Thread Wallets Review

About Thread Wallets

Thread Wallets Review

Thread carries a collection of colorful wallets, cardholders, bags, and accessories. They’re known for their slim, minimalistic, and functional designs which help people express themselves (without losing their credit cards). 

BuzzFeed, Forbes, and Entrepreneur are only a few media outlets that have shone a light on the Thread, which have made quite a name for themselves in the past few years.

Threadwallets was also labeled as a game changer by TaiaMaddison, and they’ve amassed over 304k followers on Instagram.

In this Thread wallets review, I will introduce you to some of the company’s most popular products, their origin story, promotions, customer feedback, and more.

Are you looking for a new wallet or cardholder? Keep reading to find out if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Thread Wallets

Thread Wallets Review

Thread was founded by husband and wife duo, Colby and Mckenzie Bauer after Colby lost his wallet and struggled to find a good replacement that was versatile and compact.

In 2015, the couple decided to “bring life to an industry saturated with boring and bulky wallets” and with a little help from Kickstarter, the Bauers launched their first line of slim wallets. 

Their humble beginnings soon progressed into partnerships with over 600 stores, like Zumiez and Scheels, and they’ve even designed corporate merch for Coca-Cola and Qualtrics.

The couple shares that they’ve found “an irreplaceable sense of freedom and happiness” through their venture, and continue to grow every year. 

This Thread wallets review will now dive into some of the highlights of the brand. 


  • Variety of contemporary patterns, colors, and designs suit many tastes 
  • Slim wallets and card holders easily slide into your pockets 
  • Affordable products 
  • Over 10,000+ reviews from customers on their website 
  • Free shipping for purchases over $35
  • Most products offer a 1-year warranty
  • The brand has a 30-day return policy

Next up in this Thread Wallets review, I will be sharing some of the brand’s top-selling items. I’ll cover the brand’s wallets, cardholders, lanyards, and phone accessories

There are also Thread wallets’ clear crossbody bags, backpacks, and bag straps displayed on the brand’s official website that will not be reviewed in this review.

If you’re looking for something to carry your keys or even your lip balms, take a look through the various Thread Wallets wallet keychain clips that are built into select phone and wallet accessories from the brand. 

Note that nearly all of the products listed below have a 1-year warranty.

Thread Wallets Carson Billfold Wallet Review

The Carson Bifold Wallet is unassuming on the outside but has an unexpected pop of color within the flap. It’s crafted from a leather exterior with tight-knit thread and canvas for an added dose of personality. 

This wallet can hold up to 10 cards, as well as cash and features RFID blocking to protect your credit card information from potential thieves.

Don’t be fooled by its little size, the functional wallet sure carries more than you think! The Carson Bifold Wallet rings in at $30 with 17 color options.

Thread Wallets Verse Bifold Wallet Review

The Verse Bifold Wallet is another suave-looking bifold with 17 pattern options for the inner accents. If stripes aren’t your thing, swipe through Tie-Dye, Floral, or Checkerboard options.

With many similarities to the previous wallet, it holds 4-10 cards and also has built-in RFID blocking to protect your personal information. 

It is made with Thread’s classic grain leather patch and tight-knit elastic interior that expands and contracts to keep the cards within in place.

The Verse Bifold Wallet can be yours for just $30.

Thread Wallets Lily Phone Case Wallet Review

Do you always stress about leaving your wallet or cards behind when running out the door in a rush? The Lily Phone Case Wallet can slice that worry in half.  

It’s made with durable rubber, a leather backing, and a convenient thread elastic pocket to hold debit or credit cards and never leave them behind again.

This case can comfortably hold up to 4 cards in its pocket. So pop in the most essential IDs, and get ready to turn some heads with the 37 eye-popping color combinations.

Note that the Lily Phone Case Wallet is compatible with every iPhone between 6/6S to 11/Pro/Max. It is also on sale for $1o down from $30

Thread Wallets Kora Elastic Card Holder Review

This patented Thread wallets Keychain Wallet is the brand’s original design for their product. Its elasticity is tight-knit, which means it will keep your cards and cash safe and snug.

This Thread wallet holder can hold up to 10 cards, which is not obvious by looking at it!

The elastic construction also allows it to expand to hold on to additional cash or receipts without ever becoming bulky in your pocket or clutch bag.

This wallet also features a key ring to effortlessly attach keys, a lanyard, or anything else you see fit. This one isn’t currently available on the website, so keep coming back for a possible restock.

Thread Wallets Fierce Vertical Card Holder Review

If you want a cardholder that makes a statement, the Fierce Vertical Card Holder is a true contender. Who doesn’t love a bold leopard print?

How is it constructed? All Thread wallets holders are made of leather, and the pocket is their signature tight-knit thread

This vertical wallet can also hold up to 8 cards and additional cash and features RFID blocking to protect your bank and personal information.

Attach your favorite lanyard to its keyring and turn this little beauty into a Thread wallets lanyard wallet, ideal for hikes or travel.

If leopard print isn’t your thing, browse through the other 26 color options that are a little more … subtle. This Fierce Vertical Card Holder rings in at $25.

Thread Wallets Cabana Wrist Lanyard Review

You’re thinking it…do cool lanyards exist? Well yes, it appears they do. The Cabana Wrist Lanyard is a fan favorite among customers of this brand.

This lanyard pairs wonderfully with the Cabana Wallet if you prefer matching accessories. There are 40 other color options that could harmonize with many of the brand’s other accessories, but we recommend the Cabana Wrist Lanyard for this one. 

All Thread wallets lanyards are constructed with high-quality hardware and genuine leather, so they can look cute while resisting tears, pulls, and wear-and-tear.

This cute little Cabana Wrist Lanyard comes for just $11.

Thread Wallets Black Lip Balm Holder Review

What a great idea. Lip balms are always so easily lost, so what better way to hold onto them than strapping them to your wallet?

This Black Lip Balm Holder is made of the brand’s signature tight-knit elastic that holds your lip balm snugly in place.

If you prefer to leave lip balms on the bedside table, try putting a tube of lipstick through this handy device instead for your evenings out on the town.

Attach it to one of Thread’s lanyards, cardholders, or wallets to keep all your essentials in one place and compact. This Black Lip Balm Holder only costs $10.

Thread Wallets Carissa Airpod Case Review

This Carissa AirPods Case has an energizing visual appeal that sparks joy with its lovely floral pattern, with the potential to even become a new conversation starter.

The Carissa Airpod Case is made with protective silicone, and the ear pieces themselves are compatible with:

  • AirPod 1
  • AirPod 2
  • AirPod Pro

It also has an accessible charge port and visible LED light that keeps track of your battery power. This case can also accompany a Thread wallets lanyard and wallet duo for optimal convenience on your runs or at the gym.

The Carissa AirPods Case comes for only $18. If you’re looking for a more subtle palette, swap the Carissa color option for the Midnight Blue. 

Thread Wallets Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Thread Wallets Review

On the whole, customers seem to be pleased with the eccentric designs and quality of Thread’s wallets and accessories. A lot of reviews mentioned that the wallets were slim, lightweight, and fit a lot

While doing my research for this Thread wallets review, I found also an impressive 10,680 reviews on the brand’s website, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Customers have reported being drawn to the variety of products with some choosing to purchase their lip balm holder and wrist lanyards for their own wallets and accessories, while others are choosing to stick with the classic wallet.

Customers on the brand’s website are particularly happy to flaunt their matching sets of the products for a full Thread ensemble.

Next, out of 4,394 reviews on Amazon, Thread received 4.75/5 stars with many customers agreeing that portability was a major selling point. As for the patterns, one reviewer shared:

I wanted a minimalist wallet, and as a woman find that most are targeted at men and/or are very masculine. I like these choices.” 

Circling on the durability of the products, I found some mixed opinions among Thread wallets review. A customer said,

I use it every day to hold cards, ID, cash… and whatever else I feel like adding in that day. It hasn’t stretched out at all and I’ve never had an issue losing cards or money or anything out of it.”

On TheReviewIndex, the company scored 8.2/10 out of 490 reviews. But, some left negative sentiments regarding quality, such as, “When I put my cards into the wallet it immediately started pulling at the seams and looks like it will rip apart any moment.”

While a couple of others on Amazon commented that the sewing could be improved and that access is tricky when cards are too squeezed in:

“[T]he middle slot is impossible to get things out. You basically have to take everything out and then put it all back. … It just squeezes things too much where it becomes a pain.”

But, 2x as many customers were satisfied with the heightened comfort and security of the wallets they’ve had after jumping on the Thread wallets train. 

Are Thread Wallets Worth It?

Thread Wallets Review

Taking into account price, uniqueness, and durability in this Thread wallets review, I would say that the brand’s products are worth it.

These wallets are incredibly inexpensive, and as previously mentioned, have a warranty for up to a year

You aren’t doling out hundreds of dollars on a fancy leather wallet, and if it lasts years for a minor fraction of that cost, I’d say that it’s a pretty good bargain.

Additionally, the brand provides many options for personalizing and they are incredibly versatile due to the add-on accessories like lanyards and cases.

It is alarming that a large number of reviews are criticizing the quality and design, but the company is recognized for its prompt and helpful responses with returning defective or broken items.

Plus, for all that Thread Wallets has going for it, the negative reviews can always be overlooked for the sweeping majority of positive reviews. 

When it comes to personalized, versatile wallets and wallet accessories, we believe that this brand is definitely worth a try.

Thread Wallets Promotions & Discounts 

Thread Wallets Review

Are you looking for a Thread coupon or discount code? Unfortunately, there is no active coupon on the website currently.

But, if you subscribe to their newsletter, the brand keeps you in the loop with any upcoming promotions or product releases.  

Where to Buy Thread Wallets

Thread Wallets Review

For the best selection, buy from the brand directly at

But as it turns out, Thread wallets are also carried in quite a few stores and boutiques. Check out the Store Locator feature on their website to find one near you. 

You can find Thread on Amazon as well, which is what Canadian shoppers will be browsing after they’ve already gone through all of the brand’s products on Walmart. 


Thread Wallets Review

What are Thread Wallets?

As previously mentioned in this Thread wallets review, this brand is a Utah-based brand that rose to fame with its minimalist and colorful wallets.

Their patented designs feature a tight-knit elastic construction that keeps your cards secure and protected.

Where is Thread Wallets based? 

Thread’s headquarters are in Provo, Utah.

Who started Thread Wallets?

The company was started by husband and wife Colby and Mckenzie Bauer, whose dream was to “create a brand that promotes living a fun, adventurous lifestyle.”

Do Thread Wallets work?

This Thread wallets review found that the company’s wallets are proven to retain elasticity for long periods of time, and you can trust them to hold cards and cash without having to deal with unnecessary bulk.

Are Thread Wallets sustainable?

Thread is an ethical brand that supports sustainable practices.

Are Thread Wallet phone cases protective?

Yes, they are incredibly protective, and they look cool too. All of Thread’s phone cases, like the Lily Phone Case Wallet mentioned in this review, are made of durable rubber. 

Are Thread Wallets for men?

This brand’s wallets are for everyone! The brand’s wide range of patterns caters to men with all sorts of tastes, whether they prefer a neutral Off-White or a loud Tie-Dye.  

How do you clean Thread Wallets?

Yes, you can clean Thread wallets. The company recommends hand washing to prevent color fade and damage to the material.

Are Thread Wallets RFID?

Yes. Thread’s wallets feature RFID blocking to shield your information.

How do you use Thread Wallets?

Simply insert your cards and cash into the folds and the elastic will contract to accommodate.

How long does Thread Wallets take to ship?

Orders will require one full business day to process. Domestic orders will take 4-7 days and Priority Mail shipping will take an additional 2-3 days

Shipping times may vary depending on location. Once the order is placed, Thread will send updates on the status of your order via email.

How do I return my Thread Wallet?

The brand offers 30 days to make a refund. For the return to be accepted, the item must be unused and in its original packaging. Once a return is initiated on their website, you will receive a shipping label. 

This Thread wallets review must point out that the cost of shipping will be deducted from your return. Once the return is processed, it should only take 3-5 days to process and for the refund to be shown on your bank statement.

How to Contact Thread Wallets

If you have any questions beyond this Thread wallets review, you can contact the team through:

  1. Email: [email protected] 
  2. The official website’s Contact Form

There is no Thread wallets customer service number available at this time.

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