Nectar Bath Treats Review

About Nectar Bath Treats

Nectar Bath Treats Review

Nectar Bath Treats is an American company selling handmade bath bombs, soaps, and soaks that take the idea of treating yourself to the next level.

They also make their own skincare items, such as body butter, lip balms, and peels, all sold in their online store or their shops throughout the US and Europe. 

The brand is known for their colorful and playful approach to product design

Why limit yourself to regular bar soap when you can indulge in options that look like a cute cupcake, milkshake, rubber ducky, or donut?

Nectar Bath Treats aims to make bath time fun and relaxing by providing customers with these beautiful scented ‘treats’ that encourage self-care.

But they aren’t all about looks – Nectar have made a name for themselves in the bath and beauty industry by manufacturing their products in the US with natural ingredients such as Epsom salts, bentonite clay, and almond oil. 

In this Nectar Bath Treats review, I’ll take a look at their buying highlights, purchasing info, best-selling products, and real customer feedback, all in the hopes of helping you decide if their lighthearted approach to personal care is right for you!

Overview of Nectar Bath Treats

Nectar Bath Treats Review

Nectar Bath Treats was founded in 2014 by American entrepreneur Tom Taicher.

Taicher explains that after working in the beauty industry for many years, he began to feel stagnant and uninspired in his job. He wanted to connect with customers again and create “experiences that made people genuinely happy” – so he founded Nectar Bath Treats!

On their official website, Nectar Bath Treats explains that part of their mission is to give customers “handcrafted experiences with delightful bath and beauty treats that put a smile on your face.” 

Nectar Bath Treats’ products are often shaped to reflect just that – decadent treats made to make you feel good.

Their line includes fruit-shaped bath bombs, solid bubble bath bars that look like scoops of ice cream, and soaps shaped like French macarons, all in delicious pastel packaging.

This brand feels that self-care doesn’t need to be so “self-serious and that even grownups can enjoy some extra sweetness and humor in their bath products.

With every product handmade in the US, this brand offers high-quality bath goodies with ingredients that are “inspired by nature.” All of Nectar Bath Treats’ products are plant-based, cruelty-free, and made without sulfates or parabens.

Nectar also believes in giving back. The brand partners with Lighthouse Charities, a Nevada-based organization helping people who’ve been displaced build a new base in the US, working as a priority employer and helping fund initiatives like housing grants and language training. 

Interested in learning more about the brand’s unique approach? Keep reading my Nectar Bath Treats review as I take a closer look at their products and the highlights of shopping with this brand.


Nectar Bath Treats Review
  • Colorful handcrafted bath and skincare products with tons of personality
  • Highly decorative items like cupcake soaps, bath bomb ‘sundaes,’ and more!
  • Colorful designs and products suitable for adults and children
  • Cute and affordable gift ideas 
  • Themed collections such as Mother’s Day, Spring, and Sleep collections
  • Natural ingredients and cruelty-free products
  • Online and in-person shopping options
  • Discount codes and Sales section 
  • Free US shipping over $75
  • Free gifts with purchases over $50

Nectar Bath Treats Review

This brand has soaps, scrubs, and body butter to help you relax and feel your best. For this Nectar Bath Treats review, I’ll shop through four of their bath and skincare best-sellers.

Nectar Bath Body Scrub Fruit Smoothie Sugar Review

The Body Scrub Fruit Smoothie Sugar is packed with cranberry seeds, blueberry seeds, and sugar to help you polish away dead skin and get your glow back

This scrub is also made with almond oil, coconut oil, and shea butter to help moisturize your skin and leave it feeling re-hydrated.

To use the Body Scrub, simply rub it into your damp or dry skin and then rinse it off with warm water. This scrub has a refreshing summer fruit scent with the following notes:

  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Peach
  • Melon
  • Tangerine

This exfoliant is all-natural with no harmful plastic beads or other fake stuff like parabens or sulfates. It is also totally plant-based and cruelty-free, making it suitable for vegan bath lovers too.

You can get the Body Scrub Fruit Smoothie Sugar for $30 for an 8 oz tub.

Nectar Bath Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4 Pack Review

If you love to unwind with a good soak at the end of the day, you can stock up with the Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4 Pack

This set lets you pick four of your favorite bath bombs from a range of options, packaged in Nectar’s signature peachy-pink box. 

Not only does this set ensure you’re always ready for a relaxing dip, but it’s also a great way to explore the brand and a low-cost way to send a friend a thoughtful surprise!

At the time of writing this Nectar Bath Treats review, the brand had the following bombs to choose from:

  • Coco Paradise
  • Exotic Acai
  • Cleanse
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Stimulate 
  • Detoxify

These Nectar bath bombs have epsom salts, which are known to help relax muscles, and almond oil to moisturize skin while you bathe. They also include bentonite blay, which Nectar says is “a balancing detoxifier.”

Buy the Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4 Pack for $20 (a deal from their regular price of $6 per individual bath bomb).

Nectar Bath Mix & Match Whipped Soap 3 Pack Review 

Think the world of soap didn’t get much more interesting than conventional bar soaps and shower gels? Think again! This Nectar Whipped Soap is a totally new way to indulge in the shower or while washing your hands. 

The Nectar Bath Mix & Match Whipped Soap 3 Pack will give you three tubs of their soft whipped soap in the following scent options:

  1. Fruit Smoothie 
  2. Watermelon Splash
  3. Peach Sangria
  4. Lavender Blossom
  5. Ocean Breeze
  6. Lemon Squeeze
  7. Sugar Crush

With a rich, fluffy texture, you only need a little bit of this soap to get maximum lather. Each Whipped Soap contains almond oil and glycerin to keep your skin hydrated while giving it a good clean.

Like all Nectar Bath Treats products, these products are plant-based, cruelty free, and made in the US. 

Check out the Mix & Match Whipped Soap 3 Pack for $32 (down from $16 per each individual item).

Nectar Customizable Shea Body Butter Review 

Nectar’s Customizable Shea Body Butter was designed to be a luscious post-bath moisturizer.

This moisturizer contains tons of healing ingredients including shea butter, almond oil, and apricot kernel oil to protect your skin and keep dryness at bay.

You can get this hydration powerhouse in any Nectar Bath Treats fragrance you want – or combine two of their options to create a totally customized body butter scent.

When you shop for the Customizable Shea Body Butter, Nectar asks you to choose 2 fragrances from their range of 34 different scent options

You can mix and match to your heart’s content, or select the same fragrance for both options if you want to enjoy fragrances like Almond, Citrus Detox, Lavender Blossom, Pink Grapefruit all on their own. 

To make choosing your scent a bit easier, Nectar provides a handy chart classifying all 34 scents into 8 familiar scent families:

  1. Citrus
  2. Wood
  3. Fruity
  4. Oriental
  5. Gourmand
  6. Oceanic
  7. Green
  8. Floral

Sensitive to scents but still want the benefits of this shea moisturizer? Opt for their “unscented” version and enjoy this body butter without any added color or fragrance. 

Grab the Body Butter Shea for $35 for an 8 oz tub.

Who Is Nectar Bath Treats For? 

Nectar Bath Treats Review

Nectar Bath Treats can be enjoyed by nearly everyone! Their bath bombs, soaks, and cute soaps have universal appeal, as do their lip balms and body butters. With so many products and scents, it’s easy to find something that suits your tastes.

Most of Nectar’s products cater to women who enjoy bathtime relaxation. If you’re shopping for a gift for a sister or friend who loves to switch up their routine with interesting products, Nectar Bath Treats is a great store to explore.

The brand offers plenty of affordable gift ideas, from tongue-in-cheek dessert soaps to their classic Mother’s Day collection

Because this company manufactures their products in the US, Nectar Bath Treats will also appeal to Americans who want to shop closer to home and support local companies – especially ones who give back to their communities the way Nectar does. 

Their natural, plant-based ingredients and cruelty-free products will also resonate with vegans and people who want to avoid animal products when they shop.

Their extensive line of customizable products is also excellent for those looking for something very specific, or who want to avoid added scents altogether. 

Nectar Bath Treats Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nectar Bath Treats Review

Nectar Bath Treats shares customer reviews on their official website, where most customers are sharing enthusiastic, positive feedback on their bath and skincare items.

On the brand’s official website, some Nectar Bath Treats reviews were downright glowing. Shoppers had a lot of great things to essay about the brand’s customer service, their product quality, and their value

One customer had this to say about the brand: Six stars! I have nothing but absolutely the best to say. I have never been so impressed with this type of product. Money super well spent.”

In looking at customers’ impressions of the best-sellers in my Nectar Bath Treats review, I noticed one buyer praising the Customizable Shea Body Butter for its fruity fragrance and the way it worked on her skin. She wrote:

“I ordered the customized body butter in Caribbean Fruit to go with a Caribbean Fruit scrub that was gifted to me. The scent is heavenly and it makes my skin so soft. I love all the Nectar products I have tried and this one definitely did not disappoint!”

Another buyer was thrilled with her new Mix & Match Whipped Soaps, which she feels are well-made and the perfect, substantial size to last over a long period of time:

“The texture of this soap is so divine, it lathers beautifully, and has many delicious scent options that linger. It initially doesn’t look like much but a little goes a long way and there’s more product than you’d think so it lasts such a long time.”

Nectar Bath Treats also shares customer feedback on their official Facebook page, where they have a 4.8/5-star rating based on 423 reviews. With such a high rating, these reviews were as positive as I expected them to be.

Most buyers love the cute designs of these bath products, as well as their appealing scents. Several customers also commented on this brand’s friendly customer service.

One shopper, who bought a number of items, loves the scents and especially the buying experience, saying, “Love love LOVE these bath bombs and scrubs! The cupcake soaps are fun and smell so good! But the best part about Nectar bath treats is the customer service!!”

Another particularly enjoyed this brand’s Bath Bombs, writing that, “Love the bath bombs. Smells yummy and leaves skin soft. I love watching the explosion of oil and shimmer.”

I also checked out TrustPilot, where the brand has only one review. This repeat customer is thrilled with the way the whole range of Nectar Bath Treats products makes her skin look and feel radiant:

“Every product I have tried has been MAGICAL. Lip scrub, bath bombs, body butter, body scrubs, face masks, milkshakes and soaps! I have tried them all and can’t rave enough about each and every one. They smell wonderful and they work wonders on my skin!”

With only one review on TrustPilot, I went over to the brand’s Yelp page for more information. There, they currently boast a 4.5/5 star rating based on 75 reviews. 

One shopper visited a Nectar Bath Treats store in person and enjoyed her experience and her Waffle Bath Bomb – so much so that she made a second purchase from home.

“Everyone was super nice and helpful – I got a waffle bath bomb which smelled like fresh baked blueberry waffles. I went online when I got home and ordered a few other products that were shown to me while in store. I can’t wait to try them out, too!”

Overall, this brand has really strong ratings across the web. Customers’ Nectar Bath Treats reviews reveal that their fun bath products deliver on their promises and are a great treat for me-time or as gifts for friends.

Is Nectar Bath Treats Legit?

Nectar Bath Treats Review

Definitely! This store is reliably selling its bath and skin care goodies from their online shop and brick-and-mortar stores in the US and in Poland.

While researching for this Nectar Bath Treats review, I did not notice any red flags, so it’s safe to say that this brand is legit.

Is Nectar Bath Treats Worth It?

Nectar Bath Treats Review

It seems that this company is making waves in the bath and skincare world with their unique designs, playful products, and friendly service. 

Customers have given this brand a thumbs-up for their high quality, beautiful scents, and fun aesthetic. Most buyers report that they would shop at this store again, use their products for gifts, and recommend Nectar’s products to others.

I was also impressed to find a brand where everything they sell is made in the US and formulated with reliable natural ingredients.

For these reasons, the verdict in this Nectar Bath Treats review is that it’s definitely worth shopping with this feel-good brand.

Nectar Bath Treats vs Lush

Nectar Bath Treats Review

Reading through my Nectar Bath Treats review, you’re probably reminded of another handmade bath and skincare line – Lush.

These two shops certainly have their similarities! Both favor natural ingredients, give back to their communities, and have some pretty cute soap and bath bomb designs, like fruit and animal shapes. 

One major difference between these stores is their selection: Lush offers a wide range of cosmetics, oral health items, and other toiletries, whereas Nectar Bath Treats is focused on creating beautiful and playful bath and skincare items. 

Nectar has a more extensive line of moisturizers, scrubs, and bubble bath products. They also have a wider range of scents, home fragrances (including candles and diffusers), and a full line of products you can customize to your taste. 

Nectar’s products are also different, aesthetically. While Lush does have some bath bombs and soaps that are shaped, most of their products have a clean, sophisticated black-and-white basics look. 

Nectar offers more products with visual appeal, with tons of dessert-imposter products designed to look like milkshakes, fruit, ice cream, pastries, and beyond. They are considerably more detailed, and come in a range of bright pastel colors. 

Another difference is that many of Lush’s scrubs use fresh ingredients with a set shelf life. Some of their products need to be refrigerated (and can’t be sold online). Nectar also has a rewards program and sales, while Lush does not. 

While I do acknowledge that I’m writing a Nectar Bath Treats review, I feel that both brands deserve consideration: Lush wins out for better overall toiletry selection, but Nectar Bath Treats’ detailed designs and scent options are second to none!

Nectar Bath Treats Promotions & Discounts 

Nectar Bath Treats Review

There are a few ways to Nectar Bath Treats coupons and deals before you shop. If you’re a new customer, sign up for the Nectar Bath Treats newsletter and get 25% off your first purchase. 

Here are a few of their current deals, found in their dedicated Sale section:

  • Exfoliating Konjac Facial Sponge – $10
  • Ocean Breeze Shea Body Butter – $35
  • Pineapple Fizz Bath Bomb – $9

This brand also offers free shipping on US purchases over $75.

Where to Buy Nectar Bath Treats

Nectar Bath Treats Review

Shop all Nectar Bath Treats products at their official site or at their physical locations throughout the US and Poland.


Nectar Bath Treats Review

Who owns Nectar Bath Treats?

Founder Tom Taicher owns Nectar Bath Treats (under the formal name Noa Inc.).

Does Nectar Bath Treats ship internationally?

Yes, this brand ships worldwide from their official site.

What is Nectar Bath Treats’ Shipping Policy?

Shipping with Nectar will differ depending on your destination. For all orders, shipping rates will be calculated at checkout and carriers and delivery times will vary. 

They offer flat shipping  rates of $10 to Canada and $15 to the UK. If you live in the US, you can spend over $75 on your order to receive free shipping.

What is Nectar Bath Treats’ Return Policy?

Nectar Bath Treats has a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your new product, get in touch with Nectar Bath Treats and let them know you’d like to make a return.

 If you live close to one of their stores you can also visit in person to make a return or exchange for a purchase you made online.

If you have your receipt and made your purchase within the last 31 days, you can qualify for a full refund. If you have lost your receipt or more than 31 days have passed, you can still make an exchange for a new product.

For more details, visit their Returns page

How to Contact Nectar Bath Treats

Nectar Bath Treats Review

If you have any questions after reading my Nectar Bath Treats review, you can reach out to the brand through the following methods of contact:

  • Phone: 702-894-4146
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Snail mail: 2020 East Pama Lane, Las Vegas, NV, 89119

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