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Bedworks Review

I’ve slept nearly everywhere you can imagine – in hostels, on park benches, and in mansions. The nights I’ll never forget are the ones when I slept on a mattress that felt like it was designed for me. 

It was as if someone read my subconscious mind and created a bed that I could live on. It’s hard to come by beds like that, but you may just find one through Bedworks.

They’re an Australian company that promotes their nation’s business by distributing mattresses, bed frames, and blankets from some of the country’s best manufacturers. They also create custom pieces for those with harder-to-please tastes.

Bedworks also has the fans to support their vision. They have over 2k followers on Instagram and 4.8k likes on Facebook.

With that in mind, my Bedworks review will look at what the brand sells, what their customers think, and who their services are best for. 

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Overview Of Bedworks

Bedworks Review

Bedworks has been promoting some of the best Australian bed companies since 2005

The Sydney-based company can service the entire country but excel at accommodating customers within the Sydney metropolitan area. They can offer next-day shipping on many of their products to buyers who live in that region.

Beyond connecting Australians to local bed businesses, Bedworks also manufactures custom pieces. 

If you want your pillows to be a specific size, need a mattress with a little back support, or a bed frame that can hold up to 500 pounds (who knows how many people you’re inviting over), Bedworks can get the job done.

With that brief overview in the rearview mirror, let’s move into the highlights section of this Bedworks review.


Bedworks Review
  • Premium selection of beds and more from Australia’s most-prized companies
  • Next-day delivery to the Sydney metro area
  • Custom-made mattresses and furniture
  • Removal and assembly services offered to residents in the Sydney area
  • Financing payment plans are available

I’ll only be speaking about a few items in this Bedworks review, but, as their name implies, they sell everything you need to make your bed works. Mattresses, bedframes, furniture; you name it, Bedworks sells it.

They also distribute products from brands like Sealy, Beard, Felix, King Koil, and more.

Bedworks Bedding Review

This section of my Bedworks review will take a closer look at four of the brand’s products to demonstrate the quality you can expect from their catalog. 

Bedworks Domino Cardiff Ultra Firm Tight Top Mattress A.H. Beard Review

The Bedworks Domino Cardiff Ultra Firm Tight Top Mattress A.H. Beard is an Australian-made mattress that uses a coiled system to conform to your body’s shape. 

Its springs operate in three different zones where most people carry most of their weight. The mattress can then bend or stiffen in the areas that need the most support.

With that being said, the Bedworks Domino Cardiff Ultra Firm Tight Top Mattress A.H. Beard is for people who prefer sturdy mattresses. The base is constructed from multiple layers so it should remain taut. 

Normally, this mattress costs AUD $1,499, but you can grab it now for only AUD $899.

Bedworks Stacey Custom 2 Drawer Upholstered Bed Base Review

Whoever invented the concept of a bedframe that doubles as storage deserve a Nobel Prize, and items like the Bedworks Stacey Custom 2 Drawer Upholstered Bed Base show why. 

This base can hold nearly 150 pounds in its drawers without affecting how it can support your mattress.

Furthermore, you can customize this frame by selecting different colors, finishing materials, and sizes. The standard version costs AUD $1,799, but it’s currently available for 10% less, coming in at only AUD $1,619.

Bedworks Odyssey 100% Organic Cotton 375TC Sheet Set Review 

The next item in this Bedworks review exudes comfort. Not only can the Bedworks Odyssey 100% Organic Cotton 375TC Sheet Set help your body rest with its 375 thread count, but it can also grant you peace of mind. 

Its packaging is 100% recyclable and the sheets themselves were made using ethical production standards

The Bedworks Odyssey 100% Organic Cotton 375TC Sheet Set comes in four colors:

  1. White
  2. Cloud blue
  3. Linen
  4. Silver

They’re available for AUD $119, which is less than their standard price of AUD $139.

Bedworks Sealy Memory Rest Traditional Pillow Review 

It may seem a bit anticlimatic to give a pillow the final spotlight in this Bedworks review, but a good pillow can give you a better sleep than any tranquilizer ever could. 

Hence, the Bedworks Sealy Memory Rest Traditional Pillow, which can support the most delicate areas of your body (i.e. neck, back, and head).

It has a Tencel fabric cover that’s machine washable and eco-friendly. It helps to release the stress dragging down your body after a hard day’s work. 

This pillow is available at quite an attractive discount. You can buy it for AUD $189 instead of the normal AUD $329 price.

Who Is Bedworks For? 

Bedworks Review

The items in this Bedworks review, as well as those on the brand’s site, are best for people in Sydney because they can earn free shipping and assembly. That being said, I think that people who want custom pieces should also look into Bedworks.

Bedworks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bedworks Review

I’ve assembled the scores from Bedworks reviews spanning a couple of major customer forums in this handy little list: 

  • Reviews.io: 4.6/5 stars based on more than 500 pieces of customer feedback
  • Facebook: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 15 pieces of customer feedback
  • Product Review: 4.2/5 stars based on more than 230 pieces of customer feedback

The common factor among most positive Bedworks reviews was the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction. As this upcoming buyer testimonial points out, Bedworks worked tirelessly to ensure their customers were happy:

Bedworks quoted us four weeks for delivery because it’s all custom built. It arrived in about half that time. The delivery guys were friendly and professional. The beds are locally made and stylish, easy to put together and the mattresses are well made from quality local materials and very comfy.

Furthermore, I read many Bedworks reviews that complimented the quality of the products. While this next piece of feedback doesn’t mention which product the customer bought, it seems like the buyer was delighted with their purchase

I love my new bed base. The quality of the workmanship is excellent and BedWorks were the only company I could find to provide decent storage options on a single bed base.

I want to include one final Bedwork review from a customer who spoke about how the company solved an issue in shipping. 

I love reading reviews like this because they remind me that there are honest companies that still exist, and it seems like Bedworks is one of them: 

Delivery of the mattresses took approximately 5 weeks. Unfortunately, the factory made a mistake (we ordered mattresses for an adjustable bed but got regular ones) but they fixed it immediately. We got the new mattresses shortly after and the delivery team offered a great service. Would recommend and buy again.

Is Bedworks Legit?

Bedworks Review

I’m very happy to report that based on all the Bedworks reviews I read from customers, this brand is legit.

Is Bedworks Worth It?

Bedworks Review

Due to their customizable options and large number of discounts (which I’ll get to in a second), I think Bedworks is a company that’s definitely worth checking out.

Bedworks Promotions & Discounts 

Bedworks Review

There’s never been a better time to read this Bedworks review than right now because you’re going to hear about all of their promotions. 

Actually, I don’t even know if this is all of them because they have an abundance of discounts right now.

You can save up to 20% on Bedworks custom-made timber beds. That same discount also goes for their Bedworks Smart Sofa Beds, which are available for 20% off

Their regular custom-made beds are also on sale, with some models costing less than 30% of their asking price

Lastly, you can buy a piece of fully customizable bedroom furniture for 10% off.

Did I say lastly? Forgive me, I was incorrect. They’re also having a massive sale on their mattresses. 

You can buy one for 55% less than it normally costs. And, unless you’re a college-aged boy in your first student house, you’re going to have to put your mattress on top of something, so you may as well pick up a bed frame seeing as how some models are available for up to 30% off

I’m not done yet. You can check out the for-sale section of Bedworks’ website to find other discounted products that fall outside of these categories.

Okay, the last discount I’m going to include is one that you can receive for virtually zero effort.

All you need to do is sign up for Bedworks’ email newsletter and they’ll send you an AUD $20 coupon that’s valid for your first purchase.

Where To Buy Bedworks

Bedworks Review

You can buy Bedworks’ products on their website, bedworks.com.au, or by visiting one of their retail locations in Sydney.


Bedworks Review

Who owns Bedworks?

George Koutalas is the Company’s director.

Does Bedworks ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Bedworks only ship to locations in Australia.

What is Bedworks’ Shipping Policy?

They provide Australia-wide delivery, though delivery times differ depending on if you ordered a custom-made product. They can provide next-day shipping on orders placed in the Sydney metropolitan area.

What is Bedworks’ Return Policy?

At the time of writing this article, you cannot return any custom-made Bedworks products.

How To Contact Bedworks

Bedworks Review

I’ll wrap up my Bedworks review by telling you how you can contact the company. You can call them at 1800 961 701 or email their team at [email protected].

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