EntireWorld Clothing Review

About EntireWorld

EntireWorld Clothing Review

EntireWorld’s modern and sustainable essentials merge fashion with comfort. Its men’s and women’s collections feature chic everyday basics that make dressing down the new dressing up.

Catching attention for its non-binary styles, EntireWorld has been featured in The New York Times, InStyle, CNBC, Fashionista, GQ, Glamour, and New York Magazine. The brand’s 112k followers on Instagram reflect that times are changing and people are into it.

This EntireWorld clothing review will provide an encompassing view of the brand, zooming in on its bestsellers and customer reviews before answering FAQs, and more, to help you figure out if its sustainable and elevated basics are worth the buy.

Overview of EntireWorld

EntireWorld Clothing Review

Everyone needs basics—they are the glue that holds all wardrobes together. Versatile and simple, they’re considered “essentials” for a reason.

When Scott Sternberg launched EntireWorld, he had already had a successful run at fashion. As the founder and creative director of the London-based clothing line, Band of Outsiders he was no stranger to the world of fashion and design.

Opening its virtual doors in 2018, those who eagerly awaited to see what Sternberg’s new venture entailed were surprised to find that the inspired creative was releasing a line of what is traditionally the most simple apparel on the planet: basics.

But, it soon became apparent that EntireWorld’s basics were clearly more than your average dollar store specials. While the price tag does reflect that fact, there’s something unique about the sustainable essentials line that you’ll notice as soon as you enter the website.

Sternberg’s artistic mind has merged comfort with fashion, designing everyday pieces that are worthy of a catwalk. Chic cuts, quality fabrics, and on-trend colors make his collection one that customers can really strut their stuff in—and proudly.

EntireWorld has a do-good, feel-good, worldly vibe about it. The brand uses sustainable and recycled fabrics when possible, along with off-cuts to make certain items, like socks.

Meanwhile, its website gently informs you of how many people are browsing with you and the weather in other countries.

Though based in Los Angeles, CA, EntireWorld aptly sources and manufactures its clothing in locations across the globe. Before we zoom in on the details of its collection, this EntireWorld clothing review will fill you in on the brand’s pros and cons.


  • Wide selection of daily basics, such as underwear, t-shirts, sweaters, joggers, and more
  • Long-lasting essentials to help you maximize your wardrobe 
  • Selection of fun and neutral colors
  • Gender-fluid clothing
  • Sustainably and ethical practices
  • Discounts available
  • Ships worldwide
  • Free US shipping and returns


  • Clothing may fit small, customers may need to size up
  • The website can be frustrating to navigate
  • Buyers have noticed pilling, shedding, or irregular threading in some items
  • Short return window
EntireWorld Clothing Review

In the next section of this EntireWorld clothing review, we’ll take a look at a selection of the brand’s women’s and men’s clothing. Below, you’ll read about its sweats, shirts, and underwear

If you’d rather split up payments, all of EntireWorld’s apparel can be paid for in four interest-free installments with Sezzle.

EntireWorld Women’s Sweats Review

Sweats are no longer just sweats. They’re what we work in, play in, and live in. And the quality and style need to reflect that. This EntireWorld clothing review will now feature the brand’s top-selling women’s sweats that meet the needs of today’s world.

EntireWorld Loop Back Sweatpants Review

In 2020, the search for the perfect pair of sweatpants was real. You know, the ones that are sinfully comfortable, have a slim fit with just the right amount of give?

During that time, many people stumbled across the Loop Back Sweatpants, available in 14 colors and made from a comfy cool mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

A loop back is a type of stitching that allows for a less cylindrical overall look. You’ll find these to be a little more slouchy and thinner than other sweatpants.

Other features include pockets and tapered ankles. Complete your search with the Loop Back Sweatpants for $88.

EntireWorld Loop Back Sweatshirt Review

There are some days that a sweatshirt is non-negotiable. It’s that piece in our closets that we gravitate to on rainy days, after bad breakups, or when we need to feel snugly and secure.

The EntireWorld Loop Back Sweatshirt uses Japanese loop stitching to create a lightweight and drapey feel. A blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester may make this French Terry sweater the one you reach for again and again.

With a relaxed neckline and arm, this sweater is more form-fitting to your body, giving it a fashionable look that can be dressed up with a leather jacket, or down with your favorite blanket.

Available in a selection of 12 colors, the EntireWorld green sweatshirt women’s style is particularly eye-catching. Wear this effortlessly cool sweater year-round for $88.

EntireWorld Women’s Best Sellers Review

It’s important for this EntireWorld clothing review to include the brand’s best-sellers because essentially, they are what customers have tried, loved, and spread the word about. So below, you’ll find the brand’s fan-favorite women’s shirts and underwear.

EntireWorld Organic Cotton Giant Shirt Review

Found in the EntireWorld women’s tops and PJs section, the Organic Cotton Giant Shirt is like the one you might button up the morning after a late-night escapade, or, at least that’s what they do in the movies.

With a men’s loose fit and 100% cotton material, this dressy-casual shirt is one to be lived in. This particular style—long sleeves, loose shoulders—is available in 6 different colors, like classic black or white, but also in pink or trendy chambray.

This versatile non-binary shirt is $125. If you’re more of the dress type, take a look at the EntireWorld women’s dresses section for loose-fitting favorites.

EntireWorld Organic Cotton Stand Collar T Review 

With a collar that’s not quite a mock and not quite a crew, the Organic Cotton Stand Collar T sits proudly against the base of your neck and gives this tee a little extra somethin’. 

Great for laying over other pieces, this lightweight, almost-flowy long sleeve top is perfect for laid-back days and mornings when you have 0.56 seconds to put an outfit together.

Everything about this shirt is relaxed… the body, the sleeves, the blue striped design. Also available in red, white, and navy colors, you can add any of these EntireWorld womens’ ts to your wardrobe for $48.

EntireWorld Bikini Briefs Review 

Bikini briefs blend the best of both worlds—a little cheekiness and enough coverage. They’re a comfortable panty drawer staple made from 100% organic cotton with a ribbed texture.

Don’t know if you got the memo, but ribbed is the new black. And speaking of black, these Bikini Briefs come in the timeless shade along with 19 other solid color options (we particularly like the EntireWorld purple underwear).

Get four pairs for $50, six pairs for $75, or one for $15. Though the EntireWorld bra isn’t available currently, if the brand brings it back it would pair nicely with these briefs.

EntireWorld Men’s Clothing Review

Clothes are a necessity and well-built basics help you get the most of your wardrobe. Highlighting the brand’s best-selling men’s apparel below, this EntireWorld clothing review will give you all the deets on its long-lasting, crowd-pleasing shirts, underwear, and socks.

EntireWorld Organic Cotton Striped Boxy T Review 

If you’re not the slim-fit-loving dude, but still want a little structure in your tee, you’ll find it in the Organic Cotton Striped Boxy T. It comes in 6 different color patterns, which all have an easy-going, skater vibe about them.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this drapey tee doesn’t look messy, instead, it adds a chill and polished look to cuffed jeans or a crisp pair of EntireWorld men’s shorts and trousers.

If you like a closer fit, try a size down. Ladies are welcome here too, just keep in mind the shoulders are quite wide.

The Organic Cotton Striped Boxy T is $38. Swap to one of the EntireWorld men’s tanks for a more breezy feel.

EntireWorld Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Polo Review 

Some occasions require a proper collar. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort.

The EntireWorld Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Polo comes in green, navy, and a navy/red stripe to give you some options for your next date, interview, or afternoon stroll.

This design is tapered around the arms and hips for an unexpected twist on this classic style. With organic cotton knit, this lightweight sweater-like polo shirt keeps you cool for $85.

EntireWorld Organic Cotton Brief Review 

Underwear has the reputation of being either too tight, too saggy, or just plain uncomfortable. But wait, aren’t they supposed to be protective, supportive, and soft?

The 100% Organic Cotton Brief does things differently with its ultra-soft, ribbed-knit feel, and a supportive, close fit (sagging is for bulldog puppies only). 

Available in four basic colors, a three-pack of these comfy classics is $50, or get one pair for $18.

EntireWorld Organic Cotton Mid-Calf Socks Review 

It’s a universal truth that the right socks can drastically change your day. The guidelines are simple: they need to be comfy, snug, and non-slipping.

The Organic Cotton Mid-Calf Socks come up to the middle of your calf but can be folded or pushed down for a more relaxed look.

Made from a mix of Italian organic cotton, polyamide, and elastase, these simple socks come in nine colors, including grey or bright pink.

One size fits most. Grab a pair for $18. If you’re more into the jock vibe, check out the EntireWorld gym socks instead.

Is EntireWorld unisex?

EntireWorld Clothing Review

EntireWorld has designated men’s and women’s sections on its website.

But, the clothing within those sections isn’t exactly gender-specific, so both men and women could technically shop either section. The brand isn’t admittedly unisex, but it is perceived to be.

Is EntireWorld sustainable?

EntireWorld Clothing Review

The brand does its best to use materials that have the smallest environmental impact on our world possible. Materials like organic and recycled cotton are common within EntireWorld’s clothing line.

EntireWorld also considers itself sustainable for the fact that it is an essentials brand. This means that, on average, its pieces will last in your wardrobe for longer than fast-fashion ones will. Less clothing in the landfill means a more sustainable future.

Is EntireWorld ethical?

EntireWorld Clothing Review

EntireWorld is very picky about the factories it works with. While the band hasn’t specified exactly what its guidelines are, the website does say that it follows a “strict set of criteria” that a factory must meet to work with them.

The facilities it does work with are visited by the brand’s representatives regularly to ensure those criteria are met.

EntireWorld Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

EntireWorld Clothing Review

The brand’s sustainable essentials certainly look comfy, but no EntireWorld clothing review would be complete without hearing from customers.

In this section, we compiled the most helpful testimonials from Style Wise, Reddit, and New Inspired, to give you a better idea of what the company is really like.

In an EntireWorld clothing review on Style Wise, the writer summarized their experience with four items recently purchased from the brand.

Of the Organic Cotton Striped Tiny T, the reviewer notes its “soft” fabric and “perfectly cropped” style. Not every crop fits the bill, and where and how the shirt is cut makes a big difference. And, soft fabric is always a winner.

While the review on Style Wise didn’t find major faults with any of the four pieces, the issues brought up were more about the fit. Many of the items ordered were tight, even though they were bought in the author’s regular size.

Of the Ribbed Half Sleeve Scoopneck, it was “too tight in the arms.” Issues like this are easily remedied, but sometimes dealing with returns isn’t always ideal.

The other issue that was noted was the brand’s “annoying website,” something we noticed as well—it isn’t very user-friendly.

An EntireWorld vs Scotch and Soda comparison in a Reddit post put a similar white collared shirt from each brand head to head, or rather, cuff to cuff.

The post said that the EntireWorld shirt had a “light and loosely woven…fabric,” and that it has a “relaxed vibe.” That’s about where the pros stop and the cons come pouring in.

The Reddit EntireWorld clothing review goes on to say that the shirt looks “sloppy and cheap due to the stitching. It’s not entirely straight, and some stitches are longer than others. This sounds surprising considering the brand is very proud of its manufacturing facilities.

Last year, sweatpants became the new workwear, and the demand for amazing sweats skyrocketed. EntireWorld sweatpants were quickly coveted by many who wanted good-looking and feeling loungewear—now also known as workwear.

We decided to find a review specifically about these in-demand sweats, and after stumbling upon New Inspired, a clothing review blog, we quickly found out why they’re so desired.

The EntireWorld clothing review on New Inspired says that the sweatpants “fit just right,” and are “so comfortable, two major boxes any sweats must check.

After washing, the reviewer noted that they “do not shrink” when washed and air-dried. The brand warns customers against tumble drying.

So the fit and feel checks out, but there were some small annoyances the review expressed about these sweats. Finding that the insides “shed” and the outsides arrived with pilling, were two qualities that knocked these comfy pants down a few pegs.

From what we read, there’s no question about the quality of the EntireWorld clothing. What buyers find to be the issue is more in terms of the fit. There are some other minimal issues, but nothing that we find to be a real deal-breaker.

Is EntireWorld Worth It?

EntireWorld Clothing Review

There’s no denying the brand has a certain aesthetic that it’s going for—and it should, that’s what makes a clothing line unique.

But, if you’re looking for basic basics, keep in mind that things are a little more straight and narrow at EntireWorld and that you may need to size up.

With that out of the way, based on customer feedback, the brand’s sustainability mission and inclusive approach, we really like EntireWorld and believe its clothing is worth the buy.

Everyone needs the basics in their lives. No outfit is complete without a comfortable and breathable set of undies, and a soft sweater is often the perfect finishing touch to a cool Autumn look. This EntireWorld clothing review loves the twists the brand puts on its essentials.

Plus, everything is offered in a variety of versatile colors and patterns. So, if you’re looking to finalize your capsule wardrobe, or just flush out your ever-growing wardrobe, Entire World is worth checking out for those staples.

EntireWorld Promotions & Discounts

EntireWorld Clothing Review

There’s nothing like a good deal. EntireWorld’s clothing can be a little pricey for basics, so it’s great that it offers a few discounts to help customers out.

This EntireWorld clothing review found the following deals on the brand’s website:

  • Get 15% off when subscribing to the mailing list
  • Refer a friend to get $20

Where to Buy EntireWorld

EntireWorld Clothing Review

You can only buy the brand’s clothing directly from


EntireWorld Clothing Review

Who founded EntireWorld?

Scott Sternberg founded EntireWorld. The same guy who founded Band of Outsiders, an apparel line based in London.

Where is EntireWorld based?

EntireWorld is based in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

Where does EntireWorld ship from?

EntireWorld orders ship out from its warehouse in Missouri.

Where are EntireWorld clothes made?

The brand sources and makes its clothes in Europe, India, China, Korea, and Japan. It knows that made in the USA is a coveted title, but it’s not always possible. Plus, EntireWorld mentions how skilled its factory workers are.

Does EntireWorld run small?

Though the brand’s clothing comes in sizes XS-XL, some buyers have said the company’s clothing runs a tad bit small. But, many say it fits true to size. Also double-check the size chart before ordering.

What is EntireWorld’s Shipping Policy?

EntireWorld wouldn’t suit the brand as well as it does if it didn’t ship worldwide—which it does, except to just a few places.

While there isn’t a list of countries it can’t ship to, to find out if the brand delivers to your country, click the drop-down list in the shipping section at checkout.

The company uses FedEx for all of its orders with a couple of options:

  • US Ground 5-7 business days free for orders over $50
  • US 2-Day 2 business days
  • US Express 1 business day 
  • International Priority TBD

What is EntireWorld’s Return Policy?

You can return your EntireWorld order within 14 days of delivery, as long as it meets the following qualifications:

  1. Items are in original condition
  2. There is no damage, stains, or perfume
  3. You send them back in the original packaging

If you live in the US, EntireWorld will have included a return shipping label with your order. Attach it to the outside of the poly mailer and drop your package off at a post office. You will either get a full refund or store credit, whichever you prefer.

Exchanges will need to be done this way as well, unless you were the recipient of a gift that you’d like to return which only qualifies for store credit.

In either case, email [email protected] and let them know your deal.

How to Contact EntireWorld

Einstein said that it’s important to never stop questioning. If you have any questions that weren’t answered in this EntireWorld clothing review, the brand is always ready and willing to help during the hours of 10:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Send its team an email at [email protected].

It is always good to have options. Here are a few more clothing brands we trust:


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