Fini Shoes Review

About Fini Shoes

Fini Shoes Review

Fini Brand is on a mission to offer eco-friendly shoes and accessories for the uber-conscious. Designed with sustainable, premium materials and a thoughtful, fashion-forward aesthetic, the company’s streetwear shoes are handmade ethically in Portugal using 100% renewable energy.

Conscious footwear is a trend that’s here to stay, so it’s no wonder the company has already garnered a social media community of 16k followers. But it’s also Fini’s smart, minimalistic concept that has made it the feature of countless fashion-savvy publications like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and GQ, just to name a few.

Though the brand also designs merch, handbags, and accessories, this is a Fini Shoes review, and ahead, we’ll take a close look at its best-selling footwear. We’ll also fill you in on all the must-knows about the company’s background, provide customer testimonials, and answer critical FAQs. Let’s dive in.

Overview of Fini Shoes

Fini Shoes Review

Fini Shoes is now known as Fini Brand since its more recent launch of collections that include brightly-colored hoodies, chic leather handbags, and clever accessories that all have one thing in common: they’re incredibly functional. Designed to give you versatility in your wardrobe, its designs merge fashion with smart features.

Founded in 2018 by Dami Adepoju, Fini Brand was created with the mission to bring innovation to the world of footwear. Its signature design was the Classic line, which features a range of luxury shoes that can be customized with detachable features.

Since Adepoju was designing for a traditionally eco-unfriendly category, he decided to integrate sustainability into his collection, choosing renewable materials like cork, leather, cotton, and rubber, and never using a single piece of new plastic. Designed from its HQ in NYC, Fini shoes are handmade in Portugal in an ethical factory.

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? This Fini Shoes review is about to turn things up a notch. Up next, you’ll find the brand’s highlights, then we’ll dive into its creative kicks.


  • Thoughtfully and sustainably-made
  • Uses recycled shoe boxes and hang tags
  • Made with renewable energy
  • Crafted with quality leather and renewable materials
  • Designed in NYC and made in Portugal
  • Free US shipping
  • Ships internationally
Fini Shoes Review

Though this is a Fini Shoes review, the brand also offers a collection of accessories and merch—the latter is currently only available for limited periods of time. You’ll find the same attention to detail and sustainable features that the company’s shoes are known for in those collections, too.

So what’s next to come in this Fini Shoes review? We’ll stick to its footwear and walk you through the brand’s signature lineup of Bold, Classic, and Desiderata styles. We’ll also give you a sneak peek of an upcoming release you’re going to want on your radar. Let’s jump in.

Fini Shoes Review

Fini Shoes are incredibly versatile. The company offers a collection of three core designs, each with a handful of color and style options. They all come with at least one accessory to switch up their look.

In this section of our Fini Shoes review, we’ll introduce you to its top-sellers, featuring trendy neutrals, creative patterns, and a mix of premium, sustainable materials. All shoes are unisex and available in men’s sizes 4-11 and women’s 6.5-12.5.

Want to split up your payments into four interest-free sums? Fini offers afterpay as an option.

Fini Shoes Bold “TyFini” Review

TyFini is a girl of many faces. She’s eclectic, she’s funky, and she loves to experiment. The Fini Shoes Bold “TyFini” design is a refreshing change from the all-white sneakers that everyone’s wearing.

Creative and cute, these sneakers feature an outline drawing of a crowd of women’s faces. They’re a cool concept for those who love to celebrate diversity or women in general. Bold is made from a mix of soft leather outer and inner fabric, with a cork footbed, rubber soles, and waxed cotton laces.

They also come with a patterned zippered placket to cover up your laces. True to size, add these to your collection for $169.

Fini Shoes Bold V2 Riverside Dye Review

The Fini Shoes Bold V2 Riverside Dye has a soft watercolor-esque design that resembles the graceful trail of smoke. With hints of powder blue and dark beige complementing the off-white tips and heels, these classy sneakers are the revamp your collection needs.

They’re made from full-grain leather outer with soft leather inners, along with a cork footbed for a bit of natural cushion. Waxed cotton laces are another sustainable choice, and their durability helps keep your shoes looking in tip-top shape. You’ll get a zip-up lace cover with these Bold sneaks, ideal for switching up the look to something more formal.

You’ll be fine ordering your regular size with all Bold styles. Pick up a pair for $175.

Fini Shoes Desiderata CB6 Review

The Fini Shoes Desiderata CB6 is an incredibly modern design. Its chilling blue color brings to mind icebergs floating across the Atlantic Ocean. They’re a definite jeans sneaker, but they’d also look super fresh paired with black leggings or the off-white pants we’re loving this season.

Made from a mix of full-grain leather for softness and style, mesh for breathability, cork for cushion, and natural EVA outsoles for bounce, these shoes were thoughtfully made to handle long city walks or jaunts about campus.

This style runs a size big, so choose one that’s a size down from what you’d normally buy. Get the style for $189.

Fini Shoes Classic Black And White “Panda” Review

The brand’s signature style, we hear it came to designer Dami Adepoju when traveling to sunny Jamaica from frigid NYC in the winter. Needing boots for the cold but flip-flops for the island, he came up with the idea for a shoe that could meet a variety of needs for travelers going through a similar struggle.

Though the Fini Shoes Classic Black and White “Panda” shoes don’t transform into flip flops, they do work in many different ways. They feature a stylish U-shaped zip design across the top that can be swapped for the following styles:

  1. Slip-on sneaker
  2. Cozy house shoe
  3. Laced boot
  4. High-top skate shoe

You’ll get three accessories to transform your shoe, but you can purchase more in the accessory shop. Made with premium and durable materials, this shoe eliminates the need for annoying laces that constantly come undone. Pick up a pair for $149 and free up your closet.

Fini Shoes Desiderata Black Review

If there’s one shoe design that’s truly caught on in the last few years, it’s the dad sneaker. The Fini Shoes Desiderata Black runner takes inspiration from high fashion sneakers, putting its own futuristic spin on a style that’s here to stay.

Fini says this particular style runs a size big, so opt for a size smaller than you normally would. You’ll get two zip-up lace covers with these shoes, great for any day you want to switch up your look.

Made from full-grain, soft, and breathable leather, Desiderata has a cork footbed for extra bounce, and an upper made of mesh for breathability. The outsole is made of recyclable EVA foam.

Mixing the smoothness of the EVA out with the sport look of mesh, Desiderata Black brings style to simple outfits. Pair with khaki wide-leg pants for a look that bridges retro with modern. Grab a pair for $189.

Fini Shoes Bold Desert Review

We’re in love with this color for spring. Considering the warmer season is right around the corner, the Fini Shoes Bold Desert sneakers are the perfect pick if you’re looking to build your wardrobe for sunnier days ahead. 

The sneakers come with a camo-patterned, zip-up placket to cover your laces, bringing a trendy but subtle change to the monotone shoe. Made from full-grain leather for softness, quality, and durability, these great-looking shoes are a solid pick for your collection.

A cork footbed ups their sustainability score, and helps you out with the natural antimicrobial and cushioning powers. Waxed cotton laces and a custom rubber outsole keep them looking good with time. Try wearing these with maroon or forest green pants with a dark, simple patterned shirt for a trendy, unique look.

Offered in single sizes for men only, you’ll need to size up if you typically wear a half size. You can get a pair for $169.

Fini Shoes Classic Black “Panther” Review

The Fini Shoes Classic Black “Panther” shoes feature the signature low-top design with u-shaped zip, except this sleek style is made in all black. With a velvety body and rubber sole, this clever shoe can be worn in five different ways thanks to the three accessories it comes with.

You’ll get three zip-on panels to turn your low-top into a more supportive ankle boot, perfect for pairing with jeans and a button-up to head out on the town. With one of the panels equipped with laces, you can also give your Classic shoe the look of a boot for edgier looks. Grab a pair for $149.

Fini Shoes Knurly Bag in Black Review

Since we’re on the topic of bags… The Fini Shoes Knurly Bag might suit your fancy. The unique shape and texture of this spherical over-the-shoulder purse resembles a ball of yarn (if yarn could be leather). 

If you need a statement piece to top off a monochrome outfit, this is the pochette to reach for. With a paper bag-style top that you can cinch together with a pair of matching drawstrings, the Fini Shoes Knurly Bag is more than a playful design – it’s practical too. 

At a modest 7”x7” inches, you’ve got enough room to store the bare necessities. Complete with a thick, sturdy leather handle, the Fini Shoes Knurly Bag is a must have.

Fini Luanita Bag Upcoming Release Review

Even though this is a Fini Shoes review, we couldn’t help but talk about an upcoming release—the Luanita Bag. Featuring smooth leather and a simplistic, attractive design, this sweet mini bag is perfect for weekend strolls, date nights, and weekend brunches.

It has an incredibly versatile look that can be dressed up or down, but its eye-catching wound leather handle and silver hardware can’t help but get noticed. Instead of a zipper, the Fini Luanita Bag Upcoming Release uses a drawstring closure to keep your essentials safe.

We’re in love with this concept because even quality zippers break over time, not to mention if you have fabric or papers of any kind inside your purse, they catch and tear. Just like Fini’s other designs, this one is super smart and functional, and its delicate pink color is a pop of femme arm candy. Stay tuned for its release!

Who Is Fini Shoes For?

Fini Shoes Review

Fini Shoes currently makes three different types of shoes: Bold, Classic, and Desiderata. Sneakers are a smart pick for a brand that’s as concerned with simplicity as this one is considering they can be worn by literally anyone.

With sizes from a men’s 4 (women’s 6.5) to a 14 (women’s 12), Fini shoes are unisex. But because its sizing starts in adult sizes, it’s not a kids’ shoe brand, though its creative designs are youthful, fun, and energetic.

Using eco-friendly materials (there’s absolutely no new plastic found in its collection) this fashion-forward company is a great pick for anyone who wants to show their love to the planet. And considering the compact nature of its Classic design, Fini may also be attracted to minimalists or those looking to get more from one pair of shoes.

Fini Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fini Shoes Review

We already know that this brand designs smart, great-looking footwear and accessories, but no Fini Shoes review would be complete without hearing from customers. In this section, we’ve sourced testimonials that reveal key details about the brand’s products and practices.

Our first stop for feedback was Below, you’ll find a roundup of ratings for some of the company’s best-sellers:

  • Desiderata Black: 5/5 stars from 1 review
  • Desiderata CB6: 5/5 stars from 4 reviews
  • Bold Desert: 5/5 stars from 1 review
  • Bold TyFini’: 5/5 stars from 4 reviews
  • Classic Black Panther: 5/5 stars from 1 review

Because of its awesome style, we couldn’t help but look into the Bold ‘TyFini’ design. Here’s what one customer had to say about the shoes upon delivery:

Very cool sneaker. Unique, fashionable, trendy yet easy everyday wear.” All of the other Fini Shoes reviews agree, and overall, shoppers are really happy with what they get from this brand.

As for the shopping experience, another comment read: “Absolutely love these shoes and the customer service is amazing!Great customer service is a big part of online shopping. The ideal team will answer any questions you have about the brand’s processes and products and will be able to help you should you need to make a return or exchange.

It looks like Fini does a great job, and we found a lot of happy customers in the review sections of its site. We set out in search of third-party reviews, and though there’s a ton of coverage for its collection in popular publications like Forbes, Complex, and Marie Claire, there wasn’t much personal feedback, and that’s what we’re looking for in this Fini Shoes review.

Instead, we headed back to the brand’s site and dug through the comments section for a few other styles. Of the quality of the Desiderata CB6, one Fini Shoes review read:

Wow, these shoes are great quality. Comes with an extra piece you can put on top [of] the laces, almost like having two pairs of shoes! One for the “night out” and one for the “bar night”. Chad B and Fini Shoes did it again with the heat!

As we said before, buyers are extremely happy with the look of Fini Shoes, but it’s valuable to also read about their great quality. Since the rule of clubs is often “no shoes with laces,” the company really thought through the accessories of its shoes, giving you a single pair of footwear truly for all occasions.

There wasn’t a whole ton of feedback available for this brand online, but there is a huge hype about it, and the reviews we did find express love and respect for Fini and its designs. Overall, the reviews we found were 100% positive, and we look forward to what else this brand has in store.

Is Fini Shoes Legit?

Fini Shoes Review

Fini is a relatively new brand and doesn’t have pages on well-known review sites like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot. That’s where we’d normally go to scope out feedback and look into any common concerns customers have. 

Since the brand doesn’t have an established page on either, nor negative reviews about issues with shipping or quality, it’s safe for us to assume that Fini is indeed a legit brand that people trust. Usually, even if a brand is new, if something seems fishy, customers won’t hesitate to talk about it online.

The lack of negative comments is a good sign that this brand is safe to buy from. We found nothing that hints otherwise.

Is Fini Shoes Worth It?

Fini Shoes Review

The first design we ever saw from Fini was its Bold ‘TyFini’ shoe. Instantly, and like the sneaker-loving nerds we are, we fell in love. After discovering its signature, customizable design, we saw this brand for what it really was: an instant classic.

Unique, smart, and thoughtful, Fini solves an issue that every traveler or minimalist faces—the struggle to cut back on the pairs of shoes they own for the sake of simplicity and space. There’s no doubt that this brand is going places. Whether it’s for attractive sneaker design or innovation, having Fini in your collection is a must.

Fini Shoes Promotions & Discounts

Fini Shoes Review

Aside from having an unlimited amount of brands at your fingertips, the best part about shopping online is the deals. During this Fini Shoes review, we kept an eye out for any that popped up. Here’s what we found:

  • Join the mailing list to get 15% off
  • Free US shipping over $75
  • Free returns

Where to Buy Fini Shoes

Fini Shoes Review

Right now, the company’s shoes are primarily sold through its website. You can also find them at VeriShop, but only select styles are available. To get full access to the line and its deals, your best bet is to shop through


Fini Shoes Review

Who owns Fini Shoes?

Dami Adepoju owns Fini Shoes. The designer said he had the idea while on vacation wishing he could carry fewer pairs of shoes with him. Creating a shoe that transforms from sneaker to dress shoe to boot is the ultimate idea for freeing up luggage space.

Does Fini Shoes ship internationally?

Yes, it does! International orders are delivered via DHL. You’ll find all of your shipping options listed at checkout, along with an estimate of how long delivery will take.

What is Fini Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

Fini is based in the US but offers free shipping to the USA for orders over $75. Orders placed before 5:00 pm ship out that same day, all other orders will be processed and shipped the next business day. US orders take around 3-5 business days to arrive and are delivered via USPS and UPS.

What is Fini Shoes’ Return Policy?

Should you need to return your Fini Shoes order, you can do so as long as it hasn’t been more than 30 days since your order shipped out. Here are some basic guidelines around making a return or exchange:

  1. All it’s must be in new, unworn, and unaltered condition
  2. All tags must be attached and all shoes must come with their original boxes
  3. No sale items can be returned
  4. You’ll need to choose Seel Return Assurance at checkout (no orders without it can be returned)
  5. International orders cannot be returned or exchanged
  6. Returns and exchanges are free

The process for making a return is pretty straightforward, you’ll just need to go through the virtual return form, answer the questions, print off your return label, and then drop the package off at any carrier store or drop-off box. Once Fini receives your order, they’ll process it within 3 days.

How to Contact Fini Shoes

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Fini Shoes review, you can get in touch with the brand via:

Fini’s customer service hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST, and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

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