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Feed Bags Review

We all want to see some good in the world, so why not make a purchase that makes a difference? Accessorize your style with the help of FEED. Featuring a line of purses and bags for all occasions, this brand is all about giving what they receive to help feed those in need.

This charitable corporation has made its mark through their partnerships with big names like Target, Whole Foods, National Geographic, Disney, GAP, and many more. Featured in Forbes several times alone, this brand’s 149k followers are all for looking good while doing great for the world around them.

While charitable donations sound great, how does the brand really operate and stack up with their products? This FEED bags review will uncover how everything works from products to projects to customer praises. We’re here to help determine whether this business is worth it.  

Overview of Feed

Feed Bags Review

FEED isn’t new to the market. From day one in 2007, this business directed their practices towards a greater goal. Using the purchasing of tote bags and accessories, this brand has put everything into a greater social context.

While the bags sold are all about sustainable creation with natural and organic materials taking precedence over cheaper low-quality material, even this isn’t the true focus of the brand. FEED Bags are all about helping feed those around the world.

Each bag purchased donates meals to those in need. Products are numbered, indicating to customers how many meals are provided with the money made from that piece. Track the difference being made by each bag as meals as provided to vulnerable communities in need.

In addition to their organic materials and mission to feed those in need, this brand also works with local artisans from Kenya, India, and more to create international collections. This not only puts food on the table for those benefiting from the donation, but also for the artisans and families being supported by this partnership.

Moving on, this FEED bags review will be checking out some highlights to keep in mind before buying:


  • Wide stock of tote bags and accessories
  • Each purchase donates school meals to a vulnerable community
  • Partnered with big brand names
  • Sustainable sourcing on organic materials and fabrics
  • Durable bags built to last
Feed Bags Review

While we’re focusing on the utilitarian reusable bags in this FEED bags review, we also need to point out that this brand has expanded to include other items in their inventory. From jewelry and accessories to a recent holiday collection, this business is all about expanding stock while maintaining their overall mission.

FEED Bags Review

As the titular items of this article, these best-sellers prove why a FEED bags review was needed in the first place. Showcasing the variety in styles, colors, and sizes, we’re picking the most popular pieces to highlight in this overview.

FEED 10 Bag Review

Named with its mission in mind, the FEED 10 Bag focuses all features on what this bag accomplishes with each purchase.

We’ll start with the key factor here – the purchase of this bag provides 10 school meals to a community in need. That alone should be enough reason to look further into this bag for convenient storage.

To those who need more aesthetic reasons, you won’t be disappointed. While the style itself is quite straightforward (they’re all a rough utilitarian model), the ten color options keep things fresh and interesting. 

Light in weight and roomy in space, these bags are perfect for running out for any kind of errands or function as a perfect replacement for larger purses to change up that accessory style.

Get one of these cotton wonders for $20, on sale from $28.

FEED Canvas Go-To Bag Review

Looking for a purse replacement with a more neutral design? Check out the FEED Canvas Go-To Bag for that simple style that never gets old.

Featuring a removable shoulder strap, this bag is ready to be slung across the shoulder for any adventure it will face. 

The solid cotton canvas maintains a sturdy strength and shape, meaning any number of items will stay protected and secure on hikes, shopping trips, or weekend trips away to escape the chaos of daily life.

Slip in a camera, some spare clothes, a laptop, or whatever else could be needed on short trips. Select one of three colors and keep things secure with the zippered pockets lining the interior and exterior sections of the bag.

Feed 25 kids with this $98 bag, or act fast and get it for the sale price of $78.

FEED Weekender Duffle Review

Pack things up for that perfect weekend away with the FEED Weekender Duffle.

There are a lot of pieces that stand out with this one, so bear with us as we highlight all of the best features. First and foremost, this piece offers lightweight storage with space to spare. Perfect for a weekend or a minimalist week, this cotton bag has pockets for days including several stretchy slip spots for those last-minute additions.

Lined with water-resistant recycled plastic, all items are kept secure from water. Getting heavy on the shoulder? Rest it on its raised metal feet that keep the bottom of the bag from getting dirtied up by whatever location you end up in.

Serve up 100 meals with this one for $158, original price $198.

FEED Natural Dye Tote Review

Go all-natural all the time with the FEED Natural Dye Tote Bag.

Using plants as the basis for these three calming natural colors, this bag is all about that organic and sustainable lifestyle. 

Manufactured in India, these pieces are hand-made, making each shade and bag unique in style. Feel the love of those who put in the effort to make this bag, while knowing the purchase made the day for 10 school children.

Support the farmers, artisans, and children with this bag for $20, or get it at its regular price of $28.

FEED Elephant Family Pouch Review

Heading somewhere overnight and stressing about packing? Keep things organized with the FEED Elephant Family Pouch.

Perfect for filling toiletries, make-up, or the endless electronics cords that accompany every journey, this bag keeps everything in one simple place. 

Featuring an adorable design of an elephant family, this homestyle piece brings warmth and love wherever it goes. This artisan piece is crafted from cotton canvas with a fun leather tassel to add a bit of flair to the soft blue design.

Provide 10 meals in exchange for this cute $38 pouch.

FEED The Essential Bag Review

Those shopping for a sleek style can find it with ease through the FEED The Essential Bag.

This soft leather bag really covers all of the essentials. Perfect for work, school, chores, trips, and so much more, this multi-pocket piece is ready to be filled to the brim.

Featuring a divider and key ring in addition to the endless zippers to secure wallets, phones, and who knows what else, the two color options of this leather wonder will be a happy addition to any outfit. An everyday essential accessory, this bag was born from endless needs and has yet to disappoint.

For $298, this bag provides 100 meals to school children.

FEED Eleanor Crossbody Bag Review

We needed to end the products portion of this FEED bags review with the sleek and stylish FEED Eleanor Crossbody Bag.

The perfect medium-sized purse, this bag will happily sling across the body or shoulders to join every kind of adventure. In smooth black or russet leather, this sturdy bag comes with an adjustable strap to fit it exactly as needed. 

With a fun leather tassel attached to the zipper closure, this piece keeps things secure and ready at a moment’s notice.

Feed 50 with this $148 purchase.

Who Is FEED For? 

Feed Bags Review

This brand is all about helping those in need. There’s no limit to age, gender, or race when it comes to donating for a good cause. Everyone can use a spare bag or duffle around the house for storage space. May as well make the purchase worth something.

How Does FEED Work?

Feed Bags Review

It’s all well and good to state that a donation will be made with each purchase, but how exactly does this process work? We’ve got all the information on the steps taken with the money this company makes.

Each product displays the number of meals that will be donated upon purchase. Simple enough, right? Once the purchase is made, FEED contacts their partner charities, UN World Food Program and No Kid Hungry, with the amount made. The meals will be allocated to those in need domestically through No Hungry Kid and globally through the UN World Food Program.

These meals provided are school meals for children in need. The goal is to supply children with their daily school meals to keep them full, happy, and able to learn. So far, over 100 million meals have been provided to school children due to these donations.

FEED also works with emergency food aids for families in need. Providing nutrients to those struggling to feed their families, this brand is all about aiding vulnerable communities that are missing that basic need. 

This also includes partnering with artisans in struggling areas to provide an income for those families who need assistance in making payments for food and housing.

FEED Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Feed Bags Review

For a brand all about the people, this company doesn’t have a lot in terms of customer ratings on external sites. While it’s easy to find a FEED bags review or two on their own site, it’s when venturing out into the rest of the internet where comments become sparse. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The brand’s site offers quite a few ratings on their own site from satisfied customers with many praising the “quick shipping and quality.” 

All products come in highly rated in part due to the wonderful mission underlining the whole company. With that being said, the products do stand up well on their own.

The Market Tote sits at 4.9/5 stars based on 215 ratings and customers are in love with the size and strength that this piece offers. One five-star FEED bags review wrote, “I love the FEED tote. It comes with me everyday for errands. It is very well made.

The quality of these bags makes the whole business. Crafted from sustainable and organic materials, these cotton and canvas bags are made to feel light, but carry loads with ease. 

Whether lifting groceries, books, or simply in place of a purse, the variety of styles offers a myriad of uses to those with these in stock.

The FEED 1 Bag also holds a rating of 4.9/5 stars based on over 90 ratings. Customers of this purchase love “how roomy, sturdy and reversible” this bag can be. With customers proud of the message, materials, and mission that this bag promotes, it’s simple to see why this is a best seller.

Check out these other well-rated products:

  • Market Tote: 4.9/5 stars based on 215 ratings
  • Leather FEED 1 Bag: 4.8/5 stars based on over 110 ratings
  • The Essential Bag: 4.9/5 stars based on over 35 ratings
  • Work Bag: 4.9/5 stars based on over 115 ratings 
  • Natural Dye FEED 10 Tote: 4.8/5 stars based on 55 ratings

Ratings aren’t solely limited to the brand’s own site. Amazon doesn’t offer a lot of stock, but the World Food Programme FEED Bag currently has 4.5/5 stars based on 185 ratings.

While these customers can’t comment on the brand’s shipping and return service, they still seem impressed by the products themselves.

One 5-star FEED bags review commented, “It makes me feel good knowing that something I bought went to make a difference, and that every compliment I get gives me a chance to tell someone new about this great charitable opportunity. It goes with everything I wear, and the size holds absolutely everything. It’s STURDY, VERY well crafted, and you can tell a lot of thought was put into this bag.

Many customers post on how their love for the purchase led to a second and third item joining their collection. Proud to support a good cause, customers are thrilled when the style, size, and quality surpass all expectations to make a great product.

Reviewers on Fresh Chalk echo these thoughts with 5/5 stars joining the support for this company. 

One individual stated, “Great tote for the farmer’s market or anywhere you want to use a reusable bag. Very well made and durable. Plus by purchasing this tote the company provides 50 meals for school children around the world and in the United States.

Spill-proof, lightweight, and simple in style, these bags make customers proud to wear them for more than one reason.

Is FEED Worth It?

Feed Bags Review

We’re happy to report that this FEED bags review will proudly recommend this brand as one to buy. Offering a fantastic product that’s not only stylish but well-built to hold a full load, these pieces are more than a simple accessory.

The best part about the charitable aspect of this business is that customers are able to see the difference being made. 

Rather than being told that a portion goes to those in need, customers can take note of how many meals their purchase will provide to those in vulnerable communities. It makes a huge difference knowing how many people have been helped by the money you spend.

Strong products, a great cause, what more can you ask for? We’re happy to suggest this one for birthdays, holiday gifts, or just as a treat to yourself.

FEED Promotions & Discounts 

Feed Bags Review

At the time of writing this FEED bags review, there are no running promotions. This brand does have a constant sales section though, so be sure to check that out when looking to save.

Where to Buy FEED 

Feed Bags Review

FEED bags are most easily found on their own site, For anyone outside of the US still interested, check out these partner brands and sites for selections of FEED products:

  • GAP
  • Target
  • Whole Foods
  • Amazon
  • Fresh Chalk


Feed Bags Review

Does FEED ship internationally?

Currently, FEED doesn’t ship internationally. They are hoping to expand that service soon, so keep up to date via their online newsletter for the latest info.

Where is FEED made?

While it’s been heavily claimed that this brand is solely built in the US, there are some products that have been manufactured in China as well. That said, the production and material retains integrity in both locations.

Where is my donation going?

Donations from FEED provide school meals for those in need. Partnered with the UN World Food Program and No Kid Hungry, each product displays how many meals are provided per purchase. 

Once the money is available, the foundations are contacted and money is allocated to schools and children in need.

What is FEED’s Shipping Policy?

Find something in this FEED bags review worth buying? We can’t blame you – we have a few pages bookmarked ourselves.

All shipping is done through a flat rate for each of the shipping services coming in at a different standard cost. The one thing to note here is that orders over $100 are shipped for free

For those looking at a few purchases, try to bundle them into a single order to ultimately save that extra fee.

The available shipping options are:

  • FedEx Ground
    • $10
  • FedEx 2Day
    • $20
  • FedEx Standard Overnight
    • $40

Currently, no international shipping is available. The company is working on expanding globally, but for the time being, customers have to search third-party and partner sites to access these products anywhere other than the US. 

To be updated on international shipping status, register your email to stay informed on the latest news.

What is FEED’s Return Policy?

Not completely satisfied with a purchase? That’s obviously not ideal but easily fixed with FEED’s 30-day return policy. We have to note that this is 30 days from the date of purchase, not the date of delivery, so keep those receipts to keep track of when that period is over.

All items returned have to be good as new. We’re talking unused, unworn, original tags, and all from online. In addition, anything being returned must be sent in the original packaging to be accepted upon arrival to the return address.

All returns are started from the online Return Center. This site will guide customers through the process, prompting required information and ultimately offering the address to send all return packages to. No return shipping will be covered by the company, so those costs will be out of pocket.

For those who received a damaged or defective product, please contact customer support within 30 days of purchase. In order to report defective items, customers must include:

  1. Defective Product as the email subject
  2. Description of the issue
  3. Photographic evidence
  4. Order number and name

Customer service will do their best to supply a replacement or aid customers with the return for those simply wishing for a refund.

How to Contact FEED

Have a need to reach out with more questions or comments? The easiest way to get in touch with this business is via email at [email protected].

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