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Mitchell and Ness Review

Nostalgia is the garnish de jour whether it comes to music, movies, or fashion. No company understands this better than Mitchell and Ness. The brand feeds fans’ desire for throwback sports memorabilia like jerseys, jackets, and shorts.

Seeing as how fashionistas have sunk their teeth into vintage athletic apparel over the past few decades, you might be interested in grabbing some nostalgic jerseys of your own. Why not look into Mitchell and Ness, who currently boast more than 655k Instagram followers.

Our Mitchell and Ness review will look at the brand’s long history, some of their best products, their prices, what customers have said about them, and we’ll even cover some ways you can save money on their products. 

Overview of Mitchell and Ness

Mitchell and Ness Review

Mitchell and Ness have been operating longer than most of the sports franchises they distribute. They established themselves in 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Company founders Frank Mitchell and Charles Ness started out making uniforms for Philadelphia sports teams.

They made official uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1933 until the 1960s and the Philadelphia Athletics. By the time they found their niche in the vintage apparel market in 1985 they’d had decades of making legitimate uniforms for professional teams.

That professional craftsmanship is reflected in the brand’s products. Their jerseys, caps, shorts, and other items are made with quality that’s respected enough to be worn in professional matches. 

Their products relieve the memories of teams from yesteryear when the colors were brighter, the logos were louder, and sponsorships were reserved for the top 1% of athletes. 

As such, Mitchell and Ness’ replica apparel has a purity that’s missing from today’s sports merchandise.

You can call our Mitchell and Ness review writers boomers all you want, but these products go beyond nostalgia. They’re well constructed and feverishly emotive of a time when uniforms expressed themselves as much as the players. 

Let’s examine some specific positives about Mitchell and Ness:


  • Sells merchandise for vintage MLB, NBA, MLS, NCAA, and NFL players
  • They previously made uniforms for professional sports teams
  • Clearance items are easily accessible on their website
  • International shipping available 
Mitchell and Ness Review

Mitchell and Ness’ product catalog collects memorabilia from teams both active and defunct from the past century. 

You can find t-shirts, jerseys, shorts, hats, caps, shoes, and more on their website. 

Mitchell and Ness Jerseys Review

In this section of our Mitchell and Ness review, we’ll be covering some of their most appealing vintage jerseys.

They have jerseys for superstar players as well as unsung heroes of the court. Do you want to impress your friends by wearing one of the Mitchell and Ness Jerseys of Art Shell? Of course, you do, you sports hipster, you.

Mitchell and Ness Authentic Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1998-99 Jersey Review

Has there ever been a more iconic NBA player than Michael Jordan? His run with the Chicago Bulls was almost as legendary as his one-off appearance with the Tune Squad.

While that replica jersey isn’t available, you can still scoop up the Mitchell and Ness Authentic Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1998-99 Jersey for $300. It’s in the team’s home game colorway, meaning it’s mostly white with red accents on the font and fringes.

This jersey is made from a fully polyester mesh body, meaning it’s breathable and light. Alongside the purchase of this iconic jersey, you’ll also receive a free player patch.

Mitchell and Ness Authentic Jersey New York Mets Home 1986 Dwight Gooden Review

How many of your friends can say they won the MLB World Series while pitching for the New York Mets? Heck, our Mitchell and Ness review writers can’t even say that, and unless your name is Dwight Gooden you probably can’t say that either.

However, you can say that you own the replica Mitchell and Ness Authentic Jersey New York Mets Home 1986 Dwight Gooden. This jersey captures the era in which Gooden operated at the peak of his powers.

It has a v-neck pullover fit and a white, blue, and orange color combination. Seeing as how baseball jerseys are in the midst of a resurgence thanks to streetwear, this item can be a great addition to the fashionable stud’s wardrobe as well as the peanut-chomping baseball fanatics.

The Mitchell and Ness Authentic Jersey New York Mets Home 1986 Dwight Gooden is available for $300.

Mitchell and Ness Shorts Review

What, are you going to play sports wearing pants? Not in this house, mister. These Mitchell and Ness shorts will allow you to loosen up a bit while embracing your wild side. 

Mitchell and Ness Reload 2.0 Swingman Vancouver Grizzlies 1998-99 Shorts Review

Talk about a collector’s item. If you want to appeal to the practiced NBA fans who fondly remember this Grizzlies era then you’ll surely want to look into these shorts.

Currently, the Grizzlies operate out of Memphis Tennessee, but that wasn’t always the case. They originally debuted in 1995 in Vancouver, British Columbia before jumping ship in 2001. 

Thus the Mitchell and Ness Reload 2.0 Swingman Vancouver Grizzlies 1998-99 Shorts can allow you to celebrate a niche period in the team’s history with swag. These polyester shorts have a blazing red and teal colorway.

The vintage logo is on full display. It looks much fiercer than the Memphis Grizzlies’ current logo. You can fire up your ball game with these Mitchell and Ness Reload 2.0 Swingman Vancouver Grizzlies 1998-99 Shorts for $80.

Mitchell and Ness Big Face 3.0 Fashion Shorts Oakland Raiders Review

Who needs a logo? Do you like the Oakland Raiders? If you said yes then don’t be coy about it. Promote your team loyalty by brandishing their name over your cheeks like a cattle that got branded by its farmer. 

The Mitchell and Ness Big Face 3.0 Fashion Shorts Oakland Raiders charm with their simplicity. They’re black and white with a massive Raiders font across the back. There’s no team logo, but when an item is this blunt, there doesn’t need to be.

We respect these shorts’ boldness. You can command respect in the Mitchell and Ness Big Face 3.0 Fashion Shorts Oakland Raiders for $75.

Mitchell and Ness Hats Review

Our Mitchell and Ness review writers have a question for you – what would sports memorabilia be without hats? The baseball cap has evolved from a symbol of team loyalty to an essential item for most people’s closets.

These Mitchell and Ness hats capture good looks and good team morale.

Mitchell and Ness Diamond Base Snapback HWC Houston Rockets Review

The Mitchell and Ness Diamond Base Snapback HWC Houston Rockets brandishes all the glory of the Houston Rockets. Its bright red and yellow combination is the cheerful combination of one of the hottest NBA teams of the past decade.

This flat-brimmed hat has diamond stitching to keep everything tight. Speaking of tight, you can adjust how snuggly it fits onto your head because it’s a snapback.

You can add this iconic hat to your collection for $36.

Mitchell and Ness Diamond Base Snapback HWC Toronto Raptors Review

One of the most under-reported crimes of the past 20 years is when the Toronto Raptors ditched their purple colors and prehistoric logo. It was an edgy vibe that’s sorely missed in contrast to the team’s current logo.

Thankfully, the Mitchell and Ness Diamond Base Snapback HWC Toronto Raptors recalls the team’s explosive mid-2000s run with superstar Vince Carter. It has a nostalgic purple colorway and font.

 Like the previous item, this hat is a flat-brimmed snapback. It can be yours for $36.

Who Is Mitchell and Ness For? 

Mitchell and Ness Review

Our Mitchell and Ness review writers can see this brand’s target audience as clear as day. These products are for people who miss when sports teams were dripping with the sauce. 

Before sports logos shifted towards cleanliness and the fonts became more conservative there was a time when each team’s colors, logos, and uniforms had a unique personality.

Mitchell and Ness items are for the people who want to celebrate the drip that’s sorely missing from modern sports. 

Mitchell and Ness Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mitchell and Ness Review

Much like how rose-tinted glasses can balloon a player’s reputation until it reaches levels of undeserved praise, nostalgic designs can cause someone to look fondly at a company and forget about their actual practices. 

That’s why this section of our Mitchell and Ness review will look at what customers have said about this brand in the here and now. No nostalgic lenses, no highlight reels, just cold hard facts… in the form of subjective opinions.

Let’s begin with the brand’s score on the social media capital, Facebook. Over 3,4000 Facebook users gave the company an aggregate score of 4.4/5 stars. Among that goodwill was this glowing endorsement from a fan: 

I’ve always rocked Mitchell and Ness so for me I would have to say I would recommend Mitchell and Ness for your throwback jerseys, there is no better place to go and the hoodies are always the way to go to stay warm in the cold weather.

Another gleaming customer complimented Mitchell and Ness on their designs and craftsmanship. He wrote this about his experience at the brand’s Philadelphia store:

Easily one of my favorite brands!  Amazing detail and quality in all of M&N’s products.  I live in Phoenix and was stoked to check out their flagship store last week in Philly and almost passed out when I walked in!  The staff was awesome and the store is amazing.  Keep doing all the right things M&N as you have a fan for life!  Cheers.

Speaking of their Philadelphia store, we looked at what customers said about Mitchell and Ness on their retail location’s yelp page. Some customers lauded the throwback designs and fits. They said that the company sold merchandise that fans couldn’t find anywhere else. 

This is what one buyer said of their experience in the store: “Positives: large display of jerseys, jackets, caps, clothing from all sports and teams. I was definitely impressed by the inventory because there is nowhere else in the world where you can find this at a store. The staff were nice and seemed helpful.  There were some sale items but no screaming must-buys.

We also found that buyers were pleased with the company’s efficient shipping process according to the reviews on Trustpilot. One customer who was located in the UK wrote about his positive shopping venture with Mitchell and Ness

Ordered Jordan top came in 2 days and cos price dropped in that time also agreed to refund the difference. The top was great fit and quality would recommend the UK site 100%.

While there was plenty of praise, our Mitchell and Ness review writers noticed a recurring theme on every review site we visited. Many customers complained about the brand’s shipping and customer service.

They said that Mitchell and Ness either did not ship their purchases or that they did not respond to customer complaints. 

Most of these problems were reported about the brand’s online store, leading us to believe that if you want the best products and service, you should shop at one of their retail locations.

These are what buyers praised the most about Mitchell and Ness:

  • The company produced rare items
  • Huge product inventory
  • Speedy shipping

Is Mitchell and Ness Legit?

Mitchell and Ness Review

There seems to be a slight schism between the reception for Mitchell and Ness’ products and their service.

However, not all customers had issues with the brand, and many favorably reported the quality of their garments. So, you should take both of those into account if you look into buying items from Mitchell and Ness.

Is Mitchell and Ness Worth It?

Mitchell and Ness Review

Our Mitchell and Ness review writers believe that this company is worth looking into, though you may want to buy their products in brick-and-mortar locations rather than purchasing online.

The company is great at capturing the essence of classic sports teams and keeping vintage designs alive. That makes them a worthwhile company for sports fanatics and stylish dressers who like old-school athletic merchandise.

That being said, we cannot ignore the numerous grievances customers leveled at Mitchell and Ness’ shipping. Due to the number of buyers who had issues with receiving their products, we think that it’s smarter to purchase their products in person.

Mitchell and Ness Promotions & Discounts 

Mitchell and Ness Review

We weren’t able to find any Mitchell and Ness coupons anywhere, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save some money here. Mitchell and Ness have an entire sales section on their website.

You’ll find items like hoodies, jerseys, caps, and shooting shirts for discounted prices. Since they’re technically clearance items they’re not available in every size. 

However, since baggy clothes pair well with vintage styles, an XXL Shaquille O’Neill jersey might be the look that’ll boost your Tinder results.

Where to Buy Mitchell and Ness

Mitchell and Ness Review

Here are some of the places where our Mitchell and Ness review writers found the brand’s products available for sale:

  1. On the company’s website,
  2. Their retail locations
  3. Sports stores like Sport Chek
  4. Official apparel distributors like Lids


Mitchell and Ness Review

Who owns Mitchell and Ness?

As of a few weeks ago, the sports retailer Fanatics owns Mitchell and Ness. 

Does Mitchell and Ness ship internationally?

Mitchell and Ness do ship internationally according to the company’s website. However, international shipping costs $50

What is Mitchell and Ness’ Shipping Policy?

Here are the brand’s shipping rates as per what our Mitchell and Ness review writers saw for US customers:

  • Ground shipping takes 5 to 6 business days and costs $12
  • 2 business day shipping costs $25
  • Next business day shipping costs $45

What is Mitchell and Ness’ Return Policy?

You must fill out a return request form on the Mitchell and Ness website to begin the return process. You’ll have 30 days to return an item once it ships. 

You cannot remove the price tags, damage the product, or alter the item in any way if you wish to return it.

The company will process your return request in 7 business days or less.

How to Contact Mitchell and Ness

We’ll wrap up our Mitchell and Ness review by letting you know how you can contact the brand if you want more information.

You can reach them by phone at (866) 879-6485. Their phone lines are open from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST from Mondays to Fridays.

You can also fill out a customer service form on their website if you’d prefer to speak with them digitally.

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