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Dressing to impress means more than the perfect set of tops and bottoms. 

Often overlooked are the accessories that make or break the mood. We’re talking belts, wallets, bags, and more. That’s where Bosca comes into play with their range of Italian leather accessories that are definite crowdpleasers.

We’ll admit, this brand doesn’t have a huge online following. Their Instagram currently has over 5k followers despite the name being a heritage brand dating back to 1911

Though the online realm doesn’t seem to be their strongest station in the business world, they still do well for themselves, having been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Best Leather, Gadget Review, and more.

We’re adding this Bosca review to their list. Taking a glance at history, products, pricing, and more, we’re here to determine whether this brand really is worth buying.

Overview of Bosca

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We noted it before, but this brand does actually have a decent history behind them. Founded by Hugo Bosca in 1911, the heritage brand made their start in Boston after Bosca himself emigrated from Italy with a hopeful dream of bringing his accessories to the people. 

Originally starting as a co-founder of Bosca-Mackinnon-Reed, Bosca didn’t take long to buy out partners and carry on in his name alone.

Pushed by his passion for leatherwork, the crafter put his whole heart into the business, leading to the international growth they’ve since seen. Now in the third generation of family ownership, this name stands for strength, richness, and quality in all of their products. 

Sticking to traditional leatherworking methods, all Old Leather is hand-stained in Italy before shipping out to international locations for construction. 

Produced in the US, Italy, China, India, and Bulgaria, all products contain a few pieces of the world before making their way to the customers.

Aiming for quality products at reasonable costs, this brand hopes to bring luxury to the public. Wanting their mission to reflect honoring their heritage and their future, this business doesn’t dwell on the past but uses it to constantly inspire their next move.

Passion is only one element of this company that compels the customer. In fact, this brand has a lot going for them. Check out just a few highlights we pieced together for our Bosca review:


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  • Quality leather accessories for men and women
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Heritage brand
  • Affirm payment plans available

There’s a lot to discover from this one. We wanted to give a detailed look into products, but rather than take up all of your time, we decided to limit it to just their top products for now. 

With that being said, take some time to explore the site as there’s a lot offered there that we aren’t touching on today.

Bosca Men’s Review

We’re splitting this site via the men’s and women’s sides, starting here with the Bosca Men’s selection. These best-selling products have made their names stand out for a reason. Cool, collected, and cultured, there’s a lot to discover in these featured items.

Bosca Monfrini Italia Metro Backpack Review

Hit the streets with confidence in each step and storage space strapped to your back with the Bosca Monfrini Italia Metro Backpack.

Forget the standard backpack style and toss it out for this sleek new design. Smooth Italian leather comes together in a minimal, yet effective appearance that really makes a mark on those around. 

Available in deep black, dark brown, camo, and light nut brown, there’s a color and style for everyone.

This bag really keeps things simple in both appearance and use. Featuring only two pouches, one larger and one front pocket, it doesn’t take much to unzip the bright nickel zipper to get things in place before moving on to the next stop for the day. 

Secured by two sturdy leather straps with a handle at the top for quick carrying, this bag is ready for city life.

Study in style with this bag for $395.

Bosca Navayo Italia Weekend Wallet Review

The best and worst part of men’s wallets tends to be the size. Large enough to hold about everything needed, they also sit like a brick in the pocket. Luckily, Bosca has a solution with the Navayo Italia Weekend Wallet.

Slim enough for any trip, there’s no need to worry about fitting this piece in any pocket. Curious and compact, this wallet understands the standard requirements, and, despite its smaller size, it manages to meet each one with ease. 

Featuring RFID Blocking technology, there’s no need to worry about bringing this one out into public.

Stitched for success, this wallet contains all of the essentials – four card slots with a gusset opening for any cash. 

Fill the pockets, slide in any cash, business cards, or additional credit cards needed, and feel secure in keeping the smaller wallet stealthily in any pocket. Nothing is bulging out and beckoning to pickpockets here – it’s all slick, smooth, and stylish.

Head out to any weekend with this one for $85.

Bosca Dolce Amalfi Belt Review 

Let’s not be modest, many of us need at least one belt in the closet to keep things sitting properly in place. Why not aim for a lasting product with the Dolce Amalfi Belt?

Available in three color selections (black, dark brown, and light brown), this piece is all about simple style. 

Showcasing neat and detailed stitching along the top and bottom of the belt, there’s nothing gaudy about this one. Instead, it’s all about the finer points and the finesse to craft such an elegant style.

Featuring gold hardware against the deep tones of brown and black, these belts happily suit every occasion. Whether heading out to the office or on date night, these casual and classic looks will accompany any event.

Start building a timeless look for $95.

Bosca Women’s Review

Waving farewell to the men’s section, we’re stepping towards the Bosca Women’s accessories to finish off this product portion. Taking a look at some of our favorite pieces, we’re making a point to note these classics for their costs, style, and substance.

Bosca Monfrini Italia Farfalla Convertible Tote-Pack Review

We’re claiming it now – the Monfrini Italia Farfalla Convertible Tote-Pack has to be part magic in order to incorporate all that it does.

We need to highlight the best feature first – can’t hold back on this one – it’s convertible. This means more than working with any outfit. 

This bag can function as a purse, satchel, tote bag, or backpack. The straps in place loop through several locations to fit the hold as needed and that’s all we could ever really ask for in a bag.

Aside from its stunning transitional nature, this bag actually packs quite a punch with its storage as well. Unzipping from the top, this bag reveals a wide space for storing as needed, including an internal zipped pocket for those important and quick-find items. 

Available in black, brown, light brown, and white, there’s a choice for every individual to match outfits and mood.

Fall into convertible fashion for $335.

Bosca Monfrini Italia 8″ Accordion Zip Wallet Review

Who knows what the day will require of us? Why head out with a bulky bag to keep everything in place when all that’s needed is the Monfrini Italia 8” Accordion Zip Wallet.

Easy to keep in hand or toss in a bag at a moment’s notice, this 8” Bosca wallet comes in clutch. Crafted in an accordion style, this one really is bigger on the inside. 

Once unzipped, it reveals folds for cards, cash, and more, all centered around a zipped segment to hold any lingering coins in place.

Smooth, beautiful Italian leather strips piece together this wallet, available in six different colors. Whether rocking a classic black or a pop of red or blue, this wallet suits every occasion. 

Perfect for elevating from the wallet-phone case we all bought a few years ago, this case keeps things in place with a bit more substance and style in place.

Sit in a higher class for $170.

Bosca Vintage Crocco Pencil Pouch Review

Anyone artsy in the crowd? If so, the Vintage Crocco Pencil Pouch is one to check out.

Patterned in smooth crocodile stamping, this leather is all about a sleek feel and appearance. Stunning black leather makes up the outside of this piece, giving way to a chocolatey brown interior to protect whatever makes its way to becoming zipped contents. 

The raw interior contrasts the smooth exterior, making for one mad mashup of textures and designs.

We know that not everyone needs a pencil case around. Those done with school, work, or art may not see the beauty of a zipped pouch. We will say that this one comes in handy for more than just pens. 

Toss in coins, cards, keys, whatever’s been lying around the countertops that could use a bit of organization in life. It’ll keep the place clean and classy through the shiny black exterior.

Appreciate a vintage look for $125.

Who Is Bosca For? 

Bosca Review 10

We truly believe everyone deserves a bit of stunning leather in their lives. Whether a steady wallet or a slick belt to tie together an outfit, there’s room in everyone’s routine to add a nice leather accessory to the collection.

We understand that not all customers like a leather vibe – totally fair. However, for those who do enjoy the pebbled, smooth, or raw leather looks, this brand offers reasonable costs on a wide collection of accessories that elevates any and every occasion.

Bosca Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bosca Review 11

We want to stun our readers with this Bosca review and in order to do that, we need a full picture of the business and its products. 

Despite being in the industry for over 100 years, we’ll admit that there’s not a huge online following for this brand. They seem to instead remain a steady presence through customer loyalty rather than flashy online marketing and we have to respect that.

Despite the lower numbers, we do want to note that they bring in some pretty solid ratings. 

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Their TrustPilot rating sits at one of the lowest scores online with 3.9/5 stars based on over 175 ratings. Not too bad for being one of the lower ratings we’ve come across.

So, what do customers love? It typically comes down to quality. Customers seem to adore the top-tier materials in use for their products. 

Genuine Italian leather crafted carefully with each detailed stitch showing the care put into the production. It’s hard to beat reasonably priced leather goods built to last.

Absolutely love this wallet. Purchased this wallet to replace an identical one that I had used for years. Reasonable priced considering how many years they last. Very durable.

Of course, we aren’t the only ones to write a Bosca review. Joining the crowd, Gadget Review also took note of this brand and ultimately assigned them 8.9/10 stars for their wallets alone. 

Commenting on the sleek and professional appearance of the piece, they also made note of just how much storage this brand seems to give their products.

Their Bosca review stated, “The Bosca Wallet, though admittedly not the slimmest wallet around, will still dazzle with its elegance and sophistication. And it’s not just a pretty face either. The Bosca wallet houses fantastic storage capabilities from cards to bills.

Not only does it function fantastically, but its appearance never disappoints. With “hand-stained Italian leather, glossy finish, and traditional look,” this wallet manages a perfect balance between form and function to craft an elegant piece that men everywhere would be proud to carry with them.

Of course, when we refer to their wallet in this Bosca review, we should be more specific considering the number of models available to the public. Amazon customers seem to particularly love the Bosca Men’s Bifold With Card/I.D. Flap, rating it 4.7/5 stars based on over 300.

Sturdy in its material and design, this wallet promises on substance and it more than delivers. Coming in at a smaller size, this wallet holds all essentials in place for any travel. 

Whether heading out for the day or for a weekend away, this “sturdy wallet [has] lots of card slots” to keep all required ID and cards nearby when needed.

Stunning leather crafts the piece for a durable design. Quality in its material, the real beauty to come from this piece is the shiny finish that just calls out to take notice.

This wallet is simply gorgeous. I took to a couple of different places to see if I could get his initials debossed in the leather, and both places commented on how beautiful and high-quality the leather was.

Of course, this isn’t the only Bosca piece to impress the people. Amazon lists dozens of Bosca products with equally high ratings from customers. We’ve gathered just a few names to show off how well this name does on Amazon:

  • Bosca Men’s Front Pocket Wallet in Old Leather: 4.7/5 stars based on over 205 ratings
  • Bosca Men’s Double I.D. Trifold in Old Leather – RFID: 4.6/5 stars based on over 160 ratings
  • Bosca Old Leather Collection – Front Pocket Wallet: 4.7/5 stars based on 145 ratings
  • Bosca Men’s 8 Pocket Wallet in Old Leather: 4.7/5 stars based on over 140 ratings
  • Bosca Men’s 12 Pocket Credit Italian Leather Wallet: 4.5/5 stars based on 105 ratings

It seems to come down to quality and manufacturing for this one. Customers seem to adore the shining leather for reasonable pricing compared to others in the industry. 

Of course, we do have to note that some have complained about the leather scratching and about inconsistent shipping, however, the majority of individuals stand by this brand and many of them have for years.

This heritage name has existed on the market for over one hundred years – there has to be a solid reason for that. 

Paying serious attention to the details, we’d argue in this Bosca review that while every company has their faults, this one seems to be pretty secure in their practice at this point in time.

Is Bosca Legit?

Bosca Review 12

We truly did our research for this Bosca review. From what we can tell, this one is legit. This brand has been around for decades (a century in fact) and the only notes we’ve come across surrounded shipping issues and a few complaints on international construction. 

We’re giving this brand the green light.

Is Bosca Worth It?

Bosca Review 13

In our opinion, this brand is worth the time and money. Leather goods can go up in cost in no time at all. 

As a high-costing industry, it’s always difficult to find selections for under a few hundred. That’s why we have to appreciate Bosca’s reasonable pricing. Still not cheap, but definitely not bank-breaking.

We also have to take note of the quality of the pieces. We do acknowledge that there have been customers not quite as satisfied, but from what we’re seeing, the majority of individuals have been extremely satisfied with the material and construction that’s come their way. 

We’re giving this one the okay – give it a try for a premium leather piece.

Bosca Promotions & Discounts 

Bosca Review 14

At the time of writing this Bosca review, there are no running promotions. The only discount we spotted was for email registration in which customers can sign up now and get 10% off their next purchase.

Where to Buy Bosca

Bosca Review 15

In search of a good store to purchase products? We have to say that really offers the complete collection from a single site. Those who want to explore other avenues for these products can check out:

  • Nordstrom
  • Zappos
  • Popov Leather
  • Maison de Sabré
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


Bosca Review 16

Who owns Bosca?

Bosca is a family-owned brand. They’re currently in their third generation of ownership with Christopher Bosca at the helm.

Where is Bosca made?

Bosca is an international brand. All leather is crafted, dyed, and cut in Italy before being shipped to locations in China, India, Bulgaria, Italy, and the US for manufacturing.

Is Bosca luxury?

Bosca identifies as being an accessible luxury brand. Quality pieces for affordable prices.

Is Bosca real leather?

Yes, it is. Bosca takes immense pride in their quality leather.

Does Bosca ship internationally?

Bosca is quite happy to ship to international locations.

What is Bosca’s Shipping Policy?

We won’t hold back. We’ll just jump to the best news – shipping is free. US residents receive complimentary shipping for products, with their usual ETA around 2 to 4 business days. This timeline isn’t guaranteed, however, it has been fairly consistent.

All shipments are tracked and, for those who want an assurance of arrival time, upgraded shipping is available. Customers can select FedEx 2-Day delivery for a fee of $10 at checkout for an expedited timeline.

International shipping can be subject to duties and taxes, however, those will be calculated at checkout. Just take note of the numbers before committing to a purchase.

What is Bosca’s Return Policy?

Those who find themselves not quite pleased with their products can take advantage of the 30-day return policy. Pieces that appear new, unused, and in the original condition can be returned for an exchange or refund at the request of the customer.

Returns themselves are quite a simple process. Shipping is free, so that’s one less stress. All that’s left to care about is the steps to take:

  1. Head online and either enter contact and order info or log onto your account
  2. Select the item for return
  3. Print the return label and secure it to the box
  4. Drop it off at a FedEx dropbox

The rest is just a waiting game. Most refunds are done within two weeks, but feel free to reach out to customer service with any questions about delays.

How to Contact Bosca

Bosca Review 17

We hope you enjoyed our Bosca review! We don’t want to leave behind any questions or concerns, so we’re including some solid customer contact info to ease any issues. 

Customer service operates between Monday and Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST. Anytime within those hours, feel free to reach out and someone will be in touch.

There are three methods to reach out:

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