Ghostbed Mattress Review

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Ghostbed Mattress Review

Ghostbed is on a mission to provide customers with “supernatural comfort” by introducing cooling technology. This mattress brand is known for their quality bedding materials, reasonable prices, and straightforward service.

Highly recommended by media outlets such as CBS News and, Ghostbed garners a sizable following of 11.2K on Instagram and 250K likes on Facebook. 

Can users truly “rest in peace” at night, or is the brand’s lofty reputation just a shadowed tale? This Ghostbed mattress review will hopefully answer that for you with a closer look at some bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more.

By the end, we’ll help you decide if they’re worth looking into. 

Overview of Ghostbed

Ghostbed Mattress Review

It all started with the spookiest of ghost stories: a haunting lack of sleep. Undergoing three neck surgeries, pain, and discomfort was all CEO Mark Werner knew for years. His desire to create a new version of the perfect mattress became the driving force behind his future brand.

Unable to find a model that provided him an adequate amount of support and comfort, he founded Nature’s Sleep in 2001, which was rebranded as Ghostbed later on in 2015. 

Werner wanted to ensure that Ghostbed was a far cry from the frustrating market of competing mattress companies. And remaining approachable was a core value. By skipping the showroom experience, the brand cuts out the middleman to ensure that bed shopping is as streamlined as possible.

Using cutting-edge technology, their models are comfortable, durable, and breathable enough to help customers attain the best quality of sleep. Today, with their headquarters based in Florida, Ghostbed continues to develop new prototypes. A statement from the brand reads: 

“We’re real people, just like you. We know mattresses. It’s what we do. It’s in our blood. We eat, breathe, and sleep (obviously) GhostBed. Making a real difference in our customers’ lives is what we live for. It’s our passion.” 

Before we get into this Ghostbed mattress review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • A variety of mattress and bedding materials to choose from. This includes pillows and bed frames
  • Their mattresses accommodate a range of sleeping positions 
  • Customizable features such as massagers and LED lighting systems are a bonus 
  • Mattresses Made in the USA
  • Ghostbed offers 0% financing with Affirm on their mattresses
  • Buyers are given a 101 Night Sleep Trial period to test out their futons 
  • Provides a 20–25 year warranty on select products 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Offers free shipping on all of their orders 
  • Available in the US & Canada


  • Only one mattress return per household 

If your mattress is starting to look shabby, or is in downright tatters—who are you going to call? Ghostbed, of course. Famous for their cooling technology properties, their futons are designed to conform to the body’s movements and provide maximum comfort when things get too hot or too cold. 

Ranging from bed frames, bedding, pillows, and other accessories, this Ghostbed mattress review will provide a selection of best-selling items that may just pique your interest. 

Ghostbed Mattresses Review

The brand has a great collection of futons made for every type of sleeper. Currently, they are offered in the Classic, Flex, Luxe, and 3D Matrix options. This Ghostbed mattress review will provide deets on their most popular models to help get things started. 

Ghostbed The Ghostbed Review

Ghostbed The Ghostbed Review
Ghostbed The Ghostbed

The brand’s flagship model, The Ghostbed mattress features a high-density support foam base that’s built with 4 layers of comfort. Compacted with gel-memory and aerated latex for cooler sleep, you can say goodbye to finding the “cold” side of the bed when things start to heat up. 

Medium in firmness, this futon provides the optimal amount of balance to ensure relaxation and long-term support. For those on the fence, we’re just about to get to the tipping point. This design has won over five awards, including the Best Mattress title by the Consumer Voice in 2020. 

It has also amassed an astounding 35,000 reviews online. Liked by experts and customers alike, The Ghostbed mattress is offered in 7 different sizes:

  • Twin: $634 (originally priced at $845)
  • Queen: $971 (originally priced at $1,295)
  • Split King: $1,493 (originally priced at $1,990

Ghostbed Luxe Review 

Ghostbed Luxe Review
Ghostbed Luxe

Say goodbye to tossing and turning at night, and check out the Luxe futon. Perfect for side sleepers, couples, and those who sleep on their backs, the Luxe mattress by Ghostbed is designed to relieve pressure, tension, and back pain. This is thanks to its gel memory foam, which mimics the shape of your body to keep things cozy.

Built with core and surface cooling tech, this futon helps to regulate the optimal temperature for sleep. To maintain its durability and flexibility, a high-density support layer is added in as the base. 

This Ghostbed mattress review will provide 3 of their most popular available options:

  • Twin XL: $1,463 (originally priced at $1,950)
  • Full: $1,556 (originally priced at $2,075)
  • King: $1,909 (originally priced at $2,545

Ghostbed Flex Review 

Ghostbed Flex Review
Ghostbed Flex

If you want to snooze like a queen, this next one’s for you. The Flex mattress is Ghostbed’s best luxury hybrid model. It features a supportive cushion of bouncy coils and comforting gel memory foam. Plush in density, this is a great option for those who hate that “sinking feeling” compared to other traditional mattresses.

It’s built with 7 layers of comfort, which helps align your spine after hours of crouching over your laptop. With an airy design for those especially humid nights, the Flex mattress is the next best thing to sleeping on a cloud. 

Customers can choose up to 7 different sizes for this model, such as:

  • Twin: $1,157 (originally priced at $1,695)
  • Full: $1,481 (originally priced at $1,975)
  • Cal King: $1,849 (originally priced at $2,465)

Ghostbed Split King Adjustable Set Review 

Ghostbed Split King Adjustable Set Review
Ghostbed Split King Adjustable Set

It’s been an excruciatingly long week. Your back is full of knots, the neck has a weird kink on the side, and those leg muscles are about to give out. If this happens to be a normal occurrence, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a more comfortable bed. The Split King Adjustable Set comes with several customizable features, such as a movable headrest and foot massager.

Made to be affixed separately or combined together to make one king sized model, this duo mattress also comes with USB ports to charge your phone and LED lights for added visibility. Considered a perfect gift to your aging relatives to catch some better zzz’s, the Split King Adjustable Set is offered in 4 different futon designs including:

  • Ghostbed Classic: $2,753 (originally priced at $4,588
  • Ghostbed Flex: $3,779 (originally priced at $6,298)
  • Ghostbed Luxe: $3,899 (originally priced at $6,498)
  • Ghostbed 3D Matrix: $4,259 (originally priced at $7,098

Ghostbed Pillows Review

Congratulations! You’ve finally settled on the mattress of your dreams. Now it’s time to deck it out. Ranging from pillows, bed frames, to other accessories, this Ghostbed mattress review will go over a few of their customer favorites down below. 

Ghostbed Pillow – Memory Foam Review 

Ghostbed Pillow - Memory Foam Review
Ghostbed Pillow – Memory Foam

Branded the “coolest cushion in the world”, the Pillow – Memory Foam model is famous for its patent-pending phase-change material. Using Ghost Ice fabric as the outer material, this sleeve works to neutralize heat throughout each side. It also comes with an inner aerated mesh cover. 

Because it comes with integrated cooling technology, could you imagine sleeping on this cushion when you’re down with the flu? That pulsating fever is practically a goner. Made to keep your snoozing position supported, the Pillow – Memory Foam costs $64. This is compared to its original price of $85. 

Ghostbed Pillow – Shredded (2 Pack) Review

Ghostbed Pillow - Shredded (2 Pack) Review
Ghostbed Pillow – Shredded (2 Pack)

The phrase, “one size fits all” does not apply when it comes to bedding and mattresses. Some love the plush, super-soft feeling of memory foam while others snooze just as soundly on firm surfaces. Entirely customizable, the Pillow – Shredded (2 Pack) allows you to remove or add fluff until you’ve landed on the perfect fit.

Filled with memory foam, visco, and microfiber clusters, this blend provides some comfort on hot summer nights as it hugs the curves of your head. Ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers, the Pillow – Shredded (2 Pack) set is offered in two different sizes:

  • Standard: $128 (originally priced at $170)
  • Queen/King: $188 (originally priced at $250

Ghostbed Adjustable Base Review

Ghostbed Adjustable Base Review
Ghostbed Adjustable Base

Take this as a sign to ditch those flimsy wooden frames. The Adjustable Base by Ghostbed is built to accommodate a wide range of ergonomic positions. This includes the zero gravity function, which helps you hit the hay harder. Featuring 15 whisper-quiet massage modes, this model is the perfect way to unwind after a long hard day at work. 

It’s compatible with any Ghostbed mattress, as it comes in 3 different sizes. Other interesting features include 4 USB ports, and an under-bed lighting system, which is a great asset to have for when you don’t want to turn on those blinding lights. 

Reinforced with four legs and one wireless remote, the Adjustable Base acts as the perfect finishing touch to your futon. Down below, you’ll find 3 of their available options:

  • Twin XL: $974 (originally priced at $1,299)
  • Queen: $1,124 (originally priced at $1,499)
  • Split king: $1,949 (originally priced at $2,598

Ghostbed Adjustable Base Combo Bundle Review

Ghostbed Adjustable Base Combo Bundle Review
Ghostbed Adjustable Base Combo Bundle

Just because you’ve got a decently comfortable mattress, it doesn’t mean you can skip on the bed frame. The Adjustable Base Combo Bundle can level up your chosen Ghostbed. Made to be modified, this futon mount can be controlled wirelessly to help customers find the right incline.

Named the #1 adjustable base by the Sleep Foundation organization in 2021, this model also comes with dual acting massage settings to loosen up those tight muscles in your neck and back. 

Including one Ghostbed mattress and one bed frame, the Adjustable Base Combo Bundle is available in 4 offered sizes:

  • Twin XL: $1,889 (originally priced at $3,149)
  • Queen: $2,186 (originally priced at $3,644)
  • King: $3,026 (originally priced at $5,043
  • Split king: $3,779 (originally priced at $6,298

Ghostbed Headboard Brackets

Ghostbed Headboard Brackets Review
Ghostbed Headboard Brackets

You’re nearly finished with setting up your new mattress! To help finish things off and add more support, the Headboard Brackets by Ghostbed attach the top of your bed to its foundation. Designed to accommodate all sizes and types, this nifty tool is made out of solid steel. 

Customizable in terms of width, height, and distance from the wall, this bed accessory is created to be user-friendly. In fact, a majority of reviewers for this product stated that it was effortless to assemble. Created to provide additional support for your Ghostbed, the Headboard Brackets cost $74 instead of it’s $99 markup. 

Ghostbed Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ghostbed Review

Is Ghostbed a good mattress? From what we’ve found, there’s a large majority of customers who like their products and services. Their company website boasts a staggering total of 25k reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating. Buyers have noted that their futons helped enhance the quality of their sleep. 

“I have shoulders and an upper back that are constantly sore and my boyfriend has lower back and hip issues. This bed has been amazing for both of us. It is just the right amount of softness and support and the shredded pillows that we got with the bed are the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on,” one reviewer wrote for the Ghostbed Classic

The praise for Ghostbed continues on websites such as the Online Mattress Review and Mattress Clarity. Authors on both sources concluded that their futons were affordable for the quality advertised. Other positive notes included that their designs were great for side and back sleepers. 

Trusted reviewer site, Sleepopolis, has also ranked Ghostbed with two thumbs up. This is especially relevant to the brand’s cooling technology, which gives the company an edge over its other competitors.

“Firstly, I really like this bed for back sleepers! It’s got a soft foam top layer for pressure relief at the lumbar region, but plenty of support for neutral spine alignment. I also think it could be a great choice for folks who need to move around and change positions. There’s some nice mobility here, which helps prevent any sort of “stuck-in-the-bed” feeling,” via a statement made by Sleeopolis. 

Is Ghostbed Worth It?

Is Ghostbed legit? If you’re looking for a short answer—yes. We all know how overwhelming it can be when shopping for a mattress. It goes like this: you enter a store, a nosey salesperson offers unhelpful advice, the bed in question is either too expensive or not as comfortable, you end up leaving with nothing. 

Ghostbed wants customers to feel like they’ve made a sound decision. By eliminating the middleman, buyers are able to see what they are getting for the price they’re paying. Each product description is very detailed when it comes to features and functions. Users can also customize their own bedspread in terms of size while adding other complimentary accessories. 

What makes Ghostbed stand out from other mattress companies is their integrated cooling technology, which helps regulate the temperature inside the bed as you sleep. It’s definitely considered an upgrade compared to stuffy, uncomfortable futons that quickly heat up during the night. Affordably priced in terms of quality and service, Ghostbed certainly earns a gold star in our book.  

Ghostbed Promotions & Discounts 

This Ghostbed mattress review found a variety of ways to help you save money: 

  • A seasonal sale on all of their products. For instance, the Ghostbed Deluxe model is 25% off and includes 2 free pillows when purchased
  • Refer-a-Friend program allows customers to receive $100, a 25% off Ghostbed coupon for their mattresses, and 2 free pillows for every successful referral
  • Several discounts for students, government workers, first responders, and those enlisted in the military 

Where to Buy Ghostbed

Ghostbed Review

Customers can purchase products, such as the Ghostbed mattress protector, by visiting You can also find them at select retailers including:

  • Ghostbed Costco
  • Amazon 
  • Lowe’s
  • Walmart
  • Hudson’s Bay 


Where is the Ghostbed mattress made in?

This Ghostbed mattress is manufactured in the United States and Canada.

For Canadian customers, their mattress is made in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario. Visit the company’s website for more specifics on where their facilities are situated. 

Is Ghostbed good for side sleepers?

According to Ghostbed, some of their mattresses are optimized for side sleepers. This includes models like the Classic and the Luxe. However, some reviews refute this claim. For instance, Sleepolis disagreed with the fact that those who sleep on the side can snooze comfortably on Ghostbed’s futons. 

Is Ghostbed good for back pain?

Ghostbed states that memory foam mattresses are shown to help alleviate back pain. Their adjustable bed frames can also be modified into different ergonomic positions. Make sure to check out the item description in each product to see if it will help ease out any tension. 

Does Ghostbed have fiberglass?

After digging online, this Ghostbed mattress review found out that they encase the foam part of the mattress in fiberglass material. An answer given on one of the Amazon product pages states,Since glass is a natural fire retardant, utilizing the fiberglass scrim allows us to bypass the use of any harmful chemicals whatsoever.” 

Does Ghostbed need a boxspring?

This depends on your mattress and what kind of support you need. Ghostbed states that it’s not necessarily needed, but they do recommend adding some sort of security. Check out the brand’s blog posts online, as they provide some great insight into this topic. 

How long does Ghostbed last?

This Ghostbed mattress review found out that their models usually last 7 to 8 years if properly cared for. They also have a blog post dedicated to answering this question, which is found on the company website. 

Does Ghostbed come in a box?

Yes, Ghostbed’s mattresses are compacted and shipped in a box. When it arrives, the futon will be rolled and vacuum sealed in a plastic bag. Each package will differ in size and weight depending on the futon ordered. 

How long does Ghostbed take to ship?

We are happy to report that the Ghostbed shipping time is a speedy 2 to 5 business days. In terms of delivery costs, the brand will cover all expenses for those living in the United States. 

They also offer White Glove Delivery to help set up your futon for a price of $199. To help locate packages, customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email in their inbox. Unfortunately, this Ghostbed mattress review found out that they only serve those who live in the US and Canada. 

How do I return a Ghostbed? 

According to their 101 Night Sleep Trial, customers have until 30 days to return their purchases for a full refund. Products must be in original condition in order to be considered eligible. The brand states that users can only return one mattress per household under their policy. To initiate this process, buyers are to contact their customer service team. 

How to Contact Ghostbed Customer Service 

For inquiries unrelated to this Ghostbed mattress review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: (855) 855-4499 (8 AM to 10 PM EST)
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Filling out their message form online 

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