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My Patriot Supply Review

About My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply Review

Always be prepared. That’s the common phrase, right? Well, My Patriot Supply takes it to a whole new level with all of the survival products one could ever need.

My Patriot Supply seeds, food, water, and miscellaneous items all provide the security needed to make it through any unprecedented events.

The brand’s loyal customers closely follow this leading supply company, keeping up to date through constant blog posts on survival, skills, and self-reliance.

In this My Patriot Supply review, we’ll check out more than the products offered, but the company’s mission, prices, history, customer testimonials, and more to help determine whether or not they’re a worthy investment.

My Patriot Supply Review

Opened in 2008 to guide the nation through preparedness, My Patriot Supply started by packaging foods and survival supplies that could handle any disaster. 

Offering the longest shelf life on food and premium seeds for planting, this company’s kits are easily the best for this market (plus their food is grown and packaged right in the USA).

The company was built by Matt Redhawk around the notion that “It’s not food. It’s freedom.” Preaching self-reliance and preparedness, this brand knows how to create and follow a plan, offering up ways to strengthen chances of survival rather than promoting fear.

During the 2020 pandemic, this business flourished, helping millions of families across the US prepare for current and future struggles. 

With that as their benchmark, My Patriot Supply continues to launch new packages and kits to better help families and individuals plan for the worst. Let’s face it, we all want to be a survivor in the end.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions.

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros & Cons

Let’s move this My Patriot Supply review into some pros and cons to consider:


  • High-Quality Products: My Patriot Supply offers a wide range of high-quality food products designed to have a long shelf life and provide essential nutrition during emergencies or natural disasters. They focus on providing non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free options to meet various dietary needs.
  • Variety of Food Options: The company offers a diverse selection of food kits and individual food items, including long-term storage meals, survival seeds, water filtration systems, and other emergency supplies. This variety allows customers to choose products that align with their specific needs and preferences.
  • Long Shelf Life: My Patriot Supply’s food products are typically packaged to have a long shelf life, often ranging from 25 to 30 years. This extended shelf life ensures that the food remains viable for an extended period, providing peace of mind for emergency situations.
  • Simple Preparation: The company’s food products are designed to be easy to prepare, often requiring only boiling water or minimal cooking equipment. This convenience can be especially valuable during emergencies when access to electricity or cooking appliances may be limited.


  • Higher Price Point: Compared to regular grocery store prices, emergency food supplies from My Patriot Supply can be more expensive. The quality and long shelf life of their products contribute to the higher price point. It’s important to remember that their products won’t go bad for ages.
  • Personal Taste and Preferences: While My Patriot Supply strives to provide a variety of food options, individual tastes and preferences may vary. It’s advisable to carefully review the product descriptions and consider any dietary restrictions or specific food preferences before making a purchase.


My Patriot Supply Review

Crossing standard categories of food and cooking off their list, this business also looks into purification systems and seeds and even posted a My Patriot Supply Glenn Beck review (Google the name if you haven’t heard it – his review is pretty neat!) 

With a variety of products, we’re picking out some of what we deem the most important and useful products offered by the brand but check online to see what else they have to offer. But first, let’s see what sets this brand apart from the pack:

  1. Emergency Food Kits: My Patriot Supply provides a wide range of emergency food kits that are designed to provide essential nutrition during emergencies or challenging situations. These kits typically include dehydrated and freeze-dried meals, snacks, drinks, and other food items that have a long shelf life.
  2. Long Shelf Life: One of the main features of My Patriot Supply products is their extended shelf life. The company packages their food items using advanced preservation techniques to ensure they remain viable for an extended period, often ranging from 25 to 30 years. This longevity allows individuals to store the food supplies for emergencies without worrying about spoilage.
  3. Dietary Options: My Patriot Supply offers food options that cater to various dietary needs. They provide non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free food choices to accommodate individuals with specific dietary restrictions or preferences.
  4. Water Filtration Systems: In addition to food supplies, My Patriot Supply offers water filtration systems and purification products. These systems are designed to provide access to clean drinking water during emergencies when the regular water supply might be compromised. Clean water is essential for survival, and having reliable water filtration options can be crucial.
  5. Seed Kits: My Patriot Supply also offers survival seed kits for individuals interested in growing their own food during extended emergencies or for sustainable living. These kits typically contain a variety of heirloom seeds that can be planted to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  6. Preparedness Resources: My Patriot Supply provides educational resources and guides on emergency preparedness and survival. These resources can help individuals better understand the importance of preparedness, learn essential skills, and make informed decisions about their emergency supplies.
  7. Subscription Services: The company offers subscription services for those who want to maintain a constant supply of emergency food. With these subscription plans, customers receive regular deliveries of food kits or individual food items, ensuring that their emergency supplies are regularly replenished.
  8. Customer Support: My Patriot Supply has a dedicated customer support team to assist customers with inquiries, product information, and order-related questions. They can be reached through phone or email to provide assistance and address any concerns.


My Patriot Supply focuses on providing high-quality, long-lasting emergency food supplies. The specific ingredients used in their products can vary depending on the item and kit. However, their products generally consist of a combination of the following ingredients:

  1. Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Fruits and Vegetables: These can include a variety of fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, strawberries, corn, peas, carrots, and more. Dehydrated and freeze-dried methods help preserve the nutritional content of the produce while extending its shelf life.
  2. Grains and Legumes: My Patriot Supply uses a selection of grains and legumes like rice, oats, quinoa, lentils, beans, and wheat. These ingredients provide a good source of carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fiber.
  3. Meat and Protein Sources: Some of their food kits include meat or protein sources like chicken, beef, turkey, or textured vegetable protein (TVP). These options offer a protein-rich component to the meals.
  4. Soups, Sauces, and Seasonings: To enhance flavor and variety, My Patriot Supply includes a range of soups, sauces, and seasonings. These can include tomato soup, vegetable broth, cheese sauce, BBQ seasoning, chili seasoning, and more.
  5. Baking and Cooking Ingredients: Some kits may include baking and cooking ingredients such as flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, and vegetable oil. These items can be used to prepare a wider variety of dishes and add versatility to the emergency food supply.
  6. Snacks and Drinks: My Patriot Supply also offers snacks and drinks like granola bars, fruit snacks, powdered milk, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. These items provide quick energy and beverage options for individuals during emergency situations.

9 Best-Selling My Patriot Supply Products

Doesn’t matter who you are – we all need to eat. Especially when locked up, trapped, or simply limited in where we can go. 

My Patriot food supply makes up a decent chunk of the stock from this company, so we’ve picked out a few favorite plans to show off what’s available. Each food kit contains 2,000 planned calories per day, so keep that in mind when stocking up.

After that, we’ll shine the spotlight on their esteemed water filtration systems.

My Patriot Supply 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can Review

Let’s be serious, we’re not all as prepared as we should be. A good way to get that emergency kit going is to build it up week by week. That’s what this brand is offering with their 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can.

Ready for the worst-case scenario? This kit contains 58 servings of food made from 9 different dishes to choose from. 

Stored in a tight and portable container, these meals are quick to prepare and perfect for when the power is cut. Each meal bag is resealable to ensure you get the most from every dish.

Loved by thousands of customers, this kit sits at 4.9/5-stars with many using it as their go-to for camping or general emergency planning.

This kit is available for $89.

My Patriot Supply 4-Week Emergency Food Supply Review

Whether planning for a longer-term or simply a larger family, the 4-Week Emergency Food Supply kit is one to keep in mind when aiming to stock up.

Perfect for an individual month or a week for a family of four, this kit comes in sealed buckets (that’s right – buckets!) so you get your money’s worth. 

Weighing 38 lbs, this kit contains 256 meals to keep a household stocked no matter the emergency. Containing a variety of meals, this kit not only offers standard servings, but they made sure to throw in drinks and snacks too.

This supply costs $297.

My Patriot Supply 3-Month Emergency Food Supply Review

Building up in supply, this company triples its previous kit with the 3-Month Emergency Food Supply. This hefty supply delivers quality in each bite while preserving the food until the day you’re in need.

Packaged with sturdy materials, this kit is fit to feed one person for 90 days without concern. Stored in 6 separate buckets, drinks, snacks, meals, and more come ready for quick prep and serve time. 

Serving up 2,000 calories per day, mix and match favorites of the meals offered to brighten up any day. This long-term plan is available for $897.

My Patriot Supply 6-Month Emergency Food Supply Review

Ready? This is it. The big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for. The 6-Month Emergency Food Supply.

Stored in a total of 12 buckets, these containers are waterproof, weatherproof, humidity-proof, critter-proof, and probably kid-proof (not confirmed, but we can hope). 

All food made and contained was grown within the US, so those classic dishes present are almost as good as homemade. They’re homegrown anyway.

Ready for the serving count? It’s 1,754 meals. That’s over 240 lbs of food ready to go when it’s needed. Just follow the simple instructions to make each dish and supper will be on the table in no time.

This hall-of-famer is available for $1,597.

My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Sample Pack Review

Here’s a genius idea – before finding a brand and buying big, test it out with a quick 72-Hour Sample Pack.

This pack includes 20 servings of some of the most popular meals included in the food emergency kits. Featuring Mac and Cheese, Creamy Chicken Rice, Maple Grove Oatmeal, and Homestyle Potato Soup, these kits are a great way to taste test quality before buying quantity. 

Serve one person for 72 hours or split it with friends and do a little taste-test party – either way, this is a good first step in the door to being prepared.

This sample pack regularly costs $25, but at the time of this My Patriot Supply review, it’s on for $20.

My Patriot Supply Gluten-Free Food Kit Review

Even those with food intolerances want a chance to survive. And rightfully so too! My Patriot Supply has thought it through with their Gluten-Free Food Kit.

Providing 120 servings in one purchase, this kit comes sealed in a waterproof bucket that withstands both time and the elements to keep food fresh for when it’s needed. 

Including 11 selections for food and drinks, this supply is stocked full of flavor to lighten any day. Our favorite meal in this one? Probably the chocolate pudding. Don’t judge.

This kit comes in at a cool $140.

My Patriot Supply Alexapure Breeze True Hepa Air Purifier Review

Get ready to breathe easily by knowing the air supply is clean and fresh. The Alexapure Breeze True HEPA Air Purifier gets the job done every time.

Dependable in its design and duty, this air purifier uses HEPA filters to remove pollens, smoke, dust, and more from the air supply in the room. Working silently, this device was designed for minimalism making it energy efficient at all times. 

Using a 4-stage process to filter all air, any harmful particles are removed with ease so whether the concern is the flu or Covid-19, you can take a deep breath of relief in knowing it will be filtered out.

This filter regularly costs $280 but is currently on sale for $196.

My Patriot Supply Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System Review

Water is one of the essentials in life to keep your body functioning. The problem? Not all water we consume is as clean as it should be. The Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System solves that issue with ease.

Removing harmful chemicals such as metals, lead, chlorine, bacteria, and more, this item filters out any threats and leaves only the pure, refreshing drink we all need throughout the day. 

Perfect not only for survivalists, but anyone regularly dependent on tap water for their supply, this piece sits at almost 22” high, holding up to 8.5 liters. Rest it on the counter and keep the fresh water coming as one filter can handle up to 5,000 gallons.

This item is currently $250 (regular price $270).

My Patriot Supply Ready Hour 9-in-1 Multi-Function LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Light up the room with the Ready Hour 9-in-1 Multi-Function LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight. It’s a long name, but it definitely supports such a long title through all it can do.

Leave the regular flashlights at home and set out with a solar-powered one. This light also functions to charge power banks, strobe red SOS lights, break glass, cut seatbelts, function as a compass, and more. 

It’s kind of an all-in-one tool that will ultimately save the day. Perfect for camping, sailing, or just storing at home, this magnetic flashlight is ready for any job. Lightweight with its aluminum build, it’s the perfect lighting companion on adventures.

Typically this flashlight goes for $50, but at the time of this review, it’s on for $28.

How Long Does My Patriot Supply Food Last?

My Patriot Supply Review

All stocked food with My Patriot Supply lasts up to 25 years on the shelf unopened. Stock up with the preferred kit and amount, you’ll be good to go for years to come.

Who Is My Patriot Supply For? 

My Patriot Supply Review

There are many who would argue survivalists are a certain type of people, but we need to be honest here, everyone needs some kind of supply

Whether it’s used during a global pandemic or simply a time when money is tight, it’s wise to have some kind of backup plan when it comes to food and clean water. Even a week’s worth of food supplies on a shelf can make a big difference during a rough period in life.

Survivalist supplies also come in handy when camping. We’re saying they’re made for the experience, but they are useful in a pinch as many of the meals can be made by adding water.

Comparison: My Patriot Supply vs. Mountain House

My Patriot Supply Review

Survivalist products are surprisingly hot on the market – especially after Covid-19 reared its ugly head. Far from the only brand on the market, My Patriot Supply has lists of competitors in place, especially when it comes to food supplies.

Offering a selection of meal and activity types in their store, Mountain House was founded in 1969 and played an important part in providing freeze-dried food to the military during the Vietnam War. 

While this brand doesn’t sell the purifying tech and survivalist packs that My Patriot Supply does, when it comes to food the two are in pretty heated competition.

There are pros and cons to both brands, so we’ll hit some of the best draws from both to help you decide who deserves the business.

Mountain House

  • Known for supplying the military
  • Simple food prep in the food packaging itself to save waste of additional containers
  • Food Supply Calculator online to help calculate just how much is needed for the members of the household
  • Fully cooked meals last 30 years on the shelf prior to opening
  • Assortment of packaging sizes and meals to choose from
  • Resealable pouches to make the food last and reduce waste

My Patriot Supply

  • Military discount available
  • Bulk supplies that are made to last long amounts of time
  • Carb-heavy food to keep individuals satisfied
  • Coffee! What else do you need to survive?
  • 25-year shelf life unopened and 1-year once opened
  • 2-day delivery guaranteed 
  • Zip pouches to reseal food

We have to admit, this may be a My Patriot Supply review, but both of these brands are well-known in this community and provide quality options for survivalists. 

No matter what the brand, We’d highly recommend checking out some options to have some kind of supply storage ready. We may sound paranoid, but like the boy scouts famously say, always be prepared.

My Patriot Supply Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

My Patriot Supply Review

We couldn’t honestly recommend this brand without looking into a My Patriot Supply review or two from verified customers. And by one or two, we mean checking into the thousands of ratings online.

This company lists over 43k ratings alone on their website as of June 2023, averaging a 4.8/5-star rating from their customers. 

Customers seem to especially appreciate their easy ordering system, quick delivery, and the quality of the products. Multiple My Patriot Supply reviews state that this food has the best ratio of taste to shelf-life storage.

One verified customer stated, “My local store runs out of supplies quickly and takes a week or more to restock. The products and kits I have been stocking up on prevent any issues with my household food supply. They are easy to order, quick delivery, and easy to prepare. Highly recommend!

Customer service and shipping seem to be the highlights of this brand, as they’re brought up time and time again. Another 5-star reviewer commented, “The service and delivery are great. Quality products great for everyone.

Here’s a sneak peek at just how well-received some of their products are:

  • 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can (2,000+ calories/day): 4.9/5 stars out of 1,579 ratings
  • 4-Week Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day): 4.8/5 stars out of 5,622 ratings
  • 3-Month Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day): 4.8/5 stars out of 1,086 ratings
  • 6-Month Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day): 4.9/5 stars out of 513 ratings
  • 72-Hour Kit Sample Pack (2,000+ calories/day): 4.8/5 stars out of 2,895 ratings

On Amazon, their products maintain those high ratings and reviews. While few products from this brand are actually listed on this retailer, the My Patriot Supply reviews for their 72-Hour Food Supply are quite positive. 

Sitting at 4.2/5-stars based on over 45 ratings, customers seem to appreciate the quality and selection of the food included. This comment sums it up nicely:

Before making another purchase for the 3-month supply we broke into a bucket and started trying stuff out. Should have labeled the bucket “frosted flakes” because everything in there is GRRREAT!

We’ll be honest, outside of the brand website, there aren’t a lot of ratings to pull from aside from survivalist companies and blogs listing the best companies to shop for supplies from. 

Overall, this brand appears to be a favorite amongst survivalists for food and preparedness supplies. The quality stands up to the reputation, and typically customer service and delivery are prompt and helpful. 

Looking over all of the My Patriot Supplies reviews listed, there are definitely more good than bad.

Is My Patriot Supply Worth It?

My Patriot Supply Review

To conclude our My Patriot Supply review, we can safely say that the brand is worth it. With a wide selection of products, quality service, and quick delivery times, this seems to be the brand to buy.

As we said earlier, it never hurts to have a storage of basic products in your home. No one knows what might happen in the future, so even a small supply can make all the difference in a time of need.

My Patriot Supply Promotions & Discounts 

My Patriot Supply Review

The most obvious and noteworthy deal in this My Patriot Supply review is the Military Discount. The amount off isn’t listed, but active duty, veterans, and dependents are all offered this deal, so check it out if you fit any of those categories.

While it’s not a deal, this company does work with Affirm payments to provide financial planning options for more manageable prices on the bigger items.

Where To Buy My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply Review

This brand works exclusively through their website,, and mega-giant retailer Amazon. We will state that the products listed on Amazon from this company are limited, so the best bet is to stick to the original site.


It’s important to be prepared, and that means exploring your options. Here are a few more brands to consider:

  1. Mountain House: Mountain House is a well-known brand in the outdoor and emergency food industry. They provide freeze-dried meals and ingredients that are easy to prepare by simply adding water. Their products have a long shelf life and are designed to retain their flavor and nutritional value.
  2. Legacy Food Storage: Legacy Food Storage offers a range of freeze-dried and dehydrated meals, snacks, and ingredients. They focus on providing high-quality, non-GMO, and gluten-free food options for emergency preparedness. Their products come in various sizes and have long shelf lives.
  3. ReadyWise (formerly known as Emergency Essentials): ReadyWise offers a wide selection of freeze-dried and dehydrated food products, including meal kits, fruits, vegetables, meats, and snacks. They prioritize quality and nutrition in their products and provide options for various dietary needs and preferences.


My Patriot Supply Review

Where is My Patriot Supply food made? 

This company takes great pride in their patriotism. All products are manufactured in the USA.

What is My Patriot Supply’s Shipping Policy?

Has this My Patriot Supply review convinced you to order? We’ve got shipping details for US and Canadian orders to lay out prices, times, and tracking info important to every delivery.

The fastest shipping available is within the contiguous US states, so for those in Canada awaiting an order, it’ll be a 2-to-3-week period before receiving the product. 

The US used to receive orders with 2-day guarantees, but since Covid ramped up business things have taken a turn. Standard times are now 7 to 10 days for orders including:

  • 3-Month Emergency Food Kit
  • 6-Month Emergency Food Kit
  • 1-Year Emergency Food Kit
  • Gluten Free Food Kit

For orders not containing those items, the standard 2-to-3-day period is still in place. Shipping costs a flat rate of $8, but for those ordering $99 or higher, shipping is free.

Once the item has shipped, a tracking number will be sent to the attached email. Follow your order to know when to expect the arrival of those new supplies.

What is My Patriot Supply’s Return Policy?

Didn’t realize how much you ordered? For 30 days after purchase, returns are offered for a full refund. Returning is a straightforward process (makes sense for straightforward supplies):

  1. Call or email customer service about the return
  2. Repackage the unused item and include the receipt or proof of purchase
  3. Ship it off to 1175 South Meridian Park Road, Suite A, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

That’s it! If your order was one of the more expensive packages, it’s recommended to use a tracking service. They’re a higher cost (it won’t be refunded – no return shipping is), but well worth it to ensure the item arrives.

Any damaged or defective items can be exchanged or returned with ease. Just contact customer service and they’ll help you out.

How to contact My Patriot Supply

Did our My Patriot Supply review leave you with questions? Reach out to customer service for those answers! This brand lays out a few easy ways to get in touch:

Looking for more emergency food solutions? Check out Legacy Food Storage or ReadyWise, two brands that stock all of the essentials for survival situations, including emergency food, water, and gear—all of which are made in the USA.

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