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SnackCrate Review

About SnackCrate

SnackCrate Review

SnackCrate is a monthly subscription box of treats from different countries. It’s like saying “yum” in a new language every month, in the form of salty, sweet, tangy, and other full-sized goodies.

Recently, the brand has been featured in Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, USA Today, Mashable, Glamour, CNBC, Delish, WIRED, and other notable media outlets.

On social media, the brand is killing it with 570k followers on Facebook and 90k followers on Instagram. Customers keep up with the company to find out which country their taste buds will be traveling to next!

This SnackCrate review will take you on a trip of your own to explore the wondrous world of SnackCrate: how it works, how much it costs, what kinds of snacks there are, what customers think, shipping and return policies, and other FAQs.

Overview of SnackCrate

SnackCrate Review

A University of West Florida soon-to-be graduate named Kyle Roarke founded SnackCrate. In 2015, Kyle decided to go rogue and start up his own business, even though he was almost finished with his engineering degree. He had cooked up an idea so delicious it was irresistible!

The founder tells the story of how as a kid, his military dad sent him a care package of snacks from Japan—which he loved, obviously, because candy. This heartfelt memory was the inspiration behind SnackCrate.

It was a simple premise: a company that delivers a box of snacks to try from a new country each month. But it took off big-time, and today, SnackCrate is a multi-million dollar corporation with over 3 million boxes shipped and snacked on!

Based in Pensacola, Florida where it all began, SnackCrate is driven to create an exciting international experience for subscribers every month, letting them try new treats regularly and learn more about different cultures while munching away.

SnackCrate Review

For this SnackCrate review to give you the quick highlights of what we found out about the brand, here’s a handy pros and cons list:


  • Monthly delivery of snacks from a different country
  • Three box sizes
  • Positive customer reviews about quality, shipping, and customer service
  • Refer a friend for a discount
  • Monthly contest to win a free trip
  • Free shipping
  • International shipping (to six countries)


  • Negative reviews about trouble canceling the subscription
  • Complaints about late shipments
  • Only ships to the US and six other countries

How Does SnackCrate Work?

SnackCrate Review

So by now, you’re probably wondering how it all goes down. Allow us to break it down for you simply in digestible pieces in this section of our SnackCrate review.

First, you sign up for the SnackCrate snack subscription box on the website. You pick the size of your box from three different options: Mini, Original, or Family. Your first box is automatically $5 off—cheers for trying something new!

You select the country of your first box, so you can give it a real good try-on. When you sign up, you are billed immediately for that month but after that, you are billed on the 5th of the month. Usually, on the 1st or 2nd, the brand announces the country of the month via socials, but if you wanna keep it a surprise you can stay away from its page.

If you’d like to shop items separately, you can! Check out the SnackCrate Store to browse and add yum-inducing snacks to your cart.

SnackCrate Review

SnackCrate Review

For your SnackCrate snack box, you have the three different options for size:

  1. Mini: 5-6 snacks
  2. Original: 10-12 snacks
  3. Family Size: 18-20+ snacks

BTW, every SnackCrate international snack box comes with full-sized products, so don’t worry about getting cheated with little baby mini sizes. Even in the box literally called Mini, you still get your snacks full-sized.

In the Mini box, you receive free standard shipping each month. Your 5-6 snacks will be $15. With this option, you do not receive an entry into the monthly contest (sad face).

The Original box is more generous: 10-12 snacks for $27. Plus, you’ll receive free priority shipping and an Adventure Ticket Entry into the monthly contest.

Lastly, you can choose the Family Size, which comes with 18-20+ snacks to try for $50. You’ll still receive Free Priority Shipping. And get this: you get three Adventure Ticket Entries.

In every one of the subscriptions, you receive a booklet with facts, games, and a music playlist, so you can learn about the culture of the month via your tastebuds, ears, and the ‘Funducational Department’ of your brain all in one.

Our Favorites from the Menu

That’s enough logistics for now. Let’s take a gander at some of the snacks offered in this next part of our SnackCrate review. We’ll cover some of the most popular sweet, salty, and savory options.


SnackCrate Review

Attention: we are now arriving in Japan! Hi-Chew candies are soft, rectangular fruity chews. Made with real strawberries or grapes, this 55g treat is only $2.

Allergies info? This nummy treat contains milk.

Ahi Tuna Jerky

SnackCrate Review

Take a trip to Hawaii with this savory Ahi Tuna Jerky. Dried local wild-caught tuna with teriyaki flavoring is what you’ll find in this 21g bag for $2.

Beware that this jerky contains wheat, soy, and fish (but you knew that last one already).


SnackCrate Review

Hanuta from its home country Germany is a sweet treat: a wafer sandwich with choco-hazelnut filling. Each 44g package is $2.

Contains milk, wheat, tree nuts, and soy.

Apetinas Ketchup Potato Sticks

SnackCrate Review

POV: you just landed in Spain. You’re fiending for some munchies. You see Apetinas Ketchup Potato Sticks in the nearest convenience store and say, “Oh yeah.”

This salty, savory snack is reminiscent of one of Spain’s most iconic dishes, patatas bravas. Your international snack-time will be a potato-y, ketchup-y delight. For $2 per 20g bag, it ain’t a fortune!

Who is SnackCrate for?

SnackCrate Review

Ask yourself: do I want snacks? Do I want snacks every month? Do I want snacks from different countries every month? If so, then SnackCrate is for you. That is, of course, if you have it in your monthly budget to dedicate at least $15 towards your international foodie status.

Because of the multiple sizes available, SnackCrate is ideal for individuals, couples, families, and workplaces alike. But the best way to figure out if this brand is for you is to sign up and try it out yourself—you at least get $5 off the first box and you can cancel anytime, so don’t sweat it.

Do note that you have to live in one of these countries in order to order SnackCrate: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or Malta.

Comparison: SnackCrate vs. MunchPak

SnackCrate Review

Our SnackCrate review would benefit from a comparison, don’t you agree? A similar brand, MunchPak, is a subscription service for international snacks, too. So what makes the brands unique?

Well, firstly, what do they have in common?

  • Monthly box of snacks from a new country each time
  • Full-sized snacks
  • Comes with a booklet of facts
  • Can add on a beverage for an additional cost

But MunchPak is different in these ways:

  • Offers prepaid plans for 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Sizes are 5 snacks, 10 snacks, or 20 snacks
  • Less expensive: when billed monthly, its $14, $24, and $44

On the other hand, our featured brand hosts monthly contests. We hope this brief comparison helps put our SnackCrate review into context, so you can see how another popular brand works its stuff!

Want to learn more about MunchPak, check them out in our full MunchPak Review and see how they stack up!

How Much is SnackCrate?

SnackCrate Review

How much your SnackCrate will cost you in coins is gonna depend on how many snacks you’re getting each month:

  • Mini: $15
  • Original: $27
  • Family: $50
  • Add a drink (optional): $6

Ranging from $15 to $56 a month, SnackCrate can certainly be tailored according to your snacking needs and budget.

SnackCrate Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SnackCrate Review

Let’s expand our SnackCrate review to hear some customer opinions because sharing is caring! First, we looked at brand site reviews, but we also dove deeper into the truth by getting on Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, and Facebook.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the reviews featured on the brand site are all glowing with foodie pride. The subscription service has 4.5/5 stars from 463 reviews.

Customers are bragging about their monthly surprise party experience, falling most in love with the cultural exploration that the snacks along with the booklets provide, plus fast shipping, and “beyond helpful” customer service.

One reviewer also raved about the family-bonding experience brought to you by SnackCrate:

My family and I when it arrives actually sit around and traditionally read the fun facts first before we attempt to read the names of the snacks lol we each take turns trying certain items and rate on what we like and don’t like. … These boxes rock and it’s a fun way to use them for bonding experience with family and friends 😁”

On BBB, the brand has an F rating which is a red flag, no doubt. Customers complain mostly about not being able to cancel without a big fuss, sometimes even using that dreaded four-letter S-word.

One customer explained how they tried to cancel their account but was still charged, and then they could no longer access their account to try the cancellation again. They wrote:

I just want the charges stopped and there is no customer support to call in. I have already paid for two boxes since trying to cancel and have to lock my card to prevent charges.”

Since BBB is pretty much all negative reviews (it is a site for complaints, after all), let’s look for some good news, shall we?

Turning over to Trustpilot opinions, the brand has an impressive 4.6/5 stars from 1,562 snackers. The sweet comments from “never disappointed” customers mostly related to good customer service and quality snacks and booklets. Many reviews also mentioned how the subscription works great as “one of the most intriguing and longest lasting gifts ever.”

Read this complimentary review from a satiated snacker:

Love the ENTIRE SnackCrate experience and the joy it brings to my family each month when a new box comes in the mail! It’s like Christmas every month! … Wonderful packaging, well put together, very thorough with information on the country and LOVE the Customer Happiness department.”

… But where there’s sweet, there’s always salty. The negative comments were mostly about late deliveries, bad-tasting food that “went in the garbage,” poor customer service, and trouble with canceling subscriptions.

From one customer’s negative SnackCrate review, it’s no wonder why they ended up salty. After receiving two boxes containing damaged products—“candy wrappers already being slightly opened”—the customer hopped online to cancel. In the cancellation process, the customer explained that they were canceling because of the damaged food. Then what happened? Well:

A representative (Lindsay) reached out to me asking for photos of the damaged products, but I did not take any photos and did not care for a refund. What Lindsay did not indicate to me was that I had to respond to her email again saying that I wished to cancel even though I already canceled online.. So I was charged another $50 for a box I did not want.

SnackCrate Review

The customer goes on to explain that after they were charged, they reached out yet again to customer service, but another representative just insisted that they “could refuse service whenever the box arrives to get a refund,” which involves waiting to receive a refund, which involves being upset that you were charged for the box in the first place post-cancellation.

Lastly, on Facebook, customers were mostly kind to the brand. These social-media-savvy snackers enjoyed the variety of snacks and cultures and the overall excitement of receiving snacks and learning more about the countries that made them.

This SnackCrate review shares the experience from a couples perspective:

Me and hubby make this into a fun event. We close our eyes and pick 1 at a time and take turns. Its like mystery box lol

There are still some bad experiences, naturally. This review left on Facebook tells the sad tale of snacks gone missing:

My tracking says my snacks was delivered on the 14th but I never got anything I even updated my box for this to happen no I don’t want a refund so please don’t start it I want my box replaced!! I’m just realizing I never got it and it been sent to the wrong place or lost !!

To sum up customer opinions: positive reviews swear by the quality of the box, shipping, and overall funducational experience, while negative reviews swear they experienced terrible customer service, late shipments, and trouble canceling.

But, this SnackCrate review is happy to report that there were far more positive testimonials than negative ones.

Is SnackCrate Subscription Worth It?

SnackCrate Review

All in all, SnackCrate sounds pretty awesome. Despite the negative reviews about customer service, the 4.6/5 star rating on Trustpilot says it all: people are loving their boxes of international flavor. If you’re a foodie and/or travel enthusiast, chances are, you’ll love the experience of traveling to new SnackCrate countries every month.

Make sure that you choose the right plan for you. Like if you don’t need 20 snacks, don’t splurge on the Family Size. And super important: make sure you read up on the cancellation process and return policy. Because so many of the negative reviews were about cancellations, you want to understand it fully before you strap in for the ride.

SnackCrate Promotions & Discounts

SnackCrate Review

Our SnackCrate review found a few snazzy deals for customers:

  • Automatic $5 off your first order—no hunting for a SnackCrate coupon required
  • Refer a friend to get $10 off your next box
  • Each month, one winner receives an Adventure Ticket in their SnackCrate which grants them a free trip to the country of the month

Sign Up For SnackCrate Subscription

Signing up for the subscription is pretty simple. You’ll be munching in no time:

  1. Click “Get Started” on the site
  2. Choose the country for your first box
  3. Choose the right size for you
  4. Complete your checkout

PS: You’ll be billed for this first box immediately, but every other box will be billed on the 5th of the month.


SnackCrate Review

Who owns SnackCrate?

SnackCrate is owned by Founder and CEO Kyle Roarke of Pensacola, Florida.

How do I cancel my SnackCrate subscription?

Good Q. You’re thinking ahead, my friend. Here’s how you cancel:

  1. Use your SnackCrate login to access your account
  2. Click on “Subscription
  3. Click on “Cancel Next Plan

What is SnackCrate’s Shipping Policy?

SnackCrate ships within the US plus six other countries: Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Malta. Anywhere, you receive free shipping.

Orders ship at the end of the month because the snacks come directly from their country of origin, so it takes about three weeks to ship. Once it ships, you’ll be emailed tracking info so you can check up on where your snacks are within the 1-3 days it takes to arrive.

International delivery takes longer, from 2-4 weeks after shipping.

Another thing to note: Original and Family Size boxes receive priority shipping, still just as free.

What is SnackCrate’s Return Policy?

Good news: you can return products that are defective or damaged within 30 days of receipt. In return for the return, you’ll receive either a new product or a credit on your account. For refunds, email [email protected].

How to Contact SnackCrate

Our SnackCrate review found these ways you can get in touch with the expert snackers in customer service:

Customer service is available Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

Explore your options for snacks with these top subscriptions:

Try the World




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