Ride Cake Bikes Review

About Ride CAKE

Ride Cake Bikes Review

Ride CAKE offers a line of electric bikes that fuse high-quality devices with sustainable practices. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newbie to off-roading, the Swedish company’s “noise and fume-free” bikes promote active, safe, and responsible exploration.

Mentioned in the likes of Forbes, Men’s Journal, and Wired, the CAKE bikes have become highly coveted among cycling aficionados. Currently, the brand boasts 138k followers across its Instagram and Facebook pages.

CAKE’s innovative approach to biking has won the company numerous titles. Some examples include a German Innovation Award and an Industrial & Product Design Award in Sweden, both in 2021.

Stay tuned as this Ride CAKE bikes review dives deep into the brand, its products, mission, customer ratings, FAQs, and more. By the end, you’ll have all the necessary information to decide whether its bikes are a good fit for your lifestyle.

Overview of Ride CAKE

Ride Cake Bikes Review

Ride CAKE was founded in 2016 by Stefan Ytterborn with the goal to innovate the electric bike industry. Aiming for a more sustainable future, this brand has definitely shaken up the market.

Its products are designed to be lightweight, safe, and quiet—despite being off-road motorbikes. Offering Race, Freeride, and Explore and Commute models, the company ensures it has a good fit for seasoned bikers and newbies alike, whether you’re hitting the trail or on your way to work.

In addition to producing high-quality bikes, the brand has the mission of “speeding up the journey towards a zero emission society.” It developed CAKEworks, a department that ensures the company’s eco-footprint is as low as possible.

Indeed, the brand’s sustainable efforts, as well as its unique designs, have earned it more than 30 awards since its inception, as well as plenty more nominations.

Ride Cake Bikes Review

Now that you know more about this company and its mission, this Ride CAKE bikes review will cover the pros and cons.


  • Range of lightweight electric bikes suitable for off-road or street use, or both
  • Sustainable designs with no noise or fumes
  • Most models charge in 2-3 hours
  • Worldwide shipping is available
  • All bikes can be taken for a test ride prior to purchase with the demo program
  • The brand is highly acclaimed and has received many awards
  • 14-day return policy


  • Pricey
  • Some customers report that bikes do not reach advertised speeds
  • Customer has to pay for return shipping
Ride Cake Bikes Review

Up next, this Ride CAKE bikes review will introduce you to a selection of the company’s top-selling bikes and accessories. There’s a cool ride for every atmosphere and type of cyclist.

Ride CAKE Review

The brand currently offers three styles of bikes. Which one you choose will depend on where you plan on riding it. Here are the options:

  1. Explore and Commute: Most versatile models that are certified for street use yet perform exceptionally well off-road
  2. Freeride: Primarily designed for leisurely off-road use, but some models are certified for transportation via streets
  3. Race: Not certified for street use, but instead designed for strong performance off-road

Each category offers multiple models to choose from. And, the company offers financing plans to help make the investment more accessible. Now, this Ride CAKE bikes review will take a look at some best-selling, award-winning options.

Ride CAKE Kalk& Review

The Ride CAKE Kalk& takes you where you want to go, whether that’s the outback or to your office. Weighing just 79 kg (battery included), this lightweight electric bike reaches ​​90 km/h.

As part of both the Explore and Commute and Freeride collections, this model is equipped for off-roading but is also street-legal. It has multiple ride modes (explore, excite, and excel) to suit the environment. It uses 19″ x 3.00″ dual-sport tires.

The dashboard features include a TFT display with the addition of battery SoC, odometer, speedometer, trip meter, brake mode, ride mode selection, and telltales. It’ll reach a full charge in 2-3 hours, which will take you roughly 83 km.

In terms of classification, this electric bike is L3e-A1E (EU) or Motorcycle (USA). It requires an A1 (EU) or M1 (USA) license to operate. The Ride CAKE Kalk price is $14,000, or $1,167 per month.

Ride CAKE Kalk OR Review

Though similar to the Kalk&, the Ride CAKE Kalk OR is part of the Freeride collection only. Meant for off-roading, this model is not street-legal and does not require a license to operate.

At just 69 kg, this model’s lightweight design ensures a torquey, fun, and agile ride. Its three modes ensure a smooth experience through different terrains and speeds.

The dashboard is simpler on the Kalk OR, providing just the need-to-know details when you’re on the trail. This includes a warning signal, battery SoC indicator, and brake- and ride-mode options.

The removable battery reaches a full charge within three hours and provides up to four hours of ride time, depending on your speed. And speaking of speed, this model reaches 90 km/h.

This Ride CAKE motocross CAKE bike is available for $13,000 or $1,083 per month with a payment plan.

Ride CAKE Kalk AP Review

The Kalk AP features an earthy green hue that contrasts with a creamy beige for a visually stunning appearance. This bike is also referred to as the Anti-Poaching Kalk, and was developed through a partnership with two other organizations: the Southern African Wildlife College and Goal Zero, a leader in solar power solutions.

In addition to your bike, you’ll also receive two Goal Zero solar panels as well as a solar charging station. And, all of these items will also be sent to the Southern African Wildlife College to promote their use in Africa.

Most often, poaching occurs in large, remote areas. Areas that are too vast to be patrolled with the use of a car. So, motorbikes are vital in these situations.

The lightweight and solar-powered Kalk AP is part of the Freeride collection, meaning it isn’t street-legal and you don’t need a license to ride it.

This model weighs 80 kg, including the removable battery. It reaches a top speed of 90 km/hr and has a dashboard that features a warning signal, battery SoC indicator, and ride and brake mode selection.

By switching to an electric bike, you’ll be doing good for the environment in your own off-road exploring, thanks to the noiseless and fumeless design. But, with the Kalk AP, you’ll also aid in the mission to stop poaching in Africa.

This package rings in at $25,000, reduced from $32,000 for charity purposes. The brand is only manufacturing 50 of this limited-edition bike. And, each motor bike CAKE collaboration product comes stamped with its own unique number.

Ride CAKE Kalk INK Review

The Ride CAKE Kalk INK model is sleekly designed with contrasting black and silver details. Though similar to the Kalk OR, this bike has a sturdier suspension and heavier wheels.

This model weighs 77 kg, including the battery. It can reach speeds of +90 km/h and has all three of the brand’s ride modes: explore, excite, and endure.

The external charger takes up to three hours, which gives users 1-4 hours of ride time, depending on their speed and mode. The dashboard includes three key indicators: SoC, warning, and ride and brake mode options.

As part of the Freeride collection, this ride is classified as an off-road bike and requires no license to use. The Kalk INK is slightly more affordable than the OR, coming in at $9,500 or $792 per month on a payment plan.

Ride CAKE Kalk OR race Review

The Ride CAKE Kalk OR is one of the company’s highest-performing models. As part of the Race and Freeride collections, this electric bike will turn the heads of serious riders—from its sleek bronze, white, and grey design to its ergonomic features.

This lightweight model is 58 kg plus the 17 kg battery. But, it’s still powerful. Racing-oriented features include MX-specific wheels and hubs, high-quality tires, a higher than usual front fender, and Öhlins upside-down air forks.

Similar to the brand’s other bikes, it’s got a top speed of +90 km/h. This bike is intended for off-road use only. So, it does not require a license to ride.

The Kalk OR is available for $13,000, or $1,083 per month if you opt for a payment plan.

Ride CAKE Kalk INK& Review

The Ride CAKE Kalk INK& model offers vintage vibes. But, its retro design features are contrasted by the state-of-the-art electric bike technology, resulting in a truly unique ride.

Described as “the street legal sibling of its off-road precursor, the Kalk OR,” this model is part of both the Explore and Commute and Freeride collections, meaning that it’s suitable for the trail and the street. Riders will need an A1 (EU) or M1 (USA) license to ride it.

This dirt bike CAKE offering weighs in at 66 kg with an additional 17 kg for the battery. The suspension is unique—it has MX spring forks with rebound adjustment (that are upside down), engineered specifically for the Kalk INK line.

This dashboard has everything that you need, including the speedometer, odometer, trip meter, ride mode selection, brake mode selection, telltales, and TFT display.

The Ride CAKE Kalk INK& rings in at $10,500, or $875 per month with a payment plan. We envision a leather jacket and dark shades as you ride around on this sleek black bike.

Ride CAKE CAKE X Dometic Review

Ride Cake Bikes Review

Food delivery services have taken over in recent years. And, if you’ve lived in a city like Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, or Toronto, you’ve likely had your courier arrive on a bike.

So, it’s no wonder that this brand teamed up with Dometic to offer yet another game-changing product. The Ride CAKE CAKE X Dometic bikes feature an Ösa battery-powered food box that keeps foods both warm and cold.

Offering a cleaner alternative to motorcycles, and a smoother ride than a traditional bicycle, this collaboration provides two options:

  • Ösa lite: a scooter that reaches 45km/h
  • Ösa+: a motorcycle that reaches 90km/h

Though slightly different in style, both versions feature a pale blue, silver, and black design. Equipt for street use, riders will need a license to operate both models—specifics for each version are listed on the product page.

The models from this collaboration are expected to be available in October 2021, but customers can sign up to be on the list now.

The innovative food storage container will be paired with versions of two of the brand’s models: the Ride CAKE Ösa lite, which retails for $7,500 (or $625 per month) and the Ösa+, which retails for $9,500 (or $752 per month). Prices for this collaboration will be released soon.

Ride CAKE Studded tires Review

The Ride CAKE Studded Tires are designed for your Kalk OR bike, fitting the rim 01 models. These tires are made by hand, and the studded design ensures a safe off-road adventure with extra grip and control.

Though this product is currently out of stock, the company encourages customers to place their orders now to ensure prompt delivery once they’re available. Get the Studded Tires CAKE offers for $520 for two.

Ride CAKE Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ride Cake Bikes Review

The brand’s bikes sound impressive, but this Ride CAKE bikes review wanted to see what real customers were saying. Overall, purchasers are impressed with the quality of the bikes, as well as the attention to detail. Let’s take a closer look.

The brand does not provide a platform for customers to review its bikes, so we sourced testimonials from MCN,, and Reddit. But, readers should keep in mind that reviews on the company are extremely limited in quantity.

On MCN, a site that reviews bikes from various brands, Jordan noted a few key perks that the Kalk& had to offer. Most importantly, its lightweight design and charge time of only two hours. He broke down his thoughts into specific categories, awarding the following ratings:

  • Ride quality and brakes: 4/5 stars
  • Engine: 3/5 stars
  • Reliability and build quality: 4/5 stars
  • Value vs rivals: 3/5 stars
  • Equipment: 4/5 stars
Ride Cake Bikes Review

Jordan noted that the Kalk& was extremely fun to ride: “The power and torque are plenty enough to get something so little moving so quickly, and it’s low weight means you can dart through traffic with wild abandon.

Next, we turned to to see what Ryan thought of the Kalk OR. First off, he compliments the innovative and unique design and adds that it’s definitely fun to ride.

He also reports that he is a fan of the design, though it can be polarizing. And though he doesn’t necessarily think it’s overpriced, he sees why some people shy away from its hefty cost:

Having the chance to ride one showcases the fun to be had that nothing else I’ve ridden is capable of. Sure, $13,000 isn’t chump change, really, it’s a tough price point to swallow for many motorcyclists, I’m sure. I won’t even bother mentioning the laundry list of great motorcycles that can be had at that price…

Ride Cake Bikes Review

In the comment section of this Ride CAKE Kalk review, some riders note that the brand’s bikes are fantastic for older riders who still want to enjoy off-roading. Because they’re electric, individuals whose bodies wouldn’t still allow them to pedal for long periods of time are still able to enjoy the experience.

On Reddit, one user detailed their six-month experience with the Cake Ösa+. This customer compliments the high-quality build and the battery, as well as how easy it is to ride.

Ride Cake Bikes Review

We have to point out that this brand offers the first bikes of its kind. One of the two key missions of CAKE is to offer sustainable products, which means that there are some traditional motorcycle features you won’t find here.

Is Ride CAKE Worth It?

Ride Cake Bikes Review

This Ride CAKE review concludes that the brand’s bikes are worth it, but it depends on what you’re looking for. First, there are definitely some perks, mainly the short charge times, how easy they are to adapt to, and their visually stunning designs.

Many reviewers also report that they are fun to ride. Plus, they allow older riders who can no longer ride a traditional mountain bike the opportunity to still engage in the sport.

We also have to complement its sustainable efforts. CAKE is truly passionate about ensuring a responsible off-roading experience, from the electric battery-powered designs to the noiseless movement.

Ride Cake Bikes Review

Though its bikes are quite pricey, the company works with its customers to make them more accessible. It offers payment plans through Splitit and bank transfers, to lessen the burden of having to pay all at once.

And, it’s no secret that many customers think these designs are worth the price tag. The brand’s bikes have won more than 30 awards in addition to countless nominations. It truly shook up the industry by fusing high-quality riding experiences with sustainable models.

So, if you’re a fan of biking, whether professionally or recreationally, and you care about the environment, this Ride CAKE review recommends checking out this sustainable brand.

Ride CAKE Promotions & Discounts

Ride Cake Bikes Review

Unfortunately, there are no active promotions on the brand’s site. But, customers can subscribe to its newsletter to be notified of future deals.

Where to Buy Ride CAKE

Ride Cake Bikes Review

The brand’s products can be purchased directly at

There are also many partnered retail locations around the globe. To find one near you, head to the Find CAKE page and search with your location.


Ride Cake Bikes Review

What is Ride CAKE’s Shipping Policy?

CAKE ships worldwide. Orders in North America come from a warehouse in Denver, and European orders come from the Netherlands.

According to the brand’s site, your bike will be delivered in a wooden chest. There is some assembly required, but CAKE provides an easy-to-follow instructional video on its site.

Within Canada and the US, you can expect to receive your motorbike within 10-14 days or parts within 3-5 days. For other countries, ship times can be anywhere from 5-15 working days. Check out a full list on the FAQ page.

What is Ride CAKE’s Return Policy?

CAKE offers a 14-day return policy. But, in order for a return to be accepted, it must be in new condition with its original packaging and invoice. And, customers are responsible for the cost to send their items back. To initiate a return, simply send the brand an email.

The company also offers a Limited Warranty on registered motorcycles. For more information, check out the Terms & Conditions page on its website.

How to Contact Ride CAKE

If you are looking to contact the team beyond this Ride CAKE review, you can do so via:

  • USA day, European evening: +1 800-217-0974
  • European day, USA morning: +4 673-525-6328
  • Email: [email protected]

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