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bioClarity review

Step into this bioClarity review and get hooked on bioClarity vegan skincare. These eco-friendly products are plant-based, have zero toxins, and are dermatology tested to refresh, renew, and heal your skin. bioClarity targets seven categories: body, cleansers, masques, moisturizers, routines, serums & treatments, skincare tools, and sunscreens. 

You can read about bioClarity in hot publications such as teenVOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, and Byrdie. This skincare brand is clearly garnering a lot of attention, but are they worth the hype? That’s what we’re here to find out. 

This bioClarity review will take you on an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their skincare solutions are for you. 

Overview of bioClarity

bioClarity review

Founded in 2016 by David Hale, Cam Garner, and Rick Sliter in San Diego, CA, bioClarity recognized the need for a natural acne solution that is not harsh on the skin. bioClarity formulated a solution that uses their patented Floralux® active ingredient. 

Floralux is derived naturally from chlorophyll and is a plant-based antioxidant complex that visibly improves your skin. It sinks into the dermis, targets cellular issues before they arise, and corrects and protects at the same time. It also defends against bad bacteria and damaging radicals. 

bioClarity started as a simple acne solution and has grown into so much more. bioClarity sells products for all types of skin needs: acne & blemish control, age defiance, brightening, hydration, oil control, sun protection, and uneven tones. 

bioClarity review

bioClarity’s mission is to put good into their products and into the world. Objective aside, is bioClarity good for your skin? bioClarity skincare is 100% vegan, free of toxins, cruelty-free, plant-powered, and dermatologist tested. Yes, bioClarity is good for your skin, environmentally conscious buyers, and kind to animals as well!

All bioClarity products come with the following No List:

  • No toxins
  • No sulphates
  • No parabens
  • No harmful preservatives
  • No synthetic colors or fragrances

Before we get into some of the brand’s most popular skincare, here are the highlights that this bioClarity review came across:


  • No harsh toxins
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free
  • Plant powered
  • Dermatologist tested
  • The auto-ship program allows you to save money on each purchase 
  • Glow Getter Rewards program and a Referral program
  • Predominantly positive customer reviews
  • Skin Quiz helps you choose products that are good for your skin type and that satisfy your specific needs
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee 


  • Some customers complain about acne getting worse, bad smelling products, drying and burning skin

bioClarity Skin Quiz

bioClarity review

To make sure we covered everything, this bioClarity review took the Skin Quiz. The bioClarity quiz will ask you about your current skincare routine and takes you through a series of questions that will help them determine your skin type and the bioClarity skincare products and routines that are best suited to you. 

Here’s an example. If you identify as having combination skin, the quiz will ask you to define the type of combination skin that you have. If you say you have sensitive skin, the quiz will ask you what causes your skin irritations. The quiz also asks you what your #1 and #2 skin concern is, if you have acne or redness issues, what part of the US you live in (for insight into environmental factors), and what age you are.

bioClarity review

The two recommendations that this bioClarity review received are the following:

  • Essentials Routine: to help even the appearance of skin tone and texture
  • Defence Duo: to protect skin against harmful UV rays, free radicals, blue light, and environmental stressors (like pollution) 

This bioClarity review said we had combination skin, and that we lived in the northeast USA. We chose clogged pores as our #1 skin concern and dark circles for our #2 skin concern. The three products suggested in the Essentials Routine seem to hit every question we answered. 

As for Defense Duo, since we didn’t specifically answer any questions regarding sun in the quiz, we assume they a) offer sun protection to all their clients, because of the importance of protecting your skin against the sun, or b) they offered it because of where we said we live.

Clear Skin Routine

bioClarity review
bioClarity Clear Skin Routine

Clear your breakouts with a bioClarity acne prone skin routine! The Clear Skin Routine includes: Cleanse, Treat, and Restore. If you’ve been struggling with pimples for a long time and you’re at your wit’s end, don’t give up.

Cleanse is a gentle, foaming facial cleanser featuring cucumber, green tea, and chamomile. The chamomile cleanses pores, while soothing and calming the skin. Green tea is full of antioxidants to detoxify the skin, and the cucumber soothes and calms the skin.

Treat is a topical acne gel. It contains salicylic acid (2.0%) for exfoliating, oat kernel for soothing, and moisturizing squalene for fighting blemishes without burning them. Salicylic acid is an acne-fighting ingredient to clear pores of dirt, oil, and bacteria. Oat kernel hydrates and soothes the skin.

Restore is a green gel that soothes your skin, reduces the appearance of redness, and battles your breakouts. The gel contains bioClarity’s Floralux (chlorophyll, copper, and antioxidants). These ingredients nourish your skin while reducing hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and other marks left on your skin from acne. Licorice root balances oil production and your skin tone and reduces redness.

Not convinced? Here is a bioClarity before and after for the Clear Skin Routine:

bioClarity review
bioClarity Before and After

The Clear Skin Routine from bioClarity is made for normal to oily acne-prone skin. The mini bioClarity package sells for $40 and has a value of $53. The mini package includes 2.25 fl oz of Cleanse, 1 fl oz of Treat, and 1 fl oz of Restore. The full bioClarity package sells for $60 and has a value of $80, containing 4 fl oz of Cleanse, 1.75 fl oz of Treat, and 1.75 fl oz of Restore.

Pore Purifier Mask

bioClarity review
bioClarity Pore Purifier Mask

The Pore Purifier Mask is a clay masque that combats acne and purifies pores. The bioClarity mask hunts out your pores and attacks them, cleans them, and reduces redness. After the attack comes restoration, with calming and healing properties. And finally, a small coat of armor to protect against future breakouts.

bioClarity review
bioClarity Pore Purifier Mask

The Pore Purifier Mask contains:

  • Floralux (chlorophyll, copper, antioxidants): soothe skin, fights blemishes, reduces redness and hyperpigmentation
  • Tea Tree: heals and soothes skin and helps to even complexion; with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, Tea Tree can also calm redness, swelling and irritation
  • Aloe: calms and soothes your skin
  • Micro-Silver: Has antimicrobial properties to help protect against acne

The Pore Purifier Mask is for normal to oily blemish-prone skin, and it retails for $25 (1.5 fl oz).

Hydrate Skin Smoothie

bioClarity review
bioClarity Hydrate Skin Smoothie

Moisturize, hydrate, and soften your face, without clogging your pores. bioClarity’s Hydrate Skin Smoothie is a non-sticky, lightweight, moisturizer with no excess oiliness. It’s non-comedogenic and does not cause blackheads.

The Hydrate Skin Smoothie contains:

  • Floralux (chlorophyll, copper, antioxidants): soothe skin, fights blemishes, reduces redness and hyperpigmentation
  • Argan: softens and hydrates your skin with no excess oils
  • Olive: penetrates deep into your skin and replenishes hydration. It helps restore skin tone and elasticity

The Hydrate Skin Smoothie is best for normal, combination, or mildly dry skin. The mini 1 oz bottle sells for $15 and the full 2 oz bottle sells for $20

Glow Getter Hydrating Mask

bioClarity review
bioClarity Glow Getter Hydrating Mask

bioClarity’s Glow Getter Hydrating Mask is a revitalizing clay masque to help you glow. The masque gives you a smoother and softer complexion after just one use. The Glow Getter Hydrating Mask softens, revitalizes pores, removes any inflammation or irritation, and brightens your skin tone for a salon facial quality at home. 

The Glow Getter Hydrating Mask contains:

  • Bentonite and Kaolin Clay: softens skin and soaks up impurities
  • Coconut Water: restores hydration and calms your skin
  • Sandalwood: has a soothing scent and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Bergamot and Citrus Oils: brightens your skin and promotes health
bioClarity review
bioClarity Glow Getter Hydrating Mask

The Glow Getter Hydrating Mask is for normal, oily and combination skin. The mask retails for $25 (1.5 fl oz).

Eye Will Chill De-Puff Eye Gel

bioClarity review
bioClarity Eye Will Chill De-Puff Eye Gel

bioClarity’s Eye Will Chill De-Puff Eye Gel de-puffs under your eyes, reducing the appearance of eye puffiness and dark circles. The gel is vitamin-packed, refreshing, and helps refresh and lighten the skin around your eyes so you can look awake for that 8:00 am video meeting!

bioClarity review
bioClarity Eye Will Chill De-Puff Eye Gel

The Eye Will Chill De-Puff Eye Gel contains:

  • Floralux (chlorophyll, copper, antioxidants): soothe skin, fights blemishes, reduces redness and hyperpigmentation
  • Fennel (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants): balances skin and protects against environmental irritants
  • Aloe: calms and soothes your skin
  • Vitamins B3, C and K: brightens skin, reduces the appearance of dark circles, helps fight free radical damage

The Eye Will Chill De-Puff Eye Gel is great for all skin types! The eye-refreshing gel retails for $25 (0.5 fl oz). 

Dewy Dew Mist

bioClarity review
bioClarity Dewy Dew Mist

bioClarity’s Dewy Dew Mist is a toner that refines your pores, a makeup setting spray that keeps your makeup in place, and a midday refresher to give yourself a pick me up. Don’t worry about your makeup getting “blah”: bioClarity’s 3-in-1 spray is a little force of nature.

The Dewy Dew Mist contains:

  • Floralux (chlorophyll, copper, antioxidants): soothe skin, fights blemishes, reduces redness and hyperpigmentation
  • Rose Hip (vitamin C, essential fatty acids, antioxidant flavonoids): hydrates and softens to perfect your pores
  • Witch Hazel: tones and tightens your skin and minimizes the appearance of pores

The Dewy Dew Mist is great for all skin types! The mist sells for $20 (2.7 fl oz).

bioClarity Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

bioClarity review

For this bioClarity review, we focussed on the Clear Skin Routine reviews. There are 5770 reviews on the bioClarity website, with an average 4.81/5-star rating. You can also locate the customer reviews about individual products under Why bioClarity on the brand’s website. 

You can also find bioClarity acne treatment reviews on Amazon. The Clear Skin Routine has 209 reviews and a score of 4/5 stars. There are 65% 5-star ratings, and only 9% 1-star ratings. Negative reviews focused on people breaking out more than normal, strong chemical smells, burning, and dried-out skin. The 5-star comments spoke about “finally” getting relief after years of acne-prone skin and problems with redness. 

bioClarity acne reviews can also be found on Influenster. There are 613 reviews for 15 products. Again, the Clear Skin Routine has an average of 4.3/5 stars. There are 60% 5-star ratings and only 2% are 1 star. We found negative comments about dry skin, products not absorbing into the skin, and developing red splotches. The positive reviews mentioned smoother skin, cleared up acne, seeing instant results, reducing redness and even reducing scars.

Does bioClarity Work?

This bioClarity before and after, plus evidence pulled from bioClarity reviews, indicates that the skincare solutions work for most customers. The reviews on the bioClarity website, Amazon, and Influenster all show a high level of success

Does bioClarity work? This bioClarity review feels that all evidence points to yes, bioClarity works, in most cases. But just like everything in life, it will not work for everyone. Having said that, given the percentage of happy customers versus dissatisfied customers, we believe the products are worth trying

bioClarity Promotions & Discounts 

bioClarity review

Initial Promotion: When we initially started browsing the site, this bioClarity review discovered 15% savings on your first purchase. You’ll find a Save 15% on your 1st order option on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Click on it, enter your email, and the 15% will be applied at checkout.

Auto-Ship Savings: You can save 10% on bioClarity purchases when you sign up for auto-ship and have the product shipped to you every 1, 2 or 3 months. Registering for auto-ship also gives you free shipping.

Rewards Program: Now the fun part, if you decide that these are the products for you. The more you shop, the more you can save. bioClarity has what they call Glow Getter Rewards.

What do you have to do?

  1. Create an account to join the club
  2. Earn points every time you shop
  3. Redeem points for exclusive discounts

What are the points worth?

  • 100 points = $5
  • 200 points = $15
  • 300 points = $25
  • 500 points = $50

How can you earn points?

  • Create an Account = 10 points
  • Birthday Reward = 100 points
  • Join Facebook Community = 10 points
  • Write a Product Review with Picture = 50 points
  • Follow on Facebook = 10 points
  • Share on Facebook = 10 points
  • Twitter Follow = 10 points
  • Follow on Instagram = 10 points
  • Each $1 spent = 1 point
  • Refer a friend = $15
bioClarity review

You start at Warrior when you spend your first $0 to $199, then Queen for spending between $200 to $499, and finally Goddess when you spend $500+. Each bioClarity level comes with a different set of benefits. For instance at Queen and Goddess levels, you are eligible to receive free product samples.

Referral Rewards: You can refer a friend and give them $15 off of their first order of $50 or more. For each successful referral you make, you receive $15 to spend on your orders.

Where to Buy bioClarity

bioClarity review

You can purchase bioClarity products directly on their website, A selection of the skincare products are also available online at Amazon and Walmart. 


Keep reading this bioClarity review for answers to the most common questions by new and existing customers.

How long does bioClarity take to work?

Maximize your results by using bioClarity consistently. bioClarity states you should start seeing changes in as little as two weeks. You can see the major changes between weeks 4 and 8. In some of the reviews, the customers noted seeing changes almost instantly.

How long does bioClarity take to ship?

If you choose to go with Free Shipping, it will take between 3-5 business days to receive your products. Or you can choose to pay $10 for Expedited Shipping. If you choose to auto-ship, bioClarity will continue to ship products to you and charge your credit card until you cancel auto-ship.

bioClarity only ships within the US. If you live in Canada, you can purchase bioClarity on Amazon Canada.

How do I return bioClarity?

bioClarity provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Within 30 days of shipment, you can return it for a full refund (minus the original shipping and handling fees). You will need to get in touch with their Customer Service Department to arrange for the refund. Refunds are processed within approximately 5 business days of the receipt of your refund request.

Credits are made to the same card that made the purchase. No refunds are provided for products that are marked as non-refundable on the website.

How do I cancel bioClarity autoship?

To cancel your bioClarity subscription (auto-ship), you must email [email protected] or call the Customer Service Department. The cancellation will be effective for any products that have not yet been processed for shipment. 

If it is within the first 30 days of your subscription service, your purchase price will be refunded and you do not need to return the used products. Refunds are processed within approximately 5 business days of the receipt of your refund request.

How to Contact bioClarity

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this bioClarity review, you can contact their team via: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Customer Service Department: 1-844-6CLARITY / 1-844-625-2748
  • Live Chat on the website
  • Contact form on the website
  • Social media

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