Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

About Kassatex

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

Bring the luxury of hotels and spas to your own home with Kassatex. Through an expanding inventory of bath accessories, bedding, décor, and more, this brand will wrap you up in an experience you’ll never forget. 

Whether it’s through one of Kassatex’s hotelier towels or their new throw blankets, you’ll be encased in elegance with every purchase.

Posting for their 23.8k followers on Instagram, this brand has partnered with Mia Moretti, Jennifer Fischer, Sara Gilbane, and Chrissy Teigen to expand their collection and bring a variety of new styles to an otherwise traditional industry.

This Kassatex bath accessories review will paint a full picture of the company to give you all the details on products, prices, promotions, and more to help you decide whether or not this brand is worth it.

Overview of Kassatex

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

Founded in 1999, the company was built on the notion of luxury and elegance, hoping to introduce extravagant comforts to your everyday life. They wanted to make spa-quality textures affordable and accessible for home purchases to brighten each day with an exceptional product. 

Kassatex says it best, reportedly using “the finest yarns, including a selection of products that are environmentally friendly, while altogether providing a touch of elegance for the ultimate experience in home comfort.

Based in New York, this brand has collaborated with a number of celebrities and companies to bring you new designs and product lines. Aside from items made to level up your home décor, Kassatex has a hotel line to bring the luxury of 5-star hotel living straight to you.

While this Kassatex bath accessories review is sounding good so far, there’s always more to be added to the equation. We’ve listed a few highlights to give you a better idea of what this company has to offer:


  • A variety of products to choose from, including bedding and bath accessorie
  • New miscellaneous items constantly being added
  • Partnered with a number of hotels for quality items
  • Sustainable production and materials
  • Highly responsive customer service
  • Afterpay payment plans available
  • Free shipping within the US
  • No-risk 60-day return policy
Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

Now, it’s time to move the review to one of our favorite parts – the bestsellers. All Kassatex products are made with sustainable manufacturing practices, removing harmful chemicals from materials and production.

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

Bathroom designs come from more than just the towels and mats you choose. Every brush holder, soap dispenser, and tissue box add to the overall ambiance of the room. 

Kassatex’s top-selling accessory collections keep it clean, giving you one uniform style for all of your decorating needs.

Kassatex Le Bain Bath Accessories Review

Easily one of the most popular collections in this Kassatex bath accessories review, this brand’s Le Bain Bath Accessories line includes nine delightful pieces inspired by the elegance of the classic French style, resulting in remarkably delicate products.

Made from porcelain, the nine pieces in the Kassatex Le Bain collection are tied together with “Luxe Pour la Maison” (Luxury for the Home) printed in a simply striking cursive text. Platinum-tone accents cross each item to keep things clean and casual.

All nine pieces come separately. Current pricing per product is as follows:

  • Lotion Dispenser (2.83″D x 7.99″H) – $19
  • Tumbler (3.03″D x 4.09″H) – $12
  • Toothbrush Holder (3.03″D x 4.09″H) – $16
  • Soap Dish (6.02″L x 3.98″W x 0.98″H) – $16
  • Tray (11.1 L x 3.98″W x 0.75″H) – $15
  • Cotton Jar (3.07″D x 6.22″H) – $23
  • Tissue Holder (5.35″L x 5.16″W x 5.83″H) – $40
  • Waste Basket (8″D x 9.25″H) – $60
  • Large Canister (5″D x 10.91″H) – $40

Add your favorite pieces or collect them all, as each item brings something to the table (or more accurately, the bathroom counter).

Kassatex Lacca White Bath Accessories Review

Kassatex brings traditional Scandinavian simplicity to your home with their Lacca White Bath Accessories line. All nine pieces are designed in a sleek white style that works with any color or theme to make your bathroom a place of pride.

These polished pieces are made from a white lacquer and manufactured to provide a glistening finish. Minimalism is key, putting all the focus on your counter, towels, and accent colors for a real pop.

Clean up the look of your bathroom through these casually classic items. Prices vary depending on the product, so check below to find the piece you’re looking to add to your collection:

  • Lotion Dispenser (2.75″L x 2.12″W x 8″H) – $28
  • Soap Dish (4.69″L x 3.09″W x 1.38″H) – $22
  • Tumbler (2.87″Dia. x 4.71″H) – $20
  • Toothbrush Holder (4.41″L x 2.01″W x 3.58″H) – $20
  • Cotton Jar (4.57″L x 3.07″W x 3.46″H) – $25
  • Tray (10.91″L x 6.34″W x 0.91″H) – $35
  • Tissue Holder (5.75″L x 5.67″W x 5.51″H) – $45
  • Waste Basket (9.17″L x 6.57″W x 9.65″H) – $55

Start with one or collect them all, the choice is yours. Either way, you’ll be adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom with one easy purchase.

Kassatex Towels Review

Whether you’re out at the beach or relaxing in the tub at home, towels make up a huge part of the experience. Kassatex towels comfortably wrap you up to get you warm and dry with a soft touch you’ll love. We’ve thrown a few bestsellers onto this list for your consideration.

Kassatex Cabana Stripe Beach Towels Review

Bring some vibrant vacation vibes to your beach trip with the Kassatex Cabana Stripe Beach Towel. This soft and simple striped towel has just enough flair to add some fun without making the pattern too crazy.

Available in 11 different colors, these Kassatex beach towels are designed for fun in the sun. Made with 100% Turkish cotton, every inch of this lavish towel will keep you comfy as you sunbathe or dry off. 

A simple hanger hook makes it easy to bring this towel on the go and hang it to dry anywhere. At 40” by 70”, this piece is sure to wrap you tight with room to spare. 

Oeko-Tex certified, you can rest assured that your towel was made sustainably as you enjoy the natural beauty that a day at the beach has to offer.

These towels are available for $63, with an option to monogram them for an additional $7.

Kassatex Chateau Ribbed Towels & Bath Mats Review

Remember the plush, luxurious experience of hotel towels? You can now have that in your own home with the Kassatex Chateau Ribbed Towels & Bath Mats. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, these pieces are perfectly cushioned to give you an optimal bathing experience.

Kassatex Chateau bath towels devise a comfort level that other towels struggle to match. The ribbed design produces a superior absorption, making it easier and faster for you to towel off after your relaxing bath. 

These hearty towels cocoon you in a lush material that’ll leave you happy as a butterfly after use. This collection offers five pieces with three purchasing options available:

  • Set of 6 (2 Bath, 2 Hand, 2 Wash) – $70
    • Bath Towel: 28″ x 54″
    • Hand Towel: 16″ x 30″
    • Wash Towel: 13″ x 13″
  • Set of 2 Bath Sheets – $50
    • Bath Sheet: 30” x 60”
  • Set of 2 Bath Mats – $30
    • Bath Mat: 20” x 35”

Kassatex Shower Curtains Review

Severely underrated, shower curtains tend to make the first impression in any bathroom. Big, bold, and beautiful, Kassatex shower curtains set the tone of the room and add some elegance to your style with one easy motion. 

We’ve included some favorite simple styles that will work with any accents or themes.

Kassatex Hotel Waffle Shower Curtain Review

Sometimes simplicity is best, especially when it comes to the Kassatex Hotel Waffle Shower Curtain. This easy soft-white waffle pattern adds a graceful beauty to an element so often overlooked in interior design.

Fashioned from 100% cotton, this weave-patterned piece hangs at 72” by 72” to keep your bathing area covered and classy. The use of a vinyl liner is recommended as this cotton item doesn’t come with an included waterproof liner.

Grab this shower curtain for a cool $60.

Kassatex Hampton Stripe Shower Curtain Review

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a pop, check out the Kassatex Hampton Stripe Shower Curtain. With elegant modern stripes of gray and white, this curtain works well with any accent colors through its neutral design.

Created from imported cotton, this 72” by 72” shower curtain cleans up the appearance of any sized bathroom. 

Whether you’re trying to straighten out a small room or looking for a bolder pattern in a bigger space, this shower curtain adds a fun splash of fashion to your space. Add a vinyl liner for the ultimate water protection and you’ll be good to go.

This curtain is available at the less expensive price point of $35.

Kassatex Bath Rugs Review

What would a Kassatex bath accessories review be without a section on bath rugs? Soft, colorful, squishy, and more, the possibilities are endless and entirely up to you when it comes to designing your dream bathroom. Check out these popular products to start defining your style.

Kassatex Athens Bath Rug Review

Crafted for a more elegant style, the Kassatex Athens Bath Rug makes comfort classy with every step. Constructed from 100% cotton, this textured mat is designed to dry quickly and effortlessly look great.

Cotton loops form the base of this mat to provide a plush step out of any bath or shower. Made in Portugal, this piece sits at 21” by 34” to keep your floor dry at all times without taking over the entire space. 

Add this $50 rug to any accented bathroom with your choice of six available colors.

Kassatex Cotton Chenille Bath Rug Review

For those who are looking for more color and fun in your space, look at the Kassatex Cotton Chenille Bath Rug. Available in 7 vibrant colors, these Kassatex Bambini rugs are fun for kids (or adults) who want to jazz up the space with one simple selection.

Compared to other options, these Kassatex bath rugs welcome your step with their shag design. Full of fun and flair, this yarn is crafted to absorb even the largest splashes of water with a functional, quick-dry material. 

There’s no concern for missing a step as each mat is lined with a non-slip latex backing to keep you standing strong. Grab this 20” by 32” mat for $35.

Kassatex Spa Robes Review

Get the full spa day experience through the rich materials of Kassatex robes. Wrap yourself up with a sigh and sink into the escape of cozy luxury. With an extensive list of robes to choose from, we’re adding a top-seller to finish off this product list.

Kassatex Spa Luxury Robes Review 

Light in weight, color, and design, the Kassatex Spa Luxury Robe is crafted to provide you with those favorable vacation vibes, bringing the spa home to you. Soft and supple, these robes wrap you up in a graceful motion that will soothe your skin and your soul.

Fashioned from gentle microfiber materials, this uber-absorbent material will sit smoothly against the skin. This robe comes in four different colors, giving you the ability to match your style, room, or just your favorite color. 

The cotton and polyester blend is quick-dry with built-in pockets and hanging loops for your convenience.

Add a little luxury to your life for only $90.

Who Is Kassatex For? 

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

Known for supplying hotels, Kassatex bath accessories are for anyone looking to bring top-quality comfort into their home. 

Whether you’re looking for standard soft sheets or sensational spa towels, this brand is built to add some luxurious elements to your space and upgrade any room to a soothing getaway. Age, gender, and race don’t matter when it comes to treating yourself with the quality you deserve.

Comparison: Kassatex vs. Standard Textile  

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

It’s easy to look at a brand and assume they’re the best, but in today’s industry, there’s always a competitor around the corner. For Kassatex, that company is Standard Textile

Operating for nearly 80 years, this brand has been crafting 5-star products for hotels, boutiques, and more, altering their business for more sustainable measures as the years have gone by.

Aside from their years in production, what are the key differences between these brands? It all comes down to a few key points:

  • Return Policy – Standard Textile offers a 90-day risk-free policy over Kassatex’s 60-day offer
  • Price – Prices are fairly equal, with both brands offering slightly higher prices than traditional bedding and accessories
  • Materials – Kassatex sticks to three key materials for their bedding, while Standard Textile offers a wider variety
  • Sustainability – Kassatex materials are free from harmful chemicals, while both brands claim to focus their companies on recycling fibers, water, and reducing waste
  • Products – Standard Textile offers a new Baby collection 

If you’re looking to buy, you really can’t go wrong with either brand. Both companies have worked with hotel standards for decades, providing 5-star products through sustainable manufacturing. 

Prices, products, and materials are similar, with Standard Textile offering a slightly larger selection.

If you’re looking for more variety in materials and products, Standard Textile is your go-to. But, if you’re happy with a smaller selection from a trusted brand, then Kassatex will suit you perfectly.

Kassatex Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

A simple glance at their website will show thousands of Kassatex bath accessories reviews from verified buyers. With close to 3,000 ratings left on the brand site, Kassatex boasts a 5-star average covering a variety of products.

Typically, when companies list 5-star ratings for their products and site, they filter out negative comments through a third party. 

One look through a few comment pages will show ratings from 1 to 5, proving this site to be more trustworthy than others who list their own filtered reviews.

Regarding the brand’s towel collection, one reviewer stated, “The towels are amazing. The customer service I get with this company keeps me coming back!!!

Customer service and shipping seem to be key components to the 5-star ratings found online. This company promptly responds to any lower ratings, ensuring an answer and solution to any issues the customer encountered:

I enjoyed doing business with kassatex because they want to make sure you are happy with their products.

When it comes to product reviews, Kassatex seems to shape up quite favorably. One of their highest-rated products on Amazon is the Kassatex Le Bain Tissue Holder. With over 220 reviews, this product is rated at 4.7/5 stars.

One customer recounted their experience, commenting, “We love this product! It looks elegant and is good quality, exactly as it appears in the photo. The vendors are extremely helpful and customer service oriented. Keeping their customers happy is clearly a priority for this company.

Alongside the Le Bain Tissue Holder, other top-rated products listed on Amazon are as follows:

  • Kassatex Kassa Design Bath Rug: 4.2/5 stars out of 220 ratings
  • Kassatex Kassa Design Brights Collection Bath Towel: 3.8/5 stars out of over 85 ratings
  • Kassatex Hammam Towels: 4.2/5 stars out of over 55 ratings
  • Kassatex Kassa Design Towel Set: 3.8/5 stars out of over 45 ratings
  • Kassatex Lacca Waste Basket: 4.5/5 stars out of over 45 ratings

Bed, Bath & Beyond also lists a number of well-loved products, though Kassatex bath accessories reviewed come in smaller numbers making it harder to get the full image of some of the lower-rated pieces. 

Overall, quality and style seem to be markers of this brand with many loving the appearance of their purchases.

One such customer stated, “Perfect size for our bathroom matches well with our bathroom and we bought two others of the matching pieces.

All in all, this Kassatex bath accessories review learned that buyers are quite satisfied with their purchases from this brand. With solid customer service and quality products on display, there’s not much to complain about.

Is Kassatex Worth It?

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

How does this brand stack up in the end? Well, according to Kassatex bath accessories reviews found online combined with products and pricing, we say this is a pretty safe purchase. 

Prices do run a little higher than some other companies, but for the most part, buyers have great things to say about their products, quality, and service. So, grab some towels, sheets, or snuggle up in a Kassatex spa robe, and enjoy the luxury of the soft materials that surround you.

Kassatex Promotions & Discounts 

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

When deals come calling, we always answer. Especially if they’re found in the Kassatex Last Call section. 

If you’re looking for more than final sale discounts, check out their rewards program and their email list to learn about the latest promo codes. Let’s not forget, Kassatex offers a 20% Student Discount – so if you fit the category, be sure to check that out.

Where to Buy Kassatex

Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

If you’ve looked at international shipping prices on and decided they’re not for you, take a look at some of their retail partners for alternate shipping options:

  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Linen Chest
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


Kassatex Bath Accessories Review

Where is Kassatex made? 

Despite extensive research, not much is stated online as to where their products are made. This Kassatex bath accessories review has learned that the brand’s headquarters are in New York, but products and materials are manufactured internationally.

What is Kassatex’s Shipping Policy?

Find some Kassatex fine linen you can’t live without? If you live within the US, you get free ground shipping, so simply order the product and you’ll have it in 1-5 business days.

Other shipping options are also available:

  • 2-Day, arriving in 3-4 business days
  • 2-Day AM, arriving in 2-3 business days
  • Overnight, arriving in 1-2 business days

All items ordered after 9 am will be processed the following day. Prices for these shipping options aren’t listed online but they will be applied at checkout and calculated based on your location and the price of your order.

International shipping fees are dependent on your location and separate customs/duties fees will apply to the buyer. If the order in question consists of a large volume or weight, additional fees may be charged to the client through a separate invoice.

What is Kassatex’s Return Policy?

Did your Kassatex bedding not turn out the way you wanted it to? That’s fine – you have 60 days of no-risk returns to get your full refund back. And there’s no reason to fear the process either as returns are as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Go online to and use the return portal with your order number and zip code
  2. Fill out all information to receive your prepaid label
  3. Package the order with the label and send it off

That’s all there is to it. In three simple steps, your refund (or exchange) will be dealt with. The process is the same for international returns, though you will be required to pay return shipping for addresses outside of the US.

There are a few limitations on what you’re able to return. Gift cards, final sale items, and monogrammed products are yours forever, so hopefully, you’re satisfied enough when you purchase those items.

How to Contact Kassatex

If you have any questions for the company after reading through this Kassatex bath accessories review, reach out to the company for clarification on any queries. The brand offers a few methods of contact to choose from:


  • 1-877-258-5177
  • Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm


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