People Footwear Shoe Review

About People Footwear

People Footwear Shoe Review

People Footwear is headquartered in Vancouver and sells ultra-light, comfortable footwear appealing to leisure environments. Through innovative materials and advanced high-tech manufacturing, People has a number of unique footwear choices in different colors, collections, and styles to browse. All People Footwear is manufactured from the company’s trademarked SkyLite EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). That means a fit from a shoe that’s light and shock-absorbent, helping keep you on your feet without getting tired. For women, men, and children, there’s something for each demographic in People’s online catalogue.

People Footwear Products

People Footwear Shoe Review

People Footwear shoes have won much attention for being incredibly comfortable leisure footwear bringing together classic styles with contemporary construction. They’re easy to slip on and off, no matter if it’s for a toddler or an adult who needs to run out to get some groceries. Some of People Footwear’s top shoe products are divided by category.

  • Sneakers include:
    • The Nelson
    • The Phillips/The Phillips Knit
    • The Stanley/The Stanley Knit
    • The Waldo/The Waldo Knit.
  • ‘Boots & Puffies’ include:
    • the Cypress
    • The Phillips Puffy
    • The Weller
    • The Jasper.
  • Sandals & Slip-ons include:
    •  The Lennon/The Lennon Slide
    • The Lennon Chiller
    • The Yoko
    • The Rio
    • The Senna
    • The Spannos.

Shipping Information

People Footwear Shoe Review

People Footwear ships only to Canada and the US. Orders up to $100 are subject to a cost of $6.99 while free shipping is provided on any and all orders of $100 or above. Standard shipping takes between 4 and up to 10 business days while Express shipments, though subjected to a fee, scheduled to arrive within 3 business days.

Return Policy

To return a People product, the shoes must be clean and unworn, and accompanied by its original and undamaged shoe box. Returns are permitted within 30 days of the purchase date. Refunds are provided in full, exclusive any costs associated with shipping. Returns are fully processed within 14 business days, at which time the refund is provided. The prepaid return slip included with any online order can be used to send any portion of the order back to People Footwear.

People Footwear Reviews

People Footwear has some pretty fair reviews online although there are some drawbacks people have pointed out. The positives are that the products are light and breezy, although the way the design is built, some have had their ankles dug into by the back. The customer service ratings have been average but nothing to be excited about.

Ultimately, it probably comes down to the product in terms of whether it’s worth it to you to make a purchase. For young parents and a toddler, there’s advantages to getting all your shoes from a single supplier, for example. There are a ton of colors to choose from and some different styles to play with. Although we’d rate People Footwear ‘average to lower-high’, for some customers, they’re certainly going to make for a great product.

Customer Service Information

People Footwear can be contacted by email through [email protected]. For common questions, customers are routinely referred to People’s FAQ.  Peoples Footwear does not provide a phone number and any contact made on social media is directed back to their email address.

Coupon Code

People Footwear do not presently offer any coupon codes for customers in the US or Canada, unfortunately.

Why We Like It

People’s Footwear are a fashion-forward brand, vegan friendly, and very innovative in the way they assemble designs. Soft and breathable fabrics, strong outsole construction, and a reliable shoe for any family member. Why we like People Footwear is because you know what you’re getting when you buy one of these super lightweight, attractive, sporty, and comfy footwear options. Be it sneakers, boots, puffies, sandals, or slip-ons, for you or a loved one, People’s is an excellent choice.

What We Think Could Improve

The biggest drawback with People’s Footwear is some people do not like the design, some have had trouble ordering products online, and recently customer service ratings have begun to dip. It’s unclear as to why these things have happened however it is a sign that perhaps People needs to refocus and re-orientate themselves to the customer.

Final Thoughts

People Footwear will let you scramble across a rocky beach, walk through a puddle, go for a run, or enjoy some leisure time with the kids. The foam shoe cushions are comfortable for hours-long use. The materials are modern but the design’s old-school and very adaptable. They’re easily paired with different outfits and ultimately, any People Footwear shoe should be pretty reliable over the weeks, months, and years to come. For those interested in lightweight, comfy shoes for leisure environments, this is one brand you’ve got to consider for your closet.

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Asked by Amanda Tanner (3 years ago) Reply

The original Phillips shoe is my most coveted shoe in my wardrobe. It was comfortable and flexible! When it was redesigned to be “sturdier”, the whole fit was ruined! My last pair is wearing out, and I’m dying to replace them. Will you ever bring them back?

Asked by Arnold Ephraums (2 years ago) Reply

the Lennon slider is probably the most comfortable slide I have worn, I have been wearing it for 3 years during summer and with thick socks in Fall – please bring it back in black I love it.

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