Voluspa Candles Review

About Voluspa Candles

Voluspa Candles Review

Let Voluspa enhance your living space with its line of luxury scents. With candles, diffusers, and room sprays, the brand’s products look as beautiful as they smell.

You may recognize the candles from your recent trip to Sephora or Chapters Indigo. Its home fragrances have certainly caught the attention of many, including magazines like Cosmopolitan and celebs like Selena Gomez.

With nearly 200k followers across Instagram and Facebook, the company’s candles are livening up many people’s homes, but are they worth the hype? This Voluspa review plans on figuring that out.

In the following sections, we’ll take a look at the brand, its collection of fragrances, customer testimonials, FAQs, and more. By the end, you’ll be empowered to decide if this company and its products are worth the buy.

Overview of Voluspa Candles

Voluspa Candles Review

Traci and Troy Arntsen began cooking up candles in their California kitchen in 1999. With a passion for developing creative floral scents, sourcing sustainable ingredients, and the magic of essential oils, the pair knew they had something unique to offer the world.

Inspired by Tracci and Troy’s travels, they started selling their candles. But, as the company has continued to grow, its methods haven’t changed too much. Each candle is still hand-poured in the US.

Today, the brand is one of the most popular luxury candle retailers. With celebrity fans and products in stores like Sephora and Anthropologie, Voluspa is clearly a force to be reckoned with. And, its products seem to hold true to that expectation:

Our ingredients are rare, sourced globally… contributing to an exclusively unique fragrance that is far above and beyond that of typical department store candles… Voluspa has never sold a candle we didn’t make ourselves. This is a fact that we have always taken pride in, and not something that many other brands can claim.

Now that you know more about the company and its production methods, this Voluspa review will cover the main pros and cons:


  • Wide variety of fragrances, including floral, fruity, musky, spicy, and other scents
  • Offers candles of different sizes, as well as diffusers and room sprays
  • Jars are beautiful and designed to be reused
  • Hand-poured in the USA
  • Frequent Voluspa candle sales
  • Paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free
  • 30-day return policy
  • Easily accessible at a wide range of shops


  • Does not offer international shipping
  • Expensive when compared to other brands

Next up in this Voluspa review, we’ll introduce you to some of the brand’s top-selling candles. Featuring beautiful vessels, long burn times, and non-toxic ingredients, each product will provide an elegant touch to your home.

Voluspa Review

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or fruity, feminine or masculine, clear or musky, the company has a scent for you. Though the brand offers room sprays and diffusers in complementary fragrances, this Voluspa review will focus on its best-selling iconic candles.

Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry Review

This deep plum vessel is embossed with stylized floral patterns, as well as subtle gold detailing, offering a peek at the elegant scent offered within. The Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry Large Jar Candle (18 oz) provides 100 hours of burn time.

When lit, the jar lights up to offer glimmers of warm movement in your bedroom, living room, or bedroom, thanks to the embossing. The fragrance contains notes of huckleberry that are complemented by sugar and vanilla for a sweet and fruity concoction. Add some luxury to your space for $30.

Voluspa French Cade Lavender Review

This candle’s soft green hue is reminiscent of an airy beach house or a peaceful spa. The Voluspa French Cade Lavender Large Jar Candle offers a subtle scent that is both relaxing and elegant.

Featuring notes of French cade wood at the forefront, this candle also offers hints of lavender and verbena for a floral, but not too feminine, twist. Add one of the brand’s most popular scents to your home for $30. If you fall in love with this scent, check out the Voluspa diffuser in the same fragrance.

Voluspa Mokara Review

Perfect for a bridal shower or engagement party gift, the Voluspa Mokara Large Jar Candle’s clean white appearance is as elegant as the fragrance found within. Offering a gentle warmth when lit, this candle adds a decorative touch to any space.

It offers notes of Mokara orchids, white lilies, and Spring moss. If you want your home to smell like fresh-cut flowers without the hassle of taking care of real ones, this candle’s bouquet-like aroma makes a nice shortcut. It is available for $30. For something a little sweeter, check out the Voluspa Saijo Persimmon Classic Candle.

Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange Review

Spicy, warm, and exotic—that’s exactly the vibe this candle gives off, in both appearance and fragrance. The Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange Large Jar Candle offers a fruity ripeness, as well as a pop of color.

In addition to goji berries and tarocco oranges, it also offers a subtle hint of mango when lit. This large candle rings in at $30. For another dark fragrance, check out the Voluspa Moso Bamboo Large Jar Candle.

Voluspa Bourbon Vanille Review

Emblematic of glasses of rich Champagne, luxury vacations, and diamonds, the Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille Corta Maison Candle would make an elegant gift to a loved one. Its elegant white vessel is adorned with pops of gold for an appearance that looks expensive, in the best way possible.

Offering 45 hours of burn time, it features classic notes of French bourbon and vanilla bean. Customers can add this candle to their collection for $32. Hint: if you love this option, you’ll enjoy Voluspa Champagne Rose, too!

Voluspa Panjore Lychee Review

To brighten your home with a fruity air, consider the Voluspa Panjore Lychee Large Jar Candle. Offering a blended scent of panjore lychee, blackcurrants, and Asian pears, it is the perfect touch to welcome Spring or Summer into your home.

Sometimes described as juicy, sweet, and lively, this scent is undoubtedly feminine. This aura is made even more so by its beautiful pink jar. This candle rings in at $30. Another girly option is the Voluspa Prosecco Rose Large Jar Candle.

Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach Review

Offering a unique take on more classic sweet scents, the Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach Corta Maison Candle adds a sexy muskiness to its blend. Scented with ebony wood, peaches, and apples, this fragrance is not too feminine or masculine.

With a burn time of 45 hours, this candle rings in at $32. We envision placing it next to a charcuterie board and red wine at your next party.

Voluspa Branche Vermeil Review

This two-wick candle will put you in the Winter spirit, perfect for Christmas mornings or evenings in front of the fireplace. The Voluspa Branche Vermeil Corta Maison Candle smells of pine needles, cedar, and cypress.

This woody scent is cased in a sophisticated silver vessel. This candle rings in at $32. If you want to share your love of candles with a friend, check out the collection of giftable Voluspa mini candle sets.

Voluspa Crane Flower Review

This floral scent is just as intricate as its orange, plum, blue, black, and gold botanical tin. The Voluspa Crane Flower 3 Wick Tin Candle serves as an excellent keepsake after its 40 hours of burn time. We’re thinking of a jewelry holder, soap tin, or spice jar.

This candle features notes of bird of paradise nectar, grapefruit, geranium, and lavender—a full bouquet of scents that are sure to liven up your space. As one of the Voluspa tin candles, It rings in at $22.

Voluspa Candles Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Voluspa Candles Review

The company’s products look beautiful, but this Voluspa review wanted to see what real customers had to say. So, we sourced testimonials from the brand’s website, Influenster, and MakeupAlley to get the scoop. Overall, the comments were quite positive.

On the company’s website, its top-selling products have been rated dozens to hundreds of times. Overall, customers express satisfaction with the unique and strong scents and the high-quality vessels. Here’s an overview:

  • Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 375 ratings
  • Goji Tarocco Orange Large Jar Candle: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 355 ratings
  • Goji Tarocco Orange Reed Diffuser: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 76 ratings
  • French Cade Lavender Large Jar Candle: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 310 ratings
  • French Cade Lavender Reed Diffuser: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 61 ratings
  • Apple Blue Clover Large Jar Candle: an average of 4.3/5 stars from 53 ratings
  • Voluspa Casa Pacifica Corta Maison Candle: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 63 ratings

We chose to take a closer look at the Baltic Amber Large Jar Candle since it’s one of the brand’s most discussed options. Shoppers note a versatile scent that travels throughout their homes. Plus, the jar offers a warm glow. Take this reviewer’s experience:

I love these candles and the Baltic Amber fragrance. Guest always comment how nice my home smells. It’s subtle, not overpowering.”

Meanwhile, shoppers love the aroma of the French Cade Lavender Reed Diffuser, too. One user notes that it isn’t “too [feminine] or masculine.” She continues: “it has perfect balance.

Similarly, customers note that the reed diffusers are a promising addition to their homes. One shopper notes that the French Cade Lavender version is beautiful to look at, too: “As I enjoy this for our bedroom, it is now our must have item for the room for completing the interior design and the mood.”

The Voluspa reviews on the brand’s site were very positive overall, so we turned to other sources to get a clearer picture. On Influenster, some of the company’s candles have been rated dozens of times.

Shoppers seem particularly interested in the Clear Glass Candles and the Decorative Tin Candles. The former style has earned 4.8/5 stars from 70 ratings, and the latter has earned 4.7/5 stars from 46.

On the decorative tin version, shoppers report scents that travel without being too overwhelming. Take this example:

Best, and probably most importantly, is the throw each candle gives. These little tins are able to permeate my upstairs with a soft, subtle scent that isn’t overpowering or cloying. It lingers in the background as more of a suggestion than a statement and provides a comfortable, soothing environment in which to be.

On MakeupAlley, the brand has earned 3.9/5 stars from 12 customers, so slightly lower than what we found on other sources. Still, shoppers noted the candles “last a long time” and are “gorgeously packaged.”

But, Voluspa reviewers mostly stuck to 3 and 4-star ratings on this site. And, the thing that was mentioned the most was the “sky-high price.”

The majority of reviews were very positive. Customers report candles and diffusers that smell delightful, versatile scents, and beautiful packaging that emits a warm glow when lit.

Is Voluspa Candles Worth It?

Voluspa Candles Review

Based on the elegant vessels, delightfully curated scents, and wide variety of colors and notes, this Voluspa review would have to say the brand is definitely worth it. Plus, hundreds of customers agree.

Shoppers note pleasant scents that smell as described, fragrances that travel around their homes, and beautiful packaging that emit a warm glow when lit. Plus, the company offers a wide variety of fragrances, and multiple products in the same fragrances so that you can have a cohesive feel in your home.

Of course, Voluspa reviews also reveal that these candles come with high prices. But, we think there’s a reason for that. These candles are cruelty-free and free of parabens and harmful toxins and chemicals. So, you don’t need to worry that you are breathing in dangerous air.

Plus, the products, such as the Voluspa lychee candles, also have high burn times and 100% natural wicks. They are hand-poured and come in a variety of scents for all preferences. So, you’re definitely getting what you pay for.

Voluspa also provides resources for how to repurpose your vessels after your candle is done. For all of these reasons, we think these luxury candles are worth the buy to add some warmth, elegance, and fragrance to your home.

Voluspa Candles Promotions & Discounts 

Voluspa Candles Review

Looking for a Voluspa candles sale? Sign up for the mailing list to be alerted about the next promotion. The brand also has a number of products on sale, such as the Crane Flower collection.

Where to Buy Voluspa Candles

Voluspa Candles Review

For the widest selection of products, you can shop directly from Voluspa.com. Other options include Sephora, Amazon, and Anthropologie.


Voluspa Candles Review

Where are Voluspa candles made?

Voluspa candles are made in California.

Are Voluspa candles toxic?

Voluspa candles are not toxic, and they do not contain any pesticides or parabens.

Do Voluspa candles have paraffin?

Voluspa candles do not use Paraffin wax, instead, they are made with coconut wax.

How do you reuse Voluspa candles?

Voluspa’s candle holders are beautiful—you definitely won’t want to toss them in the trash. You can boil and clean the candle holder and use it for whatever you like, such as a flower vase, jewelry holder, gift container, etc.

The brand recently posted a blog on how to clean the vessels. Here’s an overview:

  1. Freeze the container for three hours
  2. Pop the leftover wax out with a knife
  3. Pry out the metal and wick
  4. Clean it with a warm cloth

How long do Voluspa candles last?

The burn time depends on the candle size. The 18oz candles burn for 100 hours, and the 11oz candles for 45.

What is Voluspa’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping is free for orders over $50. Orders will be processed and shipped within 1-2 days. Voluspa does not ship internationally.

What is Voluspa’s Return Policy?

The brand offers a 30-day return policy for unopened and unused items. You can initiate a return by visiting the Return Center on Voluspa’s website.

Once the company receives your return, you will receive your refund within 1-3 working days. Note: Sale items and gift certificates are not eligible.

How to Contact Voluspa Candles

Voluspa Candles Review

If you have any questions after reading this Voluspa review, you can contact the team via:

Phone: 855-498-0402
Email: [email protected]
Wholesale email: [email protected]

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