Cowboy Bikes Review

About Cowboy

Cowboy Bikes Review

Electric cars and bikes are becoming widely popular across the globe. Cowboy is an e-bike startup that focuses on aesthetics as much as functionality. Their rides are designed with minimalistic attributes that give the frame a sleek appearance overall. 

This electric bike for urban riders is only available in nine European countries. The brand has 51K followers on Instagram and Facebook combined. If the company continues to take off, their products could potentially become accessible worldwide.

This Cowboy bikes review will give you the scoop on the brand and its bestsellers, as well as customer ratings, potential discounts, and more essential details to help you decide if these bikes are worth the investment. 

Overview of Cowboy

Cowboy Bikes Review

Cowboy was founded by three friends and entrepreneurs, Adrien Roose, Karim Slaoui, and Tanguy Goretti, in 2017. Their headquarters are currently located in Brussels, Belgium. 

With a background in software engineering, the trio established Cowboy’s mission to enhance riders’ daily commute and take their journey to the next level through advanced technology, beautiful design, and sufficient service.

This isn’t just a regular e-bike—much of the experience revolves around the accompanying mobile app. An essential part of the product, any Cowboy biker can use it to prevent theft, control the vehicle, and navigate around the city using its convenient built-in GPS feature.

This Cowboy bikes review uncovered several awards that the company has won, including Eurobike 2017, the Red Dot Bicycle Design Award 2018, and the Red Dot Best of the Best Product Design Award for both their 2019 and 2021 models.

The company’s ultimate purpose is to create and sell sustainable bikes that are innovative, attractive, and effortless to ride—making them the irresistible option of the future. A statement made by co-founder Adrien Roose reads: 

“The last [few] years have seen Cowboy go from an idea of reimagining the electric bike to becoming a sought-after brand and product with a devoted community of riders within the mobility space,” 

Before getting any further into this Cowboy bikes review, let’s look at some pros and cons of the company. 


  • Cowboy offers visually pleasing e-bikes and accessories 
  • Sustainable for the environment
  • Streamlined and lightweight designs (some models weight only 40 lbs) 
  • Optimized for city commuters 
  • Removable battery
  • Offers buyers the option to pay in 6 installments 
  • Advanced mobile app with tracking and GPS, remote locking/ unlocking 
  • Easy assembly and free shipping 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Theft insurance offered with bikes 


  • Only ship to nine countries within Europe
  • Limited colors 
  • Necessary accessories are expensive and sold separately

Cowboy Bikes Review

Cowboy bikes intuitively adjust to the power of speed required for your trip. With no extra gears or buttons, you can accelerate with ease and ride efficiently. 

Cowboy’s motor system has built-in sensors that measure speed and force. This technology adapts to your pedaling style and energy, which will assist with a boost when you need it the most. Uphill journeys no longer have to be a battle.

Running on a battery charge and guided by your phone, you’ve got everything you need with this e-bike. The mobile app is like a personal riding buddy that helps users navigate their way around the city. It can even connect with fellow Cowboy riders nearby!

The company also sells additional handlebars, stems, and grips to adjust your bike or change positions. To try out all the features, book a test ride on the official website (in any of the nine countries that sell their products). There are plenty of Cowboy spare rides to go around.

Cowboy 4 Review

The new launch of the top-notch Cowboy 4 dream machine features custom-designed components. The only thing that remains the same is the saddle seat and carbon belt, because these aspects needed no further improvement. 

Cables are hidden within the handlebars and stem, giving the bike a more seamless appearance. The grips and tires now have a matching diamond pattern. Brakes and pedals also possess new angles—seriously, every little detail has been refined to elevate the look of Cowboy 4.

The C4 and C4 ST come with a built-in Quad Lock—a mount that secures your smartphone, allowing you to obtain access to necessary info that the app provides. This mount also doubles as a charger for mobile devices! Talk about a 2-in-1 function.

The Cowboy 4 is currently available for pre-order only at the price of €2,490. It comes with the choice of three colors: black, khaki, or sand. If you want to customize the bike with further accessories, this Cowboy bikes review recommends adding on the Kickstand & Rear Rack for convenience. 

Cowboy 4 ST Review

The advanced Cowboy 4 ST is built on the exact same step-through frame as the original model, which is what essentially built up the brand’s reputation. That being said, there are slight optimizations that readers should make note of. 

One difference between the C4 and C4 ST is that the C4 ST suits riders ranging from 5’2–6’2 in height, while the C4 was catered toward slightly taller riders between 5’5–6’3 tall. The newer model also has a lower saddle and higher grips and a rear-hub motor that gives readers a silent ride for speeds up to 25km/h

As always, the motor assistance provides you with an easy uphill commute with its consistent and reliable source of power. Secure and charge your phone, follow the app’s GPS, and head on your way. You can pre-order the Cowboy 4 ST for €2,490, in either black, khaki, or sand.

Cowboy 3 Review

This innovative machine provides users an athletic ride with its streamlined tires and a light weight of just 40 lbs. The Cowboy 3 bike is available in sophisticated shades of either black or white, allowing you to speed by in style. 

Other basics of this bike include automatic motor assistance, a removable and chargeable battery, a carbon belt, hydraulic disc brakes, and auto-unlock via the mobile app. Cowboy offers a Kryptonite U-Lock as an add-on so you can explore your surroundings and local attractions with some peace of mind. 

Since the C4 and C4 ST release, the Cowboy 3 has been reduced to €2.190

Cowboy Theft Insurance Review

You don’t have to worry while you’re cruisin’ because Cowboy ensures the experience of a stress-free ride through its Theft Insurance. The package includes detection alerts as it aims to protect your prized possession. 

How does theft detection work? The same way it does for most cars. If someone tries to meddle or take off with your e-bike, Cowboy will send a notification. You’ll also have access to track your bike through the mobile app. 

What about theft insurance? To put it simply—in the event of your e-bike getting stolen, Cowboy will issue a reimbursement. The company will also compensate for any damage that occurs from an attempted robbery incident.

The insurance covers your bike for up to three years, all year round. It’s available for people 18+ residing in Belgium.

The cost of Theft Insurance is an additional €10 per month. This Cowboy bikes review found that customers can pay and activate this subscription either at the time of purchase, or later on in the mobile app.

Cowboy Mobile Service Review 

Now and then, our worst nightmares come true—mainly being stranded by the side of the road. Invented with this worry in mind, Cowboy’s Mobile Service is there if you need a repair on the go. Their trained technicians arrive on the scene and will have your issue fixed as soon as possible.

This Mobile Service is available nationwide in four countries, and they’re in the process of expanding across Europe. The Cowboy team is nearby and at your service, prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

This Cowboy bikes review found that you can chat with their customer service team on the app. For quick troubleshooting, initiate a chat to receive help within a matter of minutes. If they are unavailable, simply leave a message. 

Cowboy’s Mobile Service comes at no extra cost.

What Is A Cowboy Bike?

Cowboy 4 Dream Machine Review

At first sight, Cowboy is a chic e-bike with an aluminum frame, minimalistic logo, and unified lights. The handlebars are straight as an arrow, and the whole thing weighs only 35 lbs

Most of the bike’s weight lies at the back, where the battery sits. Also, the frame is larger below the saddle, which is how you can tell their models are electronic.

There are no gears on this bike, and the simple design features a rubber and fiberglass belt. The Cowboy runs on an automatic transmission, meaning that your ride is reliable when you need it most. Whether users want to start pedaling slowly, go faster, or push their way uphill, the motor assistance will automatically kick in at will.

It is also a smart bike created with intelligent technology, featuring a built-in SIM card and GPS tracking. Once you pair your ride with your phone via Bluetooth, it can be controlled through the Cowboy app—this also allows users to check the battery, lock and unlock, and turn the lights on or off. 

If you’re expecting Cowboy to cruise like a regular bicycle, be warned that it has completely different functions. It is strictly an e-bike that will provide you with an electronic experience.

Where Are Cowboy Bikes Made?

Cowboy 4 Dream Machine Review

This Cowboy bikes review found that the company is based in Brussels, Belgium. Products are designed and facilitated at this location as well. 

Cowboy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cowboy 4 Dream Machine Review

This Cowboy bikes review browsed the internet with hopes of uncovering some customer feedback. We discovered some reputable reviews on the brand’s official website, The Verge, and BikeRadar.

The company scored a decent 4.4/5 star rating out of 1K reviews on its online site. A recent comment for the Cowboy 4 reads, “It put a massive smile on my face when I first rode out, and after a month I still pop out on it [at] lunchtime just for the sheer hell of it. Intuitive to ride, and deceptively powerful.”

Another 5/5 star reviewer writes, “The total experience of the bike: from the design of the bike, the way it rides, the functionality of the bike…in combination with the app…makes it a no-brainer to take the bike for a ride everyday.”

One buyer appreciated the overall aesthetic of his Cowboy ride, but struggled with the concept of purchasing add-ons, “I love how it rides! No buttons and controls, just fast and smooth. And it looks great too. But it’s weird that I had to buy and mount my own lock and kickstand.” 

Considering the high quality of the accessories offered, this Cowboy bikes review believes the brand offers them more as luxuries than necessities. The price tag can climb quickly after customers add things such as a phone mount and u-lock to their cart. 

On The Verge, the Cowboy received an 8.5/10 rating by reviewer Thomas Ricker. He notes the efficacy of the app, “The Cowboy app is one of the best in the business with its clean layout and features that make sense.” 

Is Cowboy Worth It?

Cowboy 4 Dream Machine Review

So, the question begs, is Cowboy a good bike? We found a promising amount of positive responses online. With the launch of each model, it’s clear that the brand takes feedback into consideration. Each new version is enhanced and modified for a more efficient ride. 

Features such as the rechargeable battery, auto-lock, theft detection, motor assistance, and progressive app assist riders when pushing through, challenging their strength and endurance. Another point worth mentioning is that e-bikes are generally better for the environment, allowing you to stroll down the street guilt-free without emitting pollutants. 

A significant focus of the brand’s e-bikes is on attractiveness, which this Cowboy bikes review can’t help being drawn to. Sleek design elements, accompanied by functional attributes, make for a well-rounded electric machine. 

All in all, this Cowboy bikes review believes the brand’s e-bikes to be worth the investment. If you’re looking for a classy way to get from point A to point B and enjoy the assistance of intelligent technology, these high powered machines are a sound alternative.

Cowboy Promotions & Discounts 

Cowboy Bikes Review

At the time of this Cowboy bikes review, we haven’t discovered any exclusive promotions on the brand’s website. What is worth noting though, is that since the release of the Cowboy 4, the Cowboy 3 has reduced in price

For any future discounts, sign up for the company’s email newsletter or follow them on their social media. 

Where to Buy Cowboy

Cowboy Bikes Review

Customers can purchase Cowboy cycles exclusively from


Cowboy Bikes Review

What is Cowboy’s Shipping Policy?

This Cowboy bikes review found the company currently ships to the following countries:

  • Austria
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain

Cowboy bike delivery is free! The fee is considered included in the purchase price, which means you’ll face no additional charges. 

Cowboy’s delivery partner will reach out to customers and offer a section of preferred delivery dates. Once the e-bike arrives at your doorstep, simply follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve it from the box
  2. Attach the pedals
  3. Adjust the handlebar and saddle to your preferred Cowboy position
  4. Take it out for a spin!

What is Cowboy’s Return Policy?

The Cowboy warranty provides customers two years of assurance on original components, starting from the day your product is delivered. This manufacturer’s promise covers defects in quality and materials.

If you’d like to return your e-bike, reach out to their customer service team within 30 days of delivery. From there, they will send you detailed instructions and cover the shipping charges. 

As a last note, the brand asks that all rides and accessories are in new condition and accompanied by their original packaging. 

How to Contact Cowboy

To contact the company for any information you need beyond this Cowboy bikes review, get in touch via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out the contact form on their website 
  • Using the live chat option 
  • Messaging them on Facebook or Instagram 

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