, yes! They did give pairs of shoes away to children in developing countries for all the shoes they sold in-store, reaching over 200 countries with their generosity and multiple charity programs.

However, since 2019, TOMS Shoes has changed their model. They now use 1/3 of their profits to change the world in other ways, not just with shoes. TOMS’ shareholders felt this would be a bigger way to impact the world. Their efforts include a focus on mental health, gun control, and increasing equal opportunities for all.

TOMS Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Toms Shoes Review

TOMS Shoes has been around for a while now, and with their devotion to charities and their simple shoe styles, there’s lots of customers who have been giving positive reviews. To give you an idea of how popular their shoes are, here’s a breakdown of reviews from the shoes we featured above:

  •  Everly Boot: 4.1/5 stars, from 68 reviews
  • Alpargata Canvas Heritage Shoe: 4.4/5 stars, from 340 reviews
  • Baja Slip On: 3.9/5 stars, from 46 reviews 
  • Alpargata Rover: 4/5 stars, from 5 reviews 

On Influenster, where the brand has a 4.6/5 stars from 43 reviews, one happy customer said: “I have a few pairs of TOMS Shoes and I love them all! They are so super comfy and stylish! I usually receive them as gifts, thankfully from my Husband. I even wore a lace pair on my wedding day!”

They continue in their TOMS Shoes review, saying their shoes are “…well worth the money and I love that they give a pair away to the needy when I buy a pair! What an awesome and thoughtful business! I highly recommend these shoes and brand! I’ll continue to buy them. They are by far my favorite shoe brand!”

Over on Zappos, where the brand garnered an average of 4/5 stars out of 800 reviews, one satisfied customer wrote: “This is my second pair of TOMS. I wore out my first pair, that’s how much I loved them. They take awhile (at least 3-5 wears) to meld to your particular foot shape and for the canvas to soften.”

They also continued in their TOMS Shoes review, stating: “By the time I threw out my first pair, the canvas had stretched to a full half-size larger than the shoe. I ordered these in my normal shoe size and my regular TOMS Shoes size. These were tight out of the box but I know they will stretch over time.”

The last ecstatic customer hails from Chick Advisor, where the brand has a 4.4/5 star rating out of 26 reviews, boasting of their generosity: “I currently own two pairs of these canvas shoes, and they are my go to! They look great with every outfit, they are comfortable and they come in cute colours and designs.”

That’s not all. Their TOMS Shoes review maintains that the “[favourite] part of purchasing them is the fact that for every pair sold, they will give a child in need a pair of shoes. It is such a great brand, and it makes you feel good to know that purchasing a product you love actually gives back to those in needs. TOMS is a great company.

Overall, it seems that customers don’t have much negative thoughts regarding the brand. The general consensus seems stoked by the companies consistency, big-heartedness, and simple but comfy styles.

Are TOMS Shoes Worth It?

Toms Shoes Review

There’s plenty of footwear out there similar to what TOMS Shoes offers in appearance. But it’s safe to say that no look-alike competition maintains the same commitment to charity, environmentally friendly practices, or the same ethos that TOMS does. The price might differ but it reflects the company’s approach to integrity.

If you’re looking for some quality footwear geared towards comfort, simplicity, and good deeds, look no further. With a no-frills approach, TOMS maintains transparency to their customers, something not many brands do today, and it’s something they’ve done since they first launched in 2006 until now.

TOMS Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Toms Shoes Review

TOMS Shoes offers frequent sales and discounts, including a rewards program, outlined below: 

  • Refer a friend: You and a friend get $20 off 
  • Specific sales section with great deals 
  • Student discount through Student Beans: Get 10% off 

Starting tomorrow – Thursday, 12/28/2023 – the TOMS team will adjust prices on all Sale items, allowing you to enjoy an extra 30% off using the code “EXTRA30” and save up to 75% in total!

Where to Buy TOMS Shoes

Toms Shoes Reviews

TOMS Shoes are easy to find because they’re just so versatile and stylish. Although the biggest portfolio of TOMS shoes can be found on their website, you can also visit the following sites (or stores in person) to get your hands on some TOMS gear:

  • Altitude Sports
  • Soft Moc
  • Zappos
  • The Shoe Company
  • DSW
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • DSW
  • Zappos
  • Journey’s


Toms Shoes Reviews

Who owns TOMS Shoes?

Originally founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006, the company was taken over by a trio of previously invested companies, including the Jefferies Financial Group, Nexus Capital Management LP, and Brookfield Asset Management in 2019. 

What makes TOMS Shoes so special?

TOMS Shoes was uniquely developed with charity as one of its company pillars. The founder, Blake Mycoskie, was influenced by his time in Argentina, and wanted to make a difference by starting a company that gave back to those in need. TOMS shoes were born with the mission to give a pair of shoes to a child with every pair purchased, creating the “One for One” policy.

Is TOMS Shoes sustainable?

TOMS Shoes is indeed a sustainable company. As they’ve grown, they’ve become increasingly more environmentally friendly, using low-impact earth practices and ethically sourced materials. This includes a smaller environmental footprint and green packaging, as well as using sustainable cotton, recycled polyester, and plant dyes to create their products.

Does TOMS Shoes ship internationally?

Currently, TOMS Shoes does not ship to international addresses from its US site. However, they do have individual international websites! Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Greece, the Netherlands, and the UK have their own TOMS platform, so each country can order the company’s products in their own currency.

What is TOMS’ Shipping Policy?

Since TOMS Shoes has a number of different countries it operates in, and has constant sales and deals, shipping policies vary from place to place. Depending on the amount of items in your cart as well as where you live, the shipping costs will be different. Right now TOMS offers free shipping to the US on orders over $74 and free shipping to Canada on orders over $79.

We know you want to get your shoes as soon as possible, so once your order is processed, the company estimates it may take up to 3 business days to arrive. 

What is TOMS’ Return Policy?

If you’re unhappy with your TOMS Shoes, don’t worry. You have a 30-day window from your purchase date to return the item(s), unworn and unused, of course. Plus, if you live within the continental US, returns are free. 

To start a return, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Head to their Returns Portal.
  2. Check out the instructions they’ve laid out so you can print off your return shipping label. If you live outside of the continental US, you’ll need to pay for your own shipping. 
  3. Put the return form into your packaged shoes and drop it off at the authorized carrier.

After the company has received your return, it will take up to 10 business days for them to refund you. 

How to Contact TOMS Shoes

If you still have some burning questions this TOMS Shoes review didn’t answer, you can reach out to the brand in the following ways: 

  • Phone: 1-800-975-8667
  • Live chat

Their customer service time is available to help you out from Monday to Friday, between 8 am to 5 pm PST. 

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