Lume Deodorant Review

About Lume

Lume deodorant review

Lume is an innovator in the natural deodorant space with its line of vegan, aluminum-free, cruelty-free, and baking soda-free deodorants. Why their products stand out: they’re not only intended for the underarms, and can be used effectively on any external part of your body

Lume offers a wide range of deodorants, soaps, and wipes for men and women. Good Housekeeping, BuzzFeed, and Adweek have all sung praises for the brand. The efficacy of Lume deodorant has amassed a devoted following of over 84K followers on Instagram and is continuing to grow. 

The Lume deodorant Shark Tank episode, hilariously clever Lume deodorant commercial, and Lume deodorant ad campaigns also helped the brand pick up much-deserved steam.

This Lume deodorant review will introduce you to the brand’s best selling products, reviews, promotions, and more to see if this brand is worth all the hype.

Overview of Lume

Lume deodorant review

Lume was founded by Shannon Klingman, a resident working towards becoming an OB/GYN. During her residency, she met many men and women who lacked self-confidence because of a personal struggle with body odor, and not just from their underarms. Shannon started producing deodorant on her own time, in her own kitchen, to create a solution that would help her patients and clients.

Shannon’s goal was to develop deodorant featuring only natural and quality ingredients, with the versatility to be used anywhere on the body. After 10 years of research and mixing up concoctions, Lume was finally born.

After its initial release, Lume  has proven to have a lot of success in making those who use it feel more confident. This intrigued Barrie Drewitt, currently overseeing Princeton Consumer Research and aptly named the “Odor Guru”, who was blown away by Lume deodorant and its effect on minimizing and eliminating body odor.

Lume deodorant review

Does Lume deodorant really work? Let’s find out. Continue reading this Lume deodorant review for a pros and cons list of Lume and its natural deodorant products.


  • Free of cruelty, baking soda, and aluminum
  • Promotes healthier skin
  • Offers a variety of natural scents
  • Doctor tested
  • Does not leave stains 
  • Products can be used on any part of the body
  • Clinically proven to control odor for 72 hours
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase
  • Free US shipping over $20
  • A subscription program that will save you 10%


  • Pricier than the average deodorant you buy in a store
  • Lume is not an antiperspirant (most natural deodorants aren’t)
  • Does not ship internationally, only within the US and Canada

At this point in our Lume deodorant review, we’ll introduce you to some of their best selling products, and tell you more about Lume deodorant ingredients. Looking for a solution to BO? An alternative to antiperspirant that’s healthier for your body? Lume natural deodorant might be what you’re looking for. Read on for more.

Lume Sweet Lily Deodorant

Lume’s Sweet Lily Deodorant is a whole-body deodorant stick that’s suitable for not only your pits but your feet and privates, too. The product is water-based, so the consistency is more like a lotion that you rub in. It’s different in comparison to the solid deodorant sticks you’re probably used to.

The Sweet Lily Deodorant is proven to provide 72-hour odor control and is made with naturally derived, skin safe synthetics with no harsh chemicals. Plus the fresh scent of lily and gardenia will help you feel clean and fresh without the worry of pesky residue. 

If this scent doesn’t do it for you, Lume deodorant also comes in a variety of other fresh scents to choose from such as Lavender Sage, Crisp Juniper, or even Unscented. The Sweet Lily Deodorant comes in a pack of two and retails for $24.

Lume Deodorant Tube 2-Pack 

Lume deodorant is conscious of those that need unscented options due to allergies or preferences. Lume is also aware of the fact that some people don’t like the feel of roll-on deodorant.

The Lume Deodorant Tube 2-Pack can assist in these concerns with 72-hour odor protection and no essential oils or masking scent oils. If unscented is not your thing, this Lume pack also comes in a variety of other signature Lume flavors

The tube is designed with the classic Lume deodorant formula and is portable for any moment you need a refresh. Lume recommends using a pea-size amount, and each tube lasts 150 underarm applications and 300 applications for any other areas. The unscented Lume Deodorant Tube 2-Pack retails for $33.

Lume Coconut Crush Deodorant Bundle

The Lume Coconut Crush Deodorant Bundle comes with one tube and one stick of the Coconut Crush deodorant formula. The stick can be directly applied to your underarms, and the travel-friendly tube allows you to control the amount used for other areas of your body.

The fresh coconut smell brings the feeling of vacation to your everyday routine. But if that isn’t your thing, the Lume Coconut Crush Deodorant Bundle comes in a variety of other flavors like Clean Tangerine, Bay Rum, and Unscented. Both products in this bundle provide 72-hour odor control and rub in like lotion for a natural, refreshing, and clean feel that lasts. 

The stick offers 110 underarm uses and 220 “anywhere else” uses, and the tube offers over 150 underarm uses and 300 private part uses. A dab will do for these deodorants! The inclusion of the stick and tube allows you to test out both formats and see which is best for you. This Lume bundle retails for $28.

Lume Mini Deodorant Tubes

Scents are very personal. If you’re very particular about what you like and don’t like, the Lume Mini Deodorant Tubes are an excellent choice. These Lume deodorant sample tubes allow you to test out Lume’s various scents and find the one that’s best for you before purchasing a full-sized product. 

The Sand & Bloom and Timber & Spice samplers are Lume’s best sellers. Each deodorant tube is 0.75oz which lasts you up to 37 underarm applications or 74 applications elsewhere. Each application of the Lume sampler deodorant offers 72-hour odor control.

The Sand and Bloom Sampler Box offers Unscented, Jasmine Rose, Lavender Sage, Clean Tangerine, and Coconut Crush scents. Whereas, The Timber and Spice Sampler Box contains Unscented, Crisp Juniper, Silver Spruce, Bay Rum, and Warm Vanilla. Both sets of Lume Mini Deodorant Tubes retail for $30.

Lume Multi-Packs

The Lume Multi-Packs are another popular seller, with each containing 3 full-sized natural deodorant sticks of varying scents. One Lume deodorant Multi-Pack review reads, “I have been using Lume for over a year now and it’s been life-changing for me. I love all of the new scents! I can change up which one I wear depending on which scent I want that day. Thanks, Lume!” 

There are currently three multi-packs offered by Lume:

  • 3 Scent Pack (2.2 oz sticks): Silver Spruce, Crisp Juniper, Jasmine Rose
  • Fall Scent Pack (2.2 oz sticks): Warm Vanilla, Bay Rum, Lavender Sage
  • Summer Scent Pack (2.2 oz sticks): Coconut Crush, Clean Tangerine, Jasmine Rose

Each deodorant in the Lume Multi-Pack provides 72-hour odor protection, lasts for 110 underarm applications, and 220 uses elsewhere. The deodorant is designed to never stain your clothes with icky residue. Each multi-pack retails for $36.

Deodorant Tube 3-Pack

The Lume Deodorant Tube 3-Pack is very similar to the Lume Multi-Packs, but the difference lies in the travel-friendly size. The deodorant tubes offer the same BO-fighting formula as the Lume deodorant sticks with 72-hour odor protection and more precise application whenever (or wherever) you need it.

The Lume Deodorant Tube 3-Pack comes in a variety of scents, lasting for up to 150 underarm uses and 300 uses in other desired places. Use when you travel, on the go, or before a stressful work meeting to tame your stress sweats. This Lume deodorant pack rings in at $50.

Lume Clean Cotton Deodorant Wipes

The Lume Clean Cotton Deodorant Wipes contain the same formula as Lume’s natural deodorant, in an oh so convenient wipe form. The biodegradable, compostable, and disposable wipes can be used on any part of your body where you experience odor. 

These Lume wipes are an excellent option in between showers, after a workout, or when you need a quick refresh on the go. Rely on it if you must, but there is no guarantee of lasting odor control with this wipe. 

Lume Clean Cotton Deodorant Wipes come in a clean cotton scent with soothing botanicals for dry or irritated skin. These wipes come in a pack of 3, each containing 15 wipes, priced at $17.

Lume Sun & Sand Soap Bundle

The Lume Sun & Sand Soap Bundle is naturally scented with essential oils and botanicals. These soaps are free of SLS, parabens, artificial dyes, and phthalates, infused with sustainably sourced plant-based oils. They’re hypoallergenic and safe for all external use. What’s not to love?

Lume soaps are sudsy and moisturizing, plus great as a base for shaving. Lume Sun & Sand Soap Bundle contains Jasmine Rose, Lavender Sage, Warm Vanilla, Coconut Crush, and Clean Tangerine in 5 oz bars. This bundle retails for $27.

Lume Deodorant Subscription

For devoted lovers of the brand, Lume offers a subscription program. Signing up for a subscription entitles you to a 10% discount on most products (some are ineligible for discounts). 

You can choose to receive a delivery every one, two, or three months. It’s a convenient and easy way to get your favorite Lume products delivered right to your door in a matter of days (within 2 business days to be exact).

Lume Deodorant Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lume deodorant review

So, what do customers think of Lume deodorant? Between comments on the brand website and all of the Lume deodorant reviews Amazon has, I’ve gathered that many people love the product and sing its praises. 

One Lume deodorant review reads, “from literally day one I was floored with how great this works – it works better than the extra strength stuff I was using before- and can we talk about how my feet don’t stink??” It’s become a game-changer for many. Eliminating BO successfully from not only their underarms but other parts of the body as well.

Our Lume deodorant review discovered impressive ratings on Amazon.  Lume deodorant sticks garnered 4/5 stars out of 3,469 reviews, and Lume deodorant tubes have 4.2/5 stars out of 1,439 reviews.

But, with good always comes a little bad. Some users didn’t have the same experience. Another Lume deodorant review reads, “I wanted to love this. I tried it twice, two different scents, a year apart, and both times broke out in a horrible rash. The itch was so intense, I thought I would scratch my skin off. I have yet to find an aluminum-free deodorant that doesn’t give me a rash. Very disappointing.” 

Not everything will work for everyone, and some people have ultra reactive and sensitive skin. It’s important to do your research before purchasing and consider any allergies or sensitivities you may have to a product.

Is Lume Deodorant Worth It?

Lume deodorant review

Perhaps you’ve seen a Lume deodorant ad, and you’re wondering whether or not you should buy it. Based on what we’ve seen in this Lume deodorant review, these products provide many people with a serious confidence boost when it comes to BO. 

Lume deodorant is a versatile all-body product, completely natural and safe for the skin. When you combine safety, multi-functionality, and countless positive reviews, Lume deodorant comes out on top. 

Sometimes finding the right product for you requires a little trial and error, or initial research to make sure that this product is right for you. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, keep this in mind when consulting Lume deodorant ingredients. Many people describe Lume as life-changing, so we think it’s worth a shot.

Lume Promotions & Discounts 

We tried to find a Lume deodorant discount code, but couldn’t find any active deals. To receive alerts for a future Lume sale, subscribe to the Lume newsletter on the website.

Where to Buy Lume Deodorant

Lume deodorant review

Shop the full product collection on the brand website, Alternatively, you can purchase products from:

  • Lume deodorant Amazon
  • Lume deodorant Walmart

Lume Subscription Sign Up

To subscribe for recurring Lume deodorant shipments, follow these steps:

  1. On the Lume website, choose a product that you would like to purchase. Click ‘Subscribe’ (note that not all products are eligible for subscription).
  2. Choose the quantity that you like, as well as your delivery schedule (every 1, 2, or 3 months
  3. When you hit Subscribe Now’ your discount will be applied at checkout


How does Lume deodorant work?

Lume works by eliminating odor-causing reactions on your skin’s surface. Lume creates a barrier that blocks fluids like sweat, urine, blood, semen, and prevents them from causing body odor.

Is Lume deodorant safe for private parts?

Yes, Lume is safe for private parts. It’s safe for all external areas of your body.

How long does Lume take to ship?

Shipping within the US will take 3-5 business days via USPS, free with purchases over $20. Lume also ships to Canada, with an additional fee. Canadian orders may take anywhere between 7-21 business days via USPS and the price will vary depending on your location.

Once you place an order, Lume sends a confirmation email containing a tracking number. You can check the status of your order by inputting this number into the order tracking page of the Lume website.

How do I return Lume deodorant?

Lume honors returns but does not do exchanges. Products are eligible for return within 30 days of purchase. But, Lume wipes and soap are final sale and cannot be returned. 

You’ll receive a full return but the customer is responsible to cover the return shipping. International orders do not qualify for returns.

To initiate a return, simply contact [email protected]. Once your return is approved, customer service will send you a return label to get your return started.

How do I cancel my Lume subscription?

You can cancel your Lume subscription by signing into your Lume account and navigating to your subscription preferences. Alternatively, if you didn’t create an account, you can shoot an email to [email protected] to initiate the cancellation process.

How to Contact Lume

If you have any questions beyond this Lume deodorant review, you can contact the team via:

  • Contact form on the website
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Mail: P.O. Box 165, Chaska, MN 55318 

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Any kind of fragrance makes a terrible rash under my arms ( not the aluminum). Unscented works fine. I use unscented soap also

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I bought the Lumi tangerine and it smells horrible did I get a back to you or is that the way it really smells I’m truly disappointed can anybody help

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Scam Company!
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I just had my 1st Lume experience- I was so excited to get this- I ordered it through Amazon and Im disappointed- it just has a very displeasing smell. I ordered the Jasmine Rose- Not to be rude but it smells like butt. I am so sorry- I am a person who loves to give super great ratings- I wonder what scent is best?

This is about coconut deodorant
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I just received my package of the coconut Crush lume deodorant I am not only pissed off I am disappointed it smells like my dog’s butt after she poops and I wipe it I want to send it back and get a refund this is a bunch of baloney I am so disgusted know how do I get my refunds

Bumped up my confidence!
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I am a 63 year old special ed and science teacher teaching in hot, humid Louisiana. We already had two hurricanes in a row that destroyed our air conditioning systems. My room is 75 degrees daily with 100% humidity and the hot days haven’t even arrived!! I have bought fans for the room. When my students sit in their desks, they are below the waste level with me! Daily I have to stand at the door and check their temperature on their forehead by raising my arm. They are seniors and I am only 5 foot. Thank goodness I found out about LUME! Thank goodness for Innovative women! I am so fresh smelling all day! Thank you, Lume!!

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