Jones Road Beauty Review

About Jones Road Beauty

Jones Road Beauty Review

When it comes to my beauty routine, I like to keep things simple. A fan of the natural makeup look, I don’t like to fuss with 17 different brushes or cart around a suitcase of cosmetics. I look for products that pull their weight in more ways that one.

Jones Road Beauty does it for me. A clean beauty brand that makes a variety of products for skin, face, eyes, and lips, its multipurpose makeup is incredibly approachable.

Founded by makeup artist extraordinaire Bobbi Brown, the brand has been featured in such major media outlets as Vogue, Marie Claire, Allure, Forbes, and Harper’s Bazaar, and has amassed a following of 243K on Instagram.

In this Jones Road Beauty review, I will take an in-depth look at the brand, its bestselling products, customer ratings, promotions and discounts, and more to help you decide if these clean beauty solutions are right for you.

Overview of Jones Road Beauty

Jones Road Beauty Review

Four years after leaving her namesake company, world-renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown launched Jones Road Beauty in fall of 2020 with a determination to approach beauty from a whole different angle. 

Rather than just bringing more products into an already oversaturated market, Brown wanted to employ the cleanest possible formulas that would still give the highest level of performance. The new collection would be stripped down to an all-essentials line of multipurpose, daily-use products that would be inclusive of all skin types. Which honestly, is something I think 2020 needed.

At the centre of the brand’s ethos is a commitment to remove as much synthetic content from its formulas as possible. Jones Road Beauty claims to adhere to restrictions “more stringent than those of the E.U.” in banning the use of over 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients—so that means no phthalates, sulfates, petrolatum, etc. 

Jones Road Beauty products are made in the US and Germany, with Brown and her small team running the show from the brand’s headquarters not far from the founder’s home in New Jersey. 

That’s the story on the company—now what’s the story on its products? I’ll dig into the details further down in this Jones Road Beauty review, but let’s start by rattling off some of the topline pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Range of everyday-essential beauty products made from clean, cruelty-free formulas
  • Transparent ingredients lists
  • Multipurpose products for all skin types 
  • Many helpful tips and tutorials on brand website
  • Receive 10% off your purchase when you sign up for brand newsletter 
  • Free shipping on US orders of $85 and up


  • Price point could be considered high for some 
  • Not all formulas are vegan 
  • Ships only to the US, Canada, and the UK

There’s virtue in simplicity, as the saying goes, and I think Jones Road Beauty proves that saying true in all senses. Not only do its multipurpose products give you the beauty results you want with the least amount of fuss, but its clean formulas also mean that you’re not polluting the planet (and your own body!) with harmful artificial ingredients. It’s a win for all.

Below in this Jones Road Beauty review, I’ll survey some of the brand’s bestsellers so you can see how much you can get from so little.

Jones Road Beauty Review

I’m not big on complicated beauty, but I want what I do use to give me stand-out results. Can you just not be bothered to use 20 different products in your beauty regimen? Well, Jones Road Beauty’s all-essentials line can cut your beauty arsenal in half—talk about a game-changer! 

Ready to learn more? Stick with me in this Jones Road Beauty review as I take a look at some of the brand’s bestselling products. 

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm Review 

I know the value of using a makeup brush, but I prefer to use my hands. Looking for a super-easy blush that can be applied with your fingers and gives you an effortless wash of color? Meet the Miracle Balm. This clean, cruelty-free, multi-use balm will add a gorgeously natural-looking radiance to whatever spots on your face need a bit of extra color.

Speaking of natural, this balm makes use of hydrating and antioxidizing jojoba seed oil and argan oil, which has organic anti-aging properties, to give you a youthful glow without pumping your skin full of chemicals. And a potent dose of vitamin E works to preserve that glow by toughening up your skin to resist stressors.

You can get the Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm for $38

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Cream Review 

I’ve reached the age where late nights and one too many cocktails can totally wreck my skin. I’ve found it an asset to have a good beauty cream on hand to stay looking fresh despite feeling anything but.

You can Wake Up Like This with Jones Road Beauty Miracle Cream. Made with antioxidant-rich shea butter and sunflower seed oil, which can reduce acne and redness, this overnight mask delivers next-level moisturization while you slumber the night away.

Just gently pat this cream onto your freshly cleansed face before bed, lie back, and let it get to work. It’s especially helpful for those with very dry skin who need an extra-large dose of moisture to stay hydrated.

Get beauty while you sleep with the Miracle Cream for $38.

Jones Road Beauty Hippie Stick Review 

We pay so much attention to our faces in our beautifying regimens that it’s easy to forget that other parts of our body could be crying out for hydration as well. (Raise your hands, all those who suffer the stings of cracked heels and chafed elbows—my hand is sure up) Enter: the Hippie Stick

This all-over balm comes in a handy roll-on stick form to deliver instant moisturization anywhere you need it. Formulated with nourishing shea butter, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil the Jones Road Beauty Hippy Stick instantly absorbs into your face, hair, or body to refresh and reinforce your skin against the elements. I think it’s the perfect purse essential for any season.

Did I mention that it smells amazing too? You can get the Hippie Stick for $32.

Jones Road Beauty The Oil Stick Review 

I spend so much of my morning making my face look as fresh as possible, but as soon as I step out of the door, winds, pollution, and stale air start chipping away at it. Sound familiar? You can take the fight to the stressors with The Oil Stick, a portable face oil that gives you hydration on the go. 

Blending four high-octane oils (apricot, rosehip, sunflower seed, and jojoba seed), this can be used all over or strategically applied to problem areas as needed. It’s not just restricted to your face either: you can roll it on your cuticles to stop those awful hangnails. Genius! The Jones Road Beauty Oil Stick is yours for $26.

Jones Road Beauty The Mascara Review 

Who needs a fancy name when a simple definite article makes all the statement you need? The Jones Road Beauty The Mascara is the beautifying solution your lashes have been looking for. Clean, vegan, and cruelty-free, it volumizes and lengthens beautifully while also nourishing and protecting with vitamins E and B.

With mascara, I’ve found that the trick is in the brush. The Mascara’s curved wand is great for reaching those smaller lashes tucked away in the corners, giving you smooth, even, all-over application. Get bold, beautiful, clump-free lashes with The Mascara for $26

Jones Road Beauty The Face Pencil Review 

The Face Pencil is a small tool that helps your skin in a big way. Available in 25 different shades to cover the full spectrum of skin tones—all the way from the fairest of the fair, through golden bronze, right up to deep espresso—this concealer can cover up dark undereyes, redness, and blemishes with a completely natural-looking finish.

I love how compact and easy to apply it is. I’d keep this one close by at all times.

Pro tip: Jones Road CEO Bobbi Brown recommends investing in at least a couple of different shades, as skin tone can vary on the long way from your chin to your forehead. You can use the helpful “Find My Shade” feature on the brand website to figure out which will work best for you.

However many you end up getting the Jones Road Beauty Pencil Face goes for $25 a pop.

Jones Road Beauty The Brow Pencil Review 

I lived through the over plucked brow trend of the aughts, so needless to say I’m big on brow pencil. Are you all about that full-brow look that’s just so au courant right now? The Brow Pencil will be your new best friend, with its tiny strokes helping you create a naturally fluffy look. It also comes in handy for filling in those sparse patches where you got a little too industrious with the plucking. 

The waterproof formula is made with shea butter and castor seed oil, which provides moisture and plumps out fine lines even as it gives you immaculate brows. You’ve got five shades to pick from, which I’ll list below:

  1. Blonde
  2. Ash
  3. Light brunette
  4. Brunette
  5. Dark brunette

The Jones Road Beauty The Brow Pencil retails for $22

Jones Road Beauty Cool Gloss Review 

Unlike pencil thin brows, gloss was a 2000s trend I’m glad is coming back. But finding the right lip gloss can be a tricky business: it’s not just a matter of getting the right color, but also finding a formula that won’t make your hair stick to your lips every 10 seconds! My 13 y/o self knows the struggle.

Rest easy: the ultra-lightweight Cool Gloss has all the benefits of a moisturizing, non-sticky lip balm with the dazzling shine of a gloss.

Available in 10 shades, the Jones Road Beauty Cool Gloss can be worn on its own or over lipstick to add that extra layer of sparkling sheen. Go ahead and dab a bit on your cheeks as well to accent even more. Formulated with deliciously soothing peppermint oil and softening shea butter, the Cool Gloss is $22.

Jones Road Beauty The Sharpener Review 

Preserve the precision of your eye and face pencils with the Jones Road Beauty The Sharpener. Designed as a super-compact cube, it comes with a cleaning stick for mess-free sharpening on the go. The benefits are obvious, so I don’t really have to say too much more about it, do I? Other than noting that it’s $8.

Jones Road Beauty Start-Up Kit Review

I think kits are the best way to get to know a beauty brand. Get better acquainted with Jones Road and equip yourself with a mini-arsenal of beauty tools for a bargain with the Start-Up Kit. These fab four products put the focus on your eyes with the Jones Road Beauty The Best Eyeshadow, the Just A Sec eye tint, and The Best Pencil eyeliner, along with a clear Cool Gloss to set them off even more.  

Once you’ve seen what these essentials can do for you, you can start exploring the more adventurous shades that the brand has to offer. The Jones Road Beauty Start Up Kit gives you a $95 value for just $68.

Is Jones Road Clean?

Jones Road Beauty Review

I’m happy to say that yes, Jones Road Beauty is a clean beauty brand. Its strict guidelines exclude more than 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients that are routinely used in the beauty industry. 

Although there does not seem to be any third-party certification for the brand’s clean-product claim, Jones Road Beauty does provide full ingredient lists for all its products and specifies dozens of excluded ingredients.

Who Is Jones Road Beauty For? 

Jones Road Beauty Review

If you’re a fan of the “no-makeup makeup look” that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics helped put on the map, then Jones Road Beauty is definitely up your alley. What’s more, it improves on that (fictional) no-effort aesthetic by actually simplifying your beauty routine with a stripped-down line of essential, multipurpose products.

The real selling point though, as far as I can see in this Jones Road Beauty review, is that the brand is clean, cruelty-free, and is inclusive of all skin types. Diversity and ethical and sustainable manufacturing are becoming key values in the beauty industry today, and Jones Road has put them front and center.

Comparison: Jones Road Beauty vs. Bobbi Brown  

Jones Road Beauty Review

This Jones Road Beauty review wouldn’t be complete if it just looked at my spotlighted brand in a vacuum, so I decided to compare it with another notable name in its field—and, given who Jones Road’s founder is, what would be more natural than stacking it up against Bobbi Brown Cosmetics?

The first and most clear distinction between the two brands is that Jones Road Beauty takes a far more minimalist approach to beauty than its more established competitor. As it is owned by Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics naturally has a far more expansive product line, with dozens of specific items for face, skin, lips, eyes, etc.

By contrast, Jones Road Beauty is all about keeping things simple with products that can be used in multiple areas. Jones Road is also focused on using clean ingredients only, which is not really a possibility for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics given the vast size of its inventory.

Lastly, in terms of cost, Jones Road Beauty’s price points are substantially lower than BBC’s, though the latter may give you more opportunities for deals and discounts. 

In sum, Jones Road is cheaper, cleaner, and has a more stripped down product line than its predecessor—so if you’re about minimalism in all things, I think it’s pretty clear which way you should go!

Jones Road Beauty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jones Road Beauty Review

Another thing this Jones Road Beauty review would not be complete without? Seeing what customers really have to say about this minimalist clean beauty brand. But I do have to caution you that, outside of the brand website, there’s not too much kicking around out there in terms of buyer feedback. I’ll give ya what I got!

Let’s start out by taking a look at the ratings of some of the brand’s most popular products at 

  • Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm4.2/5 stars from 9,580 reviews 
  • Jones Road Beauty Cool Gloss4.4/5 stars from 1,235 reviews
  • Jones Road Beauty The Mascara4.2/5 stars from 1,814 reviews 
  • Jones Road Beauty Start Up Kit4.3/5 stars from 398 reviews
  • Jones Road Beauty Miracle Cream4.3/5 stars from 468 reviews

Not too shabby! Now let’s take a closer look at one product, the Hippy Stick, which gets 4.7/5 stars out of 633 reviews. A lot of customers commented on the amazing scent and how it’s so convenient to use this stick moisturizer just about anywhere on their body. 

Not sure I can live without this now! I use it everyday. Great texture, perfect earthy smell, incredible moisture,” commented one happy buyer. 

Who What Wear added the Sparkle Wash Liquid Glitter to their 2021 Beauty Capsule of must-have products. The publication raved that this “crease-proof liquid glitter eye shadow is what we’re planning to wear every single day in 2021.” That’s some real love right there! 

On the brand’s Facebook page, Jones Road Beauty gets 3.4/5 stars, which isn’t great—but note that this score is only derived from 46 reviews, so hardly a representative sampling.

On the brighter side, one Facebook poster spoke about how great it was to be able to use one beauty product for multiple purposes. 

“I can’t recommend the brand enough!” this user wrote. I love everything I’ve tried (almost everything) from the brand. The best part about all the products is that they are extremely easy to use & you just need one product to create a complete look! It’s perfect for no makeup makeup lovers.” 

Overall, it appears that the brand’s strategically simple and stripped-down products have connected with customers in a very real way. 

Is Jones Road Beauty Worth It?

Jones Road Beauty Review

It’s weigh-in time in this Jones Road Beauty review. If you’re all about combining that coveted minimalist makeup aesthetic with actual minimal effort, then I can definitely say that, yes, this brand is worth it. The multipurpose products are easy to apply, so you can cut down on your prep time in the morning, and the on-the-go items let you touch up during the day.

Just as importantly, the brand’s commitment to clean, cruelty-free ingredients puts Jones Road Beauty firmly in the conscious consumerism movement, which is gaining ever greater traction these days. And the fact that the company can do this while keeping its prices affordable is a huge selling point as well.

Jones Road Beauty Promotions & Discounts 

Jones Road Beauty Review

As Jones Road Beauty is so new to the market, it does not have many sales or discounts to speak of at the moment. But you can receive 10% off your next purchase when you sign up for the brand newsletter, so there’s that. Also, US shipping is free for orders $80+.

Where to Buy Jones Road Beauty

Jones Road Beauty Review

Jones Road Beauty products are currently exclusively available on the brand website,


Jones Road Beauty Review

Where is Jones Road Beauty made? 

The brand’s products are manufactured in the US and Germany. Unfortunately, that’s all the info I could glean!  

Is Jones Road Beauty vegan and cruelty-free?

Jones Road Beauty is a completely cruelty-free beauty brand. It does, though, carry some items that aren’t vegan, as they contain beeswax or carmine. 

What is Jones Road Beauty’s Shipping Policy?

Jones Road Beauty currently ships to the US, Canada, and the UK only. Standard shipping for US orders is $7, while shipping prices for Canada and the UK will be calculated at checkout.

You can also take advantage of the brand’s free shipping offer for US orders of $85 and up, Canadian orders of $175 (CAD) and up, and UK orders of £75 and up. Note that the brand offers standard shipping only—there are no expedited options available at this time.

Orders typically take 1-3 days to be processed and shipped. You will receive a tracking number with your confirmation email so that you can follow your package’s progress. 

What is Jones Road Beauty’s Return Policy?

Orders to any location are eligible for return within 30 days of purchase, but exchanges are only available to customers in the US. Sets, kits, and apparel are all final sale, and shipping charges are non-refundable.

To initiate a return or exchange, go to the return portal on the brand website and follow the instructions.

How to Contact Jones Road Beauty

Got any questions that I didn’t answer in this Jones Road Beauty review? You can contact the brand via email at [email protected]. All inquiries typically receive responses in one business day.

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