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Drink Haus Review

About Haus

Drink Haus Review

Haus is a family-run business that specializes in making fruit wines. Naturally fermented in California, this brand uses botanicals, herbs, and fresh produce to make its apéritifs.

Hailed as new and exciting by The New York Times, Haus has slowly gained fame for their unique blends. With a steady following of 47.8k on Instagram, the company has also caught the attention of the press, making appearances in Food & Wine and Bon Appétit

This Drink Haus review will take a closer look into their offerings, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their wines are worth the buy.

Overview of Haus

Drink Haus Review

Founders Helena and Woody Hambrecht wanted to challenge the industry and minimize struggles when picking alcohol, which led to the launch of their own business, Haus, in 2018. 

Inspired by the apéritif culture celebrated in Berlin, the couple wanted their brand to represent familial bonding. Taking a modern spin on this European tradition, the Hambrechts established their own wine-making facilities in the sunny valley of Sonoma County, California. 

Their first batch consisted of chardonnay, lemons, and elderflower sourced from their backyard. What was once a living room business grew into a well-established brand that’s been highly (and widely) praised today.

Using farm-to-bottle ingredients such as star anise, clove, and grapes, Haus ensures that all of their specialty apéritifs embody a sense of community while also coming in vibrant, unique flavors.

“People weren’t drinking to get drunk, they were focused on connections and being present. When they went out, everyone drank aperitifs and the Americano—a low-ABV apéritif cocktail with vermouth, Campari, and soda—quickly became (Woody’s) go-to,” said in a statement made by DrinkHaus. 

Before we get into this Drink Haus review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A variety of interesting wines that contain low alcohol content, and are made using fresh fruit and botanical extracts 
  • Production is powered by 100% clean, renewable energy
  • Their materials are sourced responsibly for forest conservation
  • With each product description, Haus provides cocktail recipes for their apéritifs 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • The Wine Haus Membership plan includes free shipping and discounts 
  • Referral program 
  • 30-day return policy


  • Limited customer reviews 
  • Does not offer international shipping 
Drink Haus Review

Getting drunk is fun and all, but we rarely remember those conversations the next day. Apéritifs are usually enjoyed at Happy Hour, to be slowly sipped while taking in the sunset. So, Haus ensures that their selection of wines has low levels of alcohol.

Made for those cheese and wine nights, or an evening spent playing nostalgic board games, this brand has a variety of specialty wines to keep friends and family tuned into each other’s company, while also making sure you can be fully functional for work in the morning.  

DrinkHaus Review

Among a variety of fruity apéritifs, you can either choose to purchase the entire bottle, a sampler kit, or a duo collection for when you can’t get enough.

This Drink Haus review will now go through some of the brand’s bestsellers, to help you decide what drinks to serve at your next special occasion. 

Haus Lemon Lavender Review

Bright citrus and coaxing lavender are two sides of the same coin, meaning that it’s a perfect example of two opposites destined to come together.

The Lemon Lavender apéritif by Haus features a light and botanical flavor that provides a hint of Coriander Spice and Chamomile. 

To introduce a bit of zing, Haus recommends mixing the Lemon Lavender apéritif into a glass of soda water. Containing only 18% of alcohol, you can easily make this an afternoon delight. 

For a wine that brings back memories of cool, summer evenings spent on your backyard patio, this midday blend costs $35 in total. 

Haus Rose Rose Review

Introducing notes of summertime raspberry and cherry, the Rose Rose apéritif is the quintessential drink to have for when you’re feeling fancy.

Infused with subtle floral notes, this fruity wine is best enjoyed on the rocks or mixed into sparkling water. It also includes hints of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chardonnay Grapes. 

Containing less than 20% alcohol, there’s no need to worry if you finish an entire bottle yourself.

For those who would like to incorporate it into a dinner party, this Drink Haus review recommends serving it with a plate of seared salmon and a feta spinach salad. For a taste of classic elegance, the Rose Rose costs $35

Haus Citrus Flower Review 

Instead of cracking open a stale beer or can of lemonade, treat yourself to a glass of the Citrus Flower apéritif. It delivers a crisp and refreshing taste, infused with fragrant notes of Lemon, Elderflower, and hints of Saigon Cinnamon.

This 18% alcoholic beverage can be served up with club soda or prosecco mixed in. For something as bright as lemon, you may want to pair it with something deep and savory.

When it comes to suppertime, this Drink Haus review suggests cooking up a mean veal roast with a side of buttery potatoes. 

If you’re looking for something to offset the intense flavors of meat, the Citrus Flower apéritif will do the job for just $35

Haus Spiced Cherry Review

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that is what this next Haus apéritif is made of.

This specialty blend introduces the right amount of warm earthiness, as it uses a mixture of Tellicherry Pepper, Cocoa Nibs, and Anise Seed.

Finished off a hit of fresh fruit, the Spiced Cherry wine is the perfect late-night sip for when you’re trying to get cozy.

To help elevate the spiced flavors of this apéritif, pour a shot of Cuban rum for a bit of kick. In terms of food, rich flavors such as pork or jerk chicken would work well with this beverage.

For a glass that may turn into a favorite around the cold season, the Spiced Cherry wine costs $35

Haus Ginger Yuzu Review

Homemade spice and citrus concoctions are often the best cold remedies. The Ginger Yuzu apéritif is reminiscent of those blends, but this Drink Haus review doesn’t recommend drinking a glass of this alone to help with sniffles and sneezes. 

Packed with East Asian Yuzu, peppery Ginger Root, and bright Lemongrass, this wine delivers a bold punch with every sip.

To help compliment the flavors, a splash of sparkling soda water with some ice cubes would work nicely.

Unfortunately, the 200 ml Ginger Yuzu apéritif is currently sold out, but keep checking back on their website for any updates on availability and price. 

Haus Your Haus Duo Review 

For those that can’t decide on one Haus flavor, why not treat yourself to two? The Your Haus Duo offers customers an option to customize their collection, as they can choose from any of the selected 750 ml apéritifs. 

The possibilities are endless; for example, you can pick the Lemon Lavender wine and the Bitter Clove blend for a combination of bright citrus with earthy pepperiness. In terms of the Haus alcohol content, the set measures 18% to 20% in total. 

The Your Haus Duo costs $70 altogether. This Drink Haus review would like to note that members can get it for only $63 if they sign up for a Subscription plan. Both purchasing options are eligible for free shipping

Haus The Sampler Kit Review 

Girls’ nights and wine tasting sessions basically work hand in hand. Instead of bar hopping, have a relaxing evening in with The Sampler Kit by Haus. This customizable set features four apéritif flavors of your choosing. 

Measured in a 200 ml bottle, this Haus starter kit is perfectly sized for 2-3 drinks. For a powerful quartet of flavors, this Drink Haus review suggests getting Citrus Flower, Bitter Clove, Rose Rose, and Spiced Cherry

Containing an alcohol content of 18%, you can turn your wild drinking nights into a more refined experience. Unfortunately, The Sampler Kit is currently out of stock. But once it’s available to purchase again, snatch it for $40

Haus Membership 

Drink Haus Review

Are wine and movie nights a weekly shindig for you? Then it may be time to sign up for a Haus Membership. This subscription plan delivers 2 bottles of their offered flavors monthly

Members automatically get 10% off on their orders (which is $63 in total) and qualify for free shipping. Customers also gain exclusive access to VIP apéritifs, product discounts, and future private events. 

There is no cost in joining this subscription plan. Members will receive their first shipment within 1–3 business days and instantly have access to amazing perks.

Finally, you have the freedom to pause, cancel, or rejoin their subscription plans whenever you like. Find out more about Haus Membership by visiting their website. 

Haus Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Drink Haus Review

This Drink Haus review found limited customers reviews online, and this might be because they’re still a relatively new brand.

However, most of their best-selling apéritifs garnered hundreds of reviews with positive ratings on their website, which is where most of the customer feedback seems to be concentrated. 

For instance, the Citrus Flower wine has over 187 customer testimonials with a ranking of 4.3/5 stars. Buyers have noted that this beverage tastes refreshing and that it works great when mixed into cocktails:

“This beverage was quite different from anything I’ve tasted—at least any that I can recall. Drank it both straight and as a mixer using tonic water. My wife and I both enjoyed it,” one reviewer wrote for the Citrus Flower apéritif. 

Other than their website, there aren’t many independent reviews posted on other sources. That being said, there are news outlets that have critiqued this brand.

For instance, Glamour and Food & Wine have rated Haus quite favorably, as they have stated that their selection of wines is great to have during small get-togethers and family parties.

They also like that their blends focus on the flavors of natural botanicals rather than making them too sweet: 

“Haus is intentionally less sweet and bitter than traditional apéritifs, deriving its flavors from local, fresh ingredients, like lemon, elderflower, and clove. In addition to skipping artificial additives, Haus contains a fraction of the sugar used in other brands,” Food & Wine detailed in their article.

This Drink Haus review did find a few customer complaints on their website. Some customers were not a fan of the taste of their wines, as others stated that it was too floral, bitter, or herby

As one reviewer on the brand’s website stated that the Butter Clove option had: “Good spices, but too sweet overall, and the wine base was more apparent than I was hoping for.”

Is Haus Worth It?

Drink Haus Review

For an unconventional experience that ensures no future hangovers, this Drink Haus review readily recommends this brand.  

Haus has a great selection of fruity apéritifs that are low in alcohol, and are not overpoweringly sweet. It’s a sound alternative for wine enthusiasts that love to drink but hate feeling drunk in the later hours. 

The brand’s message of bonding and community is also a rather heartwarming approach compared to the rather cold and individualistic nature of the alcohol industry. Their prices are quite reasonable, too, especially if they operate as a family-run business. 

Haus also checks that their production line uses sustainable methods. For instance, their bottles are 100% recyclable. If you like to give this brand the benefit of the doubt, Haus may be worth checking out. 

Be advised that there are little to no shared experiences of how their customer service works, if there are any issues with their subscription plans, or if there are long shipping times. Be advised of this one tiny wrinkle before you hand over your credit card.

If you do encounter issues with this brand, be advised that they do have a 30-day return policy in place that they will honor.

Haus Promotions & Discounts 

Drink Haus Review

This Drink Haus review found out that the wine company has a Referral Program. Friends will get $10 off their first purchase, while you earn $10 towards your next order with every successful referral. 

You can also save 10% on select wine flavors if you sign up for a Subscription Plan. 

Where to Buy Haus

Drink Haus Review

Customers can buy their exclusive wines, such as the kit Haus and the roseHaus, by visiting Drink.Haus

Sign Up for Haus 

To sign up for a Haus subscription plan, customers can click on the Membership tab on the company’s landing page.

From there, you can choose what two flavors you’d like delivered on a monthly basis. By doing this, buyers are automatically enlisted in a Haus Membership Plan at checkout. 


Drink Haus Review

What kind of alcohol is Haus? 

Haus specializes in making apéritifs. They are fruity and botanical alcoholic beverages that are low in alcohol. 

How do you drink Haus aperitif? 

Customers can either drink their apéritifs on the rocks or mix them into cocktails such as the spirit Haus blend.

For more inspiration, the brand provides cocktail recipes on each of their product descriptions for you to try out. 

What is Haus’ Shipping Policy?

This Drink Haus review found out that they only deliver within select areas of the United States, meaning that their wines are inaccessible to other countries.

For FedEx ground delivery, Haus offers free shipping on orders $50+. 

Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $7. Expedited 2-day and overnight shipping are also available for customers to choose from at a set rate. Ground orders usually deliver within 5–7 business days

What is Haus’ Return Policy?

According to the Hauss policy, buyers can initiate returns by notifying the customer service team within 30 days of purchase. You do not need to send back the bottle. 

How to Contact Haus

For questions that were not addressed in this Drink Haus review, you can contact the company through:

Direct messaging them on their social media platforms.

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