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About Urbanara

Urbanara Review

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the inside of their home. Whether tastefully minimalist or bold and flashy, everyone has their own unique style for furnishing and decorating their living space. If you’re looking for ideas on how to upgrade your home decor, stick with this Urbanara review.

Urbanara specializes in high-quality but affordable designer home furnishings and decor. This direct-to-consumer brand works closely with top manufacturers from around the world to create timeless pieces that use natural and sustainable materials. 

In its decade-plus in business, this socially and environmentally conscious company has accumulated a strong social media following of 52.8K on Instagram and 12.3K on Pinterest. It even has a Spotify account that features a playlist of atmospheric music to provide the perfect soundtrack for chilling at home. 

Ready to explore the next frontier of decor? This Urbanara review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its bestselling products, promotions and discounts, customer feedback, and more to help you decide if this is your best bet for refurbishing your home.

Overview of Urbanara

Urbanara Review

Urbanara was founded in 2010 by Benjamin Esser, and maintains its global headquarters in Berlin, Germany, with a US office located in East Lansing, Michigan. The brand’s guiding philosophy is that everyone should be able to furnish and decorate their living space with high-quality products without having to break the bank to do so.

The brand’s dedication to accessibility and affordability is matched by its commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Urbanara products are made from all-natural materials whose growing and harvesting has as little impact on the local ecosystem as possible, and the brand’s packaging is FSC-certified.

Urbanara also works closely with its manufacturing partners (located in Portugal, Lithuania, India, and Turkey) to ensure that all of its products are created under safe and ethical working conditions. 

Now that you’ve got some background on this brand, let’s kick this Urbanara review into high gear, beginning with some of the brand’s most notable highlights.


  • Wide range of high-quality, designer home furnishings and decor made from natural/organic or recycled materials
  • Brand works directly with its manufacturers to minimize environmental impact of production ensure ethical manufacturing
  • Numerous globally recognized certifications for environmentally and socially responsible business practices, including the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Care & Fair, Daunacara, and Woolmark 
  • 15% student discount
  • Receive $15 voucher when you sign up for the brand’s e-newsletter
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Free ground shipping on all US orders
Urbanara Review

Let’s just say it up front: this brand has so much to offer, from bedding, cushions, and towels to furniture and living and dining room essentials, that there’s no way this Urbanara review could take it all in. So, we decided to focus on a couple of the brand’s bestselling product categories—namely, blankets and rugs. 

Urbanara Wool Blankets Review

Blankets are not only great for snuggling up under while you’re on the couch watching TV or reading a book, but also as stylish grace notes for your living room decor. Below, we spotlight some of the bestselling Urbanara wool blankets.

Urbanara Miramar Wool Blanket Review

Made from 100% New Zealand lambswool, the Urbanara Miramar Wool Blanket is the greatest way to keep the cold out since hot cocoa. Available in charcoal, mint, and dark blue, this luxuriously fluffy marvel is large enough to keep you and your partner toasty on those long, chilly evenings, and also looks great as a decorative accent when you’re entertaining company.  

The Miramar Wool Blanket is certified by Woolmark, the world’s leading textile organization, as being among the highest-quality wool products on the market. You can make it yours for $99.

Urbanara Gotland Dia Wool Blanket Review

The ruggedly beautiful northern climes of Scandinavia yielded the distinctive, silver-tinged sheen of the Urbanara Gotland Dia Wool Blanket. Woven in Lithuania, it has a subtly intricate diamond pattern that is available in either green and grey, or grey and dark blue.

This classic-looking, all-purpose blanket would look equally good in a stylishly rustic or a chicly minimalist setting, adding that atmospheric touch of Old-World charm. It retails for $115 on the Urbanara website.

Urbanara Cashmere Blankets Review

Cashmere—just saying the word feels luxurious. The bestselling Urbanara cashmere blankets below provide the ultimate in softness for an astonishingly affordable price.

Urbanara Sontra Cashmere Blanket Review

Made from 10% cashmere and 90% wool, the Urbanara Sontra Cashmere Blanket has a unique two-toned design, with each side having a subtly different shade. It’s like getting two stylish blankets for the price of one!

Woven in Mongolia, this plush coverlet is certified by OEKO-TEX, affirming that it was created in accordance with social and environmental guidelines. You can get it in either grey/green or coral/ivory for $269

Urbanara Almora Cashmere Blanket Review

Nothing says class like cashmere, and the Urbanara Almora Cashmere Blanket lets you bring that high-toned refinement into your home on a comparative peon’s budget. This beauty comes in two elegantly simple color options of light green-grey or softly dark charcoal, making it suitable for any setting. 

Of course, style matters little if this blanket didn’t deliver on the comfort front, but there’s no fear of that with its 50-50 wool/cashmere blend. You can bring it home for $339.

Urbanara Jute Rugs Review

You can have all the tasteful decorations and furnishings you want, but there’s nothing like a rug to really tie a room together. Check out some of the top-selling Urbanara jute rugs below.  

Urbanara Asele Rug Review

Jute rugs can give any space a comfortingly lived-in feeling while also suggesting taste and refinement. Made in India using traditional hand-weaving techniques, the Urbanara Asele Rug has an attractively simple-looking yet incredibly intricate ring pattern, making it ideal for either indoor or outdoor spaces. 

The Asele Rug is created in accordance with the standards established by Care & Fair, a charity that operates in India, Pakistan, and Nepal to ensure that carpet-making is carried out in an ethical, non-exploitative manner, without the use of child labor. This 6.5-foot handwoven marvel can be yours for $229.

Urbanara Baruva Rug Review

Jute has a million uses when it comes to interior design. Need proof? Behold the Urbanara Baruva Rug. This handwoven, soft-toned rug brings an invitingly earthy feeling to any space, from a beautifully appointed home to a soullessly sterile condo that you’re desperately attempting to breathe some life into.

The Baruva Rug comes in two subtly varied color options and in two sizes each, as per below:

  • Grey Green/Natural
    3 x 4 ft.—$79
    4.5 x 6.5 ft.—$199
  • Grey/Natural
    3 x 4 ft.—$79
    5.5 x 7.8 ft.—$269

Who Is Urbanara For? 

Urbanara Review

Urbanara is for anyone looking to brighten up their home with stylish and functional designer housewares. Despite the high quality of the materials and the craftsmanship that goes into making the brand’s products, the prices are kept at an affordable level.

Beyond the brand’s accessible price points, those who are concerned about the social and environmental impact of the products they buy can rest easy with Urbanara. The brand has maintained its commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing, and carries numerous internationally recognized certifications to prove it. 

What Makes Urbanara Special? 

Urbanara Review

It’s not every brand that can combine ethical and sustainable manufacturing, high-quality craftsmanship, and affordable price points, but Urbanara has cracked the code thanks to its direct-to-consumer business model. By cutting out the middlemen, the brand prevents the price escalations that typically occur as products make their way from manufacture to point of sale.

More than that, Urbanara’s close relationships with its manufacturers not only ensures the ethical production of its collections, but also draws upon traditional knowledge and craftsmanship in the creation of high-quality textiles. This gives the brand’s products a timelessly simple appeal that beautifully complements any kind of living space.  

Urbanara Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Urbanara Review

This Urbanara review had difficulty digging up a goodly number of customer reviews on the brand’s American site. For that reason, we instead turned to Urbanara’s UK site, so keep that in mind when reading reviews of the brand’s customer service. (The products, of course, are the same.)

On urbanara.co.uk, the brand scores a full 5/5 stars overall from a total of 705 reviews. The overwhelming sentiments in customer comments have to do with the high quality of the materials, and the speed and efficiency of the brand’s customer service. A repeat customer summed up her experience with purchasing the Osele Wool Blanket:

Lovely blanket, brilliant customer service. Before ordering I had read a surprisingly poor review relating to delivery, but, undaunted and knowing the fabulous quality of the blankets after ordering one for my daughter a few years ago, I ordered the Osele blanket (and have since ordered a 2nd one!). Delivery of both took less than a week! 

The blankets are of brilliant quality and are considerably larger than anything similar on the market in the UK. I’m delighted – thank you!

The simple yet elegant aesthetic of the products, which makes them a great match for all manner of interiors, was another big selling point for buyers. One reviewer had this to say about the Gotland Dia Blanket

I’m very pleased with the blanket. A subtle colour and lovely feel. I’m using it to cover a white sofa which I recently bought and it’s a good match with other furniture in my room. Very satisfied!

To get an idea of what customers experienced on this side of the pond, we turned to Amazon, where the Gotland Dia Blanket pulled in 4.7/5 stars from 903 global ratings. The homey feeling of the 100% pure Scandinavian wool was a big attraction for many, as per the five-star review below:

We had this blanket for a few weeks now, and it’s a hit. It is huge, so that it covers everyone on the sofa with ease. It is soft enough. There is just a slight scratchiness that you would expect from wool. I like the natural sheep smell which is very light, and can only be smelled when you dig your nose into it. To me that adds to the coziness.” 

Another reviewer seconded that emotion, celebrating the blanket’s natural feel: “It feels really great to the touch, and I love curling up for a nap with it. The quality is great. Pure wool has a very different vibe from synthetic materials. It feels ‘real’ and I appreciate that.

The Miramar Blanket was also a hit with Amazon buyers, scoring 4.6/5 stars based on 24 reviews. The luxurious softness and comfort of this blanket was the main feature singled out in reviews here, with one buyer commenting: 

So happy with my purchase of this blanket. It is so light but so warm. I was worried the wool may be scratchy but it isn’t at all. It’s soft and perfect to be under while reading books or watching movies.”

Let’s finish off at Amazon with the Uyuni Blanket, which gets a perfect 5/5 stars from 9 reviews. “Beautiful, beautiful blanket. Light and very warm, it fulfils all my expectations. I use the blanket both in the sitting room as a throw, to cuddle under and I use it on the foot of my bed, for when my feet are cold,” said one buyer. ’Nuff said!

Confusingly, the brand’s US branch scores 3.8/5 stars on Trustpilot, but the 2 reviews that produced that rating are both 5 stars. This Urbanara review doesn’t really know what the deal is here, but we’ll let you know what these commenters had to say anyway. Of the Baruva Rug:

I brought the Baruva Rug & absolutely love it! Would definitely recommend & will definitely be buying from URBANARA again!

And as to the Kamaru Leather Chair:

I bought new the “Kamaru Leather Chair” and the quality!!!! Was incredible!! It matched the theme of my house so well, the style is just timeless!

Is Urbanara Worth It?

Urbanara Review

Given that this is a brand that jumps through many hoops to ensure that its natural materials are ethically sourced and transformed into high-quality, environmentally friendly, and affordable products, this Urbanara review can safely say that, yes, this brand is totally worth it. 

Urbanara’s products are luxurious, made to last, and have a timeless aesthetic that fits in with any kind of home and all manner of interior design schemes.  

Urbanara Promotions & Discounts 

Urbanara Review

This Urbanara review found a few ways to save when you order from urbanara.com. Right now, when you use the code BLANKET15 at checkout, you can get 15% off all blankets. You can also get a $15 off voucher when you sign up for the brand’s newsletter.

And, just to keep the ol’ 15 train rollin’, students can register for free with Student Beans to get a 15% off coupon code.

Where to Buy Urbanara 

Urbanara Review

Urbanara products can be purchased directly from urbanara.com. Some of the brand’s products have also been sold on Amazon, though it appears that all of the listed items on the site are currently unavailable.


Urbanara Review

Is Urbanara organic?

All Urbanara products are made out of 100% natural materials, but it is not clear if all of the materials used by the brand can be classified as organic. That said, one of the brand’s primary materials is organic cotton, which is grown and harvested in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Where are Urbanara products made?

Urbanara sources its products from four manufacturing locations: Portugal, India, Lithuania, and Turkey. The brand works closely with its suppliers, and makes regular visits to manufacturing sites to ensure that ethical working standards are maintained.

What is Urbanara’s Shipping Policy?

Urbanara offers free ground shipping for all US orders, regardless of price. Deliveries are fulfilled by FedEx or UPS, and take approximately 5-8 business days. There do not appear to be any expedited shipping options available at this time.

What is Urbanara’s Return Policy?

Urbanara offers a 100-day money-back guarantee with free return shipping for US orders. The return process is simple:

  1. Fill out the return form that came with your order
  2. Put the item back in its original packaging and attach the included UPS return label
  3. Schedule your pickup

Once the receipt of the return has been confirmed by customer service, your refund will be processed within 14 business days. Defective items can be returned for refund within the same 100-day window. The only items that are ineligible for return are gift vouchers.

How to Contact Urbanara

If you still have questions after reading this Urbanara review, you can get in touch with the brand’s customer service team through these channels:

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