Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

Worthy investments are few and far between in life when it comes down to items that really require the money they demand. One thing we shouldn’t sacrifice when it comes to quality – mattresses.

A solid night’s sleep can make all the difference when it comes to mental, physical, and emotional states.

Though there are simple ways to set up the bedroom space to aid in a better night’s sleep, the real key to waking up feeling fresh comes from the sleeping surface itself.

These two companies are looking to change the game and create a pad that will protect anyone from back-breaking old mattress springs.

In this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review, I’ll check out what both brands bring to the table to figure out just what each business does for their soothed and sleeping clients.

Puffy Mattress vs Purple

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

Before jumping into exactly what to look for and what these brands bring to the table, I wanted to check out just what brought these businesses to the spotlight.

Puffy Mattress is the newer of the two. Founder Arthur Andreasyan launched the US company in 2016 with the goal of making a mattress that was as comfortable as a cloud. 

Years of testing and research led them to their final solution – a 10” thick, 5-layered foam mattress that works for every body type, bedframe, and sleeping situation.

Comfortable, cooling, and classic, these mattresses began a business that later launched into bases, bedding, and even dog beds.

Purple set forth on their mission one year earlier than Puffy as they made it to market in 2015.  Since launching their Gel-grid design, this brand has sold over 1 million mattresses to the public, providing pain relief, cooling temperatures, and adaptable material that melds with each move. 

Beyond their standard mattress, this business offers pillows, seat cushions, bedding, bed frames, pet beds, and more, never settling and constantly expanding their inventory to new horizons.

What To Consider

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

Mattresses aren’t an impulse buy. Due to their size, material, and density, these pieces tend to be a heavy investment – especially when it comes to quality brands made to last.

Rather than spend money and regret the purchase later, the best advice would be to research ahead of time, keeping a few key considerations in mind while looking. You’re already on the right track reading this article.

Before getting into the specifics of products in this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review, I’m going to offer a more generalized look into what elements need to be considered before buying from any brand:

  • Product range 
    • While mattresses really are the key product from both of these brands, it’s important to note the range of inventory available from both businesses. While both brands offer similar products, Purple knocks it out of the park regarding the variety available for each category offered – almost doubling the stock of Puffy’s own store.
  • Ease of assembly
    • Most mattresses these days come with a simple packaging and unboxing process. In terms of these two brands, both businesses offer extensive written and video instructions on how to safely set up any of their new mattresses from the box stage to final bedding. Simple, safe, and easy, these companies want buying a bed to be as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Materials and sustainability
    • A common concern these days relates to the environmental impact we all leave on the world around us. Both of these brands know that this focus is key to successful sales, meaning both companies offer mattresses free of toxins and created with environmentally-friendly production. In determining which brand offers safe products for sleeping, they both come out with a clean bill of health.
  • Durability  
    • Any larger purchase requires a lengthy lifespan. Typically, most mattresses last 6 to 8 years, however, both of these brands offer a slightly longer expectancy. Puffy and Purple both suggest their foam mattresses can survive 10 years of use, but Puffy makes a point to note that when treated well, a memory foam mattress can last 15 years of solid use.
  • Warranty 
    • No explanation is needed for this one – warranty on any large purchase is necessary information. Purple limits their product to a 10-year warranty, matching their expected lifespan on the product. However, Puffy goes further and offers an unlimited, lifetime guarantee on their products, covering sags, broken zippers, and torn seams.
  • Sleeping preferences
    • Everyone has their sleeping preference, especially regarding how firm vs soft the mattress falls on the scale. Puffy limits options with only two selections of mattresses available, but Purple lists 7 options available for their mattresses. None are specifically catered to a distinct style of sleeping, as they all promise easy sleeping for every type of customer.
  • Accessibility 
    • I understand that the best way to buy a mattress usually comes with a test in-store, but unfortunately, when it comes to Puffy, the only in-store option comes through SleePare
    • Purple offers a few more locations selling in Sleep Country Canada, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Mattress Firm. Both brands can easily be found on their own websites, but when it comes to alternative sources, Purple has the upper hand.

Product Review

While it’s easy to weigh the costs in general categories, sometimes it’s best to go straight into products to consider what each brand has to offer.

For this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review, I’ve selected three bestseller items that really build up a bedroom to work from in this section.

Puffy Lux Mattress vs Purple Plus Mattress Review:

Keeping it plush and plus, both Puffy and Purple offer augmented versions of their base mattresses, which unknowingly became the best-sellers of both brands.

Starting off with the Puffy Lux Mattress, this #1 ranked product for 2022 comes locked and loaded with layers of comfort. 

Using a 6-layer system for ideal support, this mattress includes stain protection, cooling, cloud foam, climate control, and a grip base all built into a single unit. In addition, the entire piece is hypoallergenic to prevent any build-up of dust.

Perfectly primed for any surface, this mattress sits confidently on all frames to provide a solid balance between firm and soft. The layered system provides support for any type of sleeper, from back to sides to stomach, offering up the healthiest solution to comfortable sleeping.

From Twin to Cal King, every size option is available when it comes to this product, meaning prices range from $1,150 to $1,700 on sale, and $1,450 to $2,000 depending on the size selected.

Purple’s own Plus Mattress upgrades traditional memory foam designs via the interlocked GelFlex Grid that’s synonymous with the brand. 

Purple’s selling aspect comes from their grid system that reduces stress on pressure points and provides a steady distribution of weight for an even balance across the body.

Cushioned and calming via the grid, the square gaps provide a temperature regulating system to allow mattresses to breathe throughout the night.

Constantly readjusting with each movement, this mattress’s 5-layer support system offers a medium-firm level, making it the best for shared or guest rooms. 

Not only do customers receive a cushioned cloud for premium sleep, but each mattress comes with a free set of sheets so customers can start their naps right away.

Offering not only traditional Twin to Cal King sizes, but this brand also offers a Split King option on top of everything else.

At the time of writing this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review, these items are on sale, ranging from $950 to $2,450, but regular prices tend to sit between $1,100 to $2,600 depending on the size.

It’s tough to compare these pieces as their approaches to engineering greatly differ. If I had to choose, I’d lean more towards Purple due to their grid approach that’s scientifically designed to relieve pressure on the body.

Puffy Mattress Body Pillow vs Purple Harmony™ Pillow Review:

There’s more to a bed than just the mattress we sleep on. Filling out the space, pillows play a big part in the sleeping experience – especially when it comes to neck and shoulder support.

While they do offer standard-size pillows, the real winner from Puffy is their Body Pillow sitting at 54 inches long. This cushioned and cozy piece never loses its volume, offering full-body support throughout its complete length. 

Covered with a removable bamboo layer, this soft material beckons to be snuggled at all times, whether sleeping, napping, or just lounging the day away.

Cooling gel integration throughout the memory foam interior provides a perfectly chilled temperature that aids in a soothing night’s sleep. Certified chemical-free, the beauty of this $120 light foam piece comes from its easy contouring to reduce stress on the body.

Purple doesn’t offer a lengthy solution to a good night’s sleep, but they do have The Purple Harmony Pillow that comes with endless adjustments for personal preference. 

Before getting into the customization of it all, we need to discuss the design of the pillow itself. Rather than a foam-filled feature, this pillow mimics the methods prevalent in the mattresses by using a honeycomb grid to distribute weight and offer even support.

Layered with a cushioned latex core, this piece allows for easy breathing which makes for a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

As for the key customizations, users can adjust the size selection between standard and king, in addition to choosing their preferred height of low, medium, or tall cushioning.

Durable, hypoallergenic, and comfortably cool, this pillow is currently on sale for $143 (regularly $160).

The choice between these two really comes down to what you’re looking to gain.

Those who want lengthy support will be satisfied with the Puffy Body Pillow, but for this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review, I would ultimately go with The Purple Harmony Pillow due to the custom height and length options in addition to the support of the honeycomb grid.

Puffy Mattress Adjustable Base vs Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Review:

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to sound sleep is a proper bed frame to support the whole system at play. I couldn’t finish this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review without checking out their famous frames.

Both brands go beyond the standard and offer adjustable options, so I’m taking a look at those because frankly, they’re more fun than the usual setup.

Puffy’s option for the best bed frame comes in the form of the Puffy Mattress Adjustable Base.

This piece comes in a range of sizes from Twin to Split King (an option that fits both King size and two XL twins). A simple metal bar at the base of the frame holds the mattress in place for any angles selected.

The real beauty of this piece comes from its remote control. Beds can be adjusted wirelessly with “the added luxury of one-click Zero-G elevation.”

Built-in massage motors in the top and bottom areas of the frame provide instant relief for users, allowing them to select from 3 speeds for that perfect soothing sensation. 

Adjustable not only in angle, but also height, this frame includes additional USB charging ports along the side to make use of the whole frame in a multi-use experience.

At the time of publication, Puffy is offering end-of-year sales ranging frame prices from $900 to $1,800 (regular $1,200 to $2,100) depending on the size.

Purple joins this market with their own The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. The key features here? Both customizable and preset angles allow for the best and fastest approaches to whatever setup is needed at the time.

In addition to standard Sitting and Zero-Gravity modes, this model also features an Anti-Snoring mode made to quiet the droning snores of any sleeping partner.

Despite presets existing in the remote, every option can be reprogrammed to create easy access to favorite positions and placements. 

The touch of a single button flattens out the surface to its default setup, allowing easy access to the USB ports that line the sides of the frame. In fact, all 8 of the buttons present on the intuitive remote leave the whole customization aspect incredibly simple for all users.

Sizes for this piece range from Twin XL to Split King with prices sitting between $1,300 to $2,600.

Considering both of these options provide similar settings and special features, there’s no real winner regarding the product itself.

I will say that Puffy’s pricing sits lower than Purple’s, so I’m apt to go with the cheaper option that offers equal features to the more expensive option.

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review: Quality

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

Quality is always key to a lasting product. I’m happy to say that in the cases of both Puffy Mattress and Purple, these brands don’t cut any corners when it comes to eco-friendly materials and manufacturing.

Puffy Mattress works via layers of memory foam that offer durability and chemical-free solutions for a soothing sleep. 

Presenting a medium firmness, this mattress is ideal for reducing motion transfer, back pain, and hip pain for back and side sleepers. The real clue that this brand stands by their quality comes from the lifetime warranty on products. 

Promising fixes for mattresses that experience indentations, breaks, or tears, this company promises easy solutions for a lifetime of use in knowing that their products are made to last.

Purple mattresses also promise chemical-free solutions, making their mattresses safe for everyone (even stomach sleepers who end up burying their faces in the soft cushioning). 

Their true test of strength and durability comes through the GelFlex material used to create the grid that underlines every mattress for pain relief and weight distribution.

This material is known for its stretch, bounce back, and lasting lifespan, promising customers a medium firm surface that’s sure to withstand the weight of time and aging.

It’s hard to select between these brands when it comes to quality as both are known to offer top-tier materials to build up their most popular products. 

I’m a big fan of the bounce and stretch that Purple offers, but Puffy’s warranty alone shows off just how much that company trusts their products. Due to that, I may lean towards Puffy on this one.

Puffy Mattress vs Purple: Price & Value

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

Off the bat, I’ll say that Purple is the more expensive of these two options. No matter the product, Purple ups the cost by a few hundred compared to others on the market.

Prices really hike up in locations outside the US where pieces can cost up to two times as much as the American counterpart.

When it comes to any good mattress, higher prices are expected, but Puffy Mattress seems to offer quality products for lower costs, basing their prices on the layered foam method for a still and calming sensation throughout the night. 

Purple’s GelFlex Grid method, as it’s unique to the market, really ups their prices. Marketing the originality of the design, this brand is able to charge more for their individuality considering the number of general foam layered mattresses on the market.

It’s more than just mattresses that see the price difference between these brands though. Just check out these ranges:

  • Queen Sized Mattress
    • Puffy – $950 (regularly $1,250)
    • Purple – $1,200 (regularly $1,300)
  • Adjustable Bed Frame
    • Puffy – $1,400
    • Purple – $1,450
  • Pillow
    • Puffy – $80
    • Purple – $100

I will admit that different sizes will offer alternative pricing where, in some cases, Puffy ends up as the more expensive option, but overall Puffy typically sits as the more cost-effective option. It really depends on the product being selected, though.

Puffy Mattress vs Purple: What do Customers Think?  

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

I couldn’t complete a true Puffy Mattress vs Purple review without turning to customer insights for the full picture. There’s a pretty large discrepancy between site reviews and external rating platforms, but I’ve presented both for a fuller picture.

Puffy Mattress joins the leagues with 5/5 stars on their own site, based on almost 17k ratings. While this is a great number to pull from, it doesn’t quite show off any negative or middling reviews, instead focusing on completely satisfied purchases only. 

They’re not widely known across other rating platforms, but do make an appearance on Consumer Affairs with 3.9/5 stars based on over 85 ratings.

I will say that customers who like this brand truly do believe in the product. Reviews cover everything from the lifetime warranty to customer service to the products themselves. 

Responsive service is a big one for this brand as even customers who found themselves returning the products had only good things to say about the refund and return process. 

The products themselves have been claimed to be nothing but comfortable and cozy on even the coldest nights, with the set-up of all items done with ease.

Want to hear it directly from the source? Here’s just a quick selection of quotes on the subject:

  • Must try and see for yourself, lifetime warranty. How could you go wrong!!
  • This is a very comfortable mattress. I don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings and can’t wait to get in it at night. Customer service was excellent when I asked a few questions. They were able to answer promptly.
  • My back has never felt better. I wake up pain free and we’ll rest after every night I get to spend at home on the best mattress I’ve ever owned!
  • The mattress and pillows are so comfortable, and I absolutely LOVE the sheets! They are the softest, most luxurious sheets I’ve ever slept between!
  • The setup was very easy as the sub frame was well made and very rugged. Our headboard was wider than the frame so a pair of extensions we made and completed the adaptation.

Turning to another end of the color spectrum, Purple has no trouble when it comes to numbers on their own site. This brand openly allows all-stars for their reviews, leaving their own site rating at 4.3/5 stars based on over 164k ratings

Here’s where the discrepancy really kicks in – the brand is well into the thousands on their own site, but when it comes to other platforms, they barely make it into the dozens. Consumer Affairs has one of the highest numbers with their site rating Purple at 3.8/5 stars based on over 85 ratings.

The higher numbers on their own site mean there’s a large pool of comments to search through to find customer reviews. Many of these satisfied posts surround the stunning sleep practices encouraged by the mattresses purchased. 

Reducing body pain in all areas, avoiding pressure points during sleep, and keeping temperature regulation at its prime throughout the night, these mattresses seem to understand how the body functions and the best way to use that knowledge for unbelievably deep sleep.

With hundreds of thousands of reviews to go through, I’ve found a small pool to offer up a brief view into how customers really feel about the products:

  • It is always cool to the touch, and it springs back to its original shape.
  • We bought the kid mattress and purple pillow for our 3-year-old son. They have changed his life. He sleeps so much better. Longer rest and fewer interruptions.
  • Hard to explain except it moves with you, creating comfortable places for those pressure points that are needed to align the places that you need, feels comfortable and cozy where needed yet is easy to get turned, and easy to get up out of bed. You can sit on the side of the bed as well and not slide off.
  • It’s a great mattress. Never dips or holds heat. An awesome full night of sleep every night. Have been through so many mattresses in the past 8 years.
  • I sleep all night, and when I get out of bed in the morning, I can stand straight up with very little pain… I do still have some, but I think with a few more weeks using the purple mattress it will be gone. Also, my hands used to fall asleep at night, and haven’t once since I’ve been in the Purple Mattress.

It’s always hard to determine just how brands stack up according to ratings. While Puffy seems to sit at better star ratings, Purple definitely comes in with higher numbers of customer reviews

Ultimately, both brands seem to offer customers sound sleeps with comfortable padding for all sleeping types. There’s no clear upper hand with ratings.

If I absolutely had to decide for this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review, I’d be inclined to go with Purple just due to the number of products sold and the higher number of customers praising the products.

Puffy Mattress vs Purple: Promotions & Discounts

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

At the time of writing this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review, both brands are offering their Boxing Day sales, cutting hundreds of dollars off of original pricing. These companies are known for holiday and seasonal sales, but to those looking for ways to save during the rest of the year, both brands offer a number of discounts including:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Military
  3. Educational

With Purple offering a further discount for:

  1. Truckers
  2. First Responders

When it comes to savings, these brands don’t shy away from offering customers easy and affordable ways to manage the payments of these lasting investments. 

I’m happy going either way for this one, but those who may fit the bill of Purple’s additional discount categories may lean towards them for those extra savings.

Puffy Mattress vs Purple: Shipping & Returns 

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

It’s the final countdown (cue the music) but before I can sum up who I’d shop with in this Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review, I have to check out shipping and returns to complete the ultimate guide.

Puffy really stands out for this one as they offer free shipping within the US on all orders. No matter the shape or size, customers aren’t paying any additional fees and they make it very clear across their site for all potential customers to be aware. 

Times vary depending on the piece and delivery location, so calculated timings will be available at checkout for customers to consider before purchase.

In addition to the free shipping, this brand also offers the same service on returns. Every mattress comes with a 101-Night Sleep Trial that allows customers to return the piece for a full refund at any time within the range. 

All customers have to do to complete a return is email customer service with the order number and customer service will get back as soon as possible to arrange the return.

Turning to Purple, this brand doesn’t make it quite as easy to find their shipping information.

With that being said, I hunted it down and found that this business also offers free delivery on all products, noting that typical deliveries arrive between 3 and 5 days after being shipped out.

Purple goes with an even 100 Night Return Policy when it comes to their mattresses, requiring a minimum of a 21-day trial before customers are able to make a return.

Due to the adjustment period that can take place for 3 to 4 weeks, Purple wants customers to give their new bed a fair chance before shipping it back for a refund.

Honestly, both brands are pretty comparable when it comes to their policies. Puffy makes it easier to find information, but once tracked down with Purple, things seem to be on par. 

I do have to note that customers from both brands made a point to note how easy the return system was, so either way customer service seems content to help clients get that money back at any time.

Who Will You Shop With?

Puffy Mattress vs Purple Review

This one really comes down to preference as sleeping positions and requirements differ between individuals. Both brands have solid quality products, but the details really make the difference depending on the need.

With all the research done for this Puffy Mattress vs Purple review, I’m apt to go with Purple due to their use of the GelFlex Grid system to provide even weight distribution and reduce pressure on joints

With that in mind, Puffy’s own mattresses do an excellent job at comfort and cooling throughout the night. As I said, it all comes down to what you need from your mattress, so be sure to take the time to research and test before buying. 

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