Happy Dad Seltzer Review

About Happy Dad Seltzer

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

Summer might be the season where people tend to kick back and enjoy themselves more, but when you think about it, a lot of planning can go into sitting around and doing nothing! You might have to buy a new swimsuit, clean out the barbecue, and if you plan to have some friends around, you have to figure out what to drink to beat the heat – or start the party.

That last one can be tricky. What sort of alcohol should you bring to a backyard bash or a poolside party? Some people have a go-to beer, liquor or seltzer brand, but others might not know where to start. And what if you’re trying to avoid a sugar crash or beer belly? If you’re stumped on what to get this summer, check out this Happy Dad Seltzer review.

Happy Dad Seltzer is the newest drink sensation, made by several of the content creators from the NELK Boys YouTube channel. Happy Dad promises their take on hard seltzer will allow you to have a good time while also drinking a little bit healthier.

While they haven’t been around for long, the attention the brand has garnered is absolutely massive. Their social media followings are off the charts, with 82.7k YouTube subscribers, 156.5k TikTok followers, 187.5k Twitter followers, and a whopping 833k Instagram followers.

Aside from all the hype that the brand has understandably picked up from the NELK Boys’ YouTube channel, Happy Dad Seltzer has also been noticed by news outlets like Brewbound, Celeb Magazine, The Blast, Distractify, and Dexerto, just to name a few. 

Happy Dad Seltzer is currently hitting shelves all around the country, but how does this new brand stack up to all the hype?

Our Happy Dad Seltzer review will give you a closer look at the brand’s unique take on hard seltzer, their product selection, and feedback from real customers, so you can see if Happy Dad Seltzer is the right drink to kick off your next party. Let’s dive right in!

Overview of Happy Dad Seltzer

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

If you’ve never heard of the YouTube channel/entertainment company NELK (which stands for Nick, Elliot, Lucas and Kyle, the group’s founding members), they’re a collective of guys who get together and pull increasingly outrageous pranks on people

The channel got started in 2010 and has since amassed a following of, at the time of writing this Happy Dad Seltzer review, 7.2 million subscribers.

As the channel has grown, these boys have already found success with launching their own brands like Full Send – a merch brand that their fans have been very enthusiastic about supporting. They decided to get into the seltzer business because, as their fans know, they’re not unfamiliar with a good drink and wanted to get into the game themselves.

NELK members Kyle Forgeard and Stephen Deleonardis started to get the ball rolling on the concept back in the summer of 2020. Wanting to really stand out from the competition and deliver a better hard seltzer experience, they started building the brand’s own formula and branding from the ground up.

They oversaw every step of the process, including: 

  1. Picking flavors 
  2. Doing multiple taste tests
  3. Creating the simple yet sharp logo and can designs
  4. Selecting the famous Minhas Craft Brewery in Wisconsin to produce the seltzer 
  5. Working with distributors
  6. Getting the word out to their devoted fans

Happy Dad Seltzer debuted on California store shelves in mid-June of 2021, right after the launch of a limited run of online orders that could be reserved by customers before the physical release. From there, they kept expanding to other states like Nevada and Florida, and showed no signs of slowing down.

With the goal of becoming the seltzer of the summer, the brand is continuing to launch across the US, most recently landing in Georgia and Texas.   

Happy Dad Seltzer comes in a bigger can than some of their competitors, and has natural flavors, low carbonation, and an arguably healthier formula than some other seltzer and pre-mixed drink products. 

Happy Dad Seltzer is:

  • Low in carbs 
  • Low in calories
  • Low in sugar – Only 1 oz of sugar in every 12 oz can

It also boasts having a lot of electrolytes, which help keep your muscles moving, your blood pH balanced, and promote new tissue growth in your body.

From the brand’s home base in Orange County, California, the NELK Boys plan to go even bigger with the brand. At the time of writing this Happy Dad Seltzer review, the brand is looking to score distribution in Canada by summer 2022 and eventually be available worldwide.

Want to know even more about this soon-to-be summer staple? You can check out the highlights of this Happy Dad Seltzer review below:


  • Four fruity flavors to enjoy
  • Bigger can size than your average “skinny can” seltzer
  • Made with water filtered through limestone
  • Low in carbs, calories, and sugar
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial flavors
  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Colorless and (mostly) odorless

Now that you know how this brand came to be, let’s learn about the seltzer itself. In this Happy Dad Seltzer review, we’ll be taking you through all the products currently offered by the brand.

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

Say cheers to the newest, boldest drink in the United States of America! In this Happy Dad Seltzer review, we’ll get acquainted with the four NELK Boys-approved flavors: Wild Cherry, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, and Pineapple

Each 12 fl oz can of Happy Dad Seltzer is full-sized, contains 5% alcohol, and only has 100 calories

Happy Dad Seltzer is available as a variety pack that includes three cans of each flavor, retailing for around $18-$50 depending on where you make your purchase. 

Happy Dad Seltzer doesn’t currently sell directly from their website, but you can find it at the growing list of stores on their Find Us page.

Happy Dad Seltzer Wild Cherry Review

Wild Cherry is an incredibly popular flavor variety these days. But as aficionados know, every brand’s interpretation of cherry is different – and it can be really hit or miss. 

Sometimes there might be more sour cherry in the mix and things get overwhelmingly tart. Other times, it can end up tasting too syrupy sweet – which is only compounded by the added sugar already in many seltzer and pre-mixed drinks. 

Getting that sweet-tart balance right can be tricky, but it seems the Happy Dad Seltzer Wild Cherry is pretty darn close, if not right on the money

It uses natural cherry flavor to create a delicious, refreshing seltzer without that artificial aftertaste.

Add just the right amount of carbonation and you’ve got a great drink that pops in your mouth and gives a nice buzz with its 5% alcohol mix.

Happy Dad Seltzer Lemon Lime Review

Here’s a fun fact about the water used to make Happy Dad: It’s filtered through limestone, making it some of the purest water around

While it’s just a fun coincidence that the Happy Dad Seltzer Lemon Lime flavor seems to be their most popular, we can’t help but think the high quality of the water used in this seltzer has a lot to do with its crisp, refreshing flavor and fan appeal.  

Happy Dad Seltzer Lemon Lime has the citrus tang you’d expect from such a pairing but still manages to go down smooth. 

But don’t let the smooth taste fool you – all of that citrus flavor means this is still a bold, energetic drink. If you want an extra feel-good kick to complement Happy Dad’s electrolytes, this is the flavor to grab out of the box! 

Happy Dad Seltzer Watermelon Review

Few fruits say ‘summertime fun’ like this classic. Biting into a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day is one of the best things about the season, and this party-ready brand manages to capture the feeling in their Happy Dad Seltzer Watermelon.

Even without the strong smell you typically associate with this seasonal staple, Happy Dad’s watermelon flavor is sweet, cool, and refreshing

It’s the sort of drink you can crack open, sit back with, and sip casually while you work the grill. Or down it in a full shotgun, NELK-style – whatever the party calls for!

Happy Dad Seltzer Pineapple Review

Ah, pineapple. It’s that zippy fruit that immediately makes you think of the tropics (and has inspired more than a few arguments concerning its placement on pizza). 

One place everyone can agree it belongs, though, is in a summer cocktail. Happy Dad Seltzer Pineapple’s fruity flavor will turn any backyard party into a vacation. 

It’s such a perfect summer flavor that it’s hard to imagine the NELK Boys almost went with mango instead! 

This of this Happy Dad Seltzer Pineapple as a grown-up Dole Whip, but without all the extra sugar – or the lineup. 

Who Is Happy Dad Seltzer For? 

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

While we’ll remind readers of this Happy Dad Seltzer review the US legal drinking age is 21, anyone over that milestone is welcome to give it a try

Even though NELK’s core fanbase is largely made up of twenty-somethings in college, the creators always intended it to be a drink anyone over the age limit can enjoy.

The fact that it’s a healthier alternative to some pre-mixed drinks also makes it great for those who want to enjoy the party without overindulging in added sweetener and calories, and get a boost of energy from electrolytes and not caffeine or sugar.  

Happy Dad Seltzer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

This Happy Dad Seltzer review wanted to see what real customers and seltzer fans have been saying about the brand. Granted, taste is subjective, so it stands to reason that, like any food or beverage product, these flavors won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, while others will absolutely rave about them. 

So, while our Happy Dad Seltzer review did find a few people saying these seltzers didn’t have as much flavor as they wanted, or had an artificial taste, we were pleased to learn that most people who try Happy Dad’s products enjoy their summer-ready flavors

75 reviewers gave a combined 4.2 out of 5-star rating to Happy Dad Seltzer on wine and liquor store BevMo’s website. 

That Happy Dad Seltzer is not as sweet as other seltzers seems to be a common compliment. One BevMo review of the Variety 12-Pack says, “[Wild] cherry is amazing in flavor, but not too sweet like most other [brands] on the market. This is for people who enjoy a drink.” 

The impact of the electrolytes is also not lost on some customers. One Happy Dad Seltzer review on Facebook, where the brand has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, says, “it’s way better than those skinny cans. Woke up after a send and felt great thanks to the electrolytes. Happy dad is genius.

The reduced carbs and easy drinking thanks to the right amount of carbonation also seem to be popular selling points. Some reviews have pointed to Happy Dad as being exceptionally drinkable and easy to chug, and it won’t leave you feeling bloated

One customer’s feedback on, where Happy Dad Seltzer reviews give it a 4.2 out of 5-star rating, says, “This is not like every other seltzer. Has very light carbonation and amazing flavor. Which makes it very easy to drink and not feel bloated after. No more throat burn after chugging a truly or white claw, these are really good.

Is Happy Dad Seltzer Legit?

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

Happy Dad Seltzer is brewed by the Minhas Craft Brewery, a historic and reputable brewery. The product is sold by legitimate retailers all over the country and has been tried and reviewed by many seltzer fans. 

Our Happy Dad Seltzer review found no real issues with this brand (though, of course, we recommend you consume it responsibly!). The NELK Boys seem to have done their homework in creating Happy Dad Seltzer and everything seems to be running by the book.

Is Happy Dad Seltzer Worth It?

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

Of course, flavor and degree of fizz are subjective when it comes to a hard seltzer product. If you’re looking for a sweet sparkling beverage with candy-like flavors, this may not be the right choice. But those looking for an easy-drinking, naturally flavored seltzer will be more than happy picking up a case of Happy Dad Seltzer

Because it’s low in carbs, calories, and sugars, Happy Dad Seltzer is a great, guilt-free refresher for any occasion or time of day, and an ideal alternative to heavier beverages. This is a light, summery drink you can enjoy all season, whether you’re getting together with friends or just relaxing on the balcony or by the dock. 

The Happy Dad Variety 12-Pack is also ideal for parties, giving you a range of flavors intended to please a crowd. The moderate 5% alcohol content and low sugar and calorie count also make it a great option for guests who prefer to keep their drinks light

If you’re a fan of the NELK collective, their seltzer is certainly worth sampling. But even if you’ve never heard of NELK, our Happy Dad Seltzer review would recommend giving this new seltzer brand a try. Given the variety of interesting flavors and the healthier formula, Happy Dad Seltzer is a crowd-pleasing take on a classic summer drink.

Happy Dad Seltzer Promotions & Discounts 

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

The Happy Dad Seltzer website does not currently have any special promotions or discounts, as you can no longer buy the drink directly from the site at the time of writing this Happy Dad Seltzer review.

Where to Buy Happy Dad Seltzer

Happy Dad Seltzer Review

If you’re wondering where to buy Happy Dad Seltzer, you can pick up a Happy Dad Seltzer Variety 12-Pack in places like Walmart, Ralphs, 7-Eleven, and other alcohol retailers along the east and west coasts of the US.

To find the closest shop, enter your location into the Happy Dad Seltzer near me bar on the Happy Dad site’s Find Us page.

If there isn’t a location close to you, you can also fill out a request form on this same page to see if you can get it in your area.


Happy Dad Seltzer Review

Who owns Happy Dad Seltzer?

NELK owns the brand and it’s run by NELK members Kyle Forgeard and Stephen Deleonardis.

Does Happy Dad Seltzer ship internationally?

Currently, the brand only sells to the US. 

In researching this Happy Dad Seltzer review, we found that while the brand is currently only distributed in certain US states, the NELK Boys do plan to try and get it into the hands of Canadian customers by summer 2022

Their end game is to branch out into international sales, so seltzer fans around the world can eventually enjoy Happy Dad.

What is Happy Dad Seltzer’s Shipping Policy?

As the Happy Dad site does not sell the drink at the time of writing this review, there is no shipping policy available. Each distributor or retailer will have their own shipping policies, if applicable.

What is Happy Dad Seltzer’s Return Policy?

Happy Dad’s website cannot honor returns of products purchased from other retailers. Each store you buy their products from will have different customer satisfaction and return policies in place. 

How to Contact Happy Dad Seltzer

There is no direct email or phone number to get in touch with the team running the brand. If you have any further questions after reading this Happy Dad Seltzer review, your best bet is to either:

  • Use the Contact Form on the brand’s website
  • Contact Kyle or Stephen directly on social media

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