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Market Review

If we dress to represent ourselves, we ought to be more considerate of our fashion choices. While we love our joggers, decade-old jeans, and FILA Disruptors, we’ve got to admit that these choices don’t showcase our personalities. You might like to think of yourself as radiant, confident, and creative. 

If so, then allow us to introduce you to Market. The clothing company makes items with a vintage streetwear aesthetic that taps into the current creative zeitgeist. 

We can’t be the only ones smitten by the company as they boast an astonishing 864k Instagram followers. The brand is constantly dropping new capsules, so their line of production is always rotating. 

That means that if there isn’t anything for you right now, you’ll only need to wait a little bit to find out what Market is cooking up for their next release.

So, if you want to look big, bright, and bold, then check out some of the big logos, bright colors, and bold displays we’ll cover in our Market review, along with the brand’s history and what their customers have to say about them.

Overview of Market

Market Review

Michael Cherman drew upon his childhood trips with his father to downtown New York City when he founded Market in 2016. That’s funny, since the brand’s headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, but we can’t blame him for wanting some sunnier weather.

Cherman began the brand as a bootlegging operation, and that grounded approach is present in the brand’s goods today. The brand had quite the explosive beginning as one of their original pieces, a Frank Ocean/Nike bootlegged mash-up, earned $45,000 in under 24 hours.

Since then, celebrities like LeBron James, Nigo, and Erykah Badu have sported Market products. The company has, in the span of only 5 years, collaborated with the likes of Nike, Converse, Vans, and PUMA.

Market clothing has swept up fans worldwide with their DIY-background and urban fashion sensibilities, but there’s one important point this Market review must touch upon.

The brand renamed themselves this past August to distance themselves from any negative connotations associated with their previous name, Chinatown Market. This Market review commends the rebranding as it shows the company is conscientious of their impact on the community.

Their original name was inspired by New York City’s Chinatown but the company recognized that it was not their title to use as they were not Asian. That being said, the company has donated most of their income since March 2021 to organizations like:

  • Send Chinatown Love 
  • Immigrant Social Services 
  • Welcome to Chinatown

Allow this Market review to whisk you away from the company’s lore and into some of the most vital highlights concerning the brand.


  • Large catalog of vintage-inspired shirts, pants, shorts, and hats
  • Original designs 
  • The artwork features trendy media properties like Garfield, Pokemon, and WWE
  • Orders over $60 receive free shipping
  • Financing options available through Afterpay
  • Conscientious outlook
Market Review

Market offers an artistically-minded collection of tops, bottoms, and accessories inspired by 90s hip-hop culture, nostalgia, and chill times. It’s one of the most laid-back brands we’ve covered, dude.

Market Shorts Review

Since this Market review just mentioned how laidback the company is, we may as well begin our product run-down by highlighting the best-selling Market shorts.

Market Smiley Market Stripe Cord Tech Short Review

Market Smiley Market Stripe Cord Tech Short Review
Market Smiley Market Stripe Cord Tech Short

Have you ever wondered what a rainbow would look like if it was tastefully organized? The Market Smiley Market Stripe Cord Tech Short has your answer.

These true-to-size, 100% cotton shorts are a collaboration with Smiley. The vibrant color scheme is an artful combination of darker greens, pinks, reds, and blues.

Here’s an important detail about these athletic shorts for all the shorter readers of this Market review; this item’s vertical stripes can elongate your frame, making you appear taller. 

Cop your own pair of Market Smiley Market Stripe Cord Tech Shorts for $65 (when they’re back in stock, that is).

Market Market Grow House Floral Twill Easy Short Review

Market Market Grow House Floral Twill Easy Short Review
Market Market Grow House Floral Twill Easy Short

Floral is often treated with indignity, being seen as cheap or touristic. How many bad Hawaiian-themed frat parties did we all attend in university wearing cheaply produced ugly tourist shirts?

The Market Grow House Floral Twill Easy Short dashes away that negative connotation with its floral print. It’s a tasteful, fun, and trendy product. The flowers don’t look like someone puked flower petals onto you, but rather like carefully-placed, fully-bloomed plants.

These shorts fit true to size and are made of 100% cotton. Currently, they are only available in a large size. If that suits you, they can be yours for $65.

Market T-Shirts Review

What would a streetwear company be without graphic tees? The Market T-shirts we will detail in this section are some of the brand’s hottest selling items. 

In a company famous for their t-shirts, remember, they generated over $45k in under 24 hours with a single shirt before, you can trust that the tops in this Market review are worth checking out.

Market Rhinestone Arc T-Shirt Review

Market Rhinestone Arc T-Shirt Review
Market Rhinestone Arc T-Shirt

The Market Rhinestone Arc T-Shirt is a relatively tame shirt by Market standards until you take note of the sparkling stones. Yes, this may be a company logo shirt, but it’s a company logo short made of rhinestones. 

The stones have a bright and reflective rainbow colorway, elevating this shirt from gimmick to gotta-have-it. You’ll be the real rhinestone cowboy in this shirt. Plus, it’s made of 100% cotton and fits true to size

Grab your own Market Rhinestone Arc T-Shirt for $50.

Market Connection Service T-Shirt Review

Market Connection Service T-Shirt Review
Market Connection Service T-Shirt

Is there a deeper meaning behind the words “connecting creative individuals” adorned on the front of the Market Connection Service T-Shirt? That’s up to you to decide. You can attach whatever you want to those words. Heck, you can attach whatever you want to the shirt. It gives off that type of laid-back vibe.

This t-shirt only comes in black, which emboldens the late 90s/early Y2k aesthetics. Imagine a Playstation 1 game cover and you’ll get the same vibes. Oh, and the vibes you’ll be giving off in this heater of a top will be wavy.

The Market Connection Service T-Shirt is available in all sizes for $45. Like all other Market T-shirts, it’s 100% cotton and fits true to size.

Market Hats Review

This Market review speaks for all my guys who spent months without access to their barber thanks to the pandemic; thank the Lord for hats. 

Many of us learned to love them instead of learning how to style our hair. But why settle for a boring, plain Yankees cap when you could collect a best-selling Market hat? 

Market Market Grow House Bucket Hat Review

Market Market Grow House Bucket Hat Review
Market Market Grow House Bucket Hat

The team behind this Market review believes ScHoolboy Q would be proud to see you wearing this hat. Bucket hats may be a little too-dated in most cases, but not the Market Market Grow House Bucket Hat

It features the same design as the Market Grow House Floral Twill Easy Short. Want to look like a full grow-op? If so, you can match the two pieces together. If you’re afraid that’s too many flowers, remember that there are no rules in fashion, skater boy.

The one size fits most, 100% cotton bucket hat is available for $45.

Market Market Gothic Dad Hat Review

Market Market Gothic Dad Hat Review
Market Market Gothic Dad Hat

We admit, this Market review was expecting something different when we read the product name Market Market Gothic Dad Hat, but upon reflection, it is a dad hat with a gothic font. As much as we wish it was a hat for goth dads, this hat exceeds our expectations.

This item has a bold yellow and blue embroidered gothic print. It’s the standard dad hat (or baseball cap for those not in the know), with a backstrap, meaning that it will fit most heads. 

While you may not look like Tim Burton at his daughter’s kindergarten recital, you’ll still be turning heads in the Market Market Gothic Dad Hat. Pick it up for a cool $45.

Who Is Market For? 

Market Review

Market makes statement streetwear pieces, so their line of goods is best for trendy streetwear fashionistas.

That’s not to say that they’re an exclusive brand, but if your wardrobe is cluttered with Yves Saint-Laurent Chelsea boots and techwear vests, Market may not be in your domain.

However, if you’re looking to capture the zeitgeist and add some modern flair to your outfits, then Market is for you.

Market Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Market Review

This Market review, much like the brand, would be nothing without customer input. Consumers are the most important and trustworthy source when it comes to feedback, so we’ve turned the spotlight onto them in order to give you a fair account of the company’s products.

First up, we scrounged through Market’s Instagram page to gather what people there thought of the brand. No surprises, as plenty were head over heels with praise for the company.

Their latest line of Erykah Badu products earned much customer applause, like this positive comment, “ I Got everything I wanted!! I’m so happy y’all had this online.

Another commenter pointed out how much they loved the company’s use of tie-dye in their Erykah Badu shirt. They said, “The tie dye was a for sure cop.

This enthusiastic fan was almost aggressive in her desire for Market products. “Y’ALL NEED TO DROP THIS ONLINE I NEED EVERY PIECE.” Yes, this Market review decided to keep that comment in all caps, because sometimes certain comments deserve it.

Other collections, like the Market Busy City line, were called instant classics, with one fan humorously writing, “Definitely not laying on it playing hot wheels.” The collection repurposed the famous busy city design commonly found in many preschools across North America.

Market’s strong design sensibilities have earned them a dedicated fan base. One Instagram commenter had this to say about the company: “You will forever be the best streetwear company.

Some of their products, like the Market Truckers T-Shirt, had fans champing at the bit. One customer couldn’t even contain themselves after they purchased a shirt, saying, “I just ordered. Where is my package, I’ve been waiting at the door for like 5 mins now???

That’s enough from the company’s Instagram page. Occasionally, the team behind this Market review needs to consult some less conventional avenues for customer feedback. 

In this case, we took to Hidden Hype’s YouTube review of Market clothing to see what they, and their viewers, had to say.

In short, fans there were as celebratory as the customers on Market’s Instagram. Many of the comments read out like this one, “Those are all lit pieces.

Many fans loved the pieces featured in the video, like the stylish hoodies and graphic tees. Some customers felt so pleased with Market that they went on a mini-haul themselves. 

This commenter detailed their entire purchase: “I bought a Chinatown shirt, green hoodie, 2 hats, and a fanny-pack, all fire.” We only wish we could include all the emojis they included in their comment.

Finally, this Market review found some promising customer feedback about one of the company’s collaborative efforts with PUMA

The PUMA x MARKET Ralph Sampson Lo Sneakers garnered a 4.5/5 stars review average based on 3 customer ratings, which is impressive for a brand like Market who don’t usually dabble in sneakers.

The shoes were said to be comfortable as well as multifaceted. As one commenter put it, “This shoe is very stylish, as well as versatile. I’d recommend them highly. I love how you can change the aesthetics by changing into one of the 3 side logo options that come along with the shoe.

Let’s wrap up this portion of our Market review by summarizing how fans feel about this brand and their items. The company’s designs are what attracted most fans, and there’s little mystery surrounding why that’s the case. 

Their designs pull from equal parts nostalgia and edginess, meeting somewhere in the middle to deliver a product that’s a little bit like Bart Simpson; rebellious, cool, and a heck of a lot of fun.

Is Market Worth It?

Market Review

Look, this Market review knows you can go into any thrift store and find a dainty, stained, crinkled t-shirt that screams “classic vibes.” Those are always great purchases and we’ll never knock them.

Sometimes you want a product that’s more considered. Market delivers with their interesting and eye-catching designs. Their artwork is often as funny as it is intriguing, and captures a vintage downtown aesthetic without seeming hollow.

Lastly, as the brand has recently been donating a lion’s share of their profits to Pacific Asian charities, you can rest easy knowing that your money is going to a good place.

Market Promotions & Discounts 

Market Review

It’s with a proud heart that this Market review reports we discovered a deal that’s both sweet and savory. All United States orders receive free shipping for carts totaling over $60.

But the good times don’t stop there. Many products can be acquired through financing options rather than lump-sum payments. Make sure to check individual product pages to find out their financing plans.

Where to Buy Market 

Market Review

You won’t have to search high and low to cop your own piece of Market merchandise and elevate your streetwear drip. This Market review found a few reliable outlets that sell the company’s items, including;

  • Company website,
  • Online retailers like Endclothing and NRML
  • Department stores like Nordstrom and Farfetch


Market Review

Does Market ship internationally?

You can bet your sweet behind that Market ships internationally.

What is Market’s Shipping Policy?

Processing can take 10 business days after you’ve placed your order, plus another 1 to 2 business days for your parcel to arrive.

As noted earlier in this Market review, the brand offers free shipping for US orders totaling over $60.

Thankfully, Market also ships internationally. 

What is Market’s Return Policy?

Although this Market review found that the company considers all their sales final, you will still have a 5-day period after receiving your item to inform the company about any item defects.

If there were any problems with your order, like incorrect sizing, a manufacturing issue, or a stray beaver included in the packaging, you can email the company for help.

Market will not accept returns or refunds for products that have been worn or that you’ve damaged yourself.

How to Contact Market

The best way to reach the brand that this Market review could uncover was through the company’s email, [email protected]

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