Timeless Skin Care Review

About Timeless Skin Care

Timeless Skin Care is a beauty and skincare line that focuses on affordable, quality products. The skincare collection, which are manufactured in small batches, contain high concentrations of active ingredients with less fillers, less chemicals, and paraben free formulations. 

Featured in the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Daily Mail and InStyle, the high performance skincare line has become an affordable staple in shoppers’ beauty routines. If your skin needs a little pick me up, and you’re looking to get the most out of your money, read on. This Timeless Skin Care review will provide details on the brand, its bestsellers, and the many benefits your skin will reap from Timeless products.

Timeless Skin Care Review

Overview of Timeless Skin Care

Timeless Skin Care was founded by Alex Pedersen in 2009 with the aim to provide quality skin care preparations at inexpensive pricing to deliver effective results. The products are made in small batches and produced in southern California. CEO Veronica Pedersen says of the production process, “We manufacture on site with complete quality control. We do not rely on third party manufacturers to fill our products and inspect them”. 

Timeless Skin Care upholds the message that skincare products don’t have to come with high price tags for customers to experience significant results. In an effort to make great skin care solutions more accessible to everyone, their products are offered at a lower price point with no quality spared.

Timeless Skin Care Review

Continue reading this Timeless Skin Care review to learn more. For a quick overview, check out this sum up of the brand’s pros and cons below:


  • Paraben, dye, and fragrance free
  • Does not test on animals (cruelty free)
  • Affordable pricing
  • Solutions for all skin types
  • The website offers a Skincare Quiz, to build a routine tailored to you
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Free shipping to the US, worldwide shipping available


  • Some customers reported receiving damaged or expired products
  • Negative reviews also mentioned an unnerving smell after applying the products
Timeless Skin Care Review

This Timeless Skin Care review will cover a range of products, from serums to creams and even a tailored-to-you DIY beauty box! Looking to upgrade your beauty routine? So many of us are tired of useless drugstore products, which may be cheap, but ultimately result in wasted money. 

Keep reading to learn more about Timeless Skin Care solutions and some of the brand’s best selling skincare products.

20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum

Timeless Skin Care’s 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum is dubbed The Brightener: it brightens up your complexion while supporting collagen production and evening out your skin tone. The Timeless Vitamin C serum’s active ingredients – Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid work magic on dull or stressed skin. This serum protects your skin from all of those icky environmental stressors by creating a barrier between your skin and harmful pollutants in the air. 

The 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum also corrects hyperpigmentation and discoloration. In other words, if you struggle to find products that fade acne marks or mild scarring, your skin will benefit from this product. The serum is free of parabens, dyes, fragrance, and animal cruelty, containing more active ingredients and less chemicals. The 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum rings up at $25.95 for a 1-oz bottle and $70.95 for a 4-oz bottle. This serum should only be used semi-regularly, since it causes exfoliation—it shouldn’t be used if you have oily skin.

One Timeless Vitamin C reddit reviewer described it this way: no fragrance? Check. No weird orange dye? Check. Not sticky? Check. Colored bottle? Check. Cruelty-free? Check. Vitamin E? Check. Ferulic acid? Check. No oxidizing in a month? Check. Non-drying? Check. Excellent customer service and delivery? Check. The cheapest option available for LAA+vitamin e+ferulic acid I have found? CHECK!”

Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum

Some people say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I say Hyaluronic Acid is. Timeless calls the Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum The Essential, which brightens, clarifies, and protects the skin. It helps even out your skin tone and defends against the initial signs of aging. This Timeless serum also contains Matrixyl 3000™ which rebuilds collagen and firms skin—formulas like this that target aging can be used beginning in your late 20s, or around that time, since everyone’s skin is different.

The Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum pumps up the moisture levels as well, giving your complexion a luminous radiant glow and like you woke up from an exquisite beauty sleep. You can use this product every day, and it’s great for all skin types. This paraben, fragrance, and dye free product is like a facial in a bottle. This serum rings up at $20.95 for a 1-oz container and $55.95 for 4 oz.

Argan Oil 100% Pure

Argan oil has been called “liquid gold”, and it’s understandable why. This Argan Oil 100% Pure isn’t just for your face. Argan oil is amazing for the whole body and can also be used as a remedy for chapped lips, dry scalp, dull hair and weak nails…heck, you may as well bathe in the stuff.

This product nourishes, hydrates, and smooths dehydrated skin like nobody’s business. The Argan Oil 100% Pure is packed with omega fatty acids and Vitamin E is a multi-tasker for all of your beauty needs. This magical elixir is priced at $9.95 for a 1-oz bottle, $14.95 for 2 oz and $40.95 for an 8 oz.

Dark Circle Eye Cream 0.5 oz

50 shades of dark circles under your eyes? Timeless Skin Care has a product for that. Dark unde-reyes are a problem that many people try to remedy and Timeless Skin Care’s Dark Circle Eye Cream is infused with Haloxyl, a powerful combination of peptides that work to repair the underlying cause of dark shadows. Along with Eyeliss, Algae Extract and Rosehip Oil, this product doesn’t just remedy dark circles it also helps improve puffiness, skin texture and fine lines.

A reviewer raves, “I am so happy with the eye cream! Very moisturizing and most importantly lifts my dark circle areas, smoothing them out and prevent the wrinkles. Noticed it almost right away. Tried many others but this does what it claims. Thrilled I tried it. This is the best! Really!”. The Dark Circle Eye Cream rings up at $22.95 for a 0.5 oz container.

Hydrating Eye Cream

This Hydrating Eye Cream, much like the Dark Circle cream previously mentioned in this Timeless skin care review, remedies puffiness and dark circles…but this cream in particular is ultra-hydrating with the addition of Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000™. These active ingredients work overtime to repair, plump and smooth fine lines around the eyes.

A little goes a long way with the Hydrating Eye Cream formula, and with the affordable price point you can’t go wrong. You don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a luxury eye cream to see results. This cream rings up at just $20.95 for a 0.5 oz container.

HA Matrixyl 3000™ w/ Lavender Spray

Timeless Skin Care Review

Hyaluronic acid, but a spray! Love. This. Timeless Skin Care’s HA Matrixyl 3000™ w/ Lavender Spray gives your skin all of the benefits of HA with the addition of lavender for soothing and calming. The product is easy and convenient to apply, simply give your face a spray to re-hydrate, soothe and protect throughout the day whenever needed.

The HA Matrixyl 3000™ w/ Lavender Spray is also ideal for a quick makeup refresh, give your face a quick all-over spray to keep your makeup intact and your skin glowing. Other notable benefits: repairs aging skin and protects skin from environmental pollutants. This product rings up at $17.95 for a 4 oz bottle.

DIY Beauty Box

Timeless Skin Care’s DIY Beauty Box is an excellent option for someone who wants to build a new skincare regimen, or just test out a variety of skincare products. The box gives you the option to choose 5 different products, which is really great because you can tailor the choices to your skin’s needs. 

This DIY Beauty Box also makes an excellent gift for the beauty junkie in your life. Serums, creams and sprays, oh my! It might be difficult to choose. All serums come in the 1-oz size, eye creams in the 0.5 oz size, and sprays are available in the 4 oz size. The total cost of the box is $79.95, so if you choose products on the pricier end, that amounts to a fair bit of savings.

Timeless Skin Care Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Timeless Skin Care Review

Timeless Skin Care has amassed quite the customer base with their affordable high-performance skin solutions. The website is chock-full of rave customer reviews, some mentioned here in this Timeless skin care review. 

Looking at the Better Business Bureau’s profile of the company, Timeless Skin Care got a BBB rating of A+, denoting solid commitment and service to their customers, and this achievement isn’t an easy feat. There are many great reviews for the products, with many customers having found the skincare solutions they have long been seeking. 

One happy Timeless Skin Care customer said, “I love your products. My skin is glowing and my hair silky smooth. The best prices around for this quality. I’m very thankful”, and there are thousands of reviews similar. The brand definitely has a devoted following and their products are highly praised by many for their effectiveness and low price point

Based on these findings, it’s clear that Timeless Skin Care is getting the following right:

  1. Affordability 
  2. Customer service
  3. Effective ingredients

Is Timeless Skin Care Worth It?

Timeless Skin Care Review

Based on the research I conducted for this Timeless Skin Care review, I concluded that their price points are incredibly affordable and competitive. Talking about serums specifically, products from different brands of a similar calibre can cost up to $185 or more. These pricier products (i.e Skinceuticals, Murad, Kiehls), have the same active ingredients at a much higher price tag. 

It’s not just the serums —it’s the creams, the sprays, and the whole lot. Overall the price point is incredibly low for what you’re receiving. Combine that with the promising customer reviews, I’d say Timeless Skin Care is a no-brainer. I would 100% give these products a try. 

Timeless Skin Care Promotions & Discounts 

Timeless Skin Care Revew

I couldn’t find a current Timeless promo code online. Although, subscribing to the Timeless Skin Care newsletter would alert you to any Timeless discount code made available in the future.

Where to Buy Timeless Skin Care

The entire Timeless Skin Care line can be purchased on and Select products can be purchased on Amazon and


This Timeless Skin Care review goes through some of the most common questions on the brand.

Timeless Skin Care Shipping Policy

Timeless Skin Care ships to all international countries and costs vary from country to country. Orders ship out 2-3 days post order. Domestic (US) shoppers can expect their package to arrive within 3-7 days

International shoppers can expect a time frame between 2-4 weeks. All Timeless orders come with a tracking number and email confirmation. Continue reading this Timeless Skin Care review for the company’s return policy.

Timeless Skin Care Return Policy

30 day return policy. To initiate a return, submit a request on the website or contact [email protected]. This Timeless Skin Care review will give you an overview of their return stipulations. 

  • Products must include their original packaging and be unused
  • Defective products or incorrect orders are eligible for return

Also note that customers will be responsible for shipping and handling costs for their returns. Returns may take up to 30 days to process and to receive your credit, which will be returned in the same form as your original payment.

Contact Timeless Skin Care 

If you have any questions beyond this Timeless Skin Care review, you can contact the team via:

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Coop Home Goods Sleep Review

About Coop Home Goods

Sleep products designed around you. All of Coop Home Goods products are customized to fit a variety of sleeping styles. These tailored-to-you sleep solutions provide the most comfortable and energizing sleep experience—tossing and turning is no longer a thing. Featured in Allure, Good Housekeeping, Business Insider and more, the brand has been generating quite the buzz. 

This Coop Home Goods sleep review will give you a deeper look into this exciting brand, its best selling products, and provide you with some valuable insights to help you decide whether or not these products are the holy grail of sleep solutions that you’ve been looking for.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review

Overview of Coop Home Goods

Coop Home Goods was founded by former sleepless nighter, Kevin Chon, who once suffered from chronic upper back and neck pain. Kevin struggled to find a pillow that would ease his pain and allow him to sleep through the night. The Coop Home Goods mission? To give you your best sleep experience through sleep products designed around you

Armed with a great idea and product development experience (honed from growing up immersed in his parents’ textile business), Chon and his sister Jin embarked on a mission to develop the perfect pillow—one that could adjust to each individual’s needs, be safe for allergy sufferers, and provide both support and comfort. With their first successful pillow launch in 2013, a larger collection of sleep products followed.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review

Continue reading this Coop Home Goods sleep review to learn more. If you’re in a hurry, check out this sum up of the brand’s pros and cons:


  • 100 Night Sleep Trial available
  • Over 15,000 five star reviews
  • Memory foam fill tested and certified by CertiPUR-US® and GREENGUARD Gold
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Cruelty free products
  • Expected pricing for premium sleep products
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Free US shipping and returns


  • Some customers reported in their Coop Home Goods sleep review that their pillows needed occasional fluffing to keep their comfortable shape; pillows didn’t come with extra foam as promised; and reported chemical smell to products
  • Shipping not available outside of the US and Canada 

Coop Home Goods Pillow Review

In this Coop Home Goods sleep review, you’ll learn a little more about the varied selection of pillows. The brand has a pillow for every kind of sleeper, and you can even complete a Find My Pillow quiz to discover your perfect match.

Original Pillow

The best selling, adjustable, versatile, Original Pillow—the one that started it all. The Original Pillow is filled with a hypoallergenic mix of cross-cut memory foam and microfiber, a dreamy combination that makes for the most sound and supported sleep.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review
Coop Home Goods Original Pillow

Hailed as the world’s most adjustable pillow, the Original comes with an extra half pound bag of fill to get that comfy pillow game on point. Put some in, take some out, figure out the perfect density and firmness that’ll have you excited for bedtime. The Original is designed to be a medium-firm pillow, though it can be as thick as you want it to be.

The Original Pillow includes a removable Lulltra™ bamboo polyester cover for easy machine washing and a lightweight, breathable liner for ideal shaping. This pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers, firm pillow lovers, snorers and those who toss and turn at night. The Queen sized pillows ring up at $60 while the King sized ones are priced at $64.

Eden Pillow 

Soft pillow lover? Aspire to sleep on a cloud? Enter the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow. This soft gel infused pillow is filled with a hypoallergenic mix of viscoelastic polyurethane and polyester, which provides ultimate support for your neck and spine while keeping you cool all the while. The pillow is cooling, so if you’re a hot sleeper, it’s a solid bet.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review
Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

The pillow also features a removable Lulltra™ bamboo polyester cover for machine washing and a stretchy, lightweight polyester liner for shapeability. The Eden Pillow also comes with an additional bag of filling to stuff to perfection. This pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers and overheaters. The Standard sized pillows ring up at $70, Queen at $80, and King at $90

Four Position Support Pillow – Adjustable

One pillow, tons of uses. The Four Position Support Pillow is a multifunctional and adjustable wonder. This solid memory foam pillow works like magic behind your back, under your ankles and knees, even as a companion to your weekly yoga classes. Talk about multifaceted, take my money!

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review
Coop Home Goods Four Position Support Pillow

The product also features a removable foam insert that allows you to adjust the height to your liking and a breathable, lightweight Lulltra™ liner. This pillow is perfect for back sleepers, and offers comfort and support that aligns with the natural curvature of your body. The Four Position Support Pillow costs an affordable $25.

Silk Pillowcase

This luxurious 100% mulberry Silk Pillowcase is designed with lovers of beauty sleep in mind. The pillowcase will have your hair looking shinier, your skin looking plumper and have you feeling glamorous and well-rested. Silk has many beauty benefits and this product is a simple yet effective way to up your selfcare game.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review
Coop Home Goods Silk Pillow Case

This breathable, hypoallergenic pillowcase has a thread count of 300. This product is best for people with frizzy hair, sensitive skin, and hot sleepers.  Treat yourself like the sleeping beauty that you are with this Silk Pillowcase ringing up at $80 for Queen and $90 for King. A little pricier than your average pillowcase, but the benefits truly outweigh the cost. It comes in a lovely shade of grey or a classic cream.

The Cool Side Pillowcase

This Coop Home Goods sleep review on The Cool Side Pillowcase found that this product is described as, “probably the only actual cooling material on the market! It is like magic but real!”. It’s magic, here concludes the end of this review. Just kidding. Moving on, the pillowcase is designed with Lulltra™ cool technology. Its unique jacquard fabric stays cool to the touch and remains a soft and breathable surface

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review
Coop Home Goods The Cool Side Pillowcase

For peaceful nights ahead, sans the sweat, The Cool Side Pillowcase is an excellent option for overheaters and tossers and turners. This Coop Home Goods Pillowcase comes in at a cool (see what I did there) $40 for Queen and $50 for King.

Coop Home Goods Bedding Review

In this Coop Home Goods sleep review, we’re also going to cover some of the brands bedding options. Read on to discover more about some awesome products that are going to make it awfully hard for you to get out of bed in the morning. 

Flip Mattress Topper

Not completely satisfied with your mattress? You don’t have to write it off just yet. Coop Home Goods’ Flip Mattress Topper lets you decide between two support levels: firm and soft. The firm side is recommended for those who want more full body support and alignment whereas the softer side is great for those looking for muscle ache relief, or alternatively, the nearest cloud to sleep on.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review
Coop Home Goods Flip Mattress Topper

You can pick and choose which side best suits your needs at varying times and easily give it a flip when need be. The Coop Home Goods mattress topper is covered in a waterproof protector, and includes elastic bands on each corner to make sure you get the most secure fit to your mattress. The topper is made of memory foam, the cover 100% twill-weave polyester, and the protector bamboo-derived viscose rayon, and polyester.

The cover, which is available in both King and Queen sizing, costs $290 and $70  respectively. An excellent pricing alternative to buying a completely new mattress, in this Coop Home Goods sleep review we hope to show you many different options to help you turn your bedroom into your relaxation sanctuary.

Solstice Sheet Set

If you’re looking for a high quality upgrade for your current set of sheets consider the Solstice Sheet Set. Holy sheet are these ever soft. With a 16” pocket depth they fit almost any size of mattress so you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong size. A 250 thread count made from 100% twill weave polyester, these sheets are so soft they almost have a suede like feel.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review
Coop Home Goods Solstice Sheet Set

The Solstice Sheet Set, which includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases ranges in price: Twin $57, Full $79, Queen $88, King $109, and California King $112. The sets are offered in white, taupe, and grey.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review: What Do Customers Think?

On the whole, Coop Home Goods pillow reviews online lean towards the positive end. TrustPilot ranks the company at 4/5 stars, but there are definitely some unsatisfied customers out there. Some customers noticed an unnerving chemical smell to the products, and a few mentioned constant maintenance with the pillows, i.e. an incessant need for fluffing and readjusting:

“8 months after purchase the pillow barely lasts two nights before it’s completely flat and I have to put it in the dryer again to fluff it up. I tried adding more foam, which just made it firmer but still flat. I am looking for a new pillow now.” 

Aside from the few complaints in that regard, the customer base as a whole seems to be impressed with the quality and customer service. One buyer wrote, I must say, I had little hope thinking that just a pillow would get rid of my chronic neck pain. I guess you learn something new every day….After the first night using the pillow, neck pain was gone. Literally gone. I sleep on my side, my back, my face, hanging off the bed, etc and STILL the pillow worked wonders. 

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review

The cherry on the top of this fine story? The customer received a response from co-founder Kevin himself! 

There are always going to be good and bad reviews but in this case the good outweigh the bad. Considering many of the reviews are highly positive, buyers who described the pillows as flat and in need of constant plumping may have received defective products (it happens). Based on positive customer reviews, Coop Home Goods seems to have the below covered:

1) Customer Service
2) High Quality Product
3) Level of Comfort & Support

Is Coop Home Goods Worth It?

I would definitely be interested in shopping with this company. Coop Home Goods sleep reviews point towards the brand having a good rep and a penchant for their customer service. The online reviews are for the most part quite positive and encouraging. 

All of their products are hypoallergenic and cruelty free which are major selling points, and I believe that the overall quality of the products makes for fair prices. Plus, they have a 100 Night Sleep Trial for returns (see the FAQ section,) so buying is risk free. 

Coop Home Goods Promotions & Discounts 

I couldn’t find a Coop Home Goods promo code or Coop Home Goods discount code, but check back on their site regularly for deals.

Coop Home Goods Sleep Review

Where to Buy Coop Home Goods 

  • Coop Home Goods Amazon
  • Coop Home Goods Wayfair
  • You can find a full list of retail stockists on the brand’s website


Coop Home Goods Shipping Policy

At the moment Coop Home Goods only ships to Canada and US when purchasing through the website. Shipping to US customers is free (excluding residents of Alaska, Hawaii, overseas military installations, Puerto Rico, and other US territories). 

It typically takes 1 business day to process orders and another 7-10 business days for packages to arrive. Coop Home Goods orders are shipped Monday-Friday (excluding weekends and holidays), and orders placed after 1 pm are processed the next business day.

Coop Home Goods is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, though they can assist in locating them. If you input the wrong shipping address at the time the order is placed, if it hasn’t left the facility, the address can be updated by contacting 1-888-316-1886. If the package has already left the warehouse, you have to contact the courier directly for an address change.

Customers ordering from Canada are responsible for all applicable duties and taxes. International shipping fees are non-refundable.

Coop Home Goods Return Policy

If a return is made before your 100 Night Sleep Trial ends, you are eligible for a full refund. Note that if you decide to make a refund past this date you will be issued store credit redeemable towards your next purchase

Contact Coop Home Goods

If you have questions beyond this Coop Home Goods sleep review, you can contact the team via:

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