Hush Mattress Review

About Hush 

Hush Mattress Review

A good night’s sleep is all we really want in life, right? Or is that just us? Hush is dedicated to making that dream come true with their line of weighted and cooling bedding products. 

As the new kids on the block, the recent mattress, bedframe, and mattress protector join their line of blankets, pillows, and more bedroom essentials.

Launched in 2017 to provide a better night’s sleep, this Canadian brand began with a simple weighted blanket that avoided the harsh chemicals that typically filled similar weighted products. 

Their original blanket aimed to provide deeper sleep with the weighted and cooling elements aiding sleepers dealing with insomnia, stress, anxiety, sensory processing, ADHD, and more

Since adding to their inventory, their cooling products have most recently expanded to include a cooling mattress and protector to help overheaters get the sleep they need.

Focusing on the newer products in the line, my Hush mattress review will look into the history of the company, pros and cons, newer products, and more to help you decide if this brand is one to buy. 

Pros and Cons

Hush Mattress Review


  • Comfortable weighted and cooled bedding with an ever-expanding line to make sleeping that much easier
  • Thousands of positive ratings including new Hush mattress reviews
  • Financing and payment plan services available with PayBright and Sezzle
  • High-quality products that are made to last
  • Production free of chemicals 
  • International shipping
  • Products help with anxiety, insomnia, stress, ADHD, sensory processing, OCD, and more for a better night’s sleep


  • Can be considered expensive

3 Hush Bestsellers

I’ve already done an article on some of the most popular items that built this brand, so if weighted blankets are what you’re after then check that out! 

For this Hush mattress review, I’m focusing on their new bedding line of mattresses, protectors, and bed frames to build that simple, soft, and sleep-friendly bedroom. 

Cooling, casual, and completely comfortable, these products add to any room to enhance that nightly routine.

Hush Mattress

Coming in strong as their newest product, the Hush Mattress brings all the best features of their other products to the base of your sleeping situation. Cooling, cushioned, and ready to tackle any insomnia caused by overheating, this mattress is one for the books.

Aside from its incredible cooling capabilities, this bed was also made with sharing in mind. Specifically, the constant movement of antsy sleepers that you may share the bed with (you know who you are). 

Individual coils resist rocking motions so no matter how many turns are made on one side of the bed, the other side remains steady and unwavering.

Available in six different sizes (I’m talking twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and Cali king – it’s a lot of options) this bed is ready to fit any room and settle any sleeper. Perfect pillow-top, comforting cooling, and a stable coil system make this an easy purchase to make. 

If the cooling element isn’t quite enough, try adding the Hush Cooling Blanket to the mix to really keep it chilled each night.

Fix up your sleeping situation for $1,150 (for the Twin size – prices change depending on the mattress size).

Hush Bedframe

Why go over the top with a frame when a simple, minimalist look will keep the room looking as cool as you’ll feel under the covers? The Hush Bedframe keeps things easy regarding style, comfort, and set-up.

I’ll put it on record, building the frame is the worst part of buying a new bed or moving. It takes forever to figure out what tools go where and how it all slots together. 

Hush simplified the process into a few quick steps to get you settled and sleeping in no time. Leave the tools behind and just snap everything in place for a strong and long-lasting bed.

Unrolled slats spread out the weight to keep any mattress, from twin size to King, resting comfortably and securely at all times. It’s only a matter of minutes before your bed is good to go. Throw on the mattress, add a Hush Pillow or two, and pull up the covers for a good night’s rest.

Build yourself a better bed frame for $400.

Hush Bed Protector

Let’s be honest – I’ve all spilled something in bed before. Whether worrying about a lidless drink, a sleeping pet, or a child with a nightmare, there are so many threats to our mattresses that it only makes sense to need a cover to make it through the night. 

The Hush Bed Protector is the first step to that restful sleep we all desire after a long day.

Containing cooling, waterproof, and anti-microbial elements in its material, this Hush mattress protector does it all. Regulating temperature during the night, those of us who overheat can sleep in peace with this cooling TENCEL material in place. 

Moisture-wicking prevents any spills, stains, or accidents from harming those pricey mattresses (because we can all admit it’s a hefty cost) and keeps them looking brand new under that protective layer.

Want an uber-comfortable experience? Try pairing this with the Hush Weighted Blanket. Weight plus a cool lining is a sensation you just can’t beat.

Protect your mattress and sleep pattern for $79.

Who Is Hush For? 

Hush Mattress Review

My Hush mattress review may be a bit biased, but I’m pretty willing to say this brand works for anyone. For those who struggle to sleep due to overheating, there are products available that have got you covered. 

For those who need weight to calm them down and get some rest, this company has that too.

Taking sleeping to the next level, Hush products fit anyone looking for a peaceful night’s sleep. No matter the age, we all need some rest to get ready for the next day. 

Comparison: Hush vs. Silk & Snow 

Hush Mattress Review

The sleep market has really expanded over the past few years and honestly, I’m here for it. 

Everybody just wants a peaceful sleep at night to wake up rested and ready to face the day ahead. The year 2017 saw numerous businesses launch in this market, including Hush and Silk & Snow.

Both Canadian companies, these brands’ product lines all revolve around bedding, sleep practices, and keeping customers comfortable. If you’re in the market to up the resting game, these are two brands built to provide that prime sleeping state. 

So, how to decide between them…despite this being a Hush mattress review, I’ll give some good points for both to help you decide on the best fit:

  • Products – The Hush heavy blanket was on the market to kickstart this brand, but they aren’t alone in offering weighted blankets anymore. Both companies now offer mattresses, weighted blankets, sheets, pillows, and more to style that perfect bedroom. 

I will say the organization of both companies is laid out with different priorities in mind.

Hush builds their website surrounding products, offering sleep essentials such as blackout masks, slippers, hoodies, and more to complete the sleep experience. 

Silk & Snow launched to bring environmentally friendly materials to the sleep world and therefore not only organized by product category, but also by sustainable material. 

Their goal is to ensure customers know where their products come from and aim to keep natural resources at the heart of every purchase.

  • Prices – I won’t lie, price is a big part of which company we end up buying from. In this case, we must bow to the competition because Silk & Snow prices are far cheaper in comparison to the new cooling mattress. 

While a Queen size for Silk & Snow costs around $850, the Hush equivalent is $1,700. It’s no competition when it comes to cost.

  • Practices – Though it may not be the first thing to come to mind when buying new bedding, sustainable practices and materials are an element to keep in mind when making big purchases. 

Silk & Snow founded their whole company in response to a gap in the market of sustainable bedding. Hush creates their products without harmful cooling chemicals that other companies use for weighting and cooling aspects.

Hush is definitely more expensive, but their products are sustainably made and remove chemicals and harmful practices from production. 

No matter what company you choose, both offer great options to bring to the bedroom. Cuddle up with a Hush blanket or snuggle into something from Silk & Snow – you’ll be happy with either purchase from these stand-up companies. 

If you want to learn more about this brand, then check out our full Silk & Snow Review to see how they stack up.

Hush Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hush Mattress Review

Don’t take this Hush mattress review at face value – I’ve checked out verified purchases online from customers to find the real ratings, benefits, and concerns that accompany this brand. Looking at product and company ratings, I’m digging up all the facts for this one.

Starting with the company’s own reviews page, the ratings stand strong with the company listed at 4.8/5-stars based on over 7,800 ratings. That’s thousands of satisfied customers at ease with their purchase and how it’s affected their sleep pattern.

Dangerous in the ease with which these products beckon sleep, one reviewer wrote about the extreme comfort delivered by Hush:

This thing is insane. I have never feared a blanket’s ability to put me to sleep before. We used to like to just lay in bed and watch TV but NOW we won’t get in bed unless we plan on taking a minimum of a 2-hour nap because there is no escaping this blankets power. I bought it hoping it would help me sleep through the night and it delivered that way beyond what I expected.

Delivering a comforting weight in their blankets and a cooling element to their products, this brand’s quality delivers restful nights to customers who previously struggled at night. One 5-star rater summed it up quite nicely: 

I can’t say enough about the quality of this product., not only how it is made, but how it delivered one of the best sleeps I have had in 60 years. I literally woke up in the same position and slept solid for 7 hours. Best sleeps now ever.”

Their new mattresses seem to be doing well in the market too, with their product testers in 2021 all praising the cooling elements and cushioned tops. 

One 5-star reviewer commented “I was fortunate enough to have early access to a Hush mattress back in March as a tester. My wife and I absolutely love it! It’s not soft but it’s not too firm either. Has a perfect pillow top, and you don’t overheat.

While their selection on Amazon is rather limited in products and reviews, the ratings on the shopping platform are quite positive. 

On the original weighted blanket, one customer stated, “At first the weight took me by surprise a bit but I was having trouble sleeping but slept like a baby that first night and it’s like having a great warm hug every night. I love it.

Other Hush products have found success on Amazon:

  • Hush Classic Blanket: 4.3/5-stars based on over 130 ratings
  • Hush Iced Blanket 2.0: 4.3/5-stars based on over 100 ratings
  • Hush Children’s Weighted Blanket: 4.5/5-stars based on 7 ratings

When it comes to the quality of the build and the features of each product, this company comes to impress. The Hush mattress reviews are already coming in strong to join the rest of their stock as a new favorite.  

Is Hush Worth It?

Hush Mattress Review

I’ve really been focusing on a Hush mattress review in this article for this brand’s new product line, but I’d happily recommend any of this company’s products to customers for a secure night’s sleep. 

Whether you’re looking for a cooler mattress or a comforting weighted blanket, this brand has some fun products to check out that will keep anyone cozy and cool.

Hush Promotions & Discounts 

Hush Mattress Review

The brand doesn’t run a lot of promotions, but they do have a few discounts throughout the year. Holiday deals always pop up, but if you’ve read this Hush mattress review and you’re too impatient to wait, there are a few ways to save:

  • Your first purchase gets 10% off
  • Join Hush rewards for discounts and exclusive promotions
  • Earn HushBucks with every purchase
  • Refer a friend to receive a discount for you and the other party

Where to Buy Hush

Hush Mattress Review

Hush products are easily found and purchased on If that doesn’t work for your area, check out these websites and retailers:

  • Hudson’s Bay
  • SportChek
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


Hush Mattress Review

Who owns Hush? 

Hush is owned by co-founders Lior Ohayon and Aaron Spivak.

Where is Hush made? 

Hush is a Canadian-based company. While they aren’t very open regarding where their products are manufactured, the brand only ever refers to their Canadian roots so I can assume that’s where production is taking place.

What is Hush’s Shipping Policy?

For those of you still reading this Hush mattress review, I’ve got two words for you: free shipping! The US and Canada get free shipping with other international deliveries subject to fees depending on location.

Times are fairly consistent with most products delivered within 5 to 7 business days (after a 2 business day processing time). Within two weeks from the date of order, your package should be in possession to provide those deep sleeps you’ve been craving.

What is Hush’s Return Policy?

Weighted blankets take an adjustment. For some, they’ll be in love after that first night, but others take some more time to find that peaceful slumber they’re looking for. 

Luckily, Hush offers a return policy that gives you time to settle in and figure out if a cooling solution is the one for you.

With their 100-night guarantee, customers have the necessary time to test the product before shipping it back for a full refund. As long as the product comes back clean with no stains or damage, all money will be returned. There are a few steps to getting that money back though:

  1. Email customer service about the desire to return your purchase (email listed below)
  2. Provide info on the order (order number, name, product, etc)
  3. Follow the steps provided by customer service to complete the return
  4. Wait the standard two weeks for your refund

One important thing to note is the original packaging must be kept for a full refund. The return shipment will only be accepted if it’s sent in the original box. Return fees are also paid for solely by the customer and won’t be refunded.

How to Contact Hush

Finished this Hush mattress review with some questions? Contact customer service for the answers you need! The brand offers three ways to get in touch:

  • Online instant messaging via their website (8 am to 10 pm EST)
  • Email at [email protected]
  • Mail the office: Hush Blankets Inc.

563 Fenmar Dr.
North York, ON
M9L 2R6

It is always good to check out your options before buying. Here are some other mattress brands to consider in your search:



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