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SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

When temperatures rise there’s no better way to hit the spot than with an iced treat. But, how can you snack on a popsicle when your hands are full of margaritas?

Instead of choosing one over the other, pick up a SLIQ Spirited Ice pop and have the best of both worlds. These alcoholic freezer popsicles are a low-calorie and flavorful way to indulge yourself.

Customers are flocking to the brand’s tasty treats, and it already boasts over 5k followers on Instagram. Will they be a staple at Summer gatherings? Our SLIQ Spirited Ice review will help you answer that question by diving into the products, prices, customer reception, and more.

Overview of SLIQ Spirited Ice

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

SLIQ Spirited Ice is a recent innovation that can be your key to the best summer of your life. They’re delicious frozen cocktails that come in single-serving packages.

The Jel Sert Company, a powerhouse in the ice pop market, took its experience in the field and found a way to make ice pops a treat for adults. The company uses only the best ingredients, such as barrel-stored bourbon, 7x distilled vodka, and all-natural flavors.

As such, a SLIQ Spirited Ice pop could become your next favorite summertime drink. Or, rather, a favorite summertime snack.

Soon, this SLIQ Spirited Ice review will dive into the brand’s tasty treats. Before we do, check out the highlights so you know what’s in store.


  • Alcoholic summer ice popsicles in various flavors
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Extremely low in calories
  • 30-day return policy
  • Delivers to most states in the US

If you’re anything like us, you’re already planning which summertime activities will be made better by these ice pops. Below, this SLIQ Spirited Ice review will introduce you to the best-selling flavors, each offering a unique twist on your favorite adult bevvies.

SLIQ Spirited Ice Cocktails Review

We won’t leave you waiting in anticipation any longer; we’ll get to the most slurpalicious SLIQ Spirited Ice Cocktails available.

There are a few uniting features for the majority of the products featured in this SLIQ Spirited Ice review. Except for one outlier, which we’ll point out later, every freezer pop is made with 100% natural flavors.

At only 90-100 calories per 100mL, they’re starkly lower than most cocktails—most of which are loaded with sugar. The high sugar and alcohol content can spur dehydration which leads to more aggressive hangovers.

That’s an unspoken advantage we noticed while writing this SLIQ Spirited Ice review. It takes longer to eat an ice pop than it does to drink a beverage, so you might not end up consuming more alcohol than you intended. Plus, the higher water content of these freezer pops could offset the oncoming hangover.

Additionally, each SLIQ Spirited Ice Cocktail has an 8% ABV which, again, is lower than the average cocktail. Most regular cocktails contain around 12% depending on how diluted it is.

Okay, it’s time for the fun stuff. We’ll examine each type of alcoholic ice pop in this portion of our SLIQ Spirited Ice review.

SLIQ Spirited Ice Whiskey Frozen Cocktails Review

When you think of whiskey you may think of men with rugged jawlines and five o’clock shadows jamming holes into barrels and drinking straight from the source. However, the SLIQ Spirited Ice Whiskey Frozen Cocktails show that anyone can enjoy whiskey in style.

These whiskey frozen pops are made with barrel-stored bourbon for an authentic finish. You can grab them in three delectable flavors:

  1. Apple
  2. Cola
  3. Ginger

The Whiskey Frozen Cocktails are a lighter way to enjoy a whiskey while retaining the drink’s mature and complex flavor profile. One nine-pack costs $20, and you’ll get three tubes of every flavor. 

SLIQ Spirited Ice Vodka Frozen Cocktails Review

You can’t talk about fun cocktails without having at least one vodka-infused drink. The SLIQ Spirited Ice Vodka Frozen Cocktails are an easy way to add some zest to any social situation.

With these cocktails, you’ll be able to chew on a citrusy lemonade, a sweet-as-pie blue raspberry, or a tart cranberry & grapefruit. Each one is made with 7x distilled vodka, giving you enough juice to loosen up.

You can buy a nine-pack of Ice Vodka Frozen Cocktails for $20, which includes three of each flavor.

SLIQ Spirited Ice Agave Frozen Cocktails Review

If you love margaritas, then this mix is for you. These are the most nostalgic of their freezer pops as the company deliberately designed them to taste like popsicles.

The SLIQ Spirited Ice Agave Frozen Cocktails are not for kids, though. They’re for adults who want a treat with a little more fun. You can indulge in the traditional margarita mix flavor, get tropical with the mango margarita flavor, or taste fruity delight with the strawberry margarita.

Each order of the SLIQ Spirited Ice Agave Frozen Cocktails contains three packs of each flavor. Get it for $20.

SLIQ Spirited Ice Rum Frozen Cocktails Review

Now, it’s time for the outlier. These frozen cocktail pops have slightly more calories than their compatriots. Each 100mL popsicle has 100 calories, though we’d happily ingest an extra 10 calories for premium white rum.

The SLIQ Spirited Ice Rum Frozen Cocktails come in three flavors that carry the spirit of the Caribbean. They are:

  • Coconut and lime Daiquiri
  • Pineapple Daiquiri
  • Strawberry Daiquiri

Transport yourself to sunny vistas and carefree vacations with a nine-pack of these freezer pops for $20. You’ll get to indulge in three of each flavor.

Who Is SLIQ Spirited Ice For?

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

This SLIQ Spirited Ice review thinks that the brand is for anyone who wants a tasty and festive way to enjoy the summer. Of course, you have to be of legal drinking age to indulge in these ice pops—they’re not for kids.

SLIQ Spirited Ice Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

To better understand the appeal of these items, we included information from SLIQ Spirited Ice reviews that customers wrote online.

The first place we checked was the online alcohol dispensary Here, the Assorted Vodka Pops earned a 5/5-star average from more than 30 shoppers.

Unsurprisingly, many people adored how the pops tasted. Customers said that they were the best tasting alcoholic treat they’d had. Here’s how one buyer described the product:

Was worried about these being too sugar-y and not “grown up,” but man they were better than I thought and went over really well. Looking forward to warmer weather and other flavors.

Shoppers also said that they were relaxing ways to enjoy treats and drink alcohol without micromanaging their intake. In fact, the ice pops were considered so convenient and tasty that some struggled to contain themselves to a single serving at a time.

At least, that’s a rather pleasant dilemma this customer faced in their SLIQ Spirited Ice review of the Agave Spirit on Influenster. They wrote:

Oh my, these are dangerously delicious. You can barely taste the alcohol and the flavor is so full. Be careful! You definitely can not just have one and I had to show restraint and not eat all of them in one sitting.

There was one dissenting opinion that, while overall positive, said that the alcohol’s taste was a little strong. That customer said, “I have been loving trying these out! You can definitely taste that they have alcohol in them. Glad these are 8% instead of 4 although I think it could be a little more. The flavors are so good.

Finally, you should know that the brand holds a strong 5/5-star score on Facebook from 4 SLIQ Spirited Ice reviews. It’s clear to us that this brand has a solid reputation across the web, and that customers enjoy these delicious ice treats.

My Review of SLIQ Spirited Ice

Hi, I’m Paige and I’m a product tester at Honest Brand Reviews.

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review 1
Paige, Product Tester

If you like popsicles and booze, you can’t not like these. My friends always asked if I had “any of those ice pops” left when they came over because they taste delicious and add some fun to the party.

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

Essentially frozen, pre-mixed drinks, I loved that they use rum, vodka, whiskey, and even agave spirits in some of my go-to cocktails like strawberry margarita and whiskey-n-coke.

I’ll be keeping these stocked up!

Is SLIQ Spirited Ice Legit?

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

We couldn’t find any signs during the writing of this SLIQ Spirited Ice review that made us shudder or think that the company isn’t legit.

Is SLIQ Spirited Ice Worth It?

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

We think that these freezer pops are worth it based on how they combine strong flavors, low sugar contents, and a surprising alcoholic punch into one convenient package.

SLIQ Spirited Ice Promotions & Discounts

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

This SLIQ Spirited Ice review learned that the brand has a huge sale just in time for the big holiday. You can use the promo code HISLIQSUMMER20 to save 20% on your order in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

Where to Buy SLIQ Spirited Ice

SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

You can purchase the brand’s cocktails through the company’s website,, or a local carrier. The brand has a store locator function that will connect you to the alcohol reseller closest to you.


SLIQ Spirited Ice Review

Who owns SLIQ Spirited Ice?

SLIQ Spirited Ice is a subsidiary of The Jel Sert Company, a larger corporation that has been in the ice pop market since the 60s.

Does SLIQ Spirited Ice ship internationally?

Seeing as how SLIQ Spirited Ice partners with alcohol distributors to fulfill their online orders, the company does not ship outside of the United States.

What is SLIQ Spirited Ice’s Shipping Policy?

SLIQ Spirited Ice uses alcohol retailers to fill out all their shipments. Each order costs $9.99 to ship regardless of the quantity ordered.

The company reports that it processes the majority of its orders within 1 to 5 business days. From there, it should take around 1 to 5 business days for orders to reach their destination.

What is SLIQ Spirited Ice’s Return Policy?

You cannot return any opened SLIQ Spirited Ice products. In regards to unopened items, you’ll have up to 30 days to send them back for a refund. This SLIQ Spirited Ice review learned that the brand will not return any associated delivery, shipping, and/or handling fees.

How to Contact SLIQ Spirited Ice

We’ll wrap up our SLIQ Spirited Ice review by telling you how you can contact the company if you have any more inquiries.

  • Fill out an customer service form on their Contact Us page
  • Message them directly on Facebook
  • Send them a private message on their Instagram page
  • Email them at [email protected]

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