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Vintage Brand Review

There’s nothing quite like a vintage tee, especially when it features your fav team or college mascot. But sometimes those pieces are pricey (I’m talking way out of budget pricey).

Luckily, Vintage Brand offers that perfect happy medium: a wide selection of tees, sweatshirts, hats, as well as fun merch featuring your fav baseball, football, basketball, and college teams. 

The items are all newly manufactured but have those vintage vibes, all at an affordable cost. Currently, the company boasts 7.2k followers on Pinterest, where they feature inspo for their next launches and pin cult faves from classic styles to the best sports teams of all time.

You’ll find greats like old school sports teams and the coolest mascots on a super personalized piece.

Ready to start adding some of these stylish and retro items to your collection? My Vintage Brand review is here to guide the way. I’ll start off with an overview of the brand, give you all the details on some of the best-selling options, delve into customer reviews, and share info on some FAQs to help you decide if these pieces deserve a spot in your sports lovin’ heart.

Overview of Vintage Brand

Vintage Brand Review

With a name like Vintage Brand, you may be expecting a date early on in the history of fashion. But, this company was actually founded in 2017 by a small group of sports lovers, including its current CEO, Chad Hartvigson, who wanted more availability when it came to vintage styles and prints.

So what’s at the heart of the brand? Recreating game day feelings, special moments, and feelings of nostalgia so you’ll experience the same sense of passion and joy every time you take a look at or wear the merchandise.

That being said, they began collecting historical sports memorabilia including tickets, scorecards, mascot decals, and just about anything else they could find. Then, they reprinted them on all different kinds of products, from tees to fridge magnets so shoppers could see the American sports and memories they loved everywhere. 

Today, using over 20,000 different digitally restored and enhanced historic images, the pieces are handcrafted and made to order in Louisville, KY and are available for purchase across North America. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty, my Vintage Brand review will delve into overall highlights of the company to give you a little insight into what it’s all about:

Vintage Brand Review


  • Wide variety of retro and vintage logos, sports tickets, posters reprinted on clothing to homewares
  • Custom-made in Louisville, KY
  • Fast shipping
  • Ideal for personalized and thoughtful gifts
  • Unisex styles
  • Comfortable materials
  • Plenty of fit options and styles
  • Ships within Canada and the US

At Vintage Brand, you’ll find loads of different options for sports lovers everywhere. The website is pretty easy to navigate so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, with different sections for college, baseball, basketball, football, and college athletes. You get the idea. 

Once you’ve selected the category, you’ll be able to narrow down your search from there. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose between teams, bowl games, rivalry, playoffs, or athletes.
  2. Select your choice from the wide range of different team names.
  3. Browse away or deepen your search even further by selecting different products like coasters, wall art, or socks.

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, you can also use the search function. Now that you know how to find exactly what appeals to you, in my Vintage Brand review I’ll consider some of the company’s top selling options. Who knows, maybe they’ll be your cup of tea as well or give you some inspo for your next purchase.

Vintage Brand Review

I’ve mentioned Vintage Brand’s selection is vast, so I won’t be able to cover it all in our review. Since its most popular options tend to be clothing pieces, that’s what I’ll focus on, with a fun little mug thrown in the mix. 

The pieces also come in different fabric and finish options so you can opt for something ideal for cooler weather or something moisture wicking and breathable, perfect for those days on the court. But remember, you’ll always find some matching memorabilia to go with your clothing item so you can start building that collection and decorating man caves! 

It even has the largest selection of retro hats for classic sports teams, so be sure to take a peek. All that being said, let’s get into some of the Vintage Brand top selling items!

Vintage Brand 1950 Alabama Crimson Tide Iconic T-Shirt Review

The 1950 Alabama Crimson Tide Iconic T-Shirt features the University of Alabama’s athletic varsity team logo with the school mascot, a scowling elephant along with a bold red A in the background. The reason this style is iconic is because the elephant wasn’t originally the school’s mascot.

Alabama varsity teams were actually known as the Red Elephants because of the rumbling sound created as they were ready to run out onto the field which prompted one fan to shout, “Hold your horses, the elephants are coming!” The red coloring comes from the school colors, making this shirt the perfect blend of a classic story with a well-known team.

Another thing it’s the perfect blend of? Materials. Crafted from a super soft and breathable, sustainably sourced ring-spun cotton and stretchy polyester, this T-shirt is made for lounging or working out — whatever your heart desires!

With a classic crew fit, the 1950 Alabama Crimson Tide Iconic T-Shirt comes in two colors: white or heathered gray, and is available in sizes M-3XL for $24 on sale from $35.

Vintage Brand 1958 Missouri Tigers Retro Heather T-Shirt Review

Number one in your heart and in the late 50s, you’ll find the 1958 Missouri Tigers Retro Heather T-Shirt. Today, the brand has a rather vicious and frightening tiger as its mascot. But way back then, the mascot looked a little friendlier, though its face was still marked with the classic snarl.

Made from polyester and ring spun cotton, this tee is super soft and even pre-shrunk for that perfect vintage feel. With a crew neck and a classic fit, the T-shirt is sure to be a (Missouri Tigers) fan favorite. 

Available in a marle black or charcoal and in sizes M-3XL, this top retails for $33 but is currently on sale for only $24.

Vintage Brand 1960 Miami Hurricanes Iconic T-Shirt Review 

If you’re a football fan like many Americans, the 1960 Miami Hurricanes Iconic T-Shirt may appeal to you. This design features a vintage logo for the football team from the University of Miami with thick green lettering and a large football shape.

This comfy crewneck tee is made from sustainably sourced cotton and ideal for throwing on when you’re heading out to games, doing yard work, chilling, or playing a game of football or two yourself. You know, all-American football goes along with that all-American lifestyle!

Available in a light shade of heather gray or classic white and in sizes M-3XL, the 1960 Miami Hurricanes Iconic T-Shirt retails for $35, but is currently on sale for $24.

Vintage Brand 1983 Boston College Eagles Hat Review

If you’re a fan of Boston College sports teams or are an alumni of the school yourself, you may know the significance of the 1983 Boston College Eagles Hat. The eagle was adopted as the school’s mascot because of the power and freedom it exudes — fitting for a team that metaphorically and literally “snatch[es] the trophy of victory from old opponents.”

This comfortable cap features the same artwork from 1983, a bold red and gold eagle flying between the college’s letters. This trucker hat features a snapback, breathable nylon mesh back panel, and a foam beak, as well as a cotton sweatband. 

The hat comes in 3 different color options: white and charcoal, white and black, or all three shades combined. It retails for $33 but is currently on sale for $23.

Vintage Brand 1984 Illinois Fighting Illini Mug Review

Ah, the Rose Bowl — a classic American tradition for college football teams to kick off the new year in the right way. And the 1984 Illinois Fighting Illini Mug represents a nostalgic and iconic moment for college football fans everywhere.

In 1983, the Illinois Fighting Illini were the first team in Big Ten history who played in the Rose Bowl to go 9-0 in their season. It wasn’t until their first game in 1984 that they lost against the UCLA Bruins.

Despite the loss, this moment has lived on in history and the great Illini victory. And that’s exactly what this mug represents, featuring the iconic rose emblem of the event of the year it happened, along with the two participating teams. 

The vintage style is perfect for a cup of java in the early mornings, thinking about those good ol’ days. Add a little extra sweetness to your days with the 1984 Illinois Fighting Illini Mug, which comes in two sizes:

  • 11oz: retails for $18 but is currently on sale for only $13
  • 15oz: retails for $20 but is currently on sale for only $14

Vintage Brand 1984 Virginia Cavaliers Snow Heather Raglan Crew Review

The 1984 Virginia Cavaliers Snow Heather Raglan Crew and team itself were inspired by two events that fell perfectly into place to create this team’s brand. One was “The Cavalier Song”, which was written in 1923 by a student, along with a caricature of the team featured in the Washington Post a couple years later.

With that, this comfortable and cozy crewneck sweater features the mascot himself: a brooding mustached man, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, decorated with a bold red feather. It’s made from a French terry cloth cotton and polyester blend for a lightweight and relaxed feel, and is available in charcoal or a baseball tee in charcoal black.

The 1984 Virginia Cavaliers Snow Heather Raglan Crew comes in sizes M-3XL, and retails for $55 but is currently on sale for $38.

Who Is Vintage Brand For? 

From everything I’ve learned during this Vintage Brand review, it seems that the company’s pieces are specifically designed for anyone who has a love for sports, classic teams, and nostalgia for the good ol’ days. Combine all that, and you’ve got exactly what this brand offers.

The items are definitely a great option for collectors or superfans who want to find affordable recreations of memorabilia from all their fav sports teams and athletes. The clothing is also unique and stylish, which makes it ideal to wear to a sports event or game.

That being said, the clothing, décor, and other merch make a great gift. Whether you’re celebrating with some tickets and want some cool pieces to match or simply want to ignite a memory for a loved one, Vintage Brand has it all.

Vintage Brand Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Writing this Vintage Brand review, I unfortunately found little in terms of customer reviews. What I did find was directly on the brand’s website, with a 5/5 star rating out of 2,168 customer testimonials. It sounds too good to be true, but the company also received a B rating on Better Business Bureau, with 26 out of 32 complaints solved.

So, what exactly are shoppers saying? Well, one buyer describes that the vintage style doesn’t take away from the overall quality, writing: “Vibrant color, no fading when washed. Great fit. Vintage Brant is the best!!!

Another happy customer demonstrates how the brand succeeds in its mission, as their piece recreated those special memories: I’ve been a Hawkeye fan since I was in the single digits! And having a nostalgic t-shirt with ‘Flyin Herky’ on it is the creme’ de la creme!

The wide range of options also make a good impression, especially when gifting, as one patron describes how the option to choose the year added a super special touch: “What a wonderful sweatshirt! I bought it as a gift for my dad. I made sure to buy the logo of the year he graduated and he LOVED it!

Another buyer documents how their purchase made the perfect gift, explaining that the recipient wears it all the time and talks about how comfortable it is, making it clear that it’s as cool as it is functional: “Super soft and comfy according to my husband! He wears it all the time!

One customer was impressed with the options alongside the price, stating: “Vintage Brand has a lot of designs that are hard to find elsewhere, and their prices are very reasonable.”

Plus, it’s pretty evident that the brand’s customer service is on top of things, as I see on BBB. Solutions are offered right away to ensure the satisfaction of shoppers, thanking them for their purchases, as well as setting up full refunds for inconveniences. 

As a side note, a few shoppers comment that items run a bit small, so it may be best to size up for a looser and more comfortable fit!

Is Vintage Brand Worth It?

With a wide selection of unique memorabilia at a great price, it’s easy to conclude this Vintage Brand review by deeming these products worth the buy. The materials are high quality and comfortable, ensuring that even the applied vintage decals and images will last a lifetime.

On top of that, the wide selection of options creates a custom and thoughtful feeling with every purchase, which is ideal for gifting, as many customers have mentioned.

They are also much more affordable than other vintage finds, though they’re still able to recreate the same vibe and build up a collection much more quickly!

I also like how every piece comes with a special story because that’s exactly what makes sports and events so memorable — the stories they tell and the memories they create, bringing people everywhere closer together. 

The company also offers some pretty stellar deals, but I’ll fill you in on those details down below!

Vintage Brand Promotions & Discounts 

On the hunt for a deal on these classic finds? I’ve got your back! Here’s what I found at the time of this Vintage Brand review:

  • Receive 30% off when you use the code: 22MADNESS
  • Subscribe for emails and receive a code for 40% off your next order

Where to Buy Vintage Brand

While doing my research for this Vintage Brand review, I found the best place to find these retro pieces is directly on the company’s website.


Who owns Vintage Brand?

At the time of this Vintage Brand review, the company is currently owned by its founder and CEO,  Chad Hartvigson.

Does Vintage Brand ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the company currently only ships within Canada and the US. Hopefully they’ll expand their policy soon so sports fans and vintage lovers everywhere can have access to these pieces!

What is Vintage Brand’s Shipping Policy?

Vintage Brand orders are shipped through USPS and charges are calculated at checkout. Once the piece has been custom-made, it will be shipped from the manufacturer and arrive within 3-5 business days, though the company doesn’t mention how long it’ll take for shipments to Canada.

What is Vintage Brand’s Return Policy?

Since the pieces are custom and made to order, returns can only be made within 15 days of delivery for items that were damaged during shipping or have some sort of manufacturing defect. Because of this, the brand asks that shoppers contact them via email ASAP.

How to Contact Vintage Brand

I hope you enjoyed this Vintage Brand review! If you have any further questions about the company or its products, please contact them by:

The brand’s customer service operates Monday to Friday between 7 am to 4 pm PST.

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