Madison Reed Hair Review

About Madison Reed

Madison Reed Hair Review

I have a Pinterest board filled with hair inspiration. The common theme? Dimensional color.

There’s something so appealing about the look, like as if the clouds fled during Golden Hour and imparted soft, sun-kissed highlights at only the most flattering angles. Coming across Madison Reed, I now know it’s done by way of a user-friendly at-home kit.

Madison Reed offers a selection of luxurious dimensional colors made with ingredients you can feel good about. Free from harsh chemicals1, the kits keep the health of your locks a top priority.

As for the process, I learned I could have my dream look in just under an hour.

Buzzing around the web, I saw the name mentioned in the likes of Vogue, Refinery 29, and Elle. Making salon-worthy color possible on your own time, folks seem to be loving what this brand has to offer and a social community of 350k+ backs that up.

So what’s in store for this Madison Reed hair review? I’ll give you an in-depth look at the brand and its products, as well as why it’s different from any other at-home color kit out there. Let’s get into it! 

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Overview Of Madison Reed

Madison Reed Hair Review

Amy Errett founded Madison Reed with the belief that “a confident woman is a beautiful woman.”

Well, Amy, I definitely see the power in that belief. The company, named after her daughter, aims to lift women up and make them feel on-top-of-the-world unstoppable with their high-performance hair care products.

I know that beauty is more than skin deep, but I can’t deny that gorgeous tresses are a sure-fire confidence booster.

Manufactured in Italy, Madison Reed is unique in its 8-free permanent hair color1 that doesn’t contain any of the following: ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, gluten, SLS, or titanium dioxide.

I love that Madison Reed ingredients are pure, including natural substances like keratin2, argan oil3, and ginseng root extract4 that your hair will love too.

I’m also totally into the fact that the company has 20 salons across the US, including two Madison Reed NYC locations. To me, this means that its at-home color comes from a professional background.

The coolest part: A visit to The Madison Reed Color Bar is the salon experience you’re used to, but reinvented. It’s quicker, streamlined, and more affordable than your usual salon visit.

Want to know more about their standout products? It’s easy, keep reading this Madison Reed hair review.

Madison Reed Hair Color Chart

Madison Reed Hair Review

Colors, colors…how to choose? I’m used to blonde but Madison Reed has 4 different levels of the color with a handful of shades in each.

With a range of 50+ shades in total, the Madison Reed hair color chart can help you find a near-perfect match. From rich dimensional blacks, browns, and reds to blondes, there’s an impressive selection of tones for every color group. 

Without the help of an expert, I’ve found it to be a little daunting to choose my own color. Do I want Capri Blonde or Pisa Blonde? I imagine scheduling a call with my friends for advice. Thankfully, Madison Reed offers a Color Quiz to ensure you find the perfect match.

Rather go it alone? You can check out the shade comparison charts or speak to their online chatbot Madi to find the shade that is most flattering for you.

To have the chatbot match your color, simply text a selfie, et voila—it comes back with the perfect shade! Feeling a little excited, I ready my camera.

If you want to skip the selfie, I’ve included the Madison Reed color chart just below in this Madison Reed hair review. Take a peek:

For a clearer idea of the full color line, hop onto the website. If you want an overview of the brand, you’ll find the highlights up next in this Madison Reed hair review.


  • 50+ shades to choose from
  • Cruelty-free and free from ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, gluten, SLS & titanium dioxide
  • Made in Italy
  • Only takes about 35 minutes for salon-quality color
  • Membership program that offers savings and benefits, including a birthday gift
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Madison Reed Hair Color Review

Madison Reed has a great range of products to get you that salon look for less money and time. I’m totally vibing with its photos of glossy, dimensional color.

If you’re looking to give your hair a little refresh but don’t want to hit the salon just yet, continue reading this Madison Reed color review as I guide you through their hair color solutions. 

Permanent Hair Color

Looking for long-lasting color? Madison Reed’s Permanent Hair Color is for all hair types.

The colors, thoughtfully made in Italy, are packed with hair-loving nutrients like keratin, argan oil, and ginseng extract.

As I mentioned before in this Madison Reed hair review, the colors are free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide, but I thought it was worth noting again.

Their absence in Madison Reed’s formulas means that you can color your hair without damage. The result? Healthier, shinier hair.

I appreciate that the brand is pretty transparent about its ingredients, and if you’re curious, you can check out the full ingredient list online.

As for the colors, your at-home kit will include the following:

  • Instructions
  • Radiant Cream Color
  • Color Activator
  • Barrier Cream
  • Cleansing Wipes
  • Color Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Protective Cap & Gloves

Each color kit costs $22 and you also have the option of purchasing Pro Boost Treatments (a $5 add-on). These additional treatments come in several different formulas: Strength, Seal, Hydrate, and Shine.

Pro tip: If you have really long or thick hair, order a second tube.

What customers are saying: “Loved the color and covered my grays nicely. Love that it works great and doesn’t have any of those nasty chemicals.”

Root Reboot

Grey is the enemy of fresh-looking color. Looking for a quick fix to say goodbye to those grey roots? Enter Madison Reed’s Root Reboot.

This long-wearing liquid color is temporary and lasts up to 2 weeks, camouflaging greys flawlessly. I’ve read that it’s super easy to apply, only takes ten minutes to get the result you want, and extends the time between your color appointments. 

Available in 7 universal shades, there’s a seamless color match for everyone. Genius features like a drip-free applicator make it mess-free, while the gentle formula ensures it won’t interfere with underlying hair color.

Each Root Reboot kit comes with the following:

  • Instructions
  • Liquid Color
  • Color Activator
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • Cleansing wipe
  • Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m a huge fan of this temporary, simple, and effective solution that helps erase pesky roots. The kit runs at $20 a pop and is a single application. 

What customers are saying: “My experience with Madison Reed over the years has always been excellent. The Professional Colorists have always been professional and listens to what your needs or concerns are. I Love the products!”

Color Reviving Gloss

The reason your hair looks so fab when you leave the salon? Glossy color.

Hair color fades, it’s inevitable. But there are ways to brighten up your color to give it that vibrant and shiny freshly colored look without redoing your color. Madison Reed’s Color Reviving Gloss does just that. 

This product comes in 7 semi-permanent shades and one universal clear gloss. You can use the gloss on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair while touching up your roots to freshen up your color without creating more color buildup in your hair.

Or, you can refresh your hair in between colorings to keep it from fading before your next application. 

This gloss is versatile and can accomplish different things: reduce brassiness, add a pop of color, add warmth, or just increase your hair’s shine. The glosses run at $25 per 4 oz bottle.

What customers are saying: “Love coloring at home. Used other brands before but Madison Reed is great because it doesn’t smell like chemicals…which has to be better for your hair right!? Color looks fabulous and shade matches what I viewed on the website. I’m hooked!”

Root Touch Up

You’re in-between colors, your 7 grey strands are showing, and you have a hot date. Sound familiar? It’s a situation I faced just last weekend but I know I’m not alone.

While not a permanent fix, root touch-up powder is so handy when a last-minute event or obligation comes up and you don’t have time for a color.

Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up covers roots and greys instantly, no muss no fuss. This product is a brush-on powder infused with micro-milled pigments that give a look of depth while giving you excellent coverage. 

The powder works on all hair types and one of their 6 shades will blend in well enough for you to pull off a just-got-my-hair-colored look on the fly.

The product stays put and won’t stain fabrics or budge with rain or sweat. Superpowers, much?

The Root Touch Up also doubles as a brow powder—which I think is pretty cool, so that you don’t have to struggle to find the perfect brow product that matches your locks. 

This Root Touch Up powder is long-lasting and good for about 60 uses. Priced at $30, I’d say this versatile product can become a staple in your beauty bag.

What customers are saying: “It was a little nerve wracking but I watched the videos. Received many compliments on the color. Very happy with the results!”

Madison Reed Highlights Review

Doing highlights at home? Sounds pretty tricky to me, but Madison Reed makes it easy. Reading ahead in this Madison Reed hair review to learn how you can achieve stunning highlights from the comfort of your own home.

Light Works

I used to think highlights and balayage were something better left to professionals. While I still trust my hairdresser for my go-to look, if I’m ever in a pinch, I really like the sounds of the Light Works balayage highlighting kit. It almost seems too good to be true.

A daunting technique to tackle on your own, this Allure Best of Beauty award-winning balayage kit makes it possible for you to achieve gorgeous natural-looking highlights at home. 

The Light Works kit comes in 5 different shades for medium brown to blonde hair and for dark brown to medium hair, though I didn’t find mention of red hair or black.

The clay-based cream formula is applied with a Precision Wishbone applicator that ensures a natural-looking distribution of highlights.

After highlighting, you then tone the highlights with a salon-secret glaze to give your highlights the perfect tone while adding shine.

The kit runs at $36, which is much more affordable than the several hundreds of dollars this technique will cost you at a salon. 

What customers are saying: “It worked great; have never colored my own hair before; the picture matching made the color matching very easy.”

Light Works Toning Glaze

The secret ingredient hairdressers apply to make your color totally pop? Toner. I discovered this well-kept secret one day and it made me understand that great color is about layering.

Madison Reed’s Light Works Toning Glaze will give those faded highlights the extra oomph they’ve been lacking. Enhance your highlights, reduce brassiness and add extra shine to have your hair looking healthier and shinier. 

This demi-permanent glaze comes in 5 different shades and doesn’t interfere with your base color, it only targets the highlights. The results last for 15 shampoos, which is a lot of value packed into $18.

What customers are saying: “Already love it. And it’s super shiny.”

Madison Reed Color Therapy Review

Highlights and styling can totally wreck your hair. Trust me, I’m no stranger to frizz and split ends. But what if I found a color that nourishes?

Madison Reed’s Color Therapy is a restorative treatment that tones and enhances color while adding intense hydration.

Loaded with argan oil, keratin, and ginseng, you’ll pick from 4 color options to get a shade you love.

What I love: The more often you use this hair mask, the more color is deposited…but generally, the product is used 2-3 times a week in place of conditioner. 

To use, post-shampoo, smooth the product through your hair and wait 5 minutes to rinse. Grab a 4 oz bottle for $20.

What customers are saying: “Made a big difference as my roots were so grey.”

Madison Reed Men’s Hair Color Review

There’s something I’ve learned about men’s hair color through the years, and it’s that it kind of looks like shoe polish. Men’s hair color should look natural, and that’s Madison Reed’s mission with their Men’s Hair Color line.

The colors produce a very natural look that also blends greys in both their hair and beard. The product is straightforward—for men who don’t want to spend too much time worrying about their hair. I know a few who may bite.

The color gel is applied to a dry head of hair, followed by the color activator, which will stay on for 10 minutes before washing. Founder and CEO Amy Errett calls itthe world’s best men’s hair color that you’ve never seen (That’s just how discreet it really is). 

The line comes in 5 different shades which seamlessly match with just about any color. Each 20 ml color costs $20 and lasts for two applications.

What customers are saying: “Was relatively easy to use – did it by myself. Color was exactly as advertised and hair felt hydrated and healthy afterwards.”

Madison Reed Hair Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Madison Reed Hair Review

In doing my research for this Madison Reed hair review, I’ve definitely discovered that the brand has a devoted clientele who swear by their products—whether they do it themselves at home or visit a Color Bar location.

I’ll break it down with some ratings I picked up from

  • Medium Neutral Blonde Hair Color: 4/5 stars, 384 reviews
  • LightWorks Sorrento Highlighting Kit: 3.5/5 stars, 294
  • Toning Glaze Ardenza: 3.5/5 stars, 16 reviews
  • Root Reboot Livorno: 3.5/5 stars, 73 reviews
  • Root Touch Up Ombra: 3.5/5 stars, 788 reviews

Checking out the testimonials for the Medium Neutral Blonde Hair Color, I found one comment that read:

I was amazed at the outcome of my at home color. A gal at work turned me on to this company and I honestly don’t think I will go to the salon for my color- I feel like the color was a perfect match and it looked exactly like the photos did!

Tons of people feel the same way, but to back these comments up, I thought it would be valuable to head off of the brand’s website and onto Ulta.

Looking into the Radiant Hair Color Kit, I saw an overall 4.1/5 star rating from 44,210 shoppers. Ok, wow, people love this kit.

So what did they think? Here’s one Madison Reed hair review that sums it up nicely:

I have been using this product for about three years. Love it! Love the color (Milano Brown), coverage & hardly any smell. Also. the kit has everything you need. You don’t need to buy anything but the kit. I have recommended it to many friends, and they still use Madison Reed.

The barely-there smell may have something to do with the natural and non-toxic ingredients in Madison Reed hair color, but whatever it is, this fact alone earns the brand some serious points.

Not all feedback is positive, of course. The most common complaint? The colors are darker than they appear. Some users mention color bleeding too, but neither of these was so frequent as to raise red flags.

For most, Madison Reed color is spot on, even earning the brand a solid B rating on the Better Business Bureau.

Overall, I found a lot of happy people out there who appreciate the artisan-created hues, fair price, and easy application. I would definitely be interested in trying out their products based on price and time efficiency alone. 

Are Madison Reed Hair Color Treatments Worth It?

Madison Reed Hair Review

Is Madison Reed good hair color? Based on my research for this Madison Reed hair review, I think this brand is a great option if you don’t want to visit a salon.

The brand is affordable, contains less toxic ingredients, and is definitely of higher quality than anything that you would pick up in a drug store.

So if you’re looking for a subtle change or refresh to your hair, Madison Reed is a great option. Just be sure to take your time reading the instructions if you are applying at home.

Like with any hair color, things could go awry, but if you remain patient and follow the instructions, this is an excellent and affordable way to do it.

Madison Reed Promotions & Discounts 

Madison Reed Hair Review

I went on a deals hunt for this Madison Reed hair review and found quite a few promotions running.

The first thing I noticed? I could get a free consultation to find my dream formula. After that, my eyes were drawn to the $15 credit I could get by referring a friend (they get $15 too).

Clicking the promotions tab revealed a current bundle sale on the Root Touch Up. Get 15-25% off when you buy 2 or more.

The brand also posts free tutorials and videos online, plus, I found that shipping is free on your first order when you sign up for the mailing list.

Where To Buy Madison Reed Hair Color

Madison Reed Hair Review

Madison Reed Hair Color can be purchased through their website Can you buy Madison Reed in stores, you ask? I did some research and found that limited products are available at Ulta stores. You can also shop select product through the Madison Reed Amazon page.


Madison Reed Hair Review

How Long Does Madison Reed Hair Color Last?

It depends on which type you use. Permanent hair color remains on the hair until it grows to expose the roots, though it can begin to fade.

I learned that the glosses and hair masks are semi-permanent, which means they will just fade out with time. All that to say that it usually lasts 6-8 shampoos.

Madison Reed Shipping Policy

Madison Reed only ships within the US, and to select US territories including Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Orders placed before noon on a weekday will ship out the same day—anything placed after noon will go out the following day. 

A tracking number will be sent after your order has shipped out via FedEx or USPS. Standard Shipping takes 3-7 business days, starting from the day the order is shipped (business days are considered Mon-Fri and do not include weekends or holidays.)

Madison Reed Return Policy

Any unopened product can be returned within 6 months of purchase. Very kind, Madison Reed. You are not required to contact customer service, just write “Return to Sender” on your parcel and return it to the post office. Super easy.

For opened products that are no longer in their original packaging, customers can repackage the product and send it back along with a note with your order number. As soon as a parcel is received, your refund will be issued. 

I’ll note that Madison Reed does not accept returns for Root Touch Up Powder, Tame, and Style products.

Contact Madison Reed

If you have any questions I didn’t answer in this Madison Reed hair review, you can reach out to the team through the following methods of contact:

Phone: 1(866) 817- 0814

Live chat on


1. He, L., Michailidou, F., Gahlon, H.L. and Zeng, W. (2022). Hair Dye Ingredients and Potential Health Risks from Exposure to Hair Dyeing. Chemical Research in Toxicology, 35(6), pp.901–915. doi:10.1021/acs.chemrestox.1c00427.

2.‌Tinoco, A., Gonçalves, J., Silva, C., Loureiro, A., Gomes, A.C., Cavaco-Paulo, A. and Ribeiro, A. (2018). Keratin-based particles for protection and restoration of hair properties. International Journal of Cosmetic Science, [online] 40(4), pp.408–419. doi:10.1111/ics.12483.

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4.Choi, B. (2018). Hair-Growth Potential of Ginseng and Its Major Metabolites: A Review on Its Molecular Mechanisms. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(9), p.2703. doi:10.3390/ijms19092703.

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I have been using Madison Reed hair color for over 2 months now and I am quite happy with the results. I initially tried them to cover my gray hair and I was able to get the right one picked for me.. The shipment comes with what you need to color your hair at home,. Great alternative to the salon!

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I am not happy with any of the salons I have tried where I live . My friend s feel the same way . My hair is highlighted but
95 % blond . What color should I use for my root touch up .? And how long does this color last . Thank you .Bonnie

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I lost lots of hair through alopecia. Dermatolgist has restored most it although it is very gray. She prescribed semi permanent (SP) hair color. I know SP color does not last long. My quesion is, does MR SP cover gray at all since I have read both: it does termporarily and it does not at all. I will not use permanent color because gray hair is better than no hair.
Will only use black or black to brown color. Either is fine.

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