Surely Wine Review

About Surely Wine 

Surely Wine Review

As Surely says, “Why trade wine for enjoyment?” The brand crafts great tasting and healthy non-alcoholic beverages that are perfect for any occasion. They source high-quality California grapes and work with winemakers in Sonoma, so the only difference between their products and ‘regular’ wine is the alcohol content. 

Though a small brand, they’ve amassed almost 8k followers on Instagram and just under 1k likes on Facebook. A few YouTubers have also given the non-alcoholic wines a try, so that they can share their opinions with others who are seeking a sober substitute. 

This Surely Wine review will take an in-depth look at some bestsellers, customer feedback, shipping policies, and more to help you decide if this brand is a palette cleanser. 

First, let’s start with some highlights of Surely’s products and the overall shopping experience:  


  • Fine non-alcoholic wine crafted from natural ingredients 
  • Low in calories and sugar 
  • Gluten free, vegan, and keto friendly
  • Glowing customer reviews 
  • Free shipping over $60
  • Full refunds offered within 30 days of purchase 

What Is Surely Wine? 

Surely Wine Review

Surely Wine is a non-alcoholic wine brand, offering Rosé, Sparkling Wine, Spritzers, and more. In the company’s own words: “Our mission is to create the best of both worlds – craft great tasting wines that don’t compromise your health.” 

Who Is Surely Wine For? 

Surely Wine Review

Surely Wine is for anyone looking to cut down on their alcohol intake or live a healthier lifestyle. It also helps if you like wine. The brand’s products are compatible with those who are following a gluten free, vegan, or keto diet. 

Additionally, the brand suggests that their wines are great for anyone who’s taking a break from drinking but doesn’t want to feel like the “odd one out” during social gatherings. Bring your bottle of Surely to the next patio dinner and clink glasses with the rest of the group. 

How Is Surely Wine Made? 

Surely Wine Review

Surely Wine begins their winemaking process the same as alcoholic wine. It starts with alcoholic rosé made from the best grapes from wineries in California. 

They then process the wine through a precise filter so the alcohol is removed from the rest of the wine. Last but not least, they add some finishing touches to round out the body and perfect the flavour. 

Surely Wine Review

Just because you’re not drinking doesn’t mean you need to bore your palette. Whether you’re the designated driver, want something to sip on during parties, or love the taste of wine but hate the hangover, Surely Wine may have something in store for you. 

Our Surely Wine review will now check out some of the brand’s most popular picks down below.  

Surely Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Review

This Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White is the newest member of the Surely Wine family. It will have you second guessing whether you’re drinking non-alcoholic wine or a fine glass of champagne. Enjoy the fresh hints of lemon, peach, and gentle custard—a perfect blend of acidity and rich carbonation. 

Each bottle has 24 ounces and contains three servings (but I guess that depends on how big the glass is, am I right?). The Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine costs $25 at checkout.  

Surely Non-Alcoholic Rosé Review

Rosé all day, baby! This Non-Alcoholic Rosé is made from grapes grown in the Monterey region of California. It contains esters that occur naturally during the fermentation process. 

Because of this, it’s best to enjoy this wine sooner rather than later to maximize flavour. And you can always just buy another one, so why not! 

Each bottle has 24 ounces and contains 3 servings. Grab one now for $25

Surely Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose Can (4 Pack) Review

The sweet flavour of rosé with the bubbles of sparkling wine? Match made in heaven. Bursting with fruity flavours of guava, strawberry, and kiwi, it’s the perfect pairing for a warm summer evening by the pool. This might be a must-try for me after writing this Surely Wine review.

This 4 pack has 8.5 ounces per can, so share them with your friends or keep ‘em all for yourself. We’re not judging! Order now for $30

Surely Non-Alcoholic Brut Can (4 Pack) Review

Consider this Non-Alcoholic Brut Can 4 pack to be the bite-sized (or sip-sized) version of Surely’s Sparkling Wine. It offers the same blend of lemon, custard and peach, just without the bubbly. 

These sleek 8.5 ounce cans are a great addition to any picnic in the park. Low calorie, big taste, no guilt. This 4 pack has 8.5 ounces per can, one serving each. It costs $30

Surely Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Surely Wine Review

Changing your diet or lifestyle can be intimidating, especially when replacing your favourites. Luckily, the internet exists and we can use other people as guinea pigs. So let’s check out what customers think of our featured brand in the next part of this Surely Wine review. 

Bartrendr, an online alcohol reviewer, did a deep-dive into the brand and their products, and absolutely loved it. They thought the flavours were well balanced, and that the products lived up to the descriptions. 

Their conclusion: “Surely Wine is truly the best alcohol-free wine we have experienced. It certainly exceeded expectations.”

557 reviews on the brand’s website gave them an overall average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. You go, Glen Coco! Almost every review I read has the word “love” in it, so I’ll let these buyers speak for themselves. 

“Love the taste without the hassle. Great for sipping on a golden autumn afternoon.”

“Love! I am soooo picky with my wines! Before pregnancy I was such a wine-O! I am 21 weeks and this is perfect for me to enjoy. Tastes like wine and even makes me feel fancy.”

“I love this wine! It is thoughtfully crafted using great ingredients without alcohol. It will definitely be part of my next dinner party and the upcoming holiday season as gifts.”

YouTuber Vaiisking tried Surely Wine’s Rosé and gave an honest review. They mainly commented on the authentic taste of the beverage (comparing it to a tart champagne) and that it would be a great choice to bring to a social occasion where you’re not planning to drink alcohol. Overall, their impression of the wine was positive. 

So there you have it! The general consensus from wine lovers alike is that Surely Wine definitely holds up to the taste we’ve come to love, without the hangover we love to hate. 

Is Surely Worth It?

Surely Wine Review

The age old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ really applies here. A lot of non-alcoholic wines taste… well, bad. Fortunately, Surely Wine believes that wine lovers shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste or flavour when deciding that they don’t want to consume alcohol. 

After writing this Surely Wine review, this is something I can get behind, and I’m not alone; the glowing customer testimonials speak for themselves. So why not give Surely a shot? With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, what do you have to lose? 

Surely Promotions & Discounts 

Surely Wine Review

Our Surely Wine review found a few discounts for you! When you sign up for the brand’s mailing list, you’ll receive 15% off your first order of 2+ bottles or cans. 

They also have a referral program that allows you and a friend to receive $10 when your friend makes their first purchase of $30 or more. You get some wine, you get some wine, everybody gets some wine! 

Lastly, spend $100 and receive 10% off. Spend $125 and receive 15% off. Spend $200 and receive 20% off. Might as well stock up! 

Where to Buy Surely  

Surely Wine Review

You can find Surely Wines at, Amazon, and a handful of brick and mortar stores across the US. Check the brand’s website to see if one is located near you!


Surely Wine Review

What does Surely taste like?   

The answer depends on your selection, of course! For example, Surely Wine’s Sparkling Rose is crisp and refreshing, with hints of guava, strawberry, kiwi, and melon. It’s considered a semi-dry wine. Their Sparking White is rich and complex, with flavours of lemon, peach and gentle custard. Also considered semi-dry, it’s not too sweet. 

Can I drink Surely while pregnant?  

After a bit of research, our Surely Wine review found that the decision to sip on these non-alcoholic beverages is ultimately at your discretion. The company recommends that you consult your doctor first before making any significant changes to your diet. 

The Surgeon General doesn’t require brands to put a warning label on products if they contain 0.5% alcohol (apparently that’s less than unrefrigerated juice), so you could consume wine while pregnant if you feel comfortable to do so. 

Is Surely Wine basically grape juice?  

Blasphemy! Surely Wine is anything but grape juice. They’ve partnered with real winemakers in Sonoma, California to create their blends with great precision—they simply remove the alcohol but leave the same great wine taste. 

Is Surely vegan, gluten-free, and keto-friendly?  

You got it! Our Surely Wine review found that the brand’s products are safe to incorporate into almost any diet, no matter how restricted. 

Does Surely need to be refrigerated?  

This Surely Wine review highly recommends throwing the bottles into your fridge when they arrive. For best taste and flavour, the wines should be consumed within 3 days of being opened. 

What is Surely’s Shipping Policy?

Surely Wine currently only ships within the United States. If your bottle is in stock, it will ship out within 3–5 business days from the date of order. Customers can spend $60 or more and receive free shipping!

What is Surely’s Return Policy?

Surely Wine has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with your purchase, they will issue you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. You don’t even need to return your items back to them.

If your request for a refund is 30 days after purchase, you may be issued store credit. Sale items or gift cards can’t be returned. 

How to Contact Surely

If you’ve made it this far in our Surely Wine review, cheers! We hope you found this guide enjoyable. For more guidance, feel free to shoot the company an email at [email protected].

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