11 Best Mattress Brands

Finding the Best Mattress Brands

11 Best Mattress Brands

Let’s face it. Mattress shopping is a world of its own. It’s an item you don’t necessarily want, but it’s something you absolutely need. And while we’re on the topic, did you know that futons need to be changed every six to eight years? 

Coupled with the fact that they’re probably prone to lots of bacteria, most of us outgrow our twin-sized futons with every passing age. If the bed in question starts to sag, or your feet begin to peek over the duvet, it’s time to get a new one. 

Fortunately, there are hundreds of mattress companies out there to choose from. From SleepCountry to Casper, you’d be astonished to find several brick-and-mortar stores within your vicinity.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a booming industry, as Statista predicts that the global mattress market is expected to grow over 43 billion dollars by 2024. 

Keep reading, as this Best Mattress brands review dives into a few pointers on buying futons. We’ll do this by combing through 11 different brands that are currently hot in the market. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress

11 Best Mattress Brands

Mattress shopping is no joke. With its cost within the thousands, it’s not recommended that you click, grab, and go. Generally speaking, there are four main factors that you should consider when choosing a brand. 

This includes budget, personal needs, product features, and the amount of guidance offered by the company in question. Don’t worry; we’ll cover all of these pointers in this Best Mattress brands review.

First, customers must know what they need in a mattress. This mainly includes size and its measurements relative to the room. It’s also important to know your ‘sleeping preferences,’ as some futons offer additional elements such as added lumbar support, temperature regulation, bed frame adjustability, and memory foam. 

If you’re the type to suffer from back pain or irregular posture, these seemingly small details will do wonders in improving your sleep. 

Once you’ve got a good sense of what model you need, it’s time to look at the price. As we mentioned before, most mattresses can cost upwards of about $1,000. For those who have a bit more money to spend, it’s still integral to weigh quality versus quantity.

Is that $3,000 futon worth the number of features it promises? In addition, it’s a good sign if the company in question offers some sort of warranty and guarantee. 

Lastly, most mattress companies provide guidance for customers to follow. For example, if a brand claims that its shopping experience is more straightforward than its competition, they should show it by offering personalized quizzes or resources on its website. Case in point: Helix Sleep, a retailer that asks a few integral questions to help any novice buyer out. 

Other elements, such as sustainability and ethical labor, are important within the shopping process. For those avid on the eco-conscious movement, brands like Avocado may seem like a better option than other ‘fast-futon’ companies.

11 Best Mattress Brands

This Best Mattress brands review will share more information on specific options to help fulfill all your sleeptime needs. Without further ado, lets get this list started.

1. Scott Living – Mattresses

11 Best Mattress Brands

If you’re a fan of HGTV, chances are you’ve already seen the eye-catching decor and luxury bedding this brand makes. Scott Living is the home living brand created by Drew and Jonathan Scott, the twins that transform homes in Property Brothers

With dreamy collections that range from art-deco-inspired wallpaper to chic, stylish furniture, their mattress line fits in perfectly. Balancing luxury living with affordable prices, the brand comes through for all of us budget-watchers with the 11” Luxury Hybrid Mattress with Tencel by Restonic. 

Designed and made in the USA, it comes in a full range of sizes and uses a mix of gel memory foam for pressure relief and innerspring coils for support. Finished off with a Tencel (read: eco & skin-friendly) cover, it’s super comfortable and cooler than all-foam mattresses. 

You can get yours in sizes Twin-California King for $729-$1,089 (on sale for $659-$989). 


  • 11” thick
  • Hybrid gel foam & innerspring coils
  • Twin-California King sizes
  • Breathable & cooling
  • Made with eco-friendly materials

2. Saatva

11 Best Mattress Brands

Sleep is relaxing. Mattress buying is not. Ironic, isn’t it? In the midst of mismanaged tabs, price checking, and all-around poor posture, you start to wonder—is it really all that worth it? 

Unfortunately, you’re not the only one, as the bedding industry is notorious for its exorbitant costs and confusing shopping process. Enter player Saatva, a mattress brand keen on affordability, customer care, and quality. 

Founded in 2010 by Ricky Joshi and Ron Rudzin, this New York-based company offers high-quality mattresses at a competitive rate. They’re best known for their waterproof protectors, memory foam bedding, and lumbar zone support technology to help improve posture. 

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Over the years, Saatva has gained a positive reputation for its thoughtfully made products, which is most notably shown through its 18.1k following on Instagram. 

To help readers get a better view of Saatva’s price range, we’ll provide a few of their best-selling products down below:

  • The Latex Hybrid Mattress in twin size: $1,149 
  • The Classic Mattress in queen size/ 11.5” in height/ luxury firm: $1,574 
  • The Loom and Leaf Mattress in king size/ relaxed firm: $2,199
  • The Solaire Adjustable Mattress Californian King: $3,595 

3. Helix Sleep

11 Best Mattress Brands

Comfort is more complex than you think. From posture, height to weight, several factors play in how well you sleep. Despite the common trial-and-error method of mattress shopping, Helix offers customers a chance to personalize their bedspread by conducting an online quiz. 

This questionnaire asks for a lot of information, which includes age, desired futon size, amount of sleepers, and snoozing position. 

Ever since its debut in 2014, Helix has dominated the mattress industry through its thoughtful approach to personalized bedding. Products such as the Midnight Luxe futon and the pressure relief Wedge Pillow haven’t just caught the attention of regular customers but doctors as well. 

Helix has amassed 25.9k followers on Instagram, and they have also been named the Most Awarded Mattress Brand of 2021, as noted by publications such as Wired, Forbes, and The Wirecutter.

Need a heads up on what to expect in terms of price? No worries; this Best Mattress review has you covered. We’ll provide a ballpark for readers to compare for the brand’s top-selling futons. 

  • The Helix Sunset Mattress in queen: $1,265 (originally priced at $1,392
  • The Helix Sunset Luxe Mattress in queen: $2,215 (originally priced at $2,469
  • The Helix Moonlight Mattress in king: $1,645 (originally priced at $1,835
  • The Helix Moonlight Luxe Mattress in king: $2,722 (originally priced at $2,975

4. Bear Mattress

11 Best Mattress Brands

Duvet diving should be like a warm, inviting bear hug. Unfortunately, we’re sometimes met with a cement block or sagging leaf pile. Lucky for sleepers, Bear Mattress aims to provide that cloud 9 experience through its innovative technology and moisture-wicking material. 

This bedding company was established in 2014 in Hoboken, New Jersey—and is headed by founder Scott Paladini. 

Best known for its sleep recovery technology, Bear has been approved by several key experts within the field. For instance, they’re considered the Best Mattress company according to Mattress Advisor, Slumber Yard, and Mattress Clarity. 

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Products such as the Bear Hybrid and the Adjustable Flex Bed have also won the recognition of several happy customers, which is visible through the brand’s 12.1k following on Instagram. 

If you’re on a comparative marathon when it comes to online mattress shopping, this review is one step ahead of you. To help readers find out if Bear is worth the splurge, we’ll provide the price range for some of the brand’s hottest picks:

  • The Bear Hybrid Mattress in queen: $1,245 (originally priced at $1,695)
  • The Bear Hybrid Mattress in king: $1,545 (originally priced at $1,995)
  • The Bear Bro Mattress in twin: $895 
  • The Bear Original Mattress in Californian king: $845 (originally priced at $1,095

5. Casper

11 Best Mattress Brands

Of course, this Best Mattress review needs to address the few main titans within the industry. Founded in 2014, Casper is considered one of the most popular bedding companies to date. 

There’s a chance that you’re already familiar with this brand, as it’s usually affiliated with several celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ashton Kutcher. 

Despite its starlet reputation, Casper is known for its ergonomic memory foam and temperature regulating materials. The brand states that they conduct rigorous testing for its products, which includes customer favorites such as the Wave Hybrid futon and the Original Casper Pillow. 

While they aren’t the most affordable bedding companies out there, hundreds of online customers report that this New York-based retailer is well worth the money. Don’t believe us? Publications such as Sleepopolis, Sleep Foundation, and My Slumber Yard have all voiced their approval of this brand. 

Fortunately, Casper doesn’t hide  in the shadows when it comes to pricing. This Best Mattress review will feature a few of the brand’s customer favorites to help you make sense of its price ballpark. Let’s dive in. 

  • The Wave Hybrid mattress: starting from $1,845 
  • The Nova Hybrid mattress: starting from $1,395 
  • The Casper Original mattress: starting from $995 
  • The Element mattress: starting from $545 

6. Tempur-Pedic

11 Best Mattress Brands

Like Casper, Tempur-Pedic is also known as a giant within the bedding industry. Founded all the way back in 1992, this Kentucky-based retailer was responsible for popularizing memory foam—which in their terms, was reinvented as their own Tempur-Pedic material. 

Today, they’re usually referred to as the most innovative mattress company to date, as they integrate technologies such as the Ergo Smart Base and voice-activated control. 

Customers can also buy other products such as bed bases, pillows, and toppers. In more impressive news, Tempur-pedic’s viscoelastic foam is used by NASA astronauts in space. 

Coupled with an impressive following of over 41.9k on Instagram, this bedding company is considered by many as a top mattress brand in the industry. Today, this high-ranking mattress retailer is led by founder Robert Bobby. 

Despite the hype, this Best Mattress review will keep things unbiased by providing the price range for Tempur-Pedic’s products. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if they’re worth checking out:

  • The Tempur-Cloud Mattress in queen: $1,399 (originally priced at $1,999)
  • The Tempur-Adapt Mattress in medium feel/ king: $2,999
  • The Tempur-ProAdapt Mattress in soft feel/ full: $3,049
  • The Tempur-LuxeAdapt Mattress in soft feel/ twin long: $3,499 

7. Avocado Green Mattress

11 Best Mattress Brands

Avocados get a bad rep. Despite its hipster-rized culture, you’ve got to admit that it’s a healthy source of vitamins and fatty acids. Going with the theme, customers may view Avocado Green Mattress with the same outlook—but in reality, it’s considered the ‘good for you’ bedding company due to the brand’s sustainable outlook. 

This futon retailer produces eco-friendly bedspreads that are made with organic fibers. Designed as a non-toxic alternative to other leading mattresses, Avocado wants you to dream green by opting for their fair trade, zero-waste products. 

Their impressive range includes pillows, protectors, bed frames, and toppers. According to the brand’s website, “Avocado is the world’s first mattress brand to be Climate Neutral Certified.”

Established in 2016, this company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Jay Decker, Mark Abrials, and Jeff and Dan D’Andrea. Avocado has won the recognition of several media outlets, which includes magazines like Vice and USA Today

We’ll waste no time here. This Best Mattress review will go through a few of Avocado’s top-rated mattresses to help readers get a feel for their prices. 

  • The Avocado Green Mattress in twin: $1,099
  • The Avocado Vegan Mattress in full: $1,399
  • The Avocado Latex Mattress in queen: $2,199
  • The Avocado Vegan Latex Mattress in king: $2,899 

8. Serta

11 Best Mattress Brands

There’s no need to count sheep when it comes to Serta. Founded in 1931, this Mattress company started strong with the Perfect Sleeper, which marked them as the front-leaders in comfortable, innovative futons. 

Today, they’re widely known for their orthopedic-style bedding. From gel memory foam, CoolFeel Fabric to the patented anti-microbial technology, sleepers can snooze in assurance knowing that 8-hour period is within reach. 

Based solely in Georgia, Serta mattresses can be found in several hotel chains. They’re also a favorite among ethical shoppers, as the brand ensures that its manufacturing practices are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Some of their products, such as the iComfort bed and the Scrunch Pillow, have been featured in New York Magazine and Forbes. Today, Serta is led by the Simmons Bedding Company. 

Serta definitely seems promising, but do they hold up when it comes to affordability? Unfortunately, the brand does not sell their mattresses online; customers must purchase from one of their partnered retailers. 

For now, let’s take a look at some of the company’s hottest products at Dufresne.com for a better estimate. 

  • The Spectrum Mattress 7 in gel memory foam/ queen: $600 
  • The Spectrum Mattress 8 in gel memory foam/ full: $650 
  • The Athenee V Tight Top in 10”/ king: $638 
  • The Cornell VIII in 10”/ queen: $366

9. Beautyrest

11 Best Mattress Brands

In a world of memory foam and box spring mattresses, Beautyrest has been there and done that. Despite ‘newer’ brands like Casper and Tempur-Pedic, this bedding company has been around since the golden age of 1925. 

The economy was booming, the opportunities were rising, and people were sleeping well—which may be thanks to Beautyrest’s Pocketed Coil mattress. You could say that it was ahead of its time. 

Headed by mattress giant Simmons, Beautyrest is considered a pioneer within the industry. They were the first to market royalty sizing for futons, which is popularly known as king and queen now. 

Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, this company continues to be known for its luxury collection of innerspring futons. Their bed frames and bedding material are also recommended by several magazines, such as Healthline, Sleepopolis, and CNN

Is Beautyrest pretty when it comes to prices? There’s only one way to find out. This Best Mattress review will comb over a few of their top-selling futons to help readers compare. 

  • The Harmony Lux Carbon Mattress: starting at $1,199
  • The Harmony Lux Diamond Mattress: starting at $1,799
  • The Harmony Mattress: starting at $899
  • The Black Hybrid Mattress: starting at $2,149 

10. Sleep Number

11 Best Mattress Brands

You could be snoozing, but your mattress is playin’. Fortunately, Sleep Number doesn’t mess around when it comes to reinventing the futon. 

This Minnesota-based brand integrates several key features to help you hit the hay faster, which includes dual adjustability, responsive air technology, and a contoured sleeping surface. At the end of the night, customers can view their overall ‘snooze score,’ showing how well they slept. 

Aside from its collection of mattresses, Sleep Number also offers pillows, bed frames, sheets, and more. While they aren’t as affordable as some of the other brands we’ve covered, it seems that this company is a coveted favorite among many. 

Since its launch in 1987, Sleep Number has been featured in several online publications, including Business Insider and Furniture Today. 

With a name like Sleep Number, you’d expect them to be specific about price. From what this Best Mattress review has learned so far, they seem to fall in the middle-range in terms of cost. For a better view, let’s take a look at some of the brand’s hottest picks:

  • The Classic 360 degree c2 Smart Bed in queen: $999 (originally priced at $1,099)
  • The Performance 360 degree p5 Smart Bed in full: $1,874 (originally priced at $2,374)
  • The Innovation 360 degree i8 Smart Bed in king: $3,699 (originally priced at $4,399
  • The Memory Foam 360 degree m7 Smart Bed in flextop king: $4,499 (originally priced at $5,199

11. Sealy

11 Best Mattress Brands

It all started with a simple, cotton-filled mattress. In 1881, founder Daniel Haynes made his first advancements within the bedding industry by inventing his own machine press. Over the years, his small, Texas-based boutique grew to be one of the largest Best Mattress companies in the nation. 

Now known as Sealy, this online retailer manufactures a curated collection of comfy bedsteads, which includes spring, foam, and hybrid futons. 

Sealy is also famous for its Posturepedic technology, which delivers needed support to targeted pressure points for sleepers. Aside from mattresses, customers can also buy other products such as adjustable bases and pillows.

Today, Sealy is considered a notable contender within the industry. This is mostly shown through its appearance in several online magazines, including NBC News, Entertainment Tonight, and People.com

So, is it time to seal the deal when it comes to Sealy mattresses? Before you add them to your cart, let’s take a look at the price range from its Cocoon collection:

  • The Cocoon Classic Mattress in soft/twin: $719 (originally priced at $899)
  • The Cocoon Classic Mattress in firm/twin XL: $759 (originally priced at $949)
  • The Cocoon Essential Mattress in medium/king: $959 (originally priced at $1,199)
  • The Cocoon Essential Mattress in medium/full: $639 (originally priced at $799

What Is the Best Mattress Material?

11 Best Mattress Brands

Honestly, it’s up to the sleeper in question. Some of us prefer a denser futon, while others snooze better with ultra-plush bedding. There are three different mattress materials out there: memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid

If you’re unfamiliar with these terms—there’s no need to sweat. This Best Mattress review will explain all of these options in detail. 

There’s a chance that you’re already familiar with memory foam mattresses. This type of material is known to contour your sleeping position. It also makes it easy to target pressure points around the body. It’s soft, plush, and molds to force when applied.

Despite its widespread popularity, some sleepers argue that memory foam doesn’t regulate temperature correctly. On top of that, others complain that it’s too dense and heavy for snoozing. 

Innerspring mattresses feature the traditional steel coil bedspread to help distribute weight. Compared to memory foam, they don’t ‘encase’ you, as sleepers can easily move around. 

While it is considered cheaper and perfect for performance (if you know what I mean), innersprings are notoriously noisy. In worst cases, coils can even break. 

Hybrid mattresses aim to combine the best of both worlds. These types of futons usually feature a sandwich of innerspring bedding, memory foam, and latex material. The pros are pretty obvious, as they offer the same advantages of the options we’ve covered so far.

The best mattress hybrids are comfortable, breathable, and most come with back support. Sadly, a large majority of them aren’t cheap. This is coupled with the fact that they’re quite heavy to carry. 

So, what mattress material best suits your needs?

Are There Certain Materials That Contribute to a Healthier Sleep?

Dr. Hsu can confirm that yes, there are some materials that are “healthier” than others when it comes to mattresses.

“Unfortunately, most mattresses undergo many production processes involving toxic chemicals, which can impact sleepers’ health. Organic materials such as cotton and latex certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) are guaranteed to be non-toxic,” Hsu said.

“Sleepers concerned about their health may want to avoid mattresses made of synthetic materials like polyurethane foam, synthetic latex, or even natural materials that have undergone a lot of chemicals like propylene oxide and TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate). These can cause skin, eye, central nervous system, respiratory, and gastrointestinal issues.”

How Do I Pick the Best Mattress?

11 Best Mattress Brands

Ultimately, the ideal mattress depends on how you sleep. From shrimps, starfish, to snow angels, certain futons are recommended for particular snoozing positions according to Dr. Po-Chang Hsu.

“First, the buyer has to consider the type of box spring they have and the size. If the bed base is spring, a spring mattress is a right choice. Indeed, a person with a box spring seeks above all flexibility. If the bed base is a slatted model with suspensions, it is preferable to opt for a spring mattress with firm support,” Hsu said.

Meet the Expert: Po-Chang Hsu, MD

Po-Chang Hsu, MD received his medical degree from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Prior to medical school, Dr. Hsu did a master thesis on neuroimaging in schizophrenia patients at Harvard Medical School.

“This combination will be particularly relevant for all people with back problems. For firm support, without being too firm, the slatted base with suspensions can accommodate a latex, foam, or memory foam mattress.

With a slatted box spring without suspensions, it is necessary to choose a foam mattress for occasional use. Finally, those with a box spring should choose memory foam or latex mattresses for optimal comfort. The excellent combination of mattress and box spring ensures good sleeping conditions, but it also avoids back pain.”

Dr. Hsu said that a sleeper’s weight, morphology, and sleep position are the most important factors to consider when choosing a mattress.

“If the sleeper’s weight is 250 pounds or more, they need a high-density mattress that is very thick and preferably made of latex or springs. If they weigh between 150 and 250 pounds, they can opt for a hybrid type of mattress or a memory foam mattress, which are often the most comfortable.

However, people weighing between 100 and 150 pounds can opt for a mattress with medium firmness. Petite sleepers, children, and teens weighing less than 100 pounds can sleep on mattresses with soft firmness.”

Hsu’s general rule of thumb is the lighter the person’s weight, the softer the mattress should be. On the other hand, the heavier the person, the firmer the mattress’s support must be.

Also, side sleepers will get comfort with a soft to medium firm mattress, while people with back problems, stomach, and back sleepers can choose between medium firm, firm, and extra firm mattresses depending on their body weight.

How Much Should a Good Mattress Cost?

11 Best Mattress Brands

All products should offer an equal balance of quality and quantity. Luxury brands will usually rope customers in with fancy wording and an abundance of extra features. On the other hand, cheaper alternatives will try to amaze you with its affordability rather than the futon in question. 

Ultimately, it’s important to look for a company that meets halfway. Your mattress should fall within budget without compromising much on quality. 

It’s worth noting that price fluctuates in terms of size. Obviously, the larger the mattress, the bigger the expense. You should also know that more features usually entail a heftier price tag. 

With these pointers in mind, a Best Mattress may cost as low as $500 to as much as $3,000. But there’s a chance that you won’t be anywhere near these extreme markups, as most futons cost around $1,300 to $2,000

And with that, here marks the end of this Best Mattress review. We’ve covered everything in terms of what to consider, the hottest brands to look out for, to the different types of futons that customers can buy. Here’s to hoping that you’re armored with enough information to find the perfect mattress on the market.

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